Zardari, the mysteriously educated

In the past few days I think we here in Pakistan are trying to come to terms with being forced to swallow the mammoth pill called Mr Asif Ali Zardari. though it seems he will still continue to have his way an will definitely bulldoze himself onto the Presidential Seat but we as citizens of this nation can only cry foul, we stand witness to his corruption, he may have gotten them readjusted into the realm of politically motivated, but we know the truth. And in the peoples court he is guilty BEYOND a shadow of doubt.

A few hours before we blasted him for being of ‘unsound mind’ in 2007 which mysteriously disappeared on 27th December to now be fit as a fiddle. The next step into further character assassination, that the least we can do, is to genuinely question his education. Therein lies yet another mystery and he simply does not have an advanced degree in anything except when categorically asked he said

‘I do have a degree. That is not an issue. I attended the London School of Business Studies ‘much before I was married. I think it’s a B Ed degree. I haven’t really looked at it. – DT

Jane Perlez, writer for the Scotland on Sunday did a story on Zardari a few months back and had some interesting observations

In the early 1970s, Zardari went to London. There, Zardari said in the interview, he attended the London School of Business Studies and received a degree. His official biography says he attended a commercial college called Pedinton School. But a search of tertiary educational institutions in London showed no such school, and associates said he did not finish his studies.

So with all the mystery ending to all his corruption cases, the mysterious fall out of the Swiss case which suddenly made him into a millionaire with over $60 Million in released assets, yesterdays revelation of his mysterious mental stability and lastly his mysterious educational background, I wonder how much more mystery is still needed to show the world that this is NOT the future for Pakistan



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  1. Anon Avatar

    Maybe you’re just jealous!

  2. K) Avatar

    There is a flaw in your reasoning above. Zardari was already a multi-millionaire before this 60 million dollars was released, considering his lifestyle from his days in ‘jail’ and soon as he got out.

    60 million is probably a bit more than chump change for him, but certainly less than life changing for someone like who could afford to buy cars like no tomorrow soon as he got out from jail this time around.

  3. Muneeb Hashmi Avatar
    Muneeb Hashmi

    Assalam o Alaikum,
    Mr. Zardari is a feudal lord by nature. He was a student of Cadet College Petaro but was eventually expelled. The story is that he forcefully occupied the Principal Office, was therefore expelled (or the term we use there is Kicked Out) by an Army Operation. I don’t know how we ppl bear guys like him not for once but again and again.
    ‘aik say jaan chhut’ti hay to doosra chimmat jaata hay’
    We and specially the lawyers and all the Human Right Activists beared so much to kick Musharraf out and here is another jocker standing there playing his tricks.

  4. Muneeb Hashmi Avatar
    Muneeb Hashmi

    May Allah Bless this Pakistan

  5. Tazeen Avatar

    he lack of degrees is not that big an issue, his corrupt ways and unstable mental condition are much bigger concerns

  6. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    just like admission in university we have to give sat test or nat in pakistan why shouldn’t we start a test for the president too ?

  7. Zee Waqar Avatar

    May Allah Bless Pakistan…
    Thats all i can say

  8. S H Avatar
    S H

    @ Muneeb Hashmi,

    More like feudal lord in his own mind. This Zardaris were not considered to be a wealthy family, well until he got married to BB. Then Zardari got the dowry by looting Pakistan.

    Can you blame the chap? He was and is only doing what any good Pakistani would do.

  9. Claude Almansi Avatar

    There is a retort to this in “Zardari is a graduate from London School of Economics, confirms PPP”, :

    Lahore, Mar 12 (2008) : Refuting reports appearing in a section of the international press doubting PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari’s academic records, party spokesman Farhatullah Babar has said that Zardari has completed his graduation from London School of Economics.
    “He is a graduate from the London School of Economics and Business Studies. You can check it on our party’s website,” the Daily Times quoted Babar as saying while responding to a question from a journalist last evening.

    Only problem: while LSE is indeed a prestigious university school, there is no record for it being called “London School of Economics and Business Studies” – which might possibly have explained Zardari shortening its name to London School of Business Studies”. Its full name is “London School of Economics and Political Science”.
    This could just be a slip due to Mr Zardari’s memory (among other mental) troubles. However, if he is a graduate from LSE, he or some of his aids should complete the “Z” part of the Wikipedia entry for LSE alumni, where his name does not appear.

