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Offroaders trip to the Dureji & Sorh Valley

These past few days while the political turmoil was unfolding in Islamabad I was actually busy exploring Pakistan with the offroad enthusiasts from OffroadPakistan.com.

We departed Friday morning in a convoy of 12 offroad vehicles to venture into the wilderness of Sindh and Baluchistan. Rounding the Dureji Valley we went headlong into the mystical terrain of Sorh. Words will do little justice to our three day trip so I leave you with pictures which try to capture the beauty of Pakistan.

It is after such adventures that I am rejuvenated with renewed love for Pakistan – Pakistan is without doubt the most beautiful place in the world and I hope that we all can one day successfully snatch it from the hands of our corrupt leaders and bring it back to a hot tourist destination for the world to enjoy


  • farrah k raja |

    Hillarious !

    To see your Jeeps and graffiti on them.

    My trips were not as free as yours but I enjoyed them because I was never driving.

    Yes Pakistan is so beautiful to Drive through,Deserts Mountains,Plains and Baluchistan is all stones.

    I remember the smell of crops when one is driving through the corn fields or rice.

    The smell of greenery and moss in Islamabad

    The desert is so white ,it does look like water shinning.

    In the middle of nowhere the Nomades and their bright colours.

    Journey is always good.Particularly travel,you find so much about yourself and whenever you are alone,you are never short of beautiful films of memories in your brain.

    While one is healthy one must explore.

    Best of luck guys:)

    • Teeth Maestro |

      Graffiti is just for kicks – I plaster the car with a protective tape to protect the body from the harsh environment aka twits and branches which cut a nasty scratch – the tape protects the body – with a white board one does have the temptation to go all out with vandalism of ones own car 🙂 for three days we were like pirates

  • Vaneet Kundra, India |

    Beautiful snaps, specially the innocent face of a small boy, probably looking for his future… I wish i could go back to his age. Life would have been so simple. Keep it up Awab.