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Baluchi women in military torture cells, sexual slavery, Musharraf accused

Asian Human Rights Commission has in early January published a report which reveals a shocking trend in Baluchistan, women who have been struggling for the greater autonomy of Baluchistan have been arrested by state agencies and have been forced into sex slavery under the custody of the Pakistan Army.

AHRC had earlier also published another report accusing General Pervaiz Musharraf of running these military torture cells during his tenure. The report initially originates from a Baluchistan Liberation Front activist Munir Mengal who in 2006 was trying to launch a Baluchi TV channel but as coincidence would have it, the Pakistan Army was dead-set in uprooting the Baluchi uprising which resulted in the assassination of Nawab Akbar Bugti.

The report can be read in its entirety on the AHRC’s website but a few shocking sections are reproduced here. A close look at the incidents that have been quoted range from 2005 to 2007, the Musharraf era. Though we cant be sure that if these cells still do exists or have been dismantled at the fall of military dictatorship in February 2008, and sincerely hope that such heinous crimes are not still being orchestrated by our democratic government. But it seems that Ms. Zarina Marri is still missing and suspected to be held hostage against her free will.

AHRC – Ms. Zarina Marri, a 23-year-old schoolteacher from Balochistan province, was arrested in late 2005, and has been held incommunicado in an army torture cell at Karachi, the capital of Sindh province. She has been repeatedly raped by the military officers and is being used as a sex slave, to induce arrested nationalist activists to sign state-concocted confessions.

Mr. Munir Mengal, the managing director of a Balochi-language television channel, was arrested on April 4, 2006 from Karachi International airport by the state intelligence agencies and transferred to a military torture cell in Karachi for nine months. He narrated the story of the forced sex slavery of the young teacher Zarina Marri whom he encountered in a military cell. Mengal says that, “a young Balochi woman, Ms. Zarina Marri, was used as a sexual slave by the officers. They even once threw her naked into my cell. I did not know what had happened to this mother of a family who was arrested by the army in our province.”

Another Balochi nationalist (name omitted by request), who was arrested by the military intelligence agency twice and kept in military cells in different cities, has confirmed to the AHRC that there were young Balochi females seen at those two torture cells, naked and in distress. The prominent Balochi nationalist leaders say that they know fact that young Balochi women are being arrested, either during or after protest demonstrations on the disappearances and are missing. They also know about the women are sexually abused in the military custody but they cannot say so publically because of their sanctity and harassment of their families.

Mr. Munir Mengal was also tortured and his penis was severely injured when he refused to have sex with Zarina Marri. He told RSF, “on 27th January, 2007 at 6 pm Major Iqrar Gul Niazi (Military Intelligence) called me in his office and showed me some nude pictures, and laughingly told me that you have been a director of a TV channel so certainly you have good relations with actresses.”

When he returned to his cell he found porn pictures strewn all over it. Around 12 pm a low-ranking military officer called Subedar brought a female there. She was trembling and weeping. “He threw her on my body and told me, ‘You know what to do with her. You are not a child we have to tell what to do with her.'” Mr. Mengal says after half an hour the officer returned, and seeing them sitting apart, abused them and forcibly took off their clothes. Mengal said he was stunned when the woman began praying in the Balochi language. She told Mengal her name was Zarina Marri and that she belongs to the Kohlu area, headquarters of the rebel Marri tribe, a scene of a bloody insurgency that begun in 2005. She said she was a schoolteacher and that the army personnel had abducted her along with her one-year-old.

“They accuse us for spying for the Baluchistan Liberation Army,” Zarina Marri said. She begged Mengal to kill her. “I have been undressed several times for them.”

Mengal said on the refusal to have sex, the intelligence officials inflicted cuts on his private parts. “I thought I would lose my manhood,” he said. Ms. Zarina told to Mengal that she has seen some females in the torture cell but was not allowed to talk with them.

The Asian Human Rights Commission has already reported that 52 torture cells are run by the Pakistan army, Karachi was stated to have three military torture cells.

Pakistan is the signatory to Convention on the Elimination of All Forms Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) but women are being used as sex slaves in a gross violation of the Convention by army officers.


