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This is Not Cricket

Guest blog by Temporal from Baithak Blog

The Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked in Lahore yesterday by terrorists. SSS terms this a “shift”. I think it is a “deterioration” or “escalation” of lawlessness. If Pakistan is to retain its independence this tide will not be curbed easily by a solitary act (like the restoration of the judiciary) nor by the efforts of one individual or one institution. Both Zardari led government and the Army under Kayani have appeared ineffective to stem this.

More pertinent is to view Tuesday’s attack in the context of the peace deals in the Swat Valley and the tribal areas .. Prior to the signing of the deals, the matter of the release of militants who did not belong to the Swat area was raised, that is, non-Pashtun militants… However, after deciding on the level of compensation packages for the families of militants killed or injured by the security forces and other matters related to Swat and the tribal areas, the matter of non-Pashtun militants was deferred and the peace agreements were signed. In effect, non-Pashtun militants have been ignored and the attack in Lahore could be a bloody message to the government that the “Punjabi militants” have the capacity to cripple urban centers at any time and place of their choosing. Syed Saleem Shezad

So what should the ordinary citizen do? Packing up and leaving is NOT an option. Burying their heads in the sand? More prayers to Allah? Joining the orthodox fringe? Or if not joining, then fighting them for their rights?

If the citizenry continues to be uninvolved, then by default the grounds will be left for a battle royale between forces of status quo and those of orthodoxy.

There is no dearth of external players who want to nudge and support these dark forces.

The Saudi Wahabi sponsorship of the fringe groups in Pakistan is hushed up or swept under the rug. Their role should be examined more closely. They have supoported the orthodox fringe in the past (afghanistani-Mujahideen nexus) and continue to do so to date.

Right now, collectively, (media, bloggers, political parties and government) all search for escape goats elsewhere – primarily the focus of their diatribes (not in any order) is the US Administration, the Talibans, the Indians (Raw…if you hear Hamid Gul croaking after the CID report was released) and the euphemistically termed Agencies.

But the blame game should be exposed for its fallacies.

If the ordinary citizen remains detached and uninvolved, then the march into disarray would continue unabated till it reaches the edge of the precipice – a rather uncomfortable and disturbing thought for all the players in the region.

And the world.


  • Junaid |

    this guy at atimes is best for his imagination and full of crap always.

  • Indian explains WHY |

    i am reposting my earlier comment:

    Lets Suppose if Pakistan gets destabilized with anarchy and chaos ..Few things will happen:-

    1>>>>>>> Millions of refugees will move to WHICH COUNTRY?????

    note: Afghans moved to Pakistan. Pakistanis will move to WHICH COUNTRY???

    2>>>>>>> If Pakistani refugees arrive demographics will change in WHICH COUNTRY?????

    3>>>>>>> If taliban come to power in ‘nuclear armed’ Pakistan……….first target will be WHICH COUNTRY???

    4>>>>>>> Oil suppiles from middle east will be affected permanently of WHICH COUNTRY?????

    note: Talibans surely will not allow oil to go to ‘infidels’.

    Answer to all these questions is same.


    you decide if India wants destabilization of Pak or not.


    India has 150 million MUSLIM population.

    If radical militant Islamist fanatics come to power in Pakistan , there is a HUGE POSSIBILITY that a significant amount of RADICAL IMPACT will be felt on Indian Muslim,mostly among the poor muslims.

    India then will have a MASSIVE TERROR problem.


    You decide if India was involved in Lahore attacks or not.

    India will NOT do anything that destabilizes Pakistan

  • idiot indian |

    Let us see what do destabilizing Pakistan means?

    1.Take its nukes away, in conventional warfare, India, Israeal and USA air power can bring military to knees within 24 hours.

    2. Will there be a mass migrations as being supposed..answer is a NO..migrations take place in economies which are non-productive, industrial or commercial. Afghanistan was a non productive economy. Same was Iraq. Loads of government incentives and no means of survival.

    3. Pakistan is purely an agriculture based economy, least dependent on imports and expoerts. The major imorts are so called luxury items like cars, cell phones, pet food, Chalia for spitting in streets and electronics – in war situation, such luxuries get wiped and still Agriculture sustains – there is no question of 'Mass Migration'. Afghanistan is stone and Iraq is a desert. habits and trends vary.

    4. The plan is to take over FATA and Baluchistan – the future energy route from Central Asia – India does not exist in this conflict. It is being used as a slaughter pig by big forces. The Imperial media portrays India as a 'mini power'. Actually this power is not able to provide a decent meal a day to its population. It is just getting slaughtered by participating the game on behest of some fools who became 'Billionaires' by blessings of USA.

    5. Taking away all Pak nuclear capibality is a wet dream. It is next to impossible. Result will be a few nukes actually blown. Off course where these reach. Big powers will gain and India will pay the price. Retaliation wont be allowed as the region is to be used for route for energy resources.

