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Geert Wilders to be charged for anti-Islamic statements

Geert Wilders the Dutch Politician FITNA movieMany may recall the infamous Dutch right-wing parliamentarian Geert Wilder who had produced a movie called FITNA a year or so back where he had degraded the Holy Koran calling it a fascist book and even compared it to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

BBC has just reported that a Dutch court has ordered prosecutors to put a right-wing politician on trial for making anti-Islamic statements. The court outlined that hate speech is considered so serious that it is in the general interest to draw a clear line

BBC: “The Amsterdam appeals court has ordered the prosecution of member of parliament Geert Wilders for inciting hatred and discrimination, based on comments by him in various media on Muslims and their beliefs,” the court said in a statement. “The court also considers appropriate criminal prosecution for insulting Muslim worshippers because of comparisons between Islam and Nazism made by Wilders,” it added.

This Anti-Islamic controversial video had created an uproar in early 2008 when it was first released by Geert Wilders, the problems arose almost immediately a day after it was posted on Live Leak, where the host deleted the video from it servers, Geert then uploaded it on Youtube, which lead to a blanket censorship by the Government of Pakistan blocking the YouTube video in Pakistan. But quite by accident this censorship accidentally got uploaded onto global network routers resulting in a massive 2-hour network outage of youtube.com servers across the world, leading Pakistan Telecommunication Authorities to some heartfelt embarrassing apologies to tender.

It was also fun to note that despite all the hype surrounding the video, Geert Wilders was forced to edit certain sections of his video due to copyright infringements as he had utilized certain cartoons from a certain danish cartoonist without permission.

This was soon followed by tremendous pressure from Dutch businessmen, threatening to sue his as his fitna video damaged the Dutch name and repercussions will impact their global business interests

“If they (Muslims) decide to boycott Dutch businesses, it will harm Dutch exports,” Bernard Wientjes, the chairman of the Dutch employers’ organization “Companies like Shell, Philips and Unilever are easily recognizable as Dutch companies.”

To now watch Geert Wilders face court charges …… we all anxiously await the courts decision


  • Asad Ali |

    @ Secularism, is the most phony the most pretentious
    attitude,it has no historical reference, no theory,
    no political programme, the west has invented yet
    another fraudulant “system” to preserve only their
    interest and colonialism ! the crusades can be launched
    under the disguise of ” secularism” just listen to them,
    when they speak in European parlaiment !!
    Their Secularism
    can be anti-religion (free-masons)
    can be anti-communisim/socialism
    can be vaticanist (check the sects)
    can be fascist and totalitarianists
    can be anti-particular religion (India, UK, France)
    can be pro-zionist (neocons)
    today it is proved anti-muslims & Islamophobe.

    there is an enormous opposing nature of secularism
    with ” Laicity ” seperation of state and religion,
    NOT AGAINST RELIGION. check French laws of 1901 and
    Secular states of today, all of them are fake and
    liars, there is no such state in the world, atleast
    non of them declares in their constitutions, even
    European proposed constitution, they wanted to insert
    Catholic religion as religion of Europe.

  • Asad Ali |

    @ its good that Dr.Jawwadkhan brought out this
    thorny issue on secularism, and Farrah has reached
    to a sort of conclusion with authentic parafrenelia
    required in our environment.

    It normally does’nt work to force people to have
    a ” uniform” attitude, I have come to conclusion that
    our religion is according to the human nature,
    offering mankind the following with
    “trial ” basis, (experimenting and evolution) !
    human rights,for all citizens
    freedom of expression ,
    social guarantees from the State,
    security for all citizens,
    development, resources, environment,science, technology,
    harmony of relations with other,

    The history proved that Islam had complete success
    for a thousand years, why are we systematically,
    discouraged by, not only others, but by our own creed
    and politicians and ideolosgists, so called
    intellectuals ? why are they trying to impose a uniform
    on Pakistanis ?

  • farrah k raja |

    Asad Ali
    Extremely heartening to read what you say and actually I personally have reached the same conclusion as yours.You have summed it up excellently.My further analysis is that people of Pakistan do not care if it is Democracy (as per West ) or it is General rulling us.
    Ayub,Zia and Musharaff were not able to rule peacefully because of army it was because people are afraid of democracy the one which Bhutto brought to Pakistan .We would not accept Western style of Democracy.People do not want gender equality even ,people want peace,oppertunities and prosperity.

