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Fatima Bhutto: Garhi Khuda Bux – Pilgrimage to nowhere

In an artcile which was recently published in the New Statesman Fatima Bhutto talks about the first year death anniversary of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and her burial town of Garhi Khuda Bux. She sums up the experience with these powerful words

Now her posters, in the manner of those at Sufi shrines, hang inside the mausoleum, over the graves even. There is no space for the sacred, there is no space for grief, only space for advertising and political grandstanding of “Look whom I’m related to”-type posters, “Vote for my children, they’re next!” warnings, and so on. One year after Benazir’s assassination, this is what her legacy has come down to. And it is fitting that in her death, like in her life, there is no talk of principles or ideology, only of personality and genealogy.”

Read the entire article here


  • Unaiza Fatima |

    Fatima is herself a leftover of the legacy of political hierarchy. So what is she complaining about? Though she is more educated and apparently more sensible and articulate than any of most seasoned politicians around.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    If current pakistani political system prevailed then no doubt she will be the next BB in pakistani politics.

  • Asad Ali |

    @ and this is how the chaine continues of Batil
    in Pakistan’s Politics, but what she said is not
    simple critic, the truth, she should continue
    criticising the sectarian persnality cult created
    around BB, by BB and for BB, by the partisan pendoos.


  • Unaiza Fatima |

    Congratulations to Farah on this decision from court despite immense propaganda pressure.

  • hello |

    Every kid on the block knows that there can’t be any reassessment of papers , only recounting is allowed but still our blessed courts strike again!

  • A H K |


    Please do not talk about something you know nothing about. Reassessment of papers is very common (there is a proper application form to re-checking), my own brother got his paper reassessed too 3 years ago and got higher marks after re-check.

  • Asad Ali |

    @ AHK,

    quite right ! a period was when grace marks were
    granted as well

    @ Unaiza baji,

    your congrats to Farah (not our Farrah) reminds me of
    a kahawat in urdu

    chit bhi apni, patt bhi apni, bhutna mere bapp ka !!

    Shabash, justice is ” largely free ” in Pakistan,
    PPP ke jialay zindahbaad !!

    charon janib jialay hi jialay chaa ga’ey,

    nazim-o-wazir,MNA goya munsif hoga’ey

  • rockfella |

    OK so Farah Dog-ar gets to keep her marks, as the IHC ruled today.

    So i guess its official, that for any sort of justice to prevail in Pakistan, we need the pre Nov Judiciary. They might not be saints, but at least they were moving in the right direction.

    Thankfully Zardari is making the same mistakes as Busharraf, and i think we can see the beginning of the end not very far…..

  • Yawar H |

    Awab, thanks for posting this. Fatima ia a good writer but like everyone else in her politically motivated family/clan, she really is a part of the problem. Don’t want to open can of worms but maybe next time I can elaborate.

    Also, good meeting you the other night at the mangni. Let me know about future offroading trips.

    Take care…

  • karachikhatmal |

    fatima bhutto is in quite the dilemma – smart, educated, and a scion of a political family, yet all she is good for is writing biting articles in western papers. i have read a whole stream of stuff by her which is quite honestly critical of the failings of her late aunt and president uncle.

    but fatima baby, tell us something we don’t know. like what your plan is? i mean you don’t need to, its not some sort of constitutional requirement, but since you deem it necessary to write about pakistani politics ALL the time, why don’t you add something constructive to it.

    are you just triyng to prove that you are smarter than your politiclly powerful and generally estranged relatives? we have gotten that. but when you talk of ideologies, which one is yours?

  • Riaz Khan |

    In Politics every nonsense act like son of bitch, whatever BB sow so she reaped by her tenure….there are other son of bitch politician in Pakistan, like Nawaz Sharif and Shaikh Rashid. Musharaf was biggest dog of America that’s why still survive and talking like gentle man, whatever he did will payback. Why don’t you guys talking Biggest Bastard MQM in Karachi, who is killing million of civilian in the city…I think Muhajir still playing the hand of Altaf, I request every URDU speaking drop that misused condom of MQM. Use your common sense and kick out every bastard from politics and act like educated man, irony is that one nonsense street looter ruling by gun point over common people psyche in Karachi and few nonsense feudal lords in sindh and some of idiot Choudaries in Punjab…very Sad moment for Pakistan and even nonsense president. God Knows who will save country now

  • Asad Ali |

    @Riaz Khan,

    the sour truth you just expressed, its so emotional,
    and what-to-answer dilema, every one of us should
    think over 12 times on the above 11 lines openly and
    straight forwardly put before all of us, actually its
    a wake-up call from someone who is suffering like
    160 millions and reflecting their common feelings,
    enough is enough !
    Thanks Riaz, I am deeply moved !!

  • Veenza |

    Riaz, I am agree with you. We should kick of every nonsense from Politics and make peaceful Pakistan, including Karachi}
    You know I am Urdu speaking also too much hate MQM-Bastard looting many time our families in North Nazimabad and most of the time openly walking around nobody stop them because people are become coward, anyway one day it will be proved all politician are against people and terrorist in the city. We must become united against them as good Pakistani to kick them out, specially young generation must recognize them because they are creating panic in the street…we hate them, we hate them, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz be good to each other as Pakistan stop follow fake politician 420 leaders

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    utha ke bahar phenk do gali men
    pak politics ke yeh anday hen ganday

    long live pakistan , long live people of pakistan

  • Rahim ullah kakar |

    I personally would request Fatima Bhutto to step in politics along with her brother.

    Rahim ullah kakar from Quetta