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Offroad Adventure to the Sorh Valley in Baluchistan

As part of yet another offroad expedition the Offroad Pakistan group headed to the Sorh Valley in Baluchistan to enjoy the challenges that the terrain could throw at our vehicles. A group of about 40-odd enthusiasts packed themselves in 17-odd offroading vehicles started this adventure on Friday morning and headed to Sorh, Baluchistan in the region of Bhootani Farms to return late Sunday night. Faisal Kapadia of Deadpanthoughts accompanied us on this adventure trip.

I share these pictures more as a testament that there is so much beauty yet to be discovered in Pakistan that its just feels sad that we are being compelled to write this beautiful country off to being labeled as a war ravaged country where adventure tourism is seen as a taboo
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Adventures in Hingol | Appeal for Medical Camp

A month ago in early February during the recent Kara Film Festival in Karachi there aired a 60-minute documentary about the offroad adventures of the Karachi based 4×4 Club OffRoadPakistan.com – this travel documentary was produced and directed by Mahera Omer of AFewMOFilms who herself is an avid offroad is now available online and can be viewed on Google Video.

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Offroaders trip to the Dureji & Sorh Valley

These past few days while the political turmoil was unfolding in Islamabad I was actually busy exploring Pakistan with the offroad enthusiasts from OffroadPakistan.com.

We departed Friday morning in a convoy of 12 offroad vehicles to venture into the wilderness of Sindh and Baluchistan. Rounding the Dureji Valley we went headlong into the mystical terrain of Sorh. Words will do little justice to our three day trip so I leave you with pictures which try to capture the beauty of Pakistan.

It is after such adventures that I am rejuvenated with renewed love for Pakistan – Pakistan is without doubt the most beautiful place in the world and I hope that we all can one day successfully snatch it from the hands of our corrupt leaders and bring it back to a hot tourist destination for the world to enjoy
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