  • Aamir Mughal |

    Pakistani neocons and UN sanctions by Khalid Hasan is Daily Times’ US-based correspondent


    At a meeting with a group of journalists among whom I was present, my dear and much lamented friend Tahir Mirza, then the Dawn correspondent, asked Musharraf why he was not acting against Lashkar-e Tayba and Jaish-e Muhammad. Musharraf went red in the face and shot back, “They are not doing anything in Pakistan. They are doing jihad outside.”

    Like bullfrogs out after heavy summer rains, Pakistani cyberspace and the realm of the printed word are full of the croaking of neocons who have convinced the already ignorant that the Security Council sanctions against Jama’at-ud Dawa and certain individuals only came because Pakistani officials were either sleeping at the post or had conspired with the 15-member Security Council to let the axe fall.

    These people are not interested in facts. They only have opinions.

    One cybercon who answers to the name Ahmed Quraishi writes on December 24, “We have a government with shady characters in key places, strongly backed by the Bush administration, acting and behaving as if they were representing a US occupation government in Pakistan.” Under “recommendation”, he proposes, “We need to start a witch-hunt in Pakistan to cleanse our academia and public life of such self-haters and defeatists who poison the minds of young Pakistanis about their homeland. Such academics and human rights activists should not be allowed to hide behind the freedom of expression.”

    The two “traitors” he refers to are Pervaiz Hoodbhoy and Asma Jehangir.

    Then there is the Ann Coulter of Pakistan, Shireen Mazari, who writes, “Thanks to the pusillanimity shown by our leaders ever since the Mumbai acts of terrorism, Pakistan is being squeezed by so-called friends and foe alike.” She goes on to predict, “However, let there be no doubt that India is going to carry out surgical strikes, probably beginning with AJK. After all, the extraordinary and unscheduled Envoys Conference can only have been called to contain the diplomatic fallout of such strikes.”

    It is pointless to inform her that the envoys’ conference had been scheduled for some time and was not summoned because of Mumbai. Mazari also wrote that “in the Mumbai aftermath, we chose to prevent our allies from rallying around us in the UN Security Council.”

    Ann Coulter, I should explain, is a neocon American figure who urged the bombing of Mecca and who wrote, “Liberals are always against America. They are either traitors or idiots, and on the matter of America’s self-preservation, the difference is irrelevant.”

    She is also an ardent admirer of the late Senator Joseph McCarthy and his witch hunts.

    But to return to the Security Council sanctions, a statement issued by the Foreign Office in Islamabad laying out facts was lost in the din created by our croaking neocons. So let me quote that for the record:

    “Action against the JuD and certain individuals was initiated following their designation by the UN Sanctions Committee established pursuant to the UN Security Council Resolution 1267, on the Consolidated List of individuals and entities associated with Al Qaeda and the Taliban. The request for enlisting the JuD had been under consideration of the UN Sanctions Committee since 2006… Since this resolution was adopted under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, it is obligatory on Pakistan to fully implement its provisions. Pakistan, as a responsible member of the United Nations, has fulfilled its international obligations.”

    On December 9, a day before the resolution, Pakistan’s UN ambassador Abdullah Hussain Haroon said in a statement, “After the designation of Jama’at-ud Dawa (JuD) under (Security Council resolution) 1267, the Government, on receiving communication from the Security Council, shall proscribe the JuD and take other consequential actions, as required, including the freezing of assets.”

    This shows that the sanctions were more than expected as was their imminence and the UN mission was not asleep as is being charged by the Ann Coulters and other neocons of Pakistan.

    Those who are rising in defence of Lashkar-e Tayba and its mutation, the Jama’at-ud Dawa, perhaps neither know nor do they care to know what the Security Council’s terrorism sanctions committee is. And although these cybercons and super-patriots are beyond redemption and repair, let me nevertheless explain what this committee is and in the face of which Pakistan is accused of having acted pusillanimously.

