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Amjad Sabri assassinated by MQM for not paying Bhatta

Pakistan lost a legend on 22nd June 2016 – Amjad Sabri – it was even suspected back then that MQM was involved, yet they came in hordes to mourn with the Sabri family – little did they know then (many did suspect it at that time) but now some of the sector incharges have confessed to having killed this singing legend as he had refused to pay extortion money to MQM – Im at a loss for words !!!

ARY: Sources told ARY News that Shehzad Mulla, a sector incharge of MQM, confessed that six teams were constituted to murder Amjad Sabri. Four killers were involved in recce and target killing, according to Mulla.

MQM has assassinated thousands of people but they seem to be above the law – its finally time to hold these murdering hypocrites accountable for each drop of blood they have spilt on the streets of Karachi

Murderers, Looters & Thugs – Outlive the Innocent, Law-abiding & Philanthropic : RIP – Parveen Rehman

I Parveen RehmanToday marks another sad day for Pakistan – Parveen Rehman the director of Orangi Pilot Project was assassinated in Karachi – I express my anger & frustration to literally say that Murderers, Looters & Thugs sadly outlive the Innocent, Law-abiding & Philanthropic – I curse our so called “elected” leaders

Orangi Pilot Project was a people’s financed and managed Low-Cost Sanitation Program; a Housing Program; a Basic Health and Family Planning Program; a Program of Supervised Credit for Small Family Enterprise Units; an education Program; and a Rural development Program in the nearby villages

Today Pakistan has lost a Philanthropic Legend !! My heart bleeds, Your heart bleeds, beneficiaries of the Orangi Pilot Project will also Mourn today – But do our so called elected leaders AT ALL CARE — NO —

Best they can do, is continue protecting the murderers who murdered this legend today … tomorrow morning we all will see papers full of condemnations from our President, Prime Minister, Governor, Chief Minister and even the Chief Justice to all chime in unison “Notice Lay Liya” – “We will launch and investigation” – “We will find the culprits” – each and every Pakistani knows these standardized ritualistic statements, and they also know NOTHING will ever happen, all of these fanfare politicians will come to attend her Namaz-e-Janazah, pose in front of the camera, give those glorious touching statement – but will do NOTHING – these shameless elected politicians will ensure that the crooks are NEVER found, the story will disappear, 180 millions Pakistanis will forget Parveen Rehman – who killed her? or Why did they kill her? is a mystery which will never be answered – Shame on each and every elected leader – you were elected to protect the rights of the people, not to protect your own lives and pockets.

Murderers, Looters & Thugs sadly will continue to outlive the Innocent, Law-abiding & Philanthropic.

Conspiracy theories: Mystery Murder or a blatant Assassination of Dr Imran Farooq

Guest Blog by Barrister Amjad Malik

The killing of a Pakistani politician and an ex parliamentarian Dr. Imran Farooq, a former convenor of the MQM on 16 Sept 2010 at a busy area of Mill Hill London. Dr. Farooq, 50, was a leading member of Pakistan’s Muttahida Qaumi Movement party and fled to the UK in 1999, claiming asylum. He was stabbed repeatedly before being bludgeoned over the head with bricks in North London. Dr. Farooq had previously claimed that there was a bounty on his head and he was wanted “dead or alive” by Pakistani authorities for criminal and terrorist activities. He insisted that the charges were politically motivated. A post-mortem took place at Finchley Mortuary yesterday and gave cause of death as multiple stab wounds and blunt trauma to the head. This murder poses a serious question for those investigating as to who did it, how it happened, why, and who is behind this for both UK and Pakistan Govt’s, law enforcement agencies and intelligence communities. The last murder which the British Scotland Yard investigated was the poisoning in 2006 of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko but killers were not brought to books only theory in principle was settled to the actual cause of death and front man.

There are 5 possible scenarios regarding Dr Imran Farooq’s killing;

  1. It could be an inside job ,
  2. It may be an outside job, by outsourcing and or outer enemy ,
  3. It may be possible a job in the knowledge of local intel community
  4. It may be done by overseas agent/Govt
  5. Simple murder.