    Think over it again and again – in any case, any games which India is playing to achieve wet dreams of becoming regional power is helping her destruction.

    Just tell me, the game India started playing on behest of West – nuclear deals a return and regional stability a compromise. Will it lead India any where? NO. India is on path of self destruction, do u think Maoists will let it influanced by West or even Muslim, Sikh or Dalits will let it happen?

    Get out of dreams, we Indians have to stop this terrorism against Pakistan from our soil and support regional forces to defeat Wests designs to push us in to nuclear war. But the problem is that you 'upper caste beasts' do not care about India but your interests.

    Pakistan might survive but this upper caste India is a definite sacrifice for imperial interests.

    Wake Up!

  • Adnan Siddiqi |

    A lame attempt to convince "Why" India can't be involved.

    I know people like you will blame Talibans, Wahabi or what not if your kid(if there is any ) pee in pants. You will blame that he peed because of Talibans and Wahabis.

  • Indian |


    What do u know about THE MAOISTS?

    For your INFORMATION:-

    1> Unlike TALIBAN,Maoist DONT use HEAVY ARMS.

    2> LAND MINES and COUNTRY MADE GUNS are their ONLY weapons.


    3> Most of their arms are usually LOOTED FROM THE POLICE.

    4> Police in India itself is UNDERARMED.

    You needs to WAKE UP.

    >>>>>>>>>If you comapare the TALIBAN and the MAOIST …….i promise you MAOISTS are NO MATCH before the heavily armed taliban.


    Please tell me why NOT "Sikh or Dalits will let it happen?"

    Sikhs know VERY WELL who their real enemies are.


    You needs to WAKE UP

    and rename yourself """""""""'IDIOT PAKISTANI"""""'

  • Indian |

    Adnan SAYS

    ""I know people like you will blame Talibans, Wahabi or what not if your kid(if there is any ) pee in pants. You will blame that he peed because of Talibans and Wahabis.""

    My response:——-

    I know people like you will blame RAW RAW AND ONLY RAW if your kid(if there is any ) pee in pants. You will blame that he peed because of RAW .

  • Adnan Siddiqi |

    my Indian friend, the way you have been working so hard by putting your words on other mouth it seems that you also have doubt that your country is involved in this disaster.

  • Indian |

    My dear Adnan

    You guys said 26/11 was done by RAW……right??

    Then why take revenge??

    Also , Diplomacy is working fine.

    By the way….I have absolutely NO DOUBT that Pakistan's security forces are CONTROLLED BY RAW as they allowed all 12 terrorist to escape in BROAD DAY LIGHT!!………lol


    Smart Job Pakistan

    Now 5 BILLION US DOLLARS as proposed by Kerry as a one time Payment will come.

    Enjoy your salary.

  • farrah, k.raja |

    The only wrong with Pakistan is Zardari,the sooner he leaves the better.

  • farrah, k.raja |

    My dear fiends ,from India are so well informed about Communism from Russia,about Maoism in China and Nepal,about Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka,about Pakistan Terrorist account,about Afghanistan ,Taliban episode

    They only seem to be belind to ATTAL BEhari Vajpayee,Gujraat Massacare,Babri Masjid ,Blast in Samghouta Express and the massacre of poor Jewish Rabbai family whom India failed to provide protection and one week hostage to twelve people three massive buildings.

    It seems they have expanded too far despite loosing Gandhi,loosing Rajiv,Loosing Indhra have they learnt to respect minorities or neighbours.

    Was this attack on Pakistan


    WAS IT ON SRI LANKA ,Indians are watched closely by three neighbours let us not forget China???

    I think India is raising too many eyebrows.

  • aflatoon |

    What India gets out from destabilizing Pakistan?

    1) I think we should ask this to question to Extremist Hindus who killed Gandhi.

    Most of the indians never accepted Pakistan. They do not want Taliban to take over, but at the same time they do not want stability in Pakistan. They want Pakistanis to regret the formation of Pakistan. A weak Pakistan is good for them, just like NEPAL. So that they can suppress the Freedom movement of Kashmiris.

    Nothing pleases them more than Pakistan suffering.

    Rember the Mumbai incident? all of them were ready to wage war even at times when Pakistan denied any involvement. so wht the f@ck happened to harmony at that time?

    Indian forces were in pressure by the public to teach Pakistan a lesson at the same level as of the Mumbai Incident

    What could be a better opportunity?

    – hurt Pakistan's economy.

    – sour the relations between Pakistan and Srilanka.

    – re-assure the loosing LTTE, that RAW is still capable.

  • Indian-On the questi |

    >>On the question of MINORITIES

    Why Pakistanis have to bring Indian minorities into everything?? We are certainly NOT discussing about them.


    >>What is the condition of a certain minority group called AHAMADIS in Pakistan??…..