    The Security Council Committee established pursuant to Resolution 1267 (1999) on October 15, 1999, is also known as “the Al Qaeda and Taliban Sanctions Committee”. The sanctions regime has been modified and strengthened by subsequent resolutions, including Resolutions 1333 (2000), 1390 (2002), 1455 (2003), 1526 (2004), 1617 (2005), 1735 (2006) and 1822 (2008) so that the sanctions measures now apply to designated individuals and entities associated with Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden and/or the Taliban wherever located.

    The names of the targeted individuals and entities are placed on the Consolidated List. The resolutions listed above have all been adopted under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter and require all states to take a number of specified measures in connection with any individual or entity associated with Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden and/or the Taliban as designated by the Committee.

    And what are those measures? Freeze without delay the funds and other financial assets or economic resources of designated individuals and entities; prevent the entry into or transit through their territories by designated individuals; and prevent the direct or indirect supply, sale and transfer from their territories or by their nationals outside their territories, or using their flag vessels or aircraft, of arms and related materiel of all types, spare parts, and technical advice, assistance, or training related to military activities, to designated individuals and entities.

    The Committee is one of three subsidiary bodies established by the Security Council that deal with terrorism-related issues. The other two committees are the Counter-Terrorism Committee and the 1540 Committee. The three Committees and their expert groups coordinate their work and cooperate closely and the Committees’ chairmen also brief the Security Council on the activities of the Committees in joint meetings, when possible.

    No one can prevent the action of the committee; nor is anyone invited or told about its proceedings. Normally the first signal is a note circulated to all UN member states.

    And now the unvarnished truth.

    Since 2006, Pakistan, against better advice and reasons that have been blown sky-high by Mumbai, had kept the sanctions from being clamped with the help of China. However, after the Mumbai attacks, China informed Pakistan that it could no longer block the terrorist group and individuals from being sanctioned. The question the neocons and the super-patriots should ask, but don’t, is: Why was Pakistan blocking sanctions against a terrorist group?

    • farrah k raja |

      excellent post in terms of information why JUD is sanctioned.although I am quite skeptical if they have links with Alqaeda or Talibaan.
      It is a shame that US has passed these resolutions against Muslims.If it was to clamp down al qeeda that was OK.But one by one if they intend to clamp down on all Islamic funds that is something else.

  • eva vechtureiza |

    i am interested in oiher peoples veiws and opinions, due to some ignorance. it is important to stand for what you may,maile if theres a wil theres always a way. ynot believe,but at what cost?i am interested in why people do say think what they do to try and understand who has the right to say what is true,untrue?nobody knows the answer to that. a figure of speech. a blind man can probably see more than a man with sight, coz then you have to feel & learn? not just be ignorant like most of us. keep safe & happy always smile. if theres a strong will, theres always a way to a solution .people think their free? that to myself is the most terrifying aspect of life and pure blind ignorance,unknowingly too themselves.too be given not only the gift of life, but the most powerful tool of all? that again due too lack of knowledge and understanding is whats so frightening peoples minds.this i feel is possibley the most dangerous deadly weapon of all people take it for granted and dont learn how to use it? eva x

  • Aamir Mughal |

    Rubbish! Teeth at least behave sensibly. What is this rubbish that you are floating in lieu of so called propaganda based kitchen story of Indian RAW. [Captain Haider]

    Dear Captain Sahab,

    I wonder how would define this? Is this all RAW/CIA/MOSSAD/MI5/MI6….

    Baluchistan, Baluch and Myth of Martial Race.


    Ethnic Nationalism, Islam and Fall of Dhaka.


