61 years and counting – Happy Independence Day PAKISTAN

I must begin with offering my felicitations to each and every Pakistani for the 61st Independence Day. May this upcoming year be fruitful for Pakistan, having suffered through a tumultuous political roller coaster in the past few months [and years], people stand today ready to abandon this nation for greener pastures of foreign lands, quite literally giving up hope.

But whatever will happen to the remaining 160 million strong Pakistanis [including me], for them we must each hope, pray and guide this nation forth towards progress and prosperity. This nation is too valuable to us [me] that I will never give up hope so quickly, we as Pakistanis must stand together shoulder to shoulder and try to rid our country from the unpatriotic elements that suck the life out of Pakistan. It is for the sake of Pakistan that we must hold strong.

To gauge the changing scenario one only has to look at my early 14th August blog posts to capture the problems facing Pakistan and sadly the declining situation

In 2005 I wrote A Tribute to Pakistan, where I was filled with patriotic emotion but worrisome that our politicians might siphon off Pakistanis wealth for their own good

14th August 2005 is another important date for Pakistan, it is the 58th Independence day of our beloved nation. A date important enough to deserve a public holiday with celebrations around the country people roaming the streets in jubilation, motorcycles, cars, buildings and houses all glittering proudly with the national colors. Each and every soul chanting – Pakistan Zindabad. My heart feels the love and so does yours.

I feel saddened that these few romantic days will not be recalled until next August 06 and where then again we would have seen another year of political uncertainty to have unfolded before us. Many a politicians would have come and gone, gone of course with a heavy bank balance and those newly into the arena sharping there knives in preparation for the sweat-meat for their accounts in Switzerland.

In 2006 i wrote For the Love of Pakistan where I seem to be subdued by more of Global threat then issues from within, on hindsight I think I was right to suspect it as such

14th August 2006 to mark the 59th Independence Day of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I am born and bred Pakistani and I assure you I am emotionally patriotic enough to even die for this country of mine. This 14th August to me is a proud moment to see my country achieve 59 years of freedom, though a bit turbulent but it remains a proud & independent nation.

Looking at the present global situation I feel the future for Pakistan is going to be tough as I dread to see it come against some serious pressure and may even have to buckle with the demands that may be forced onto it by the financial bullies of the world (read US)

But the most disheartening post was last year in 2007 when I penned …to Pakistan

Surprisingly this year the political leaders have seemingly disheartened every patriotic citizen of Pakistan, issues like the CJ crisis, the astonishing 5/12 Massacre and the Lal Masjid disaster all seemed to be the orchestration of our political bureaucracy so as to preserve the existence of one person has his illegal, unelected regime in Pakistan.

This totalitarian attitude adopted by Musharraf has actually lead my country down a very difficult path, there is no talk on how to improve Pakistan, but instead discussions are being held to appoint yet another corrupt leader to sit on top of the Pakistan treasure box and mint money for personal gains for a third tenure around.

Sadly no one cares what will happen to the country, as long as he/she can walk away with the loot. Is this what our forefathers envisioned? Is this the country which saw the sacrifice of millions of Muslims when they chose to migrate to so so called ‘Land of the Pure’?

This years analysis sadly cannot be any different from the gloomy picture I posted in 2006, It was in the midst of 2007 Musharraf was in intense negotiations with Benazir Bhutto in Dubai to orchestrate a plan for her return, Musharraf needed an extension to stay in power and Benazir was the most willing to make possible deals, it was after her acceptance that Pakistan saw here historic and emotional arrival in October only to be greeted with a bomb blast on Shahrai Fasial.

It was not long that the spiraling political unrest lead Musharraf to impose a martial law on Nov 3rd where he literally destroyed the Judicial system of Pakistan dismissing 60 outstanding judges on the whim that they did not agree to his specified unconstitutional and illegal orders as he positioned himself to be above the law. A few weeks later we saw him take off his uniform in lieu of permanent constitutional amendments.