  10. Yasir Imran Avatar

    All PPP’s MNA and MPA and other members are sick, ANP’s senior officials are sick, these guy have no power to say truth

    Zardari has cases of corruption in past, he didn’t proove himself innocent, he couldn’t be president, however these sick politicians (they don’t deserve people’s votes) will make him president,

    May be that is the future of Pakistani people, and Pakistani people’s luck is not set by Allah, they are responsible of all this and they deserve such corrupt leaders.

  11. Reza Avatar

    Zaradari being the President of Pakistan.
    May Allah Bless Pakistan & all of us…
    Thats all i can say..

  12. Muneeb Hashmi Avatar
    Muneeb Hashmi

    @ S H
    This shows that Zardari is of a well off-family but got prominence after marriage with BB.
    Here is what I got from Wiki:

    Hakim Ali Zardari (Urdu: ???? ??? ?????? ) is a industrialist and landlord from Sindh, Pakistan. Dr. Zareen Ara Zardari wife of Hakim Ali Zardari died on November 12, 2002. Hakim Ali Zardari is the father of Asif Ali Zardari, a famous Pakistani industrialist and Benazir Bhutto’s father in law.

    Hakim Ali Zardari is also known as Rais Hakim Ali Khan is landlord by birth and the tribal chief of the Zardari clan. He has been involved in Pakistani politics since the 1970s and had served as a federal minister twice.

    Hakim Ali Zardari’s three children are in Politics of Pakistan. Asif Ali Zardari, Azra Peechoho and Faryal Talpur.

  13. dr razahaider Avatar

    Teeth ‘can you witness and prove one single allegation against Mr. Zardari.

    There is no point to make hue and cry for his contest as president as you people have no rights to execute your will.
    The chap has been recommended by major political position holders and is acceptable to the establishment, LEA and policy makers internationally.

    He has his own vote bank that has unanimously awarded the gift of peak executive chair by due recommendation and request.

    Although Mr. Zardari, was charged with the same reservations, as you have mentioned but the same query was bigotedly, declared absurd and with no legitimate bearing by our honorable courts and peoples.

    Under the issuance of clean chit, such grievance is a real bias mode of personnel vendetta and attitude which logically can not be owned.

    Sir there is a difference between, charges, allegations and crime, in law dictionary.

    Similarly, suspicion is a term that restricts law to avoid arrest till the crime is established or proves.

    Though, in Pakistan we have unnatural theme of law which always ends up in arrest whenever someone is suspected of crime.

    Also, it’s always a modus operandi in political set up of Pakistan to victimize the opposition thereby reducing the importance of allegation in the contest as political victimization.

    Since victim is always perceived in the contest of unfair trial every allegation is set aside as fake and political victimization.

    Your inquisition to the issue whether he has a bachelor degree or not is also a habitual low profile questionnaire as you your self is very much aware that alumni degrees have no credibility and can be earned and normally are awarded after spending few months in such setups and depositing fees as required.

    Mr. Zardari was and is a feudal, and benazir Bhutto was very much aware of this fact before marriage. It was a pre assessed and choice marriage and was never a compulsion marriage and Mr. Zardari can not be blamed only.

  14. dani Avatar

    Hi Guys:

    I dont know whether you ppl agree or not but we pakistanis (unfortunatley) deserve people like Asif Zardari and Musharraf etc. Because we never learn lesson from past. When Mr Musharraf took over we celebrated and when he resigned we did the same thing e.g. CELEBRATION.

    Now this Mr Zardari… just few months ago his image was Mr 10%. Now what??? Now he is the MOST POWERFUL person of Pakistan and nobody protest. Since he got power he has not done ANYTHING for the ppl. Only thing he has done is that he cleared himself. Now he is MR Clean(No corruption charges thanks to Musharraf).

    Guys: At the moment I would say two persons are HIGHLY SECURITY RISK to the PAKISTAN..and these are Zardari and Rehamn Malik…TBC

  15. Zeeshan Tahir Avatar
    Zeeshan Tahir

    I think it would be good if Zardari will become the President as he is already taking all the decisions of the country being Leader of PPP. There are many rumors and corruption charges against Mr. Zardari and most of them were politically motivated supported by Mr. Nawaz Sharif or Musharraf. You may have seen his photographs that how he was tortured in the jail. I truly believe that people like Zardari or Javiad Hashmi (PML-N) are the real heroes as these guys attended jail in the rule of Musharraf without doing any crime. These guys were simply in the jail to black mail their party’s leadership. Think of ourself that how many of us has done anything to restore democracy in Pakistan. I think nothing so atleast appreciate those guys who has done something in that regard.

