A letter from Heavens

Guest Blog by Naeem Sadiq

27 Dec 2008. Here in Heavens , it is all peace, quiet and tranquility. Today I specially requested for a copy of national newspapers and some clippings from the various talk shows to get an idea of what was going on after I left for my eternal abode. I simply wanted to know if the mission and the democratic ideals that I had struggled and sacrificed my life for, were being kept alive or had been put aside.

My first big disappointment were the national newspapers. They all carried some 16-20 half page coloured advertisements and upto 10 pages of supplements, ostensibly to pay homage to my departed soul. But it was most surprising to see that not a single person had paid homage from his own pocket. They had all used government funds (tax payer’s money) for paying this so called ‘homage’. I am no longer current with the inflation rates, but I guess the government conveniently ended up depriving the poor of some 20 million rupees, splashed over the newspapers of 27 Dec 2008. I would have preferred to see this money spent on building schools, dispensaries or drinking water plants for the rural poor. I was also sad to see that I was made the excuse for further damage to the fragile economy by declaring 27 December as a public holiday. They seem to forget that holidaying nations do not go many places.

The TV talk shows were interesting as they asked searching questions from important personalities. I was particularly intrigued to find that our security advisor embarked upon a long road drive from the Liaquat Bagh to the F-8 Zardari House, as soon he discovered that I was shot. For a long time he did not even know which hospital was I taken to. I am also at a complete loss for words when I heard this evening that Mr. Zardari knows about my real killers but would disclose the names only at an ‘appropriate’ time. The fact that even an FIR was not registered, an enquiry was not done and the matter was pushed across to the world’s least famous investigation agency called the United Nations is simply disgusting.

I also learnt that everything that could have a name has been named after me. Roads, universities, hospitals, towns, programs, coins and stamps. To be honest, I am not impressed by any of this cosmetic treatment. I would prefer all places to be preserved with their original names. Every one knows it costs nothing to rename public places. I would have been far happier if even a single school, hospital or charity was made from an individual’s own money and named after me.

There is much else to disappoint me on this 27th day of December. My Chief justice is still out of office. Musharraf’s law is still the law of the land and the PM is only a spokesperson of the President. Finally I would ask the Sindh Chief minister to at least take a look at the advertisements released on his behalf, to ensure that they do not provide a comic insight into his daily routine. It may be best to stop “We memorize her every moment” and get down to some more serious nation building errands.

Benazir Bhutto



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  1. Ahsan Mukhtar Avatar

    True . well done

  2. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Dear Madam
    Read your letter with great empathy .May God rest your soul in peace.People are trying to turn your grave into a shrine.
    It would have been far better ,if you had worked for the things you are wishing now.
    At least an Oxford style university or schools and computer labs for the poor peasants of your dynasty.
    The sad feeling which struck me was you were leader of masses yet people comming to mourn you were the most deprived section of the society.
    Even in your death they were sad for loosing a Feudal not morning a soul which touched or changed their lives.
    As you have plenty of time ,you must re-consider ,best revenge is not democracy ,it is to touch people in a way that their life is changed for ever in a better way.

  3. guY-sir Avatar

    Very Well Written Letter:
    In the words of former British Defence Secretary Dennis Healey, “World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings.”
    Humanity has been hijacked by a Satanic force that would supplant God and redefine reality. The strategy is to buy off the ruling classes with important-sounding jobs and the sheeple with gadgets and sex so neither really cares about personal freedom. Spiritually and morally, the human race is being cryogenically frozen in a state of perpetual mediocrity and dysfunction.
    Let me leave you with this thought. What if the whole universe was created so that God could one day know Himself through His creation? What if we represented His most advanced work?
    It’s a heavy responsibility; one that mankind has better start taking seriously.
    Otherwise, we will miss our Divine Rendezvous success, and may not get another chance like BB…

  4. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Naeem sb. As usual a very well drafted letter, but one does have to wonder, would life had been any different had if BB been alive? The front men [aka BB] would have been there but the crooked wheeling and dealing would just be the same. Some how after her demise we paint her in a very angelic form.

    That said I still offer my full respects to the departed soul.

