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Public flogging of a woman in SWAT – is this the Islamic way of handing out justice?

A shocking video which is making news across the local media in Pakistan of a women being publicly lashed in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Her crime being that she was seen publicly with a man who was not her husband. I think merely watching this video makes me cringe at the skewed concept of ‘Sharia’ being enforced in our northern areas, I believe this is not what Islam preaches


I agree with Faisal K when he says “All the women leaders in the assemblies of Pakistan upon seeing this should resign from their posts in protest” This is outrageous even in the light of the five women who were buried alive in Baluchistan. A search on Bloggers.pk shows that Meher Bokhari a show host on Samaa is planing to do a show today at 7pm on this controversial issue of public flogging. Also covered in The Guardian


  • noman |

    lolz…..plz do tell the islamic part of molana burqa and danda bardar jamia hafza brigade!!!!!!!1

  • Abbas |

    @ Noman,

    I am not saying what taliban are and who is sponsoring who. You might be right and you might also be wrong. Thats a debate which won't end. I am not commenting on the authenticity of the person carrying out the punishment or the group. I am just saying that "THIS IS ISLAM, and this is the teaching of Quran" I don't personally know these people carrying out the punishment. I think whatever they are doing, conditioned on the fact that the girl has been convicted, Is exactly what islam has ordained us to do. This is the law of Allah and no muslim believing in Quran should call it barbaric and medieval and not a part of islam.

  • Abbas |

    @Surjit Singh Lamba (New Delhi),

    I hope i don't offend you because thats not my intentions.

    I agree that islam is religion of peace but more so a way of life. If a guy rapes a woman, what should be his punishment? If a person murders another person, shat should be his/her punishment. Should their be any or should be we say Islam or our judicial laws should be of peace and harmony and akhuwat or baichara should be shown. This is forgiving and sounds good but is not JUST.

    Allah and his religion is JUST. According to justice, one should be punished for his/her crime. The main message of every religion and every government should be peace but a complete religion and government should have a way to deal with the unwanted, the law breakers and the criminals. We as human err and for that reason Allah made punishment and forgiveness. So according to this law of nature; Islam directs us what i have quoted from Quran (24:2). If the guy/girl is convicted of the crime of fornication or adultery he/she should be flogged 100 times with no compassion shown towards him/her, and a party of believers should invited to see this. This would serve as a shame to the person punished and also serve as an example to those witnessing. This way justice can prevail.

    Let me ask you a question. I don't know if you would comment to my post and what would be your next line of argument but if you won't mind. Would you please answer this question in your next post.

    What would be your opinion about a person who rapes another and the person being raped is someone close to you (godforbid)? Should he/she be shown mercy and allowed to go or should he/she be punished according to the law of the land and what should be his/her punishment according to you?

  • noman |


    this can only be correct if the punishment has been given by a recognised court of law.be it qazi court or otherwise.it has to hv govt sanction.we cannot allow all and sundry to apply justice on their whims and fancy.this act was not an act of justice but an act intended to terrorise the society into submission.it is the aim of all such terorist groups to make the people believe that they hv weapons and they can do whatever they want.tht is they are the judge jury and police all rolled into 1.this act was not islam but terrorism.

  • teeth |

    ISLAM DOES PRESCRIBE FLOGGING AS A PUNISHMENT FOR CERTAIN SINS. Please read Surah 24, An-Noor (The light), Verse 2 which reads: [The woman and the man quilty of illegal sexual intercourse, flog each of them with a hundred stripes. Let not pity withold you in their case, in a punishment presecribed by Allah, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a party of the believers witness their punishment] …. The ayat clearly encourages muslims who believe in Allah to flog adulters and to have no pity for such people and the Quran clearly encourages publically flogging men AND women who transgress limits. Muslims should not be apologetic about this. However, the real issue here is …. Was the lady quilty of illegal sexual intercourse? If she was quilty, then God's writ was established. If she was not quilty, then injustice took place. Who decides this on this? Certainly not you, not me, nor anyone commenting on this forum.

  • quranist |

    With the collapse of Ja'far Al Sadiq's empire in Iran and Ibn Hanbal's slow demise in Saudi Arabia, the tide is turning and the fictitous sects that emerged during the Abbasid Empire knows as the Sunni and Shia sects and others who follow man made revelations known as hadiths are slowly collapsing. Malik's Empire in Sudan is collapsing and Abu Hanifa's Empire in Pakistan is turning upside down. The so called Islamic states have proven to be ideologically obsolete and in the wrong side of history. The sects are on life support and the Koranist will take over. So who are the Koranist?

    The Koranist believe only the Koran should speak for Islam.