  16. notanky Avatar

    Dant mian this guy name Asif ali Zardari s/o Hakim ali Zardari educated at bambeno cinema Krachi where he got degree in selling black tickets of his own cinema to cheat othar partners that his education this is not mystrey .

  17. S H Avatar
    S H

    @ Mubeeb Hashemi,

    It is not true that the Zardari’s were an industrial family prior to the marriage with BB. The family had some land holdings and cinema’s in Karachi. Do not believe everything that you read in Wiki. The real wealth for Zardari started after the marriage.

    This razahaider and others are trying hard to buildup an image for Zardari. To call Zardari a feudal lord is joke. What he can be called is a feudal wannabe. This guy could not even play polo properly, much less ride a horse.

    I agree with you that Pakistan deserves leaders like him. Now maybe Pakistanis will respect Musharraf, with all his misgivings.

  18. Silence Avatar

    Following Shahid Masood’s Foot Prints
    Politics in Pakistan always has been a game of opportunities like other developing countries in the world where political institutions are still on early stages and lack the ideological directions, but interestingly there are many examples where people were successful in creating opportunities for themselves, a notorious example is former Chairman of NAB, Mr. Saif u Rehman, who played vital role not only bringing down Nawaz Sharif government but also the political process and Rehman Malik, advisor for Interior in present Pakistan government is believed to be latest version of Saif u Rehman. These so called ‘non-political people get access to political leaders through their brilliant ideas, courage and convection for wellbeing of public, in name of human rights and sacrifices for national interests and sometimes by blackmail through different means including ‘character assassination campaigns’ in name of criticism and free speech until the government through a bone, slowly they gain the confidence of decision makers and then share the powers and themselves become ‘kings’, once in power they would commit such heinous and unprecedented crimes while the actual leaders would bear the responsibility for these jugglers actions.

    The latest addition in Pakistani politics is Dr. Shahid Masood, who was successful in winning the post of Chairman Pakistan Television, a state owned TV channel, by his lengthy and twisted political analysis program on a private channel, severely criticizing the government and her policies but was ever ready to accept the top slot on state run TV in the same government, after his appointment, many stories has been surfacing about his lavish spending from public funds and his unlimited desire for luxury and physical pleasure, he was also a strong critic of former dictator Pervez Musharraff and MQM however as soon as he became the Chairman of state TV, he not only accepted a dinner in his honor by MQM governor but on this eve when Pervez Musharraff unexpectedly arrived in the dinner, he was offered the ‘Chief Guests” seat by Shahid Masood, might be Musharraff was no more a dictator if you watch him from lenses of Chairman PTV.

    The success story of medical doctor turned political analyst has grown hopes in many other fortune seekers and now many people are switching their professions to become future’s Shahid Masood, the easiest way is to get under civil society’s umbrella, not only criticize the political leadership but run a regular character assassination campaign against them until one is in lime light or taken notice of and government through a bone to keep him busy sucking the juice. Even some people in main stream Pakistani media are actively working on ‘Shahid Masood’ model, they give a colour of news to their personal desires and push themselves in a queue to be noticed by government, waiting for a ‘bone’, it might be a plot in government housing, a scholarship for son or daughter or a government post for themselves. Obviously this is professional dishonesty but as our national media is on its evolutionary stages, such ‘madaris’ are not only pocketing rewards from political rival groups but also gain public affection.

    The Shahid Masood ‘syndrome’ is not limited to main stream media but almost in every field in various forms but goals are similar, most of these jugglers forget the fact that Shahid Masood was a close friend of Benazir and Zardari and also played his cards wisely, interesting though now many ‘Bloggers’ are also working on same model, the one who make me surprised is a dentist turned political analyst and a blogger who took shelter under umbrella of civil society movement and criticized Pervez Musharraff, un-noticed and unsuccessful, he turned his guns towards PPP and its Chairman Asif Ali Zardair and even yet unnoticed and frustrated has openly announced a full scale war against Asif Ali Zardari, above settled ethics of blogging and fair criticism of governments actions Zardari, the mysteriously educated ‘The next step into further character assassination, that the least we can do, is to genuinely question his education’, proudly writes the so called dentist turned political analyst, this development is extremely dangerous and may ultimately damage the very political process for which media and civil society has sacrificed a lot, in case such personal agendas are furthered in name of fair criticism.

