Adventures in Hingol | Appeal for Medical Camp

A month ago in early February during the recent Kara Film Festival in Karachi there aired a 60-minute documentary about the offroad adventures of the Karachi based 4×4 Club – this travel documentary was produced and directed by Mahera Omer of AFewMOFilms who herself is an avid offroad is now available online and can be viewed on Google Video.

I have fortunately been a part of this offroaders group since 2007 and over the few trips have been hooked onto this sport, not merely for the adventure but more so as it provides me an opportunity to explore Pakistan.  Though there always stands an open invitation for any adventure seekers to join us on our trips, I assure you its a great group and they can practically guarantee you that you will have a great time

Pictures of my own offroad trips with the group

  1. Hingol April 2007
  2. Hingol – Goran Jan 2008
  3. Goran Gatti Nov 2008
  4. Dhuran Medical Camp 2008
  5. Dureji & Sorh 2009


dhuran-medical-campFor the record, in our adventures to these remote destinations the OffroadPakistan club has realized the need to organize medical camps a public service going deep into the Baluchistan desert where practically no vehicle has ever travelled before accessing villagers who have practically never seen a doctor let alone acquire medicine to any ailment which they have suffered.

In 2008 we organized a medical camp going into the Dhuran & Jahu Jhal valley which was an eye opener for all. We saw hundreds of patients and ran out of medicine to give to these poor people, yet they needed much more. We returned with the resolve to go back better prepared and hopefully inshallah very soon we might yet again embark on that journey once again. This time our plan is to take a team Medical doctors and even Ophthalmologists to examine the many patients that are suffering eye diseases due to the intense desert heat and extreme dust which has resulted in eye infections, cataracts and even blindness seen in quite many young people.  As usual contributions will be welcome both in the form of willing doctors to join us, medicines as well as mobilization support to transport the entire team some 400 km from Karachi. More updates to follow



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2 responses to “Adventures in Hingol | Appeal for Medical Camp”

  1. azhar aslam Avatar
    azhar aslam

    i will be happy to help in the medical camp. my contact is can you plz let me know.

  2. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Good work and best of luck.