These theories are pure speculative and no direct inference must be drawn for criminal investigation. I deal with each individually:
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MQM Leader Imran Farooq Assassinated in London

Reports are coming in that Dr. Imran Farooq an MQM leader based in London may have been knifed to death while coming out of his house in London. My personal differences with the MQM aside this is totally not acceptable, I offer my condolences to the MQM supporters and their families on this loss.

He was assassinated while he was returning back home from a casual walk. In my opinion it’s highly unlikely that this was a random robbery incident and hope that the UK police comes to the bottom of this as soon as possible

It is being rumored that a few days back he may have been suspended from the party because of some heated differences. Grapevine reports from London have also pointed towards a finger pointing towards the Pathan community, which could possibly be leveraged to turn Karachi into a battle ground between MQM and the ANP.

As of writing of this report the MQM Leadership is in a meeting at the 90 headquarter in Karachi, we await their annoucements and hope that they issue a very careful and reserved statement, most likely MQM will announce a three day mourning in his honor and the next three days will be the most tense days in Karachi’s history, if the last months mourning is any way to go by, I suspect some serious bloodshed in the city as a retaliation.

Karachi please stay safe.

Benazir’s Murder: The Pyre Must Burn

The assassin displayed remarkable cool. At least once, he chose to delay his fire and then moved in very close to an advantageous position with the bomber following him. The man who grappled and brought him down deserves a citation.

Benazir Bhutto, the Daughter of the East is dead, buried and treacherously abandoned by her party leadership. Some prime witnesses including the assassin himself, the suicide bomber, Khalid Shanshah, Bait Ullah Mehsud and God knows who else are silenced forever.

Someone needs to explain why that hyperactive Benazir, the Princess of the day, infused with vigour like an elixir had to die. The Bhutto legacy will endure treacherous times. Qouting Hussain Pawar, ‘The pyre will burn’.

At a time when the country is struggling to fight its civil war in the backdrop of a sinking economy and growing parochialism, the Bhutto Legacy provides the cohesion needed to offset threats. It is the duty of every Pakistani to keep this pyre burning till such time the planners of Benazir’s murder are not identified and punished.

In the same stride, the nation must also know who murdered national leaders like the death of Jinnah and his sister, Liaqat Ali, Bhutto, Zia Ul Haq and Murtaza Bhutto.
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Killing of PPP’s JANISARS; The First by “terrorist” and second by “Police”

Why are all high profile murders always suspicious? One may call the narrative of these murders conspiracy theories but these are real theories on which if develop a case may lead us to the “real” culprit.

If look for similarities in Khalid Shehenshah and Waja Aqeel Ahmed’s murders , their Janisari for PPP occupies the top position in this list.

Khalid Shahenshah— who from student activist to PPP loyalist has vast experience of Janisari came to the limelight after the release of his video of suspicious movements on the stage in Liaquat Bagh where PPP’s BB was murdered.

He was made a member of the security team (Janisaran-e-Benzair) as he was a close aide of Munawar Suharwardy, another Janisar whose story ended in a target killing.
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Zardari’s Freudian Slip

Rickshaw Zardari FraudMuch could be said about the lackluster reception accorded to the Pakistan Cricket Team upon its return to Pakistan after having won the Twenty20 World Cup in England.  The heroic reception at the airport was put off due to security issues and instead the Prime Minister and the President both decided to honor the champions in separate receptions hosted in their honor.

The Prime Minister held an evening dinner to honor the champions, and the chaos which followed during the award distribution ceremony lacked the decorum of the Prime Ministers office, to make matters worse the stage show / comedy gig held ‘in honor’ was definitely an embarrassment.

