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No Honor in Killing – Making Visible Buried Truth

No honor in KillingThis is an art exhibition of 5 victims of the brutal Nasirabad honor killings it is an attempt to keep tehir memory alive via art and dialogue and seek justice for these women whose murder outrages teh entire nation

Art Exhibition and Dialogue
‘No Honor in Killing, Making Visible Buried Truth’

Location: Benazir Gallery
Institute of Art and Design, Sindh University, Jamshoro
Date: Friday Feb 13, 2009
Time: 10.30 to 12 noon


  • farrah, k.raja |

    Pakistan is achieved those who think it is going to disintegrate are dreaming .

    We have political (democracy,feudalism Martial rule),social,economic and regional differences but this is the sign of healthy society.

    Internet is the biggest blessing and blogging is a wonderful experience we can communicate share and move forward.

    Most importantly I learn from it ,where else can I find such to the point facts apart from Asad Ali .I like posts by Yassir they provide food for thought and a lot of laughter and of course Dr Jawwad who takes arguement as seriously as I do and of course Awab who puts up with us.

    Thanks Awab:)

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    @farrah k raja!

    "How do i do that ?Because I am a woman"

    are you taunting over my remarks on honor killing. 🙂

  • farrah k raja |


    Of course not:)

    It was a debate and you advocated it from religious point of view,I do not see your personal views there.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    @ farrah!

    what is your analysis on the ideological abberation of many pakistani youth?

    is it only because of extremism or some other factors are also involved?

  • Asma |

    There is only 1 factor: evil zionist and hindus. youth lisen to them when they shud only listen only to guidence of allah taala and nabyekareem hazrat mohammad sallallahoo alayhay wasallam.

    stupid pakistani boyz and girlz listenig to music, wich is haram, watching movies, which is also haram, meeting na mehram, also farbidden. boyz and girlz shud be separete, and shud only meet after nikah. like maulana tariq jamil said; they r like petrol and fire.

    this is why islamic marrige is best, husbadn and wife only meet aftr nikah. the west and zionist masters have done propaganda that thre shud be love and understanding. that shud only be in marriage.

    as mmuslim woman, it is nt my job to have fun, but to serve my husband and care for home and children, as stated in quran paak and hadees. and my husband is my master. it is said in holy quran about women that they r created for the believing men, not tha other way round.

    that is why the zionist-hindu-western conspirasy to destry islamic values is nonsense. muslim women shud respct their limts as prescribed by holy quran and sunnah and shud follow believing men.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    hey @asma!

    right now your post seems to be a conspiracy.

    i never heard those arguments you have given.

    it seems more taunt than a belief.

    why is so? tell me if i am wrong.

  • Asma |

    dr jawwad, are u questioning my faith? plz be open if u are. y else wud you call my words conspirasy?

  • Cerebral316 |

    Haha! This is amazing! The fundos on this post have started calling each other conspirators! OMG! EVERYTHING is a conspiracy! Where are the Zionists, Jews, Hindus and other assorted infidels?!?! They're missing the party!

  • farrah k raja |

    Dr Jawwad!

    On "ideological abberation of many pakistani youth"

    I do not feel threatend by it.It is just a short spell of teenage phase as teenagers grow up they come out of it.

    Our core values remain the same.The goal of Pakistani teenager is to fall in love,to get married and have children.

    Home is a responsibility ,otherhalf ,parents ,children they keep telling us what is wrong and thus we come together collectively as a responsible society.Please exclude MADIR PIDER Azad children of politicians ,they are not in their right senses.

  • farrah k raja |


    I agree with your overall message ,share and restrict your life to your husband and wife respectively.

    On another issue though ,when I was in the university in Pakistan it was co-education.We never were inclind to any of the boys we studdied with.We come to know their auqaat.

    In my work life as well I work with men ,I hardly care to look at their face or put any effort into me looking good.

    Most of the time they try to speak ,I say yes,get to the point.

    What I do appreciate as part of my upbringing is I went to girls School and college upto Graduation.Looking back I apprecaite it.There is more freedom and fun in the absence of boys.

  • Cerebral316 |

    Sorry, message got truncated. Thanks Farah, for highlighting that there is no real difference in position. It is about the interpretations of doctrine, and that is what drives differences among a certain faith. That is why I find it laughable that this Dr Jawad decided to call Asma's post a conspiracy.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    "thanks farah"

    "Sorry, message got truncated"

    @asma or @cerebral316 or @whatever

    did you realize how moron you are?

    grow up! do not play the monkey game with others>

    especially when do not know with whom you are playing.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    thanks farrah!

    but what about @readinglord


    and others who are not young teenagers.

    i believe these elements are as hostile as any israeli sodiers could be against islam and muslims.

    why there is sudden upsurge of violent anti islam with in pakistanis?

    this phenomenon is quite amazing for me.

  • Cerebral316 |

    Monkey game? I have simply called you out for your hypocrisy in calling others conspiracy theorists while claiming yourself to be the real enlightened one. Whoever Asma is, I'm sure she will agree. We Muslims get a bad name because of confused and angry people like you.

  • farrah k raja |

    Between Dr.Jawwad and Cerebral

    The misunderstanding is that actually Dr Jawwad could not believe in his luck at the honesty and truth of Asma.

