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Guest post on ThinkProgress.org | Attack on Sri Lankan team in Lahore

I have jsut penned an artcile for ThinkProgress.org featured on The Wonk RoomA Pakistani Perspective On The Current State Of Pakistani Society” and simultaneouls an excertp being featured on the main ThinkProgress.org blog “Attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan rouses anger against militants

Barack Obama has naturally condemned this tragic event but the US needs to realize that the lawlessness in Pakistan cannot be quenched by the mere use of force. It must stand to be one of the biggest blunders of the Bush administration when on Nov 3rd the then-President Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf, an ally of George W. Bush, deliberately destroyed the judiciary. […]

The American forces must now continue to engage with the Pakistan Army to help empower them to cleanse the trouble spots in Pakistan, while pressure needs to be applied upon the elected government to improve and empower the independence of Judiciary in Pakistan. It is only when a society feels the security of a free and fair society will it have the will to shun terrorism and bring into accountability the perpetrators, for now the corrupt and ruthless have a far stronger hand as compared to the weak and downtrodden.

The entire post can be read on The Wonk Room Blog a sub blog at ThinkProgress.org


  • Ehsan |

    Kill 5 people and Problem solved:

    1) Z******

    2) Iftikhar Choudary ( and i know the reality behind his campaign someone i know is a lawyer and he tells all about it )

    and few others 🙂

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    taliban or alquaida do not fit in this picture.

    there is two possiblities,

    1) RAW

    2) parda nasheen

    america is behind this "pervezi set up".

    pervezi set up ensures the lawlessness.

    and lawlessness is provide favourite atmosphere for the americans to work freely.

    america is loosing the war in afghanistan but we are paying the heavy price for cowrdliness of our leaders

  • farrah, k.raja |

    Dear Sir

    With all due respect your mixing up the issues like the very eminent leaders of Pakistan are busy doing.

    War on Terror had nothing to do with Judiciary.I want to ask one thing how many people have to go to Supereme court and how many people can access to high court.Most of the cases are dealt by session and district courts which are over burdened and need help.

    Is Nawaz interested in that?

    Supereme court judges handpicked and re-instate for who?

    Personal sake of Nawaz?

    He is not even fighting for the rights of masses,so how wrong are the people who are strengthening Nawaz?

    I am sorry you are one of them.

  • readinglord |


    I ask you dear,"Have you heard the names of Karbala, Hussain, Yazid, etc.?" What was the issue involved in the holocaust of Karbala? Hussain had refused to bow down before the ghasib Yazid. Iftikhar did the same and this act of his, being an 'uswa-e-Hussain' will live in history for ever whatever 'Aale Parvez' may say.

  • farrah, k.raja |

    Reading lord

    I am so disgusted by the people who show no respect and try to use the modern terminologies completely out of context to the history,what do you mean by Holocaust of Karbala?

    And no I find no analogy between our todays political crises and the one which Hazrat Imam Hassan and Hussain faced?

    I am not Shiat but I respect them and their beleif,I would request you not to play with the sentiments of people for the sake of arguements.

    Beliefs are sacred.

    Holocaust of Karbala?

    Karbala was a sacred mission and the people leading it were

    the grandsons of our Prophet(pbuh),it was a war in which everyone was Shaheed ,how can you refer to word HOLOCAUST,for them.

    Holocaust is a term used for Jews who were murdered in gas chambers by Germans.


    Iftikhar Chaudhry wants to be a politician best of luck to him.

    Actually best of luck to all people who have seen Benazir deying ,Musharraf attacked but are still greedy for the power.

  • readinglord |


    You say,"Beliefs are sacred", but for me truth, justice and human dignity are sacred. Hussain stood for all that as a poet has said:

    "Sar daad na daad dast dar daste Yazid

    Haqqa kih binaae Lailla ust Hussain"

    It means defying false gods (Lailla) is the basis of Islam.

    Iftikhar did the same thing. He did not bow to the Yazid-e-Waqt.

    For your information 'holocaust' means 'mass killing' or genocide. It is with capital 'H' Holocaust that you used that is used for a specific mass killing of Jews.

    Yes, defying false gods is politics which in my view the highest form of human activity. It does not mean Zardari politics of 'chaalaki' (trickstry for petty self-interest).

  • Gangster96 |

    For Berger these images record the inequality of gender relations and a sexualization of the female image that remains culturally central today. ,