Lahore Protest – Over 2000 against Talbanisation

Report by Farooq Tariq

Over 2000 joined a rally in Lahore against Talbanisation and terrorism. The rally was organized by Citizens of Lahore, a loose platform of different social, political and trade unions organization. The rally started from General Post Office Chouck (GPO) and ended at Charing Cross on Mall Road Lahore. Majority of the participants were women and youth.

Slogans like “No to Talbanisation, no to terrorism, stop flogging women, behind terrorism is uniform, are dying of hunger because General Head Quarters (GHQ) is taking it all, no to religious fundamentalism, no to state terrorism, we want peace, people united will never be defeated” were raised by the participants.

A lot of banners and placards were carried by the rally participants. Asma Jehanghir, chairperson Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Salima Hashmi daughter of Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Ghulam Abbas of Pakistan Peoples Party, Yousaf Baluch chairman National Trade Union Federation, Tehseen of South Asia Partnership, Tanvir Jahan of Youth Commission for Human Development, Sher Mohammed of Swat, Iqbal Haider of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Jugnu Mohsan of Women Action Forum and myself spoke at the end of rally.

Speakers condemned the flogging of women in Swat and act of terrorism by religious fundamentalists. They also condemned the Drones attack by Americans as well. They announced to launch a national movement against Talbanisation of the society. Taliban are no anti imperialism, they are neo fascist and forces of suppression, we have to fight them. Terrorism can not be defeated by more terrorism. We have to mobilize people to fight the both” was the main theme of the speakers.

It was live broadcatsed by most of the television channels. Labour Party Pakistan, Labour Education Foundation, National Trade Union Federation and Women Workers Help Line mobilized several hundreds for the rally. The Key speaker was Asma Jehanghir, who lambasted the menace of extremist. She said the women of Pakistan will not tolerate the floggings of women. It is an open war with the fanatics. We will mobilize all over Pakistan. She condemned the PPP government for making so-called peace agreement with the fanatics in Swat.

report by: Farooq Tariq






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  1. Amina Wasif Avatar
    Amina Wasif

    Well about time, the women stood up against injustice! Its especially good that the protesters protested against drone attacks too, as some people see Taliban as being some sort of heroes for standing up to the Americans and being neo-imperialists, and so justify Talibanization. Well, that's certainly crap! Taliban are about as anti-imperialist as the Americans are liberators!

    There is something that I'd like to point out though. I heard that Tahir ul Qadri had condemned the floggings and the JI too, apparently! Well, why didn't they take part in the march then?

  2. Imran Zaidi Avatar
    Imran Zaidi

    Taliban were never anti-imperialist; quite from the fact that they got their funding from an imperialist/fascist state. Now they want to impose their fascist ideologies onto every person on the planet. They are proving to be worse than the jahil arabs in the time of the Prophet SAW.

    And now these taliban are starting to target the shias again (with reference to the incident in chakwal); and some people dont even want to condemn these killings. These taliban are nothing but the illegal offsprings of america/zia-ul-haq/saudi petrodollars all in bed at once. These people find a sense of gratification to know that shias are getting killed…

  3. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Regardless of the dumb conspiracy theories that many try to peddle; the fact remains: the protestors did a SUPER job in Lahore and Karachi. I took part in the Lahore demonstrations and was immensely proud of the people who came out.

  4. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Conspiracy theories are always delibrate to create doubt in the minds.

    Whereas at this point ,people of Pakistan are not ready to be victimised wrongly using the name of Islam.

    This Resistance and message was so important to come out from Pakistan.

    It means,people would not accept state controlled religion to be applied by force.

    Come on people we are democratic country ,what a paradox?ruled by army rulers ,I think we understand Democracy and freedom fully.

  5. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Surprise Nawaz was not in the protest.Behind this surprise their is a reason;because Sharif is an out come of Zia time and he believes in Islamist policies ,entrenching Sharia in the legal system.

    What a day of achievement for women like Jugno Mohsin,Asma Jahangir and Saleema Hashmi.These are those brave women of Lahore who protested in the same way and manner when we did not know what is the meaning of Hadood Ordinance and what does Zia mean by his Chaddar and Chahar Diware.

    Particularly Asma and Jugnoo have been two extremely courages and wonderful women.They have suffered personal persecution and sufference but it must be fantastic for them to see today ,they were not alone.

  6. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Very important question to ask though is what happened to Imran,Fazul-Ur Rehman and Nawaz.