    In comparing the teachings of Islam as derived from the Book of God to the practices taught and enforced by the popular Sunni and Shia faiths (1.2 Bn followers), we find that the list is quite extensive, with some of the highlights as follows:

    In Islam, the requirement to be a Muslim is to simply accept and live according to the �Straight Path� (6:151-153), Vs. the Sunni or Shia 5-pillars which come from unauthorized books�

    In Islam, abolishing Slavery is taught to be an act of righteousness (90:12-13), Vs. Sunni and Shia teachings which encourages slavery under war�

    In Islam, women are never forbidden from praying or fasting during Menstruation (2:222), nor is there a specific dress code (i.e. the Headscarf) imposed on them beyond modesty, Vs. the Sunni and Shia which teach the undermining of women and forcing them to cover their hair and avoid praying or fasting at certain times…

    In Islam, a man or women may leave a Will, after settlement of debt (4:12), Vs. Sunnis who refuse to accept wills if there are any direct descendants…

    In Islam, Monogamy is the basis for normal relationships, while polygamy is only allowed in cases involving marrying the mothers of orphans under the man�s guardianship (4:3), Vs. Sunnis where a man may be a polygamist simply if he can afford to, and Shia which allow sex for pleasure (Mut�a)…

    In Islam, Divorce is enforceable only after a two-phase period, and it may be made nullified if the couple reconcile before the end of this period (65:1, 65:4), Vs. Sunni teachings that destroy families by allowing a divorce to occur on the spot with no waiting period and no nullification…

    In Islam, Thieves do not have their hands cut-off, but are made to work until they return that which is stolen (12:76), Vs. Sunni and Shia teachings which brutally amputate the hands causing disability…

    In Islam, no one is allowed to be killed or Stoned for adultery (24:2), Vs. Sunni and Shia laws of stoning married adulterers to death…

    In Islam, absolute Freedom of Faith is allowed (2:256, 10:99; 18:29; 88:21-22), Vs. Sunni and Shia requiring apostates to be killed and rejecting the practice of other faiths…

    In Islam, people are acknowledged as being diverse and each is to be respected for his/her level of spiritual growth. A Submitter �Muslim� must work to attain the status of Faithful �Mumin� (49:14), Vs. Sunni and Shia teachings that all followers of their religion must think, act, and even look the same (cult syndrome)…

    In Islam, War can only be declared in cases of self-defence – no offensives (2:190), Vs. Sunni and Shia teachings allowing raids and attacks on any people who are considered non-Muslim by their standards…

    In Islam, Pilgrimage is a centre for gathering of nations and for all to witness the benefits of being together (22:27-28), Vs. Sunni and Shia bringing in polytheistic rituals and superstition (touching of black stone, circling 7 times, etc..)…

    In Islam, a Year is a luni-solar count made of 365-days (17:12, 9:36), with all the seasons fitting-in-place Vs. Sunnis teaching it to be a lunar one based on 354 days which creates confusion of seasons and time�

    In Islam, males and females are not required to be Circumcised (32:7), Vs. Sunni and Shia teachings requiring all males to be circumcised and females in some cases…

    In Islam, music, statues, gold and silk are all Lawful(7:32-33, 16:116), Vs. Sunni beliefs forbidding silk & gold for men, and forbidding music & statues for all…

    In Islam, rule of Government is under the constitution of the Qur'an through consultation and free-speech (5:48, 42:38). Vs. Sunni teachings which allow the rise of dictators or monarchs, and Shia teachings which uphold self-appointed religious leaders based on genealogy.


    Plus why the Taliban do what they do?


  • MR |

    I am muslim but I am having very un easy feeling to be so, and I am dead sure there are millions other muslims who are tired to be muslims. On one hand we hear there is no compulsion in religion. On other hand there is such harsh punishments.In muslims socieities all over the world life is miseable. In muslim countries, people read holy book in language they dont understand just because it is being ordered? We are all confused (I bet anything on it), how to

    live our life in realities of current times according to Sunnah of centuries ago in a desert land. This is too complex to be handled by some Alim. Being muslim, my idea is that we are all thrown to earth as a punishment, so just being alive is a punishment. So muslims have no life. Anyone who live life should move away from msulim countries.

  • dr jawwad khan |

    "and I am dead sure there are millions other muslims who are tired to be muslim"

    what an optimism!!!!!!

    hahahahah….millions of muslim??that is the good one.

    i wonder why liberal asses are not able to understand the problems of the common man?

  • MR |

    “and I am dead sure there are millions other muslims who are tired to be muslim”

    what an optimism!!!!!!

    hahahahah….millions of muslim??that is the good one.

    i wonder why liberal asses are not able to understand the problems of the common man?"

    dr jawwad i dont knwo if you are PHD phirra hoa damagh or medical doctor. anyway i hope you are first one because second one will be risk to human lifes.

    Before speaking just try to do little bit thinking, so that you can make some sense. I just cannot answer your question because it is so dumb and i am unable to see any sense in it. Kindly check your level of iodine.