  • Abdul |

    Saturday, January 31, 2009
    Zarina Marri Case A Foreign Sponsored Conspiracy
    Against The Innocent People Of Balochistan
    Recently a lot has been written on an innocent woman being tortured and kept as a sex slave in the torture cells of Pakistan Army. A fairy tale legend “Zarina Marri” emerging out of the propaganda campaign being sponsored by RAW and few Pakistani brethren who are mistaken that they are somehow serving the cause of Balochi people.
    The tale of Mr Munir Mengal’s arrest and torture by Military Intelligence/ Army had been reported by media during his detention in 2006/07/08. However, re-emergence of said issue after a lapse of 10 months of his release from prison, at the time when Pakistan is already a target of Indian propaganda campaign (on acct of 26/11), is astonishing/ intriguing. Mr Munir Mengal has added spice to his tale alleging that a Baloch woman was offered as sex slave for reasons best known to him. The concocted story has attracted the attention of international media and human rights activists as expected. The whole affair appears to be a malicious campaign to malign the image of Pakistan and its Army/ intelligence agencies in particular.
    Allegation of using Zarina Marri as sex slave was first published by RSF web site on 11 Dec 2008. Same news was published on AHRC website on 12 Jan 2009. Subsequently various newspapers published the news each time with additional allegations without mentioning any source or credible evidence.
    Mr. Munir Mengal at present is apparently in France from where he is uploading articles on a free Web News Portal “NowPublic.com”. According to the website details, he is member of the said portal since Dec 2008 and has posted 4 venomous articles only after 3 Jan 2009 on various issues aimed at maligning Pakistan and Pakistan Army.
    Dr Shazia’s case which sparked the insurgency and counter military operation, occurred on 5/6 Jan 2006. Arrest of a school teacher by Law Enforcement Agencies prior to militancy and Operations by Law Enforcement Agencies is least likely.

  • Abdul |

    The sole source of information is Munir Mengal. No correspondent/ agency have bothered to counter check the details from other sources. The name of RSF’s reporter who claimed to have conducted an interview has not been revealed.
    The record of visitors of Khuzdar Jail does not have any entry to the effect that any ICRC representative met Mr Munir Mengal. Though a team of ICRC was granted permission to visit Khuzdar/ Mach and Loralai Jails from 30 Jul to 11 Aug 07, no record exist about the said visit to Khuzdar Jail. However, the record of Mach Jail contains entry of Mr Andrew’s visit which is irrelevant.
    According to the RSF report she is referred as a 23 years old school teacher from Kohlu, arrested by Law Enforcement Agencies in late 2005 and shifted to Karachi for use as sex slave by some Military Intelligence setup. Whereas as employees record of EDO Education Kohlu, no woman namely Zarina Marri ever existed in the area as school teacher.
    According to local Marri tribesmen in Kohlu, using name of a Marri woman is part of propaganda to humiliate Marri Clan. Some Marris’ are of the opinion the issue has been raised as a conspiracy to create unrest and insurgency in relatively calm and peaceful Marri areas and derail reconciliation process with Khair Buksh Marri.
    If at all she was arrested by FC or some intelligence agency, why she was shifted to Karachi for alleged use as sex slave? It is not only illogical but absurd as well.
    Mr. Munir Mengal has also made contradictory statements regarding his encounter with Zarina Marri:-
    He initially claims that the girl was thrown naked in the cell.
    Later (after few sentences) he states that when the Subedar returned and found them sitting apart, he torn their clothes.
    Marri Itehad has not conceded to Zarina Marri’s conspiracy and has announced that it is trying to find out the credentials of the said woman and her parents.
    On 4th Aug 07, he was handed over to Khuzdar Police. Very next day, representatives of ICRC visited Khuzdar Jail and investigated the torture inflicted on Munir Mengal which is a surprising coincidence. ICRC representative Andrew Bartles-Smith’s credentials are also doubtful. He is a UK national settled in Nepal.
    He was detained in Khuzdar Jail for just eleven days. During this short time, he claims to have been visited several times by human rights activists while nobody met him in Quetta jail for almost six months.
    The initial news regarding detention and ill treatment of Mr. Munir Mengal was broken by RSF on 11 Dec 2008. The Daily Times broke the news in Pakistan with its edition edited on 11 Dec and published on 12 Dec i.e. with in few hours.
    The exaggerated version of said report was re-published by AHRC with a gap of 32 days on the AHRC website on 12 Jan 2009 without indicating any source for additional details. This dichotomy was also pointed out by Asma Jehangir ‘Chair Person HRCP’.
    Mr. Munir Mengal never had any article to his credit till 3 Jan 2009; to accredit him as a journalists’ status. However; since that date he has written 4 articles within two weeks, which may not be easy to digest and points to sponsorship. More so the spectrum and range of issues discussed in the articles is also pro Indian.
    The inclusion of following subsidiary themes in four articles attributed to Munir Mengal on the website “nowpublic.com” appearing after 3 Jan have strange similarity with Indian propaganda campaign against Pakistan. These propaganda themes are, ‘Islamic fundamentalism/ extremism’, Pak support for Taliban/ Al-Qaida, ‘Pak nuclear bomb threat to Christian and Jewish world’ and Anti Hindu sentiment.
    These coincidences suggest possible Indian involvement in propagating this issue —-
    The emergence of this scandal with in two weeks of Mumbai blast amidst threats from Indian leaders.
    Daily times which broke the news simultaneously along with RSF is well known for Indian sponsorship.

