Zardari is the best Revenge – Benazir’s Subliminal message

After the tragic assassination of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, both Bilawal Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari have been drumming our ears with the democratic vision (?) of Benazir Bhutto. Bilawal Bhutto while addressing the PPP press conference on 31st December said

My mother always said, “Democracy is the best revenge” – Bilawal Bhutto [31st Dec 2007]

For starters we all played along, it seemed to be the new PPP war chant, it seemed to be the trump card for the ticket to a sweeping victory in the upcoming elections, it seemed all too innocently ‘democratic‘. But on 6th of September when Pakistanis watched Asif Ali Zardari accede to the throne of Presidency did we finally realize our curse. This cartoonist quite aptly sums up the feelings of an entire nation


The subliminal [wikipedia] message for us fools here in Pakistan could have actually been

‘Zardari Democracy is the best Revenge’



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7 responses to “Zardari is the best Revenge – Benazir’s Subliminal message”

  1. yaseen ch Avatar

    WELL,Zardari is afraid of establishment.He can only sit on the seat and show the world yes PPP is still alive but he cannot do anything for the betterment of this nation and his people because leaders are not afraid of anything nor the death.

  2. Faisal Khan Avatar

    With Zardari’s education, I wouldn’t be surprised if he spelled BEST as BAAST! 🙂

  3. KarimG Avatar

    Well said Teetho…well said!
    She must have felt so angry with this unthankful AWAM who did not stand up for her right to rule…Zardari is her parting gift for all the Jiyalas and Kaliyas and finally the AWAM having come to their senses for not supporting enough the AZEEM LEADER in the past came through this time!

  4. KarimG Avatar

    I have some information that I would like to share and get feedback from others here. I hear that Zardari is already back to his old tricks and some very wealthy people have received phone calls concerning demands of substantial amounts of “donations”. Any body else has similar info? Let’s try not let him get away this time, if we can!

  5. guYasir Avatar

    Kleptocracy is the best revenge
    Zardari pore pakistan ka zarda bana ker kha chae ga
    Zardari is the best kleptocrat.

  6. Zeeshan Qayyum Avatar
    Zeeshan Qayyum

    @ KarimG

    I think we cannot stop Zardari now. He’s a very clever politician. What can we do as being simple Pakistanis having no authority?

  7. KarimG Avatar

    I dunno, they say sunlight is the biggest disinfectant, I am hoping it will work here!