Then Pakistan was jolted by the assassination of Benazir Bhutto which to date I believe was orchestrated by none other than her husband Asif Ali Zardari [as he to date, stands to be the sole beneficiary from her death and also has been hindering any investigation] The overwhelming love of Begum saw three days of riots on the streets of Pakistan.

February saw farce on Pakistan where Musharraf held elections only to fulfill and legitimize his promise to the US to hold democracy, but he still choose to stay in power and PPP provided him the perfect cover. Following the elections we witnessed one criminal case after another being whitewashed clean from the shoulders of Asif Zardari [& MQM] to stand clean as a recently baptized person washing away all his sins on the hallow grounds of the NRO [National Robbers Ordinance].

April 9th saw an MQM sponsored riot on the streets of Karachi where they locked and burned alive a few lawyers, leaving the city stunned. The political circus continues to keep us engaged day after day, Zardari jumping one rope after another with the latest impeachment twist which I suspect will turn out be yet another ploy for time extension and making a fool out of Pakistan and Nawaz Sharif.

Nothing will come out of the impeachment and Zardari and Musharraf will continue to run the country in cahoots. I only fear that with Zardari running our country, we cannot even for a moment expect Pakistan to recover and hopefully come out of this spiraling disaster, as they say once a crook always a crook likewise once a Zardari always a Zardari ’nuff said

For the sake of Pakistan – I hope we have better tomorrow – I believe it to be, lets hope it is

Knock on Wood – Pakistan Zindabad





10 responses to “61 years and counting – Happy Independence Day PAKISTAN”

  1. Freedom Avatar

    Happy 14th Dr. Awab/Readers, Many Thanks & Keep it up.

  2. Jusathot Avatar

    Just a thought on Independence Day

    The source of shame is from our own
    Just look around this land of pure
    In the name of Islam a nation of our own
    Concepts of her creation nolonger sure!

    Sacrifices of our elders all but forgotten
    Divided, disarrayed – values all but gone
    Concept of ummah, awam – all but forgotten
    Meaning of Islam – Pakistan all but gone

    More needs to done, nation aint any younger
    Burden rapidly shifting now to our progeny
    Our hope & aspiration are now with younger
    Sacrifices hope not forgotten with the progeny

    Rooted in country’s political culture
    Are the defenders of the status quo types
    Constitution a game for these vultures
    Elections a mere sport for these elite types

    If things continue to go on this way
    Nothing will change until,
    Establishment is out of the way
    A nation held at ransom until

    Let’s work together not against each others
    For the loser will be the awam and the nation
    The rape and humiliation of our own by others
    The enemy attacking us is within our nation

    We will best achieve goal of creating Pakistan
    When we strive & educate for the best of the nation
    Masters of our destiny not foreign masters of Pakistan
    Maintaining a God-centered character of the nation

    Young and old – the challenge for all
    Emulate virtues, qualities & principles of our call
    Adopt a Muslim character one and all
    Make Quran & Muhammad’s (saw) practices our call

    May the Merciful & Almighty Allah help us achieve all
    It’s never too late; let’s make efforts to do righteous deeds, Ameen!
    May Allah help us resolve to work together for the better of all
    To attain high ideals & sacrifices made for the tenets of our faith, Ameen!

  3. nogutsnoglory Avatar

    May Allah protect Pakistan and May Allah make Pakistan a true Islamic State in the World. AMeeen.

    Long live Pakistan.

  4. Azad Pakistan Avatar
    Azad Pakistan

    Long live Pakistan and Long live Kashmiris….

    Long live Biharis who fought for Pakistan and long live those soldiers who died for Pakistan and long live those scientists and engineers who are working and who make Pakistan a great country.

    Salam to All Pakistanis, May Allah protect all of us and our home land, Pakistan.

  5. Osman Avatar

    Pakistanis celebrating independence day. I dont know whether to laugh or cry.

    Once a brit colony.

    Now an american colony.

    Bombing our own people.

    Killing little girls.

    Handing over kids for money.

    hmmm.. I guess you need real independence and
    freedom to achieve all these things.

    Independence from accontability.

    Freedom from a concience.

    Independence from thought.

    Freedom from Mercy and Decency.