    Was this not a voice for justice?

  7. Imran Zaidi Avatar
    Imran Zaidi

    Conspiracy theory or not; the backing of the taliban by usa and saudi petrodollars is not a hidden thing. Im all for these protests; wud've joined if i was in Pakistan :)…

    Speaking of political leaders; they arent concerned with sharia; specially nawaz who wanted to install himself as amirul momineen of sorts. All these people are concerned with power and money; I dont know why does common man even give a damn about these thugs.

  8. rama Avatar

    Thank you very much. Only affirms what I tried to say in

  9. rama Avatar

    Thanks. Affirms what I tried to say in in:

  10. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    @Imran Zaidi: The Saudi state or the US are not currently involved with the Taliban. But yes, private Saudi money has been traced to the Taliban. Why would the US pump billions into Afghanistan in what is a seriously tough war against an enemy that it is funding itself? Makes no sense at all.

  11. hussain Avatar

    Imran Zaidi,

    Then would you deny Iran getting arms from Israil during Iran/Iraq war…. So can we claim that Shias are offsprings of Zionists(~Abdullah Bin sabah? does that ring a bell)..

  12. hussain Avatar

    Imran Zaidi,

    Read this…

    Iran might have been hard put to continue its costly six-year-old war with Iraq—not to mention simultaneously stirring up followers of the Ayatollah Khomeini in Lebanon—if Israel had not been willing to sell the Khomeini government great quantities of the weapons Iran desperately needed to keep its army in the field. That is only one of the anomalies of Israel's booming arms trade. US law and US policy also come in for some stretching and twisting.

    for more


    read this too, if you can face it:

  13. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Oh dear, there we go again with the "Zionist" bogeyman bollocks.

    If Iran got weapons from Israel, then Iraq got weapons from the United States. It's not like any of your Musla lot are pure; today, the most notable front of Shia Islam is presented by the likes of loonies like Khamenei, Ahmedinejad and the militias in Iraq. While the Sunnis, of course, are represented by the unbathed, in-bred (ass)holy warriors of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

    I wish all of you could converge on the birthplace of your cult, i.e. the desert of Arabia, and kill each other once and for all. The jews should do the same in whatever ass-end of Jerusalem they want most; and the Christians should all stuff themselves in an Alabama mega-church and inflict the apocalypse on themselves.

    Maybe then the rest of the world will have peace. Fucking loonies.

  14. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    If Iran got weapons from Israel, then Iraq got weapons from the United States [Danial Burki]


    Dear Burki Sahab,

    I am with you on this. Watch the photo of Rumsfeld and Saddam Shaking Hands:

    As per US National Security Archive

    Shaking Hands: Iraqi President Saddam Hussein greets Donald Rumsfeld, then special envoy of President Ronald Reagan, in Baghdad on December 20, 1983

    Never mind that forty years ago, the CIA, under President John F. Kennedy, orchestrated a regime change in Baghdad. In 1963, after a successful coup, the Ba'ath party came to power in Iraq. Using lists provided by the CIA, the new Ba'ath regime systematically eliminated hundreds of doctors, teachers, lawyers, and political figures known to be leftists. An entire intellectual community was slaughtered. (The same technique was used to massacre hundreds of thousands of people in Indonesia and East Timor.) The young Saddam Hussein was said to have had a hand in supervising the bloodbath. In 1979, after factional infighting within the Ba'ath Party, Saddam Hussein became the President of Iraq. In April 1980, while he was massacring Shias, the U.S. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinksi declared, "We see no fundamental incompatibility of interests between the United States and Iraq." Washington and London overtly and covertly supported Saddam Hussein.

    They financed him, equipped him, armed him, and provided him with dual-use materials to manufacture weapons of mass destruction. They supported his worst excesses financially, materially, and morally. They supported the eight-year war against Iran and the 1988 gassing of Kurdish people in Halabja, crimes which 14 years later were re-heated and served up as reasons to justify invading Iraq. After the first Gulf War, the "Allies" fomented an uprising of Shias in Basra and then looked away while Saddam Hussein crushed the revolt and slaughtered thousands in an act of vengeful reprisal. It was Herman Goering, that old Nazi, who said, "People can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.… All you have to do is tell them they're being attacked and denounce the pacifists for a lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country." He's right. It's dead easy. That's what the Bush regime banks on. The distinction between election campaigns and war, between democracy and oligarchy, seems to be closing fast.

