Secret Investigative report emerges [22nd Jan] showing threat to Sri Lanka team

CID report on Sri Lanka - Page 2A secret investigative report has just surfaced prepared by the Additional Inspector General of the Crime Investigation Division, Punjab on 22nd January 2009 outlining the potential threat to the Sri Lankan team. It outlines very briefly the following four points

  1. It has reliably been learnt that “RAW” (Indian Intelligence Agency) has assigned its agents the task to target Sri Lankan Cricket Team during its current visit to Lahore, especially while traveling between the hotel and stadium or at the hotel during their stay
  2. It is evident that RAW intends to show Pakistan as a security risk state for sports events particularly when European and India teams have already postponed their proposed visits considering it a high security risk to visit Pakistan.
  3. RAW has also collected photographs of leaders of Jamaat-ud-Daawa (Proscribed) and its establishment to target them
  4. Extreme vigilance and heightened security arrangements indicated

The report may now all seem inconsequential considering the damage has already been done, but it just goes to show that despite all the warnings there still was a massive security lapse blame for which in my opinion must lie squarely upon the Governor of Punjab, Salman Taaseer who very recently bull dozed a governors rule in the province replacing Shahbaz Sharif. This political shuffle resulted in a sudden administrative upheaval & police postings, which may have potentially be the primary cause for this disaster.

Critics may even shrug aside this report as a finger pointing session towards RAW, but that too should not shroud our mind the plan simple fact is that the Police knew of the looming threat and if they were at all serious in doing their job this would never have happened. The extremist element will exploit any situation and today marks yet another lapse for the umpteenth time, further tarnishing the image of Pakistan, maybe forever

According to NewsEye at DawnNews the Pakistan Cricket Board had promised the visiting team Presidential security, but it has not been provided despite these looming threats by RAW.

Scanned copies of the CID report

CID report on Sri Lanka team Page 1

CID report on Sri Lanka - Page 2

UPDATE 1 – People have been asking for the source of this document – these were actually pulled out by Ansar Abassi who revealed these during an interview with Geo News



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    May Allah save them and the whole human race from extremist Hindus, Ameen.

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