  • Abdul |

    AHRC which has taken up the issue has dubious credentials (leaning) and same has been alleged by HRCP’s Asma Jehangir.
    The similarity of views of Munir Mengal and Indian Propaganda Campaign.
    The activities of Mr. Andrew Bartles-Smith the much mentioned ICRC representative who allegedly visited Munir Mengal several times have neither been confirmed/ refuted by ICRC. Also, ICRC news and reports on the web do not have any mention of the said visits or disclosures.
    The credentials of RSF are also questionable as the site has never raised allegations against Indians in such a blunt manner in case of mishandling/ detention/ missing journalists e.g. Rehmat Ullah Indian Occupied Kashmir (published Daily Rehmat) and Maqbool Sahil are such cases in pt.
    The credibility of AHRC reports on Pakistan is also doubtful as three out of its ten members of advisory board are Indians, while one of the directors is also Indian with few others having Indian origin/ Hindus. Amongst the Indians Mr. B. R. P. Bhasker: Reputed Journalist and a Trustee of Vigil India Movement, India is of dubious credentials and suspected to have initiated/ sponsored said story on AHRC forum.
    The picture of Zarina Marri, uploaded on <a href="http://www.Gwank.orgis” target=”_blank”>www.Gwank.orgis also fake. The picture very clearly bears the name “Arash Khan” which is duly marked on the picture. It is suspected that the picture has been retrieved from some other site and subsequently uploaded as Zarina Marri.
    Why the initial Missing list of Marri ladies at “Baloch Voice” website never bore Zarina Marri’s name. However, in the recently updated list of 872 missing Balochis, three ladies ref at serial 74, 75 and 76 bear Shah Gul as father whereas their family names are different i.e Alia Khan, Maria Shah, and Zarina Marri. Surprisingly other two sisters of Zarina Marri are missing since 10 Oct 2006, whereas Zarina Marri is missing since 10 Oct 2005 i.e a yr prior, exactly on the same date, which clearly speaks of fabrications and falsehood of the concocted tale.
    Posted by A.R.Marri at 4:48 AM
    <a href="http://www.zarinamarriconspiracy.blogspot.com/&quot;target="_blank">http://http://www.zarinamarriconspiracy.blogspot.com/&quot;target="_blank">http://<a href=”http://www.zarinamarriconspiracy….” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://www.zarinamarriconspiracy.blogspot.com/http://www.zarinamarriconspiracy.blogspot.com/<a href=”http://<a href=” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://www.humanrightsdigest.org/2775/pakistan-zarina-ma…target="_blank">http://http://www.humanrightsdigest.org/2775/pakistan-zarina-ma...target="_blank">http://<a href=”http://www.humanrightsdigest.org/…” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://www.humanrightsdigest.org/2775/pakistan-zarina-ma…” target=”_blank”>www.humanrightsdigest.org/2775/pakistan-zarina-ma…

  • farrah, k.raja |

    Well !Seeing how Musharraf is recieved in International world and how much say his words have on International level and not a single question about the above story or that people back home think he is dictator?

    People of Pakistan must rest their propoganda to peace as well.

  • yasir |


  • Asad Ali |

    @ Indian Hinduist anti-Pakistan and anti-muslim

    blogs are growing up like mushrooms.

