Zardari’s Freudian Slip

Rickshaw Zardari FraudMuch could be said about the lackluster reception accorded to the Pakistan Cricket Team upon its return to Pakistan after having won the Twenty20 World Cup in England.  The heroic reception at the airport was put off due to security issues and instead the Prime Minister and the President both decided to honor the champions in separate receptions hosted in their honor.

The Prime Minister held an evening dinner to honor the champions, and the chaos which followed during the award distribution ceremony lacked the decorum of the Prime Ministers office, to make matters worse the stage show / comedy gig held ‘in honor’ was definitely an embarrassment.

Had if that had only been the end of the embarrassing run to garland the winning team we saw President Zardari flash his dental veneers at a lunch hosted at the Presidential House in the honor of the team.

During the ceremony he handed cash rewards to the players and addressed the young lads in which according to The News he is quoted to have said.

It is the one moment I have really rejoiced after the ‘Shahadat’ of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto

My, My is that one heck of a Freudian slip, did he just suggest that he may have celebrated the shahadat of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto by saying “I have really rejoiced after the shahadat ….”, could we be making a mountain out of a mole hill, quite possibly as a little searching around we bump into The Daily Times quoting a more sanitized version

The last time I remember being this happy was before the assassination of Benazir Bhutto,

Whoa, hold your horse for one minute, Daily Times has him celebrating before the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, either way one does have to wonder what was Mr. Asif Zardari celebrating before the assassination and then again after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, all seem a little too dubious

I personally have not seen the actual speech,  [and don’t have the stomach to watch this goon any more then I am already forced to do so], I assume this speech was delivered in Urdu, and hence the variations in the translations, admittedly I might be making a big issue out of nothing, but what does trigger is the lingering question as to why no one seems interested in getting to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

Within this same week to add to this Freudian slip Bilawal Bhutto made a very animated Shakespearean speech in the UK during Benazir Bhutto’s birthday celebration [I strongly suggest you to watch the video of his speech, I could not stop laughing at his hand gestures and his animated delivery]  What caught me by surprise amongst so many statement he made was when he said

Registering an FIR, would be to undermine the magnificence of BB

WTF! somethings fishy, one does have to start wondering that its been two years and counting, the primary beneficiaries of Benazir’s assassination [Asif Zardari and Rehman Malik] have not been questioned or grilled as to their involvement in her death, yet they both have publicly claimed to know ‘who killed her’.  No police case has been registered and no attempt is being made to bring her perpetrators to justice, but instead they threateningly use the UN investigation team as a shield only to deflect the questions ‘the international investigation team will come’, its a foregone conclusions that the UN team shall never set foot on Pakistan soil at least as long as Zardari is in power.

Coming back to Zardari’s Freudian slip, psychologists generally say we never say things we don’t mean, there’s nothing like a slip of tongue, at some level.. we mean everything that “slips” out of our mouth. Even the Rickshaw drivers say it [image credit: Exquisite at Trite Novelty Blog]



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  1. Yousuf Avatar



  2. jimi Avatar

    While all the scumbags are having a fieldday, there is still good going on in Pakistan…Alhamdulillah.

    Ali Haider gives up his Pop-Music-Career…

    May Allah accept his coming-back to the Deen and may Allah make him an asset of Muslim Ummah…

  3. guY-sir Avatar


    Indeed, It is a good sign. It is similar like Junaid Jamshed but i was wondering that Junaid may used his music-money to established his Kurta business.

    Michael Jackson King of PoP got died on Thursday. A legend of Pop music and Breakdance which made him finest singer/dancer of all times. I was once indulged in his charisma but later i found his lyrics blasphemous. I got to know when i read his JAM lyrics in which MJ says;

    [False Prophets came and cry for doom]

    In 1st hand Prophets never be false if Prophets false then God is also false and his Books which He sent unto His chosen Peoples/Prohets are also Fraud/False.

    It is apparent that contemporary Rock N Roll and POP music is a Satanic msg. do ye have a stamina to read this

  4. The real Teeth Maest Avatar
    The real Teeth Maest

    HAHAHAHAHAH this is funny

  5. guY-sir Avatar

    It is also apparent that contemporary Politics and its Rule are also Satanic.

    You may familiar with the word of Enlightenment which our 2001 govt used alot esp Shortcut Aziz used this word many times in his talks, Whose Roshan Khiyali they are spreading none but Satanic who has subtly control the mankind via Democracy, Media/Press, Education, Entertainment, Sports.

    Enlightenment aka Age of Reason aroused in the 17th century, that was the time when Industrial Revolution, French Revolution and Bolshevik Revolution came into being later WW1-2-3 occurred.