    Arundhati Roy

    Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy (Buy One, Get One Free) by Arundhati Roy Presented in New York City at The Riverside Church May 13, 2003 Published on Sunday, May 18, 2003 by

    Copyright 2003 by Arundhati Ro y

  15. blog Avatar


    "Surprise Nawaz was not in the protest.Behind this surprise their is a reason;because Sharif is an out come of Zia time and he believes in Islamist policies ,entrenching Sharia in the legal system."

    What is wrong in entrenching Sharia ? shouldn't we be following that in first place ?

    Are the rules and regulations set out by Islam just for show off ? are they there for someone else to follow ?

    Or do you also believe like MS Amina that Quran 'never asked for implementation of Sharia in Muslim states'

  16. Hussain Avatar

    Danial Burki,

    Thanks again for exposing your spirit.

    According to your statements Islam is the cause of all the violence.


    1) World war 1 started between Shia and Sunni?

    2) Muslims invented the Atomic Bomb?

    3) Taliban dropped the Atomic Bomb on Heroshima and Nagasakee?

    4) Muslims started the world war 2?

    5) World War 1 and World war 2, the greatest human casualties were between Muslims? or by Muslims?

    6) Hitler was a Muslim????

    7) Muslims invented Biological weapons of Mass Destruction?


    I could continue the list, but it wouldn't matter to you.

  17. zaki Avatar

    Danial Burki,

    You said:

    I wish all of you could converge on the birthplace of your cult, i.e. the desert of Arabia, and kill each other once and for all. The jews should do the same in whatever ass-end of Jerusalem they want most; and the Christians should all stuff themselves in an Alabama mega-church and inflict the apocalypse on themselves.

    Maybe then the rest of the world will have peace. Fucking loonies.

    Well good, I hope all the Pakistanis read and see the true spirit of people involved in the so called protests.

  18. Imran Zaidi Avatar
    Imran Zaidi

    @ Danial

    You should be asking yourself the same question. The war in afghanistan is a joke; the worlds most technologically advanced army; with carriers; airplanes; spy satellites; manpower; tanks; what and what not; against a bunch of ragheads with ak-47's and still losing the war? Sounds fishy to me; you are all for debunking conspiracy theories; but cannot explain why the US isn't winning; i dont buy all this bullshit about winning hearts and minds. The taliban are as fascist as the american military machine.

    You might not believe in religion; i respect your point of view; but do not try to skew the facts.

    The Zionist threat is a real one; its imperialistic agenda clear. They control most of the senate of america.

    I find the Iran/Israel bonding a conspiracy theory. All the text that has been written is through the western media; they exaggerate a lot. Until a neutral point of view is found; I hold such "facts" as mere stories.

    Everybody got arms from america in some point in history; wether it be iraq; iran; pakistan; afghanistan. Under the shah; the iran military got revamped with state of the art hardware. What makes you think that after the revolution they wouldnt have tried to use back-channels to cut a deal for their much needed spare-parts? The part where israel comes in is exaggeration .

    @ Hussain

    Cut out with the ibn-e-sabah thing; thats a wahabi hatched propaganda which you talibani supporters are so fond of propagating. You're probably bursting with happiness as your friends killed some shias today. Be warned though; as much as I despise you; i dont want you to end up in guantanamo bay ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Imran Zaidi,

    Then would you deny Iran getting arms from Israil during Iran/Iraq war…. So can we claim that Shias are offsprings of Zionists(~Abdullah Bin sabah? does that ring a bell)..[Hussain]


    Mawdudi [Pakistani Jamat-e-Islami], Syed Qutub [Egyptian Jamat-e-Islami – Islamic Brotherhood] say that Abdullah Bin Sabah – the Jew who invented Shia Religion, is nothing but Fiction. Mawdudi denied the existence of Abdullah Ibn Sabah

  20. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    still dreaming?

    it is an initial response but as long as this practice continue. even secularist will learn to live with flogging.

  21. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    @imran zaidi!

    @danial burki!

    please do not fight with each other.i can see the rift between two brothers.

  22. SM Imran H Zaidi Avatar
    SM Imran H Zaidi

    no offence taken; each to his own…

  23. V. K. Amani Avatar
    V. K. Amani

    We often talked about publicly flogging, publicly hanging, publicly executing , etc to all without any exception to each and every persons found guilty with proven record and one's who invloved in corruptions, dacoities, lootings, stealings, minting money through forgery, through ransom, through smuggling, through hoardings, through illegal cartels, through blackmailing, through money laundering, through drugs business, through illegal arms sales, through spying, or through any ulawful and illegal means – all such persons should be wiped out openly and publicly . We usually believe that this is the only way to have and make a well-organized , disciplined , prosperous and developed a good repute nation in this contemporary world.