    They have even hired the services of a French

    correspondent of La Figaro, worked in Dehli,

    rebuttaled by even 4 historians on French TV2

    in 2002, his speciality, rumours and stories

    of so called " massacres committed by muslim

    rulers since Temur " he was expelled from a

    conference due to those lies. He is currently

    on an Indian anti-Pak blog called

    India underattack.com and

    Bengalunderattack.com, see 5th comment on

    Geert the Dutch harlot.

    @ Abdul,

    great job, mate !! our Human rights champions

    and their performances are to be judged severly.

  • Asad Ali |

    @ Asian Human Rights Commission is nothing but

    an Indian run NGO to hide

    – Indian crimes against humanity,

    – Gonocide of Kashmiris by Indian Regular Army

    of 700.000 only in and around the valley.

    – To hide and cover the disaster of:-

    450 millions of Dalits butchered by Indu extremists

    380 millions of minorities vulnerable to extermination.

    Ethnic cleansing of Islands of Indian ocean.

    Invading Sri-Lanka with tamil tigers terrorsits,

    annexing Sikkim, Bhutan.

    Sending Raw Terrorist agents in Nepal.

    The Indian human rights violation DOSSIER be

    OPENED now !!!

  • Sachal |

    I simply can't believe some people who think this is an issue planted by India and oh Army is so great. Think about this:

    Even if Baloch leaders are tyrants and 'planted' by indians, still for a moment doesn't anyone think that this could be true?

    We love to make it convenient for us and blame everything on india or whatever. This is the exact reason why we haven't progressed. Learn to admit the wrong doings —

    This is same army that raped and butchered Bengalis. Just becuase this hasn't happened to your family or someone you know doesn't mean that its not happening.

    Thanks Awab for your article and highlighting this.

  • noman |

    Dear teeth,,,,

    I cannot understand ur blatant disregard to moral or ethical norms on fairness and reason .u state that these so called women,should b tried b4 being called anti state ,but u have convicted the army on the basis of an ahrc report.the army has representation from all four provinces , it had a baloch chief i.e kakar.their have been othe baloch gens too,so ur malicious suggestion does not hold.ironicaly even the nationalists have representation in the army sen sanaullah baloch frm bnp a known nationalist has his real brother in the army.the accusations against the army come from only one quarter i.e raw and all those who want to destabilize Pakistan.but you have displayed your bias against the army in the manner you have framed this discussion and your various posts.

    Now coming over to the hrc report…the accusation of rape is based on the narration of one individual that too a known anti state or anti army guy.you don’t want to discuss the merits of these baloch nationals i.e marris and bugtis. Bugti sahib is a self confessed killer of 52 people.the same form of human rights abuse is associated with all feudal s . I wonder why you do not dedicate blogs highlighting these abuses.almost all your blogs are anti army in nature. I will not call u names but your bias is clouding honest opinions.having said that all is not fine with armed forces of Pakistan. The budget and other financial subjects should be more open and under the public eye, your accusation against land grabbing and plots also needs parliamentary investigation.any wrong doing should be punished.army should not be allowed to take over or rule Pakistan every 4 or 5 yrs. But tyranny is wrong in any form. Be it in uniform or out of it. You accuse the army of being pen pushers and of working frm 8-2. Another wrong concept..this maybe true in places like rwp or some major cities which are peace locations.what about troops manning the 1800 kms border with Afghanistan.those guarding us in siachen or along the borders with india. You are also forgfetting troops fighting Indian sponsored insurgency in swat and those involved in freeing the fata areas from foreign militants. But you would call those people “apnay hi log”.wow…journalistic largesse….

    Many generals including those for and against musharraf may have been involved in corruption or other illegal activities.some lower ranks also maybe involved in illegalities but this does not give you or anybody the right to call the entire army as a rapist mob….shame on you..

    Its similar on believing india that because ajmal qisab was a Pakistani therefore all Pakistanis are terrorist.mengal sahib was afraid of being deprived of his manhood .he has missed out on mentioning why he was spared this indignity…if the army is so bad that it maintains brothels why did it not kill mengal sahib and finish off the witness to such indignity.atleast maintain some common sense….