Had if that had only been the end of the embarrassing run to garland the winning team we saw President Zardari flash his dental veneers at a lunch hosted at the Presidential House in the honor of the team.
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Fatima Bhutto: Garhi Khuda Bux – Pilgrimage to nowhere

In an artcile which was recently published in the New Statesman Fatima Bhutto talks about the first year death anniversary of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and her burial town of Garhi Khuda Bux. She sums up the experience with these powerful words

Now her posters, in the manner of those at Sufi shrines, hang inside the mausoleum, over the graves even. There is no space for the sacred, there is no space for grief, only space for advertising and political grandstanding of “Look whom I’m related to”-type posters, “Vote for my children, they’re next!” warnings, and so on. One year after Benazir’s assassination, this is what her legacy has come down to. And it is fitting that in her death, like in her life, there is no talk of principles or ideology, only of personality and genealogy.”

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A letter from Heavens

Guest Blog by Naeem Sadiq

27 Dec 2008. Here in Heavens , it is all peace, quiet and tranquility. Today I specially requested for a copy of national newspapers and some clippings from the various talk shows to get an idea of what was going on after I left for my eternal abode. I simply wanted to know if the mission and the democratic ideals that I had struggled and sacrificed my life for, were being kept alive or had been put aside.

My first big disappointment were the national newspapers. They all carried some 16-20 half page coloured advertisements and upto 10 pages of supplements, ostensibly to pay homage to my departed soul. But it was most surprising to see that not a single person had paid homage from his own pocket. They had all used government funds (tax payer’s money) for paying this so called ‘homage’. I am no longer current with the inflation rates, but I guess the government conveniently ended up depriving the poor of some 20 million rupees, splashed over the newspapers of 27 Dec 2008. I would have preferred to see this money spent on building schools, dispensaries or drinking water plants for the rural poor. I was also sad to see that I was made the excuse for further damage to the fragile economy by declaring 27 December as a public holiday. They seem to forget that holidaying nations do not go many places.
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27th December: Mourning or Celebration for PPP / Zardari?

Zardari addressing Benazir Death Anniversary Rally

That fateful day last year Pakistan lost a charismatic leader in the form of the assassination of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Its ironic that despite the fact that PPP since then has come to occupy the power house of Islamabad but it has brazenly ‘refused’ investigate the perpetrators and bring the ‘criminals’ to justice. What really irked me was when I watched Asif Ali Zardaris addressing a ceremony in Naudero commemorating the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Ms Bhutto, President Zardari said: “I know who killed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and I will expose them” and asked the ‘friends’ to come forward and help him instead of putting questions as to who killed Ms Bhutto

It is with the same concerning thought that one is bemused to see the PPP opportunists shedding a tear on her death anniversary on National TV, in the absence of any real commitment to launch a serious investigation, I believe these PPP opportunists should instead be celebrating this occasion, as it has handed them all a once in a life time opportunity which they continue to cash in upon the blood of their slain leader

Shakeel Anjum of The News Investigative cell shares an very detailed write up investigating the events following the tragic death. Quite simply without naming the perpetrator, he points the finger at many of our top leaders summarizing quite simply There is enough proof which points towards those who had played a key role in the whole plot that culminated in her assassination. But nobody can dare make any demand to unveil the elements because all these players are holding powerful positions

In the lack of a proper investigation, I might ask you to read this very informative article then answer this poll, maybe public opinion can help bring expose the perpetrators

[poll id=”4″]

The News, 27th Dec 2008; One year on, Benazir’s murder is still a mystery, but not so much By Shakeel Anjum

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Speaker Fehmida Mirza, hosting an Iftar in Marriott for Zardari

STRATFOR quotes sources in Geo News that the Speaker National Assembly Fehmida Mirza was hosting an Iftar dinner in Marriott today in honor of the President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari when the blast occurred at the Hotel but luckily Mr. Zardari was not there. With this information coming into light, one must look at this bombing not simply as a random attack but mostly an assassination attempt towards the new President

Pakistan’s National Assembly Speaker Fehmida Mirza was hosting an Iftar dinner reception in honor of President Asif Ali Zardari at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan, when the hotel was bombed Sept. 20, Pakistani Daily The News reported. Zardari reportedly was not at the dinner, but the report said other important figures were present, without giving names. GEO News reported that some 100 people may have been killed in the attack. There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Though Geo News for the moment has a report at the moment quoting Hashwani, the owner of Marriott that “There was no VIP or foreigner affected by the blast as most of the guests present in the hotel were rescued“. Though the facts are still to be deciphered with the on going investigation, but seemingly it might be important for the government to not expose this lapse in VIP security i.e. if at all such a breach did actually happen.