    There can be no second opinion that presents PPP government and Asif Ali Zardari has miserably failed to keep the promise to restore the judges sacked by Musharraff and deviated from the promise of Benazir Bhutto of restoring judiciary, Zardair is also accused of violating the written agreements with Nawaz Sharif, his explanations are vague and unacceptable for every citizen of Pakistan and he deserved to not only be criticized by strongly condemned for this specific inaction, but at the same time, running a so-called character assassination campaign against him or any other political leader seems to be tainted with ulterior motives and dishonest and equally condemnable. Such actions in name of civil society and freedom of speech will tarnish the little left confidence of people on political institutions and when the next dictator takes over public will once again distribute sweets in streets. The civil society and every honest critic of government actions must be aware of such black sheep who are furthering their personal agenda in name of educating people.

    On the flip side Zardari might take notice of these petty losers who after failing in their professions has become ‘political analysts’ and their price is not that high, one might sell himself for top slot of national TV while another might be satisfied by getting a party ticket for election or even getting on medical panel of some government department, but this will certainly encourage these opportunists and induce further corruption and dishonesty in society, at the same time such opportunists will damage the sacred cause of civil society and public confidence on those who are fair in criticizing the decision makers in our country. This is a responsibility of civil society, free media and those who believe in better Pakistan to expose such opportunists at earliest stages before they become a cancer for civil society itself and damage the noble struggle as the first thing such opportunists loose is the public confidence when they become partial in their analysis blinded by personal goals and start targeting personalities rather then actions, this situation weaken the public confidence on genuine and honest criticism of government as the rule is to: criticize the actions not personalities.

    After a long dictatorship we have got democratic process back on track, we need to strengthen the political process and built public confidence on political institution while at the same time keep check on political leadership not through organized character assassination campaigns but through fair, honest and reasonable criticism. Organized character assignation campaigns against politicians as proudly claimed by these jugglers for personal reasons, will only damage the institutions and civil society which is still at incubation stage.

    (PS; as to guage the salogan of free speach I am sending a copy of this post to character assaisnation blog "Teeth Maestro" for publishing on his site)

  19. Mubashar Avatar

    Ehtzaz Ahsan is also the same. He support zardari to be president in his party meeting. These all guys are same . Every one is looking for his personal benefits. No one care for Pakistan and no one has the courage to appose this looter and Daku and the king of cheaters.

  20. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    @Silence – you may have a point – Character Assassination might have been a harsh word to use, but when you look at Asif Ali Zardari – its still too mild of a word to use. We all know that he came to Pakistan only through the courtesy of dictator Musharraf a ruler who had no regard to the constitution and rule of law.

    I feel my comments and posts are simply out of the urgency to stop these crooks in coming to power. But all said, Little will my voice make an difference but i still choose to say what I genuinely feel. Mind you the cases were not dismissed by him proving he was INNOCENT but instead they were pulled out before – so technically [right or wrong] he did not prove his innocence just bull dozed the charges out of the court

    Success or failure of the Judicial movement I must agree we have lost, no longer will the judges be free when they come back under the graciousness of Asif Zardari – they would have been bolder had they returned upon the shoulders of the people and then they would have been compelled to do justice

    I may not like it but we are destined to be ruled by Zardari – will it be good or bad only time will tell. Lets hope Pakistan outlives their tenure.

  21. Corona Avatar

    Zardari can you comment on this post from Islamabad…lol

  22. Silence Avatar

    Dear Mr. Awab;

    You are trying to defend your action which are baised and illogical and based on personal desires.

    Where in world you can say a person remains eight years in prison and not a single charge proved, the master mind of these charges and his character assaisnation himself Saif u Rehamn himself confessed that charges were false.

    What you want us to believe?

    Your propaganda to get in to limelight or agencies propaganda which all of us know is purely character assasination under dictators.

    And you lack the moral courage to face criticism, you didnt publish my comments and removed for several times, still you advocate freedom of expression, now when other blogs have published this post, you responded in completely illogically!

    What happened to your freedom of expression?