    We are free in many ways.

  6. Jigar Avatar

    You are a joke Pakistan. Even slaves live a better life than the people of Pakistanis. What a fake democracy, country and its politicians.
    May I hope to hear one day that we are invaded by foreign forces. Gillani, Zardari and Mushi, are you really enjoying the independence day or just waiting for the right time to start the loot and runaway with your western bastards.
    My message to Pakistanis, stop portraying about 14 August, let it go to hell, you cowards, rise above the sun for the right ideology.
    You know what you get when Nawaz and Shahbaz are mated together, you get a bastard named Iftikar Chaudary and a pedophile face of zardari.

    To hell with you Pakistan……

  7. Silence Avatar

    When I look back I am tahnkfull to Allah almighty that we have achieved a lot as a nation. I was looking in to a news item where Indian governments senior official has directed the low caste hindu’s to eat rats to overcome sever food deficiancy!

    The commission set by Indian PM suggests that only 1% Muslim in India have the “luxury” of hand pumps and only 3% are able to get the agricultural loans however they make 61% of prison population.

    This makes me realise a lot and be thankful to god who blessed us with every thing, we have lost many oppertunities because of ‘martial laws’ and mismanagement.

    If the democratic process had been continous, we should have developed and transparent political institutions, but now we have corrupt politicans, greedy generals and inept management…..are not we progressing?, surely we are but not as we need to, in my humble opinion a corrupt and dishonest politician is better then a dictator, at least we can remove him if majority thinks he is corrupt.

    I am a believer of Pakistan and our future, we have lot of potentail and resources, we are on track towards progress, what we need is better management and it will come through process, nations never change overnight but through process.

    Long Live Pakistan and Congratulations to all Pakistini’s.

  8. Silence Avatar


    Everyone have the right to express their feelings, its free speach and must be respected, but quality name calling, cuss and stupidity must be discouraged.

    Look at some posts around and you will notice that quality of debate which an intellectual forum deserves is deterioration, i hope that you will convay to the members to used some civilised language, not just pour their bitterness in life in to national and intellectual issues.

  9. Wajahat Avatar

    Indeed we ought to be grateful for this land as it has given to us much much more than we deserve. And we should think about the millions who gave up their lives to form this nation out of the stuff of dreams. This indeed was a blessing from the Allmighty.

    In addition, we should then hang our head in shame as to the complete and utter destruction that our fathers have unleashed upon this land, and that we are so happily progressing with our absolute fanaticism, ignorance and jingoism. We are a nation of yahoos, clapping in the conqueror and pelting him when he falls, only to clap another set of monkeys back in. We blame everything and everyone for the decay around us, except offcourse ourselves and tunnel vision of whats in the best interest of the nation. We should congratulate ourselves in being the most corrupt, the most morally challenged and probably just behind our Araab brothers in the ranks of collective national hipocracy. Our nations decay is as much a reflection of the morass at the bottom of our own souls, which we fail to admit and unable to look into. We create a society filled with haves and have-nots, increase the gradient of materialism and create a desire for worldly things, so much so that it breaks our society into those who seek refuge in a bastardised version of religion, demeaning the name and the beauty of Islam. These fanatics oppose everything that humanity has achieved by becoming regressives of the absolute kind and the crazies among them, commit murder in the name of God (Astagfirulllah). Where as part of our society becomes infatuated by the West and looses completely any moral compass that they had any residual grasp off.

    Maybe today we should reflect on our political allegiances and inanity of our so called democratic and Military leaders. Maybe today we should ask our own people of how they can afford a million rupees life style on a thousand rupee salary. Maybe today we should ask why we engage and accept everytime we hand a small bribe or accept an injustice and call it the system. Maybe today we should ask, why people are killing and being killed in our name, may it be by our Military in our provinces or by our our northern brothers in our urban city centres. Maybe, just Maybe….

  10. d0ct0r Avatar

    In these tough times may Allah help us all Pakistanis and make us self sufficient in every sector so that we may not look towards west anymore and become really independent. currently we think that we are physically independent but the fact remains that west is indirectly in total control.