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Killing of PPP’s JANISARS; The First by “terrorist” and second by “Police”

Why are all high profile murders always suspicious? One may call the narrative of these murders conspiracy theories but these are real theories on which if develop a case may lead us to the “real” culprit.

If look for similarities in Khalid Shehenshah and Waja Aqeel Ahmed’s murders , their Janisari for PPP occupies the top position in this list.

Khalid Shahenshah— who from student activist to PPP loyalist has vast experience of Janisari came to the limelight after the release of his video of suspicious movements on the stage in Liaquat Bagh where PPP’s BB was murdered.

He was made a member of the security team (Janisaran-e-Benzair) as he was a close aide of Munawar Suharwardy, another Janisar whose story ended in a target killing.

Waja Aqeel Ahmed is one of the Rehman Dakait’s slain aides who had been a Janisar of Pakistan Peoples Party.

“Rehman Dakait’s three accomplices, who were killed along with him in an alleged police encounter on Sunday, had formerly served as security guards for some high profile personalities of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)”

Daily Times reports

“Dakait’s accomplices were identified as Aurangzeb Baba, Waja Aqeel Ahmed and Nazeer Balah. Aurangzeb’s heirs have claimed that he was the president of Sindh Balochistan Transport Association, and had never been involved in any criminal activities. Lyari’s Peace Committee leadership has claimed that all three aides of Dakait had served as security guards for PPP leaders. Talking to Daily Times, Dakait’s caretaker successor Uzair Baloch said that Aurangzeb, Aqeel and Nazeer had served as personal security guards of President Asif Ali Zardari, Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza and Sindh Minister for Local Government Agha Siraj Durrani among others, and added that they had also been assigned duty for the security of Bilawal House. Baloch further claimed that Mirza had issued arms licences to various aides of Dakait, including Aqeel. “How could you forget those times when we carried out protests and demonstrations for you?” Baloch questioned the leaders of the PPP. “Everyone knows that the PPP won its seat from Lyari because of Rehman and now it has lost that seat with his death,” Baloch said

Although Uzair Baloch claims that all three aides of Dakhit had remained Janisar of PPP’s leaders, still we have the evidence for one. Please have a glance over the following photos. In one photo Aqeel can be seen standing beside Benazir as her Janisar while second (right) photo shows him Janisar Z Mirza.

rehman dakait

One can find many similarities in these murders; however, the important thing it establishes is that our political parties especially PPP create the gangs, arm them, use them and then throw out of their way once their job is finished. I don’t know that whether the Bollywood movies about underworld connection with politician reflect Indian political arena or not but the script of these movies is surely similar with what we witness in Karachi especially, Khalid and Rehman’s case.

You can watch Khalid’s video here;