    While you can run character assasination campaign against national leaders you cannt tolerate critism on you, what made you remove my comments since yesterday and not post my article?

    Once again, let me convince you I dont have any sympathy with Zardari, and i dont need to support him or his party either, but a campaign against democracy and ‘character assaisnation’ in your own words in malafide.

    Zardari is a unanimosuly elected leader of biggest political party in country, i dont care if he got it by luck or a chance, 160 million people has given that party a mendate and he has successfully ended dictatorship with help of Nawaz…….this is enough credit for them both to be respected.

    You want to “stop him in hurry” while majority of people who voted and are in assemblies want him elected, get you in assembly and block his way, mere baseless accusations and personal agenda is exposing your true intenstions in cover of civil society and free spech which you yourself are not ready to respect.

    Let me tell u something, people’s heros are different from elite’s heros, Bhagat Singh, Dulla Bhatti, Ahmad Kharal were all ‘terroristst’ and looters in eyes of british rule but people worship them untill today, Bhutto was hanged but his grave shows people have rejected that judgment and same goes to Zardari and Nawaz, people have decleared them not guilty……..

    You want to get in lime light by his character assasnaition, your own repute will go to drain nothing else, and then no one cares what you write in these pages.

    All of us are bound to follow the rule “criticise actions not personalities” and criticism must be fair, not a campaign tragetting institutions or personalities.

    God give you some hope and vision and free you from greed and personal agendas, you are good guy, dont spoli yourself!

  23. M Junaid Khan Avatar

    @ Silence! To me it seems that you are the person who sent us at pro-pakistan an indirect message from your messiah that we should stop writing about your hero! Is this how you guys threaten the bloggers? Why are you guys so afraid of just simple bloggers. Personally i don’t agree with teeth and i rarely visit his site but trust me right now he is right and you are wrong. I must tell you that you are claiming that you are not receiving any benefits out of this campaign but i seriously doubt you on that. You are yourself a patient of Shahid Masood syndrome but the problem is that that in your case it is for your hero and the CO Chairman Sahib.
    Teeth is famous in Pakistan and it is because he had worked for it and because he is one of the first in the industry to come out with this political blogging. Too much criticism is not good but i have no doubts on the fact that our masses are looted in the name of politics and we should raise our voices against it. I am sure we are going to get another message from your hero to keep quiet.

  24. M Junaid Khan Avatar
    M Junaid Khan

    by the way i am sure you won’t call me another failed professional who is looking out for cheap publicity by posting this very comment.

  25. Silence Avatar

    First thing I have no hero and I dont consider Zardari or Nawaz as my heros, they simply are not that caliber.

    Second thing is that the person you are associating me with is not my friend or anything rather I have suffered during his past regime, I have the least sympathy for his person.

    However when it comes to political process, I am strong supporter of it, be it Nawaz or Zardari and be it my worst enemy.

    I will criticise them on issues and wont bring in my personal vendata which is going on in Awab’s circus and its realy damaging the honest critics of that clown you are associating me with, an unjust “character assasination campaign” as declared by Awab will damage the trust of people on civil society and indirectly benifit the corrupts.

    Tell me something, who is not looting this country?

    You, me, judges, generals, politicians? Name the saint?

    I have worked in Pakistan for 20 years as a professional, I have headed the top welfare association of Bar council in country… my 20 years I have not seen a single person comming out for evidance against his corrupt fater, a murderer son or a dacoit brother……all of them came to save the criminal on whatever costs, even if they have to sell jewellery or house.

    Name a single person….leave it, come here please, are not you one of them? I mean us, all looters and defenders of corrupts and criminals?

    For havens sake let this process work, may be we are able to see some change as system refines itself, some honest people like you come out and replace these tainted guys, but unfortunately we start killing the machinism itself, and we end with a dictator with beautiful salogans, which eats a decade of our nation and liberty.

    Be fair in your criticsm, so that masses can trust you.

    As regards being something famous in Pakistan, we have seen many famous, who were respected by people selling all that respect for little personal benifits…you want to confirm, look at some names who disgraced themselves in same manner.

  26. Jusathot Avatar

    It aint worth all this teeth gnashing for Zardari-Sharif or any of our current crop of pir, waderas and generals.

    As the Persian saying goes: Azmooda ra azmoodan jahal ast (trying out one that has already been tried is the sure sign of ignorance).

