Update: CJP Flag Hoisting by Naheed Khan & Safdar Abbasi?

It was precisely 505 days since that fateful day on November 3rd 2007 when General Pervaiz Musharraf overthrew a sitting Chief Justice and replaced him with an illegally sworn judge. On Sunday 22nd March the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry will be reinstated and to celebrate the momentous occasion the official flag will be hoisted at his residence at 11:00AM in the morning.

It should have been a momentous occasion to celebrate the activists who helped the reinstatement. Now as the Chief Justice is about to resume his work, it is reported in the press that Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan has taken it upon himself to hold a flag hoisting ceremony at the Chief Justice’s house. Talking to media he has said that political parties have been invited to participate in the ceremony while Naheed Khan, Safdar Abbasi and Shaharyar Awan (son of late lawyer leader Imdad Awan) are to hoist the flag.

One does have to wonder why such individuals have been picked by Aitzaz, to have selected people who have practically done little to help the reinstatement of the CJP Iftikhar. It seems more like a move by Aitzaz for political salvation amongst the potential PPP-breakaway faction, if for nothing else.

If I were given a choice to honor people my top pick would be the Lawyer trio Aitzaz Ahsan, Muneer Malik and Ali Ahmed Kurd for their outright commitment to the lawyers movement, if for some reason they choose not to take the limelight on Sunday morning then I feel the youth need to be honored for their significant role in this movement

A campaign has been initiated to lodge our protest with Aitzaz Ahsan by sending SMS’s to 0300-8452200 [Aitzaz Ahsan’s number] – I copy here my SMS which I forwarded to a large number of people including Aitzaz Ahsan


I would like to lodge a protest as to why Mr Aitzaz Ahsan has chosen Naheed Khan / Safdar Abbasi & son of Imdad Ali to hoist the flag at CJP house tomorrow. A momentous occasion deservedly needs to be acknowledged crediting the right people

My first choice is the lawyer trio Aitzaz Ahsan, Muneer Malik & Kurd.

If they are reluctant then I suggest honoring the youth of our nation to have inspired us to have succeeded if our goals – it was the students of LUMS that inspired our nation to join hands for this cause. And it was the selfless and inspired youth that held up the GPO-150 “For the Movement”

The most deserving are the Youth and they need a well deserved pat on the back plz honor them

Awab Alvi
Peoples Resistance

It is a long SMS, but maybe you can pitch in my sending a shorter 160 character SMS as follows

SMS to 0300-8452200 : I would like to register my protest to honor Naheed Khan & Safdar with the CJP Flag hoisting – PLZ recognize the Lawyers & Youth instead your name

UPDATE 22:00PM: Its being reported that Naheed Khan is no longer joining the Hoisting Ceremony and is instead being replaced by Israr Shah — truly WTF!! this seems a deliberate attempt by Aitzaz Ahsan to bring the PPP into taking credit for this momentous effort – while it has been a fact that PPP has been resisting the reinstatement from Feb 18th destroying all promises in its wake to assume supreme power of the Presidency



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  1. Khawer Avatar

    Whats so bad about Atizaz trying to salvage the moral standing of a break away PPP? It symbolically weakens the Z team when BBs aides raise that flag. I don't think thats so bad.

  2. KhanofKalabagh Avatar


  3. KhanofKalabagh Avatar

    Dharna outside AA's house?

  4. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    I hope CJ Mr Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry wouldn't take suo moto notice of this:

    "The Peoples Party doesn't believe in running away, even if the dice are loaded against us" – Naheed Khan,Political Secretary to Benazir Bhutto By Sairah Irshad Khan


    Q: What is the status quo regarding the cases filed against you for alleged irregularities?

    A: For the moment there are two cases that are pending against me. One initiated by the caretaker government of Mairaj Khalid pertaining to the Bait-ul-Maal. In this case, which has been pending since then before a court of law, there are no charges of corruption, but misuse of authority. In 1997, a reference was filed by the Nawaz Sharif government against Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto in which I am a co-accused. This reference, pending in an accountability court, deals with providing employment in PIA.


    Another corruption case against Benazir Bhutto PRESS TRUST OF INDIA Thursday, October 22, 1998


    ISLAMABAD, Oct 21: Former Pakistani premier Benazir Bhutto has been chargesheeted in another corruption case involving illegal appointments in the country's international airlines.

    The special accountability bench of the Sindh High Court, yesterday framed charges against Benazir, her former political secretary Naheed Khan and Air Marshal (Retd) Farooq Umar, the former managing director of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), for making "illegal" appointments of more than 1,300 people in PIA.

    The charges framed by Justice Ghaus Mohammad said that all the accused including Benazir "acting in collusion, connivance with each other and in pursuance of common intention with malafide, illegal and dishonest intention conjoined committed offences" punishable under the Pakistan Penal Code.The case, which had been prepared by the Special Accountability Bureau of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's office alleged that the "illegal appointments" were made in PIA during her government without following the properprocedure and that more than 12,000 candidates, who had been called for the written test for the various posts in PIA, were completely ignored.

    Meanwhile, Bhutto has moved to the Supreme Court for transferring one of the corruption cases against her from Lahore High Court to Sindh High Court alleging that one of the judges may be having personal grievance against her.

    This was the third corruption case in which charges have been framed against Bhutto, whose government was dismissed in November 1996 amidst corruption charges and deteriorating law and order situation leading to Nawaz Sharif coming back to power.

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  5. Observer Avatar

    Sorry to say, but AA has a dubious character. He is always in "right place" to disrupt or change the course of the movement. He did the trick with Nawaz Sharif the first time by abandoning the dharna and he did it again this time on the way to Islamabad by calling of the movement of the masses towards the destination, and again the decision was taken by him and NS.

    I believe deep inside this man there is a jiyala and there will always be a jiyala. Watch out for this man. He is NOT someone we should trust!