    >>What about another minority group called SHIAS in Pakistan??whats their condition??

    All most EVERY WEEK MOSQUES OF THESE two communities gets blown up……..remember Dera I.Khan??Or ur memories TOO SHORT and ONE SIDED.

    >> How many minorities are CHARGED under bogus Blasphemy laws???

    >> What did u guys do to a certain "Abdus Salam"……"FIRST _ _ _ _ NOBEL LAUREATE"


    BOTTOMLINE: Dont lecture us on Minorities…….first set ur home in order

  • Indian-whats the nee |

    whats the need of RAW???????

    Pakistan's friends called Taliban are doing an excellent job of destabilizing Pak.

    Look how great the "friends of Pak " performed in SWAT.

  • Indian-Pakistanis LI |

    Whatever happened in Lahore is VERY VERY SAD.

    but the fact is instead of uniting against terror….you are united against Raw.

    Real terrorists escape in the meantime IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

  • Ajay |

    aflatoon wrote:

    What could be a better opportunity?

    – hurt Pakistan’s economy.

    LMAOOOOOOO…Pakistan has an economy..hahah…breaking news!!.oh u mean the crumbles thrown by USA and IMF. Well then u shud be happy tht India failed in this bcos Kerry is releasing 5b $ for ur economy….

    Regarding Samjhauta Express, ur govt was never able to prove tht Col. Purohit was involved in it. Infact USA moved to UN recently to get some Paki declared a terrorist regarding SAmjhauta blast. Secondly even if Col. Purohit is involved, he is already under police custody and facing trial in another case and wont be able to escape without death sentence! Unlike ur govt who treats Lakhvi, Zarar Shah, MAsood Azhar as honored house guests who kill ur own ppl!! BASTARDS!! U guys deserved what happened yesterday. Look at the CCTV footage released today..there was not a single police personnel in the area..was tht RAW planning too??? If it is so then I am glad tht RAW is so intelligent and has such a long arm…

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    are you trying to say that RAW people run the sabzi bhaji market?

    they are terrorist,like any one.pakistan nowadays is easy target for the raw.attack anywhere and blame taliban.

    irony is that our liberal morons are there to sing this indian written anthem of terrorism.

  • Arif |


    You wrote:

    U guys deserved what happened yesterday

    Well, we will say the same when you are hit next time and I think its high time Pakistanis start to raise more Ghaznavis in swat and rest of the Pakistan.

    Message to ISI:

    Please get the poor Indians free of Retards At Work(RAW), it would benefit both Pakistan and India.

  • Another Indian |

    I am surprised by denial of Pakistanis in this forum. We know our problems and working towards resolving those. Naxalites is movement against corrupt state actors i.e. politicians and has reduced attacks considerably in last few years with media surveillance and newer breed of politicians leading to lesser corruption (though sadly not end of it).

    Yes India has its own set of problems, but it is steadily improving for minorities, majorities, poor and everyone. We have learnt capitalism is answer to it as people concentrate on doing things which are good for themselves and grow their own wealth and not on harming others. People have become more religious and also more considerate to other religions (no I am not talking about morons such as Shiv Sena, Bajrang dal which have no support in India among majorities and hence have to make noise to make their presence felt).

    We never forgot Gujarat but we have moved ahead. We don't cry over Gujarat we work for making sure that never happens again. Thats the strength of democracy that BJP has realised they can't come into power ever if they are perceived as anti-muslim party and hence they were forced to change their stand. Come out of denial a toll equivalent to Gujarat happens in Pak every few weeks in DIK, Bannu (that's the place my parents belong to), SWAT etc.

  • One Pakistani |

    Another Indian,

    You don't cry over Gujrat because it were Muslims who were raped, murdered in thousands and the killers are part of your Government. Why would you cry?

    You guys need to Leash the RAW and get your home in order other wise Pakistan would have to send men to get you guys straight.

  • Indian |

    One Pakistani,

    Dont lecture us on Gujarat.

    What is the condition of a certain minority group called AHAMADIS in Pakistan??…..

    >>What about another minority group called SHIAS in Pakistan??whats their condition??

    All most EVERY WEEK MOSQUES OF THESE two communities gets blown up……..remember Dera I.Khan??Or ur memories TOO SHORT and ONE SIDED.

    >> How many minorities are CHARGED under bogus Blasphemy laws???

    >> What did u guys do to a certain “Abdus Salam”……”FIRST _ _ _ _ NOBEL LAUREATE”

  • Chris Hayes |

    So if everyone posting here is correct

    – Both India and Pakistan have taken/do take repressive actions against minorities

    – Both India and Pakistan have taken actions against their neighbors

    – The ISI plans everything and either planned this or failed to stop it.

    – RAW is both a bunch of incompetents and the mastermind behind two of the most headline grabbing terrorist attacks in recent years.