  5. Awais Naseer Keyani Avatar

    Hmm….I beg to differ!
    BTW what was opinion of BiBi about these national issues? why she is not worried about Dr.Qadeer khan? Didn’t she enjoy the NRO that she is mourning over Musharraf Style govt?
    What did she himself do with people’s money (taxes) in her life?

  6. guY-sir Avatar

    This Hadith is from Sahih Bukhari and dedicated to BB. May God/Gaad give her peace

    Volume 9, Book 88, Number 219:

    Narrated Abu Bakr:

    During the battle of Al-Jamal, Allah benefited me with a Word (I heard from the Prophet). When the Prophet heard the news that the people of the Persia had made the daughter of Khosrau their Queen (ruler), he said, “Never will succeed such a nation as makes a woman their ruler.”

  7. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ I remember someone who made us counted BB’s
    crimes against the nation of Pakistan in detail,
    it was shockingly truthfull, word by word, on the
    blog Pakistaniat.com, he was thrown out, banned !!


    Allah SWT’s affairs, you have to deal with HIM directly,
    your piety will not bring me exemptions, but when it
    comes to affaires with fellow human geing, then you are
    in trouble, how to obtain najat then ?

    These politicians are criminals, they will be accountable
    to their deeds with every citizen of Pakistan,
    no matter tons of rose petals we shower on BB’s false
    shrine even on the whole condominium of Garhi Khuda
    Bukhsh and those burried there, the process of
    accountability will begin right here on earth, the kufr
    and shirk practiced by PPP is anti-God, no matter how
    solemn and emotional it could be, the crimes can not be
    bought and sold for money or reverence, all who went
    to her grave,went with bad conscience, a heavey crime,
    only there chest contains it, history has recorded

  8. Ehsan Avatar

    Common i bet you would have done the same but for Zulfiqar ali bhutto ! its in the family !

  9. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    i am not a supporter of BB or PPP. i celebrated when first time she was toppled.i never liked her.
    i think she was not free from human temptations. she made every error which an ordinary human can make.
    in spite of that i must slute to her courage, she never ran away like coward shareef brothers or altaf kala and never made a deal (as it is obvious from her assasination) she knew the risk involved and assasination attempt but she did not run away.
    in the end she was brutaly murdered by coward dictator.
    i pray ALLAH(SWT) forgive her sins and make her rest in peace.

  10. guY-sir Avatar

    I know that Zionists have loathsome idealism against humanity but all I’m doin is to Manifestin their loathsomeness according to their Malevolence –scheme and tryin to erect True Illumination

    The wOrld is like a gAme and we all are pLaYers of it aka Game Theory instead of GOD TheOry [Here humanity perish himself by creating ISMS]-{which is Lucifer-illumination} adopted by Talmudic literature-lovers

  11. Arshad Khan Avatar
    Arshad Khan

    I never thought I would say this unless I was being tortured. But after reading this letter I wish she was alive.

  12. Dharial Avatar

    @jawwad khan:
    How do you know she made a deal or not? She probably made a deal but didnt realize that she would be used in something bigger coming from Pakistan.
    Have you guys forgotten 1995- countless people were killed by her stooge Farhatullah Babur in Karachi

    Have you forgotten the slaying of her very own brother Murtaza Bhutto?

    Have you forgotten the apple murrabas being fed to the horses in private stables presumably around the Prime Ministers house while the majority of the nation cant afford to have a square meal…

    I hope she gets judged accordingly to what she did here in this world to a majority of people.

    The problem with us Pakistanis is we live”at the moment” and dont see the bigger picture at all- the past or the coming future. I still have cut outs from numerous maagazines on stuff where she totally went wrong.

    Pakistan can only have true democracy by rooting out feudalism once and for all and accountability on the spot

    Pakistan Zindabad!

  13. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    thats right! as i said:
    she made every error which an ordinary human can make.
    i am not defending BB at all.my point was to elaborate a her bravery which most of pak politicians lack.
    altaf ran to london
    shareef brothers ran to jeddah
    our asfandiyar wali ran to president house when he saw his
    life in danger.

    i think she tried to deceive pervez musharrf by engaging so called ” deal” her real intention was never to coexist with pervez musharrf. when pervez realized that he arranged her assasination.this what i felt, i might be wrong.

    yes dear we live “at the moment” and we are emotionaly stupid and our memory as a nation is also extremely weak.

