Musharraf honored as “Big Speaker” at Stanford

Musharraf CryMusharraf has been asked to speak as the “Big Speaker” at Stanford University when millions of us Pakistanis want him to be tried for his crimes.

Please take time to contact the Office of the President of Stanford University, condemning the invitation and asking Stanford to cancel the event. Please refer to the specific crimes of Musharraf, especially the treason of 3rd Nov, the unconstitutional NRO, the missing people, the high-level corruption and illegal allotment of lands, the destruction of institutions and absolute misuse of power.

In an email to her US Spokesman Mark Seigel, Benazir had put the blame on Musharraf for her assassination if that ever happened


Office of the President
Building 10
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-2061

(650) 723-2481

(650) 725-6847


Spread the word. The more people contact Stanford the better.

Stanford Event Website
| Benazir Bhutto to blame Musharraf |


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  1. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    it is a time for introduction.

    i am dr jawwad khan.i am an urdu speaking granfather was from ajmer shareef.

    i lived in khi. where i saw MQM since begining.

    i am the eye witness of many things.crimes committed on urdu speaking people and crime committed by MQM.

    i know MQM better than you.

    if some one ask me the names of the assistants and deputies of the iblis,i can give atleast one name that is altaf hussain and all the Qom parast living in pakistan.