    Well they say the subcontinent is full of contradictions.

    And the over riding fact. The most gentlemanly sport of cricket has been rocked it its core, benefiting no country with a love of it (so i reckon it must have been the yanks that did it! 🙂 )

  • readinglord |

    @Chris Hayes

    You say:

    "- Both India and Pakistan have taken/do take repressive actions against minorities"

    Yes, Sir, but with a difference. In India only extremist Hindus do this whereas in Pakistan the state is also involved in institutionalising discrimination against minorities.

  • Ajay |

    Speculation rife that 3/3 an inside job

    And Doc stop givin urself some solace by posting pics of minority riots. Making us look bad does not make u look good! Its like being happy that Pak does not have an economy bcos every economy is going thru recession. LOL. Minorities in ur nation face a larger threat. Guj riots are shame in India's history and we will never forgive them for it. But the legal action is going on against them. The ministers are under scanner and many high profile individuals are under arrest. Secondly even after Guj riots Narendra Modi was re elected and not only bcos of Hindus, statistics says that. I hate that bastard but I do agree he is a great administrator in terms of e governance, economy etc. Even Muslims have voted for him time and again and statistics have shown it. So seriously picking our one or two loop holes wont make u look good where each day hundreds of ppl die. No nation is perfect but we r working towards making it perfect unlike MORONS like doc who think eveyr thing is RAW initiated. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE…MORON!!

  • One Karachite |


    You said: Hundreds of ppl die every day?

    dude what do you smoke? Cow Urine sprinkled cigrettes?

    We Pakistanis know who did this, and next time something happens in Mumbai, we will not feel sorry.

    So did you guys find a new GOD? or are you still worshipping rats?

  • Sam |

    Cricket is unislamic ?


    Islamists wage war against cricket, ‘the other religion’

    Amanda Hodge, South Asia correspondent | March 06, 2009

    Article from: The Australian

    CRICKET is akin to a religion in Pakistan, which might explain why it is so loathed by Islamic extremists there.

    While few believe Tuesday’s terror strike on the Sri Lankan team was designed as a specific attack on the sport of cricket, the ambush has highlighted one of the more peculiar preoccupations of Islamic extremists.

    Following the Indian cricket tour of Pakistan in 2004 — the first in a decade — the Lashkar-e-Toiba terror group in Pakistan issued what amounted to a fatwa against the sport.

    “The British gave Muslims the bat, snatched the sword and said to them: ‘You take this bat and play cricket. Give us your sword. With its help we will kill you and rape your women’,” the LET magazine Zarb-e-Toiba said in its April 2004 edition.

    The magazine article commented: “It is sad that Pakistanis are committing suicide after losing cricket matches to India. But they are not sacrificing their lives to protect the honour of the raped Kashmiri women. To watch a cricket match we would take a day off work. But for jihad, we have not time!”

    More fitting for a mujahid (or holy fighter), the magazine said, were the sports of archery, horseriding and swimming.

    “The above are not just sports but exercises for jihad,” Zarb-e-Toiba told its readers.

    “Cricket is an evil and sinful sport. Under the intoxication of cricket, Pakistanis have forgotten that these Hindu players come from the same nation that raped our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and daughters-in-law.”

    The Punjab-based LET is a prime suspect for the Lahore attack, with analysts suggesting it could be motivated by a desire to retaliate for the recent arrests of six top operatives linked to November’s Mumbai terror strike.

    The other major suspect for the ambush, the Tehrik-e-Taliban — which has waged a bloody campaign for control of the northwestern tribal areas and Swat Valley — has also made clear its distaste for flannelled fools.

    Just days before Tuesday’s attack, Sufi Mohammad, the Taliban-linked cleric who brokered the dubious peace deal between militants in the Swat Valley and the Islamabad Government in return for the imposition of sharia law, condemned cricket as a distraction that needed to be curbed.

    But cricket is not universally condemned among Islamists. During its years in power, the Taliban regime in Afghanistan applied — unsuccessfully — for membership of the International Cricket Council. The sport was played in Afghanistan during that time, although with a distinct Talibani flavour. Players were forbidden from wearing short-sleeved shirts, and crowd participation of any sort was banned, as were women spectators.

    Several of Pakistan’s national cricket team are devout Muslims.

    But there is a growing movement against the sport among Pakistan’s increasingly powerful Islamist militants now waging war within Pakistan for the overthrow of the civilian Government.

    The Hindu newspaper noted yesterday that the weekly radical Islamist magazine al-Qalam last year attacked Pakistan’s plans to reform its religious schools, or madrassas, which included plans for an inter-schools cricket tournament it branded as “evil”.

    “We, the ulema (arbiters of sharia law) of the Deoband school, will have nothing to do with this tournament,” al-Qalam’s editors wrote in April last year, saying the West was “promoting obscenity” in Pakistan’s schools.