  14. naeem sadiq Avatar
    naeem sadiq

    Dear friends,
    My article ” a letter from heavens” was not intended to reform the dead but to focus on the wrong doings of the living. BB was used only as a symbol of how some one from a distance could view the disgusting practices that are followed by her countrymen. Most would agree that BB herself suffered from many of these shortcomings. But that was not what I was focusing on. We as citizens need to voice and protest in ‘real times’, when the malpractice actually takes place. I hope more and more will identify the corrupt and wasteful practices of those in power and raise their voice NOW.
    best wishes

  15. proudpaki Avatar

    I even don’t agree with title. Who said she’s in heaven? I bet she’ll be in hell and at bottom grades…

  16. guY-sir Avatar


    According to Eric Margolis who wrote article which heading was Villains of 1998 in which he put BB in Class-B villain and wrote like below;
    Benazir Bhutto and Imelda Marcos – Born to shop till their nations drop, these two corrupt, arrogant princesses still believe it’s fine for their people to wear rags while they spend millions of stolen money in Europe’s finest boutiques

    Do we still pay homage to her?

  17. Le Mystique Avatar

    @Teeth Maestro: Well said. Totally agree.

  18. Obviously Avatar

    Benazir obviously went to heaven.

    Like totally 😛

  19. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ the problem with marhomah was that
    – when she was in power, pakistan was a paradise,
    – when she was not, she did every effort to denounce
    Pakistan and blocked every progress !

    în both the situations whe was nothing but a
    pawn of USA zionists. Treason is no more an offence
    in Pakistan’s Politics, this is the root cause of
    Pakistan’s plight. The must all be liquidated.

  20. readinglord Avatar

    I wonder how a Zardari became the successor of a Bhutto, in the first place! According to Shariah even a husband becomes a ‘Na-mehram’ the moment his wife dies, and becomes ‘Shaheed’ even. What the Ullema say in this respect?

  21. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ No plagiat to naeem sadig,
    yesterday I received
    a registered letter from
    Ministry of Justice
    p.o.box 1971
    Thaana maskeena
    Republic of Heaven

    it is hereby informed to the general public, that
    Mussamat Pinky Bibi, sakenah Clifton, not far from
    Peer Ghazi’s gaddi, actually address unknown (anyway,
    she is not in the republic) is summoned to appear
    before court
    to defend charges against her, listed below:

    Treason (illegal profession in Pakistan)

    Corruption (academically teaching Harward PS)

    Feudalism by birth inevitable circumstances

    a liar par excellence, beyond comparison !

    Emptying Pakistan’s Sprituality, replacing it with
    superstitious secular paganism. using TV & media

    mistreating animals like Rehman Malik and Meh.Qureshi
    who was kept in quarantin for three days in Mumbai
    after Indian fiasco of Mumbai attacks arranged by RAW.
    vaccinated anti-rabbis.

    She is allowed to hire Aitezaz Ahsan as her nikammah
    wakeel, but not allowed to bring in her temporarily
    (nothing to do with temporal) randwah husband, to whom
    she has confided all the loot. UNO,Spain and Switzerland
    are included in the enquiry.

    necessary arrest warrants are attached with this

  22. yaseen ch Avatar

    We cannot say it would have been same if bb was here today, somewhat, her voice was at least heard with respect in the world but our today people in charge have no one who can give single categorical statement.

  23. Basil Avatar

    Thanks to God, she is dead….

  24. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali


    " her voice was atleast heard with respect in the

    world "

    that was all !!! its west-given illusions

    that we start believing in when ever they lend their

    ears, because of Harvard empty legacy ! but today,

    the lull is their because dispots don't leave behind

    a genuine, culture of freedom in speech, thats why you

    have no other choice than PPP kay jiyalays paindoos !

    just watch the famous "free media" of Pakistan ?

  25. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    yes, but what about the left behinds, they
    are the raw, crook, swindlers, liars, cheats,
    fanatics, sectarians, Leninists, nakli european
    secular dark brown alcoholic paindoo goras !!!

    how can we get rid of them ? gas them ??