    Who got money, have got power.

    Apparently Jewish moneylenders who eschew God rule to not consume USury, at last get able to established Banks and got money based on USury a strictly forbidden sin in all leading religions. So they got money and got power and start seeking world domination thru revolutions, wars, depression, recession etc

    Materialism aka Satanism ye cannot serve God and Mammon.Famous Bible verse which is only on LIPS instead of our hearts… We are herding towards an End Times, Clash of Civilization is on its way and mankind Final Judgment is only few years remove.

    We should seek Hereafter success instead of World-success. MJ got died under $400m debt despite been enormously wealthy. Nothing in this world except Delusions, aka Democracy aka Frauds

    We should change like Ali Haider

  6. guY-sir Avatar

    Zardari, Indeed is a Fraud who killed his BV/BB and cum in power to eradicate Terrorism. He himself is a finest terrorist of pak-politics got earned title of Mr 10%, His past govt got dismiss on corruption and extra judicial killing…

    He is a real culprit, dissolute, terrorist, goon and stooge who's ruling on our heads, who voted his party and who voted him to chose him as are real responsible of They wanna rule means deaf man tuning a piano.

    Siyasath sucks sordidly. Kill them b4 they kill U.

    Kill Khatmals as well they also suck sordidly.

  7. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    he is a nut case otherwise he wont say that.

  8. Ammar Avatar

    He's an idiot, His wife was an idiot as well. So why don't you guys get a life and stop writing or even thinking about such random crap.

  9. zafar abbas Avatar
    zafar abbas

    After the horrendous assassination of two time Prime Minister of Pakistan and the chairperson of the Pakistan People’s Party, the country was teetering at the brink, and it was at that time that the now President Zardari raised the slogans of “Pakistan Khapay”, and it did lots of healing, especially in the Sindh. Pakistan is suffering from unrest in two provinces; NWFP and Balochistan and thanks to Zardari the Sindh province is calm. Not only Zardari has shown acumen and lots of sagacity in dealing with the redoubtable challenges faced by the country, he has also done at the most difficult juncture of the history. Leading Pakistan in these tough times is the world’s most unwanted job and that is what is done by Zardari. Even the opposition in Pakistan is not ready to face the music and they are happy with the current arrangements as they don’t have to take the brunt. They are not even joining the cabinet and they are just enjoying the roost in one province. Who could deny that the Asif Ali Zardari is the man who saved the country from total bankruptcy. Lots of people slung mud on him that he was the looter and percentage monger, but in fact he is the man who has done wonders for the country and he has brought in billions of dollars and lots of business and he has kept America at bay. He has restored the Pakistani image abroad and he is hard at work at home to heal the injuries of the angry people.

  10. salma Avatar

    It is common trend in Pakistan to misconstrue the statements of our leaders. This is common practice in our country that we interpret statements of our leader according to our own mentality. In fact we are habitual to give false interpretations of our leaders. It is shameful for us that here we commented about such a man who saved country when it was at the verge of disintegration and Benazir Bhutto Shaheed, who sacrificed her life for this country. The truth is that no one feels weight of others burden.

    The truth is that Benazir Bhutto’s assassination was a kind of shock that could shake Pakistan for years. Zardari acting fast gathered up his shattered self and the country, and brought normalcy to the situation. Zardari brought about as much political harmony among various, and warring, diversities as none of his predecessors did and as is possible under present circumstances. On economic front where trade deficit of $ 21 billion and other deficits demanded speedy intervention, he took unpopular decisions and saved the country from a certain default. Despite President Zardari’s reasonable working, we are not acknowledging his services, but also acting terribly hostile. The contradiction needs investigation.

    At the end I would like to add that people like Mr.Aamir are not the men of character. By declaring others Idiot they significantly hint towards their own background and environment.

  11. Ammar Avatar

    The Trade Deficit narrowed down because of the 150% reduction in international crude oil prices, not because of the economic wizardry of His Holy Highness President Asif Ali Zardari. Dumbo.

    And such a touching narrative of such a great man, it simply made me cry. *sigh*

  12. Anonymous Avatar

    I think Salma and Zafar Abbas have clarified all the necessary points, and frankly, our insistence on clinging to this negativity towards our leaders is simply going to drag this nation down. Why is it so hard to acknowledge that he's been doing all the right things?! Instead you pick apart his speeches and manipulate and twist his words. What childish, hostile immaturity.

  13. abida Avatar

    really he iz a biggggest fraudia of the world dashhhhhhh na ho tou