Offroad Adventure to the Sorh Valley in Baluchistan

As part of yet another offroad expedition the Offroad Pakistan group headed to the Sorh Valley in Baluchistan to enjoy the challenges that the terrain could throw at our vehicles. A group of about 40-odd enthusiasts packed themselves in 17-odd offroading vehicles started this adventure on Friday morning and headed to Sorh, Baluchistan in the region of Bhootani Farms to return late Sunday night. Faisal Kapadia of Deadpanthoughts accompanied us on this adventure trip.

I share these pictures more as a testament that there is so much beauty yet to be discovered in Pakistan that its just feels sad that we are being compelled to write this beautiful country off to being labeled as a war ravaged country where adventure tourism is seen as a taboo

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6 responses to “Offroad Adventure to the Sorh Valley in Baluchistan”

  1. Shaista Hussain Avatar

    Awab what lovely pics but more importantly what a wonderful reminder that despite all the mad chaos and political turmoil, the land of the pure still holds promises of a beautiful future! Specially pleased to see the younger children camping out with their parents, what lovely memories to cherish when they grow up! Cheers for peace and many more outdoor adventures!

  2. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    nice share….

  3. Meraj Khattak Avatar

    Thanks for sharing. Nice pictures of a majestic place.

  4. Aly B - DiscoMaulvi Avatar

    Silly old me thought you guys were going up north or something….. :/

  5. farid ahmed Avatar
    farid ahmed

    good pics but they seem to be a year old say 2009 wwhy is that so?

  6. Nazia Avatar

    The adventure to such a mystic and adventurous place is awesome and uniquely extraordinary but urban people also need some guidance in this way.

    Its exact path and its rest points?

    Health hazards along the driving path and location of moving sand dunes?

    Exact level of facility like tenting, oasis locations and emergency help service.

    Law and order situation is also not mentioned as present scenario of Baluchistan guide us that even FC men are not taking responsibility of any thing like that.

    I have made same kind of adventure tour in Sahara which starts from zagora valley of Morocco and ends near tumbuktoo dunes.Here lot of facilities are set up for tourists on 4by 4 or bikers on camels carvan.

    Shara sharing countries have also tensions among them but nomads of this area who mostly work as guide are so helpful and cordial that foreigners feel no insecurity in this extreme adventurist tour.