  • farrah k raja |

    You are exactly right when you say,Islam is most Democratic religion.
    Islam is Democracy actually ,in Islam no man has a power ,Supreme power is Allah alone and in serving His people and mankind we do the best justice to Haqouq-ul-Ibad
    .I would urge people like you and Dr.Jawwad do not underestimate your thought process you must right it.Even 70 page book on Democracy in Pakistan will do.Why not?We owe this to our nation.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    dear both Farrah and asad!
    what i meant that in modern days there is no alternate of democracy.no doubt pakistan as a whole did not love the democracy because whenever we compared the democratically elected govts with military govts we saw the military govt performed better (whatever reason might be)and we saw strong statemen ship of military rulers.
    but dear those days were over now in pakistan military we can not see the rulers like zia ul haq or ayyoob khan.
    we just have musharraf like enlightend moderates,pro american,allergic to the religion and america fearing generals. i strongly believe that future military ruler will be the worst than pervez musharraf.
    we need persistance of democracy but before that we need to change the system.fundamental changes are required if we want to survive.which can not be achieved with out revolution. but theoratically it is possible that(with out revolution) if we manage to have a free judiciary with enormous resources and emplementation power of it’s decisions (which most people might think of crossing the line)
    we need to give more power to ISLAMI NAZRIYATI COUNCIL

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    we need to give a constitution power through which it can refrain the parliment from making any law which is against the teaching of islam.
    low prices of commodities (essential at least) good salary and zero tolerance against the corrutption through check and balance.
    we need to free our judiciary by taking back the authority of oppointning the judges from PM or the president rather give it to the supreme judicial council made by 5 retired judges(in order of retirement) with good reputation and credibility.
    also the expanditures of high govt offcials,beurocrate,ministers and adviser should be under scrutiny and the details should be released so the people can know.
    police man should be local, well educated with not more than 10 hour duty and with good salaries.
    check and balance system in which people can participate.
    every department of the govt should be connected through internet so that each purchase,contract and work can be moniter by general population.
    the whole system should be crystal clear so that people like me can see even minor details through internet.
    parliment should also discuss the the military expanditures.
    every time the head of the govt should be from different province and ethnic group.
    there must be good salary and benefits for teachers.
    govt should be responsible for
    1) education
    2) health
    3) providing speedy justice

    we got deviated from the topic but whatever we start we will end up in the matters related to pakistan because we are going through worst period of pakistan history.

  • farrah k raja |

    Dr Jawwad
    Now you are sounding like a Professor of Political science.
    Agree with everything apart from one your preference of Zia over Musharraf.
    Zia ,Islamist fine ,I have only one critisim on human rights .Musharaff is considered as Westernised I do not think so.If you look back I think he was a moderate person and one of the problems he was facing was not to be assosiated with Talibaan so maybe his press image is not extremly controlled one.
    Democracy is definitely good ,it is not the system I am losing hope with,I am loosing faith in leaders which democracy brings me.

  • Asad Ali |

    @ Farrah,

    yes thats it, we mean business not
    just verbal promesses since 60 years,
    Ghareeb, Ghareeb, Ghareeb and yet Ghareeb,
    as soon as they get votes, they start doing
    make-up on themselves and deliver nonsensical
    speeches in an absolutely nonextant rare anglo-Indian
    language (not Urdu).
    I appriciate very much your concern about Demo in
    Pakistan, writing a book is not a bad idea, I have to
    have the urge and courage to do so, but why not ?
    although my family background wass basically of
    litrature, Drama, poetry and some Politics! always in

    • farrah k raja |

      fantastic Asad.You must write.this is the biggest tragedy we do not preserve our thought.Our thoughts are very important for future generations and for ourselves.also you know I was isolated in my thought process but after blogging and discussing things with you and dr Jawwad many things ,many concepts have become clearer.
      There are so many people who we need to share this with.The biggest tragedy we are doing to our nation is not telling our story to others ,how we feel.who we are.what are our values?what we think?No wonder the world just judges us the way they want.
      Must write a book .if you need any help I am around.do not hesitate.also do not be surprised if i land in your city for a book launch.make your temporary email ,i will send you a mail.
      it is about time world should know what we think and who we are,We are the Muslims ,21st century,sun will set but rise from East.

  • Asad Ali |

    writing a book needs some encouragement and personal initiatives,
    thanks for your precious encorouragement, my initiative depends on
    priorities, but will not hesitate to contact though circumstances are just
    ideal, if you launch a book will that be in English ? I shall try to have temporary
    e-mail but am a bit backward on computor thing, I made progress on the
    computor only two years ago, had other battles against the foe.

