Mass arrests likely in the days leading upto the Long March

Reports are emerging across a few networks that there are likely to be mass arrests across the country leading up to the Long March slated to arrive in Islamabad on March 16th. Indications arise from the latest decision by Mr. Asif Zardari to setup mobile courts on Sunday by promulgating an ordinance to amend the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898, authorizing setting up of mobile courts and appointing district magistrates across the country, the timing of which is suspiciously linked to an attempt to quench the build up of massive support in th following two weeks.

Justice (retd) Tariq Mehmood thought the ordinance was aimed at suppressing the PML-N and the lawyers’ movement. “As a lawyer, I think that these courts will work as military courts worked during martial law period, which could not last long,” he remarked

So in short, could this be a another form of Martial Law that we saw in 2007 under the watchful eye of Pervaiz Musharraf. It seems the battle has just resumed yet again



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8 responses to “Mass arrests likely in the days leading upto the Long March”

  1. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    I have no doubts Nawaz would deal with any such situation in the same way.

    During my life time experience in Pakistan ,votes or no votes,it was Martial rule through out.Nawaz or Zardari,no difference.

    Civil liberties,freedom ,oppertunities,progress,human rights ???

  2. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar


    i am not interested in knowing the intentions of nawaz shareef it might be solely about his political carrier or show of power.but if the lawyers movement and this march would end in the reinstatement of the judiciary then we can hope for atleast a fresh start for this country.

  3. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    Yes Dr.Jawwad

    Fasten the belts,Revolutions just start like this,second year in a row,before it makes ,it is going to break,no I am not talking about sepration but ,mass violance.

    I do not know how prepared are the local authorities.

    Sri Lankan team attack,there will be many oppertunists and we do not know where it will lead or end .

    Martial Rule or Curfew ,resistance will be hard,judging from the sentiments of people.

  4. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    thats interesting.

    "Musharraf-Benazir plan was to keep Sharifs away: ex-UK


    thats interesting.

  5. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    "Musharraf-Benazir plan was to keep Sharifs away: ex-UK


    thats interesting.

  6. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja


    I read the article interesting to read Maliha Lohdie article as well.

    As I said earlier we would not know where Revolution would lead us.

    In my personal understanding Nawaz is orthodox can work with Jammat-i-Islami and Pakistan army.

    People of Pakistan do not seem to mind it .

    Likes of Salman Taseer will go in hidding .

    This time women will not be targetted on purpose in the name of Islam.

  7. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    yes farrah!

    we do not have a better choice other than nawaz shareef.

    although i do not think that he is a genuine leader.

    but rest are the worst when you compare with nawaz shareef.

    and it is interesting to see how americans see nawaz shareef as hurdle in breaking pakistan.

    i am 100% sure that zardari,altaf and other assigned for this task.

  8. yaseen ch Avatar

    i think it is Indian agencies who tried to made a case for declaring Pakistan terrorist state and this incident can go long way in this respect.