    All these characters need to be put to pasture and we all should NOT defend the status quo of the same old game called business-as-usual in Pakistani politics.

    A substantial part of the people’s power is consumed with in fighting and diverting away from the real issues and problems facing the country. Let us all discuss how we can contribute towards a change of status quo – rather than be the defenders of the status quo with Zardari-Sharif or any of our current crops of corrupt and incompetent politicians and generals. Let’s move beyond our “own group” and work together. Patchwork treatment will only aggravate the disease. It’s time for a complete overhaul now – before it’s too late.

  27. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    @Silence, I don’t want you to believe anything, this is a blog where I share my reactions and analysis as it forms in my mind, yes granted its my own understanding and yes it has my own bias, developed through my interactions with people I come across as I move through my daily life in Karachi. I do not consider myself a journalist by any means and restrict myself to be for now a simple blogger who loves to write [often rant 😉 ] to be honest I know myself well, the moment this passion become a serious job, I will loose interest. So I choose to enjoy writing [on this blog] under my own terms and conditions with no one to boss me around 😉 – So I assure you what you read here is what I genuinely feel, good or bad, right or wrong, you be the judge, you share your criticms and I will listen, and I have continued to listen over the years. Some interactions may have changed my way of thinking, and some may not have.

    One thing I have learnt from blogging is you are NEVER always right, there are many counter comments on this blog in reaction to my articles and I listen to many but I never treat them with hostility as I believe that every one has a different point of view in their realm of understanding they are also right and we all mean good for Pakistan

    My Character Assassination comment is not a justification for going beyond the democratically elected representatives, but even today Zardari in the public opinion cannot be trusted – we in Pakistan know that politicians have a way to bypass the court cases and Zardari did exactly that – I see him as an evil genius in politics and has had his way since long – can we stop him from acceding to the throne – NO – but at l east I feel that people must stand up to say its wrong and not take this lying down like they have over the past tenures – You may not like it, heck I could even agree with you since the only counter argument is that his party won the elections [under a questionable will]

    In your arguments when you say, that in pakistan everyone is corrupt and may even have a price – generally I agree with you, I too fail to see an honest politician out there, but does that mean we wrap our hands and give up – NO – I remain in the search of any honest person will to try and will support him for the sake of Pakistan, until I find him – I will continue to oppose the crooked and the corrupt. For now Zardari has landed in my cross hairs for now.

    My activism with the Judiciary was not associated with any individual but geared towards a dream of having an opportunity to see an independent judiciary that could impart justice, this would have only been realized had if these judges been reappointed upon our shoulders, it was only they they could give back to society, now sadly they will first give back to the gracious souls who reappointed them, and later to society if their ‘Zameer’ wishes them to do so.

    All said I am though willing to allow the new govt to work towards a change, but until then I will choose to keep an eye on where they might step outside the circle of trust. If we are able to keep a viable watch then it might be good to see the democratic leaders perform.

  28. guYasir Avatar

    Zardari pore pakistan ka zarda bana ker kha chae ga.
    An uneducated person will rule over an uneducated peoples of pak that will make what either zarda or burta of Pakistan?
    Democracy is a ruse, being voted by those who are rubes.

  29. Sarah Avatar

    withot any proof u can not say any thing. In pakistan we liston that by the lawyers that (Roll of Law) but we see roll of money. sooooooooooooooooo

  30. Hussain Avatar

    Neither Hakim Zardari was Raees e Azam, neither any clan Zardari was existed. Hakim Zardari use to write his last name Bloch. It is myth that he was great landlord. Remember Asid Zardari selling tickets in black at Bambino cinema Karachi. This all family is so cheap that Hakim was caught red handed many time in fraud. Even both were involved in a petrol pump at Rawalpindi, near presidency. Widow of Murtaza Bhutto is under tyrrany and her petrol pump was invaded by goons of Zardari. Other main frauds, corruption, loot is on record.Effendi was toady of British Sarkar, Sahab Bahadur, Khan Bahadur type peoples were moles of low category British servants.About his qualifications his address at National Assembly and word GAAD is enough. this is all Irani stack kicked out by Iran or migrated to Pakistan with in British Raj, including Bhutto's.

  31. Khawaja Avatar

    Rightfully or not… He's representing Pakistanis all over the world and the worst part, people don't find him very different to whom he's representing.

  32. arifali Avatar

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