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Adventures in Hingol | Appeal for Medical Camp

A month ago in early February during the recent Kara Film Festival in Karachi there aired a 60-minute documentary about the offroad adventures of the Karachi based 4×4 Club OffRoadPakistan.com – this travel documentary was produced and directed by Mahera Omer of AFewMOFilms who herself is an avid offroad is now available online and can be viewed on Google Video.

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Goran Gatti, Baluchistan – Off-Road Expedition

Quite often the glamorous sights and sounds of tempting destinations worldwide lures us away from the abundant destinations within Pakistan. These last few days I was actually on a 4×4 expedition trip a secluded mountain called Goran Gatti located deep within Baluchistan within the Hingol National Park.

Goran Gatti is a breathtaking 3 km wide plateau mountain scaling at 1020m high, located roughly 300 km from Karachi, the only possible way to reach this beautiful destination is to either traverse on an extremely slow camel back journey or alternatively attempt the terrain with a few capable off road vehicle and maybe test our luck. The OffRoadPakistan club has since early 2007 been trying to reach this destination with three previously unsuccessful attempts embarked upon this fourth expedition hoping the last Baluchistan flood had tried up enough to allow a smoother passage. I personally was part of the previous two attempts but this time we were far better prepared then ever before, the challenge was to be the first ones to reach this mountain on jeeps
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