  • USpace |


    FREE Partij voor de Vrijheid! The Koran shouldn't be banned. Mein Kampf isn't a 'Holy Book', but it shouldn't be banned either, but you should be able to criticize it and the idiots who agree with it.

    As many sane people know, Geert Wilders is NO racist. He is simply against out-of-control immigration; and against immigrants who won't assimilate; and the ones who beat Gays and rape non-Muslim women for not being covered up. He is also very much against the ones who kill their own daughters and sisters for their 'family honor'.


    absurd thought –

    God of the Universe says

    don't criticize religions

    just use Christian words

    substitute for Islam's words


    here's an absurd thought –

    your Supreme God knew

    Jesus as a pedophile

    and a raping terrorist

    converting slaves by the sword


    Muslims are not a 'race' anyway, they are followers of a religion/ideology and its Sharia Law. Most Muslims aren't even Arabs, which by the way, is also not a 'Race'.

    But their duty is, according to their Koran, to spread Sharia law over the whole Earth. It might take 100-200 years, if they succeed.

    Is that the kind of world we want for our great-grand childrens' great-grand children? A Taliban Planet? I bet not. Muslims are the biggest victims of Islam. Wilders is NOT against Muslims, he is against Islamic Fundamentalism.

    We all should read the Koran, but be careful, for the Koran prohibits non-Muslims from reading it. I wonder why.

    This is BIG, this is REAL BIG! SPREAD THE WORD to the world everyone! The EU Mandarins have crossed the line! If this goes to court, how much more of the public will become aware of this tyranny?

    All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. If there is no freedom of speech, then there can be no real freedom.

    The Christians and Jews don’t riot when somebody makes fun of Christ or Jews. People must learn to be civilized, and held to account when they are not. Muslims included.

    Geert Wilders is a hero spreading the painful truth. He MUST be protected!


    here's an absurd thought –

    your Supreme God says

    Christians are a race

    who love the Jewish race

    and the peaceful Buddhist race


    absurd thought –

    God of the Universe wants

    Sharia Law for ALL

    submit to glorious life

    slavery and servitude


    absurd thought –

    God of the Universe says

    outlaw self-defense

    exposing violent crimes

    shall be deemed hate speech


    absurd thought –

    God of the Universe says

    decide to change your race

    just simply change religions

    your religion is your race


    All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.




  • minhaaj |

    USpace if you are guy, please marry Farah K Raja. You'd make a great couple living OUTSIDE Pakistan. rofl

  • Asad Ali |

    @ absurd thought

    freedom of speech

    need not for such

    baseless thoughts

    relentless fatigue

    changing religion

    simply change not

    your race.

  • Asad Ali |


    free party for freedom

    are you a gay Catholic priest ??

    your poetry sounds very frustrated crusaderic crap,

    (don't mind)

  • firmin |

    Is your freedom worth a stamp???

    If Geert Wilders falls, then Freedom of speech is dead in Europe. We are launching an extensive International Action SITA including two possible texts ; one comparing Wilders and Winston Churchill and another Wilders and Charlie Chaplin:

    http://sitamnesty.wordpress.com/2009/01/23/i-supp… (Winston Eng)

    http://sitamnesty.wordpress.com/2009/01/23/i-supp… (Charlie Eng)

    To support Geert Wilders and our dearly acquired freedoms please participate to the 2 suggested actions and transmit this message to your friends owners of a website in order they publish it.

    An other way to support Geert Wilders is to give some money. To donate: http://www.geertwilders.nl

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    hey firmin!

    i tell you what to do…

    take your "Freedom of speech", mould it well…

    and then take it right up your ass.

  • Asad Ali |


    can I propose you a third texte, if you don't

    mind, after all richness of free(dumbs) of speech

    will increase the variety !! I propose

    Dr.Jawwadkhan's texte !!!

    then you don't have to dirty, Churchill and Chaplin.

    (you even have the balls to ask us money to support

    this fake blond tard ).

    remember the third option !!


  • dr.jawwadkhan |


    today geert wilders was deported from england.according to the spokesman of interior ministry "England is against all forms of extremisms and it will not allow any one to promote the extremist thoughts.

    i think this news is a SLAP on the faces of the supporters of "freedom of expression"

  • dr.jawwadkhan |


    yesterday geert wilders was deported from england.according to the spokesman of interior ministry "England is against all forms of extremisms and it will not allow any one to promote the extremist thoughts.

    i think this news is a SLAP on the faces of the supporters of "freedom of expression"