    Your posts are full of allegations and propagandist monologue ….please be reasonable and do put up an objective response this time

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    i don't know the credibility of this story but i do know that pakistan army is capable of any thing.

    if this army can sell their 700 citizens.

    if this army can handover an innocent woman for gang rape,then why this army can't rape the pakistani women by itself?

  • noman |

    sometimes perceptions are greater than reality…the innocence of those 700 people and your claim that woman was handed over for gang rape has to be verified and proven…the acts of the past govt cannot be associated only with the army,despite musharraf being the head of state.today we have a political setup still drone attacks continue.would u term all politicians/civillians as unpatriotic or american stooges? all politicians regardless of the political divide have american connections.this includes many taaliban leaders including osama bin laden.so the definition of innocence , faith and reality need to be crystilized.even the so called free media , local or international follows an agenda of discrimination and highlights issues for its own agenda.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    "the innocence of those 700 people and your claim that woman was handed over for gang rape has to be verified and proven…"

    yes……it should be according to the law,through the courts,the justice should be dispensed.in guantanamo bay even you can confess the assacination of IBRAHAM LINKON.

    regarding that "woman" i am laughing at you arguments.

    just open the google search engine,type dr afia siddiqi and…… enjoy

    this govt is nothing but the continuation of pervezi govt this is the obvious fact….no i don't say that these bipeds are american stooges but i must say that these are the pawns in the great game plan.actually they are the profligates,like street criminals.unfortunately came in pak politics and used by mushaffaf first and then by americans.

    we were not talking about politicians,media or taliban/alquaida we were talking about ordinary pakistani citizens and the obnoxious role played by some of us.

    i believe we need a genuine REVOLUTION.

    this whole god damn system is gaurded by many many defence lines.

  • shoukat baloch |

    free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..vfree balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..vfree balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..vfree balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..vfree balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..free balochistan……..

  • noman |

    is this site a podium for greater balochistan or a raw sponsored baloch seperatist advertisement? i dont think tht this blog aims an honest discussion.the only aim seems to be magligning and bringing the army to distribute…shame on u teeth

  • Mr. KHOSABaloch |

    One thing is obvious. There are some psychological ways to discourage insurgency. Being in Baluchistan I know MS MARRI IS NOT ONLY women that has been picked by ISI , there are few others too. But interesting observation that I came about is all most all of them are either from marri tribe or from bughti tribe. This is simply way to discourage revolting tribes. Therefore this story seems crediable. The raping that took place in east Pakistan(Bangladesh) further lend credence to credibility to this.Simply this story is true.

  • waqar shah |

    …………… be muslims.. if one say i am baloch , i am punjabi, i am pathan or sindi etc… its means u are fighting with your loard… ALLAH ALMIGHTY..

    bec the land is only of ALLAH.. not of baloch nor of punjabi, pathan or sindi….

    u d'nt have the authority to stop any one…………..

    …… Pakistan zindabad… balochistan Paendabad……

  • yar muhammad |


    It is so shamefull that the military personnel done with zarina mari it is really highly condemnable thing,

    If she was spy of BLO it never means that u behave like this and u make her sexual slave……..

    These officer are not above the law and constitution,these military officers should be accountabe and answerable before the law and before the nation of pakistan.

    we love pakistan but same time we love to baluchi people because they are being vitimized since 11971.

    The time has come that we will have to listen baluchi people and their demands, If their demands are within the constitution and law we will have to give them incentives

    because we dont forget that baluchi are also pakistani…

  • Niaz Betab |

    It is baseless to abuse a woman for being the agent of RAW. To be frank and neutral, the baloch people have been arrested and kept without any reason. everyone knows about the status of the pakistan and many more agencies, and what they did with the Bengali masses.

    illegal and ilicit actions of any agency should not be protected. we must stand with truth and face the reality. the balochs are fighting for an independent land because they have tolerated the 62 years tortures by the pakistan govt and agencies, now they can not be kept stave because they have got awareness and status of alive nation. The pakistani must remember that they did not bear the 21/2 years atrocities of Indian Congress so why should the Baloch should tolerate their illicit violence any more?