Zardari is the best Revenge – Benazir’s Subliminal message

After the tragic assassination of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, both Bilawal Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari have been drumming our ears with the democratic vision (?) of Benazir Bhutto. Bilawal Bhutto while addressing the PPP press conference on 31st December said

My mother always said, “Democracy is the best revenge” – Bilawal Bhutto [31st Dec 2007]

For starters we all played along, it seemed to be the new PPP war chant, it seemed to be the trump card for the ticket to a sweeping victory in the upcoming elections, it seemed all too innocently ‘democratic‘. But on 6th of September when Pakistanis watched Asif Ali Zardari accede to the throne of Presidency did we finally realize our curse. This cartoonist quite aptly sums up the feelings of an entire nation


The subliminal [wikipedia] message for us fools here in Pakistan could have actually been

‘Zardari Democracy is the best Revenge’

Swiss Cases Dropped, Zardari $60 Million richer

Tables have turned for the better for Asif Zardari since the assassination of his wife Benazir Bhutto on 27th December, he is been literally handed the leadership of the most popular party on a silver platter, he then spins it all to his advantage and consequently his party wins the elections to make him the most powerful man in Pakistan and is now poised to become the President of Pakistan.

In the few months his party has been able to suddenly disappear his numerous corruption cases on the pretext of political motivation, but the most recent issue his the Swiss case where he was being tried for corruption to the tune of US $ 60 Million. With this cleared through he is now a proper millionaire – jackpot is just a word for the unlucky, for him its just business as usual

All this was possible because ‘Pakistan has withdrawn its requests for judicial assistance and has said it has no claim on the frozen assets‘ – Reuters and pray tell me who runs the Govt of Pakistan – you guessed none other then our very own [drum roll] Mr. Asif Ali Zardari – the most powerful man in Pakistan, without a judiciary to over look his shoulder he is a man with a mission.
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Zardari, the mysteriously educated

In the past few days I think we here in Pakistan are trying to come to terms with being forced to swallow the mammoth pill called Mr Asif Ali Zardari. though it seems he will still continue to have his way an will definitely bulldoze himself onto the Presidential Seat but we as citizens of this nation can only cry foul, we stand witness to his corruption, he may have gotten them readjusted into the realm of politically motivated, but we know the truth. And in the peoples court he is guilty BEYOND a shadow of doubt.

A few hours before we blasted him for being of ‘unsound mind’ in 2007 which mysteriously disappeared on 27th December to now be fit as a fiddle. The next step into further character assassination, that the least we can do, is to genuinely question his education. Therein lies yet another mystery and he simply does not have an advanced degree in anything except when categorically asked he said
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61 years and counting – Happy Independence Day PAKISTAN

I must begin with offering my felicitations to each and every Pakistani for the 61st Independence Day. May this upcoming year be fruitful for Pakistan, having suffered through a tumultuous political roller coaster in the past few months [and years], people stand today ready to abandon this nation for greener pastures of foreign lands, quite literally giving up hope.

But whatever will happen to the remaining 160 million strong Pakistanis [including me], for them we must each hope, pray and guide this nation forth towards progress and prosperity. This nation is too valuable to us [me] that I will never give up hope so quickly, we as Pakistanis must stand together shoulder to shoulder and try to rid our country from the unpatriotic elements that suck the life out of Pakistan. It is for the sake of Pakistan that we must hold strong.
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