    This is the tragedy,there is so much lie and deception around us when someone really approaches us with truth we cannot accept that it is real.

  • farrah k raja |

    Dr Jawaad

    Barrister AKC and rest are not comming out of ideology.They are following the crowd.Like Sherry Rehman and Mr.Rehman but these people have no real roots or vision.

    This wave of anti Islamism is nothing but just a reactionary wave against Islamisation fo Zia.

    I do not like when people become Muslim in reaction .Because it is temporary ,this modernism is temporary as well.

    Real nation or progress will appear when economy will change.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    well said farrah!

    don't you think that dual education system is also responsible for that.

    the system for elites is entirely different from the system for general populataion.

    one system produces marijuana addict, arrogant, english speaking smart pants. Who later become guardians of this neo colonial system.

    and other produces flattering expert "baboos" of clerk mentality. no matter what they do in their lives they can not make any difference.

    now there is additional trend of international school,where they are taught to be international citizens. these schools produce student who have no interest in pakistan its history religion, traditions. etc

    for me the biggest threat for pakistan is its neo colonial dual education system.

  • Cerebral316 |

    Yes, in fact, all this is a grand conspiracy by Dr Jawad. Because if there is true Islam, he will have nothing to complain about!! What will he do all day?!

    Oh man! Think about it: could it be that the evil Zionist hand is trying to bring about true Islam in Pakistan just to make sure Dr Jawad is bored all day?

  • Cerebral316 |

    I don't know what's happening to me! I'm eating monkeys from a crate marked with the Star of David! The Zionists are doing this to me! They have injected their evil agenda in liquid form into my bananas!


  • Cerebral316 |

    On a serious note, Dr Jawad Ji, you want us all to go to madrassas then?

  • dr.jawwadkhan |


    i don,t want you to go madrisa because monkeys should be in the jungles or in the zoo.

  • farrah, k.raja |

    Dr Jawwad

    @neo colonial dual education system.

    The Madir Pider azad class children,their upper chamber is empty.They only idealise and think how to throw away their parents money and factories.They are parasites they eat their own parents.The only harm is when they come to assemblies.They do not like to see other progress.They are the users.Most of them are exported abraod .

    Their is another set of schools between Private schools(like Grammar ) and government schools ,they are producing children of middle class ,this is our cream.They know the poor class and rich as well.They go to take up civil service ,engineering,medicine etc.

    Government schools are not producing only clerks,they are the most hard working children and are extremely inteligent.

    Their life is hard but what I like about them is they do not dream about getting millionare over night.They are the ones who persistently work hard to improve their lives ,they create oppertunities for themselves ,their life forces them to do so to survive and thus they become quite successful in life.

    If they are able to carry on study.I have seen excellent stories like a boy who left school and started to work as a carpenter but today he owns a furniture shop.

    Another boy after Intermediate was forced to take up a job as a photocopier assistant ,today he runs his internet cafe.

    Another boy just after fifth class was forced to (by circumstances )to work as a senitary fitting ,he owns his own bathroom fittings and hardware store.

    I mean where there is a will there is a way.

    I only feel bad that not much government initiatives or fascilities are available for these people to expand.

  • Harold in Australia |

    Dear writers and readers in other countries,

    I have learned a lot this evening. I have learned from some of you that YOUR country is much better than your neighboring country, YOUR political party is much better than other parties, YOUR people much cleaner, more intelligent, more moral than people in ANY other country in the world, and YOUR religion the only right one.

    So that must mean that people are waiting in line to move to your beautiful country. People do vote with their feet. Pay attention to which countries people leave and to which countries people want to go. Are people trying to leave your country or trying to move into your country? Why or why not?

    Think about this too. The very act of blaming someone else for something that is wrong, is your way of admitting that you see with your own eyes that something IS wrong in your own country.

    If your country is good, then it would be unnecessary to look for someone to blame, as there would be nothing to blame them for.

    Again, by the very fact that you are looking for someone to blame, it means that you see what needs to improve in your own country.

    You can't have it both ways. Either things in your country are GOOD (and other countries are bad), or things in your country are BAD (so you need to blame someone).

    So instead of looking around the world for what is wrong with EVERY other country, why not work to improve your own country?

    Or is it actually your own life that makes you unhappy? Do you feel unimportant and powerless? Do you want your ideas to be appreciated by others? Then you need to delve into your own life and learn why it is so important that others agree with you. It is not political, it is personal, and almost assuredly, boils down to how much love you are receiving and how much you are giving.

    If you had lots of love in your life this very moment, you (and I) would be busy having fun with them, learning with them, making plans with them, taking care of them instead of sitting in our little rooms at night using our time to write to strangers on the computer.

    All the talking in the world, all the arguments and ideas, would not be necessary if people followed the one simple rule that appears in every country and every religion:

    Treat others the way you want others to treat you.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    May we all be forgiven and forgive others.

  • asif |

    hi iam asif siayl from khaippur mirs sindh

    i come on this web sithe b.cause tammrow is debate at khp mirs of / i want say if any talk with a girl or meet with a girl why people think wront if they are wront they think wronk