    The question is that when one (who so ever) tries to achieve that objective why a certain specified and particular group call it s barbaric act? You see the national police or other law enforcement agencies and the political leaders failed to bring the desired result then such thing will happen to eradicate the miscreant from the siciety to save others from such non-social and illegal moral activities. Perhaps this small act may help us to get rid of such immoral activities and crime from our society? This is what we are looking at for the last 62 years?

  24. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    You don't have to worry about Imran and I, Dr Jawwad. We've both displayed the ability to discuss and debate without resorting to the kind of language you resort to when confronted with ideas who can't wrap your head around.

  25. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    no offence taken.together they stand…

    dear danial burki!

    taliban animosity is more than a faith which binds you both.i see this is even more stronger bond than the real faith.

    that is why i felt bad when i saw you both not agreed on some thing.

    have a nice day and keep defending the "faith"

  26. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Heh, thanks for using the term 'faith' as a 'gaali'. That's exactly what it deserves. ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    i didn't say that.i said the your animosity for taliban is look like a faith.

    BTW abusing the faith is not a good practice. try to avoid it.every one will be happy.

    you know that beside taliban issue one more thing is common in you and imran zaidi…attacking the most revered personalities of islam. that is why i call you both the "brothers in faith"

    take care

  28. SM Imran H Zaidi Avatar
    SM Imran H Zaidi

    Faith is just a word; everyone believes what they want to believe. I cant force my views down anybody's throat; neither can anybody try the same with me. We must learn to live with our differences; not try to implement our ideologies over anybody else; which is the main problem with the taliban. If america is who they want to fight; let them go to afghanistan and beat the crap out of them if they have the balls (which is a problem because the americans are their illegitimate fathers); but no; they have to kill their own people to send the message across.

    About the implementation of sharia; no one is against that; but whose sharia do you want to implement, sunni, shia; deobandi; wahabi? Sharia or khilafat as these people say is only implementable when the majority of people are of the same sect; as the wahabis of saudi arabia or the shias of iran. Implementing the sharia of a particular sect in Pakistan is not possible as it will not comply with the ideologies of the other sects present in the country.

  29. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Dr Jawwad, regardless of our heated discussions on this blog, I must reiterate that I think it is your right to believe what you want to believe; as it is the right of everyone else. Therefore, I do not have a problem with faith per se.

    It's just that when faith is codified into religion, which takes it upon itself to transform everyone ELSE, it becomes oppressive and antithetical to the freedom that I believe in. You seem to support the Islamisation of Pakistan (you also assume that millions are ready to march for such a cause; which is not backed up by the dismal record of religous parties in Pakistan). I do not support any such move and aim for a secular society where ALL are equal under law regardless of religion, race or sex.

    Therefore, you don't need to preach 'live and let live' to me; you need to adhere to it yourself.

  30. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    @danial burki!

    so nice of sound like an angel.

    well dear i have no desire to preach any thing because it is already in the constitution of pakistan.what we want is implementation.i only defended my faith which is under attack since some time by enlightened moderate or liberal secularists.

    @imran zaidi!

    hello! hello! 123


    implementation of shariyah can not be a problem for a true muslim,people only irritated by implementing the fiqah.

    in pakistan aehl e sunnat are in mojority.if iran can implement fiqah jafria and saudia can implement the fiqh hanbaliyah then why not figah hanafiyah in pakistan.

  31. SM Imran H Zaidi Avatar
    SM Imran H Zaidi

    @ Jawad

    Hello Hello 123!!

    Sunnis in pakistan arent the overwhelming majority like the shias in Iran. Iranian shias makeup more than 90 percent of the population. In Pakistan; its more like a 65/35 ratio. Not to mention there are deobandis; barelvis; aga khanis; ismailis; malikis; hanafis. Are the rest of the sects ready to accept hanafi fiqh…?

  32. SM Imran H Zaidi Avatar
    SM Imran H Zaidi

    And oh… there are reasons for the animosity shown towards the "revered" personalities as you might call them; we dont just go up on mimbars with a hot head like your personalities did and do seb o shitam on Ali AS for more than 5 decades…

  33. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Dr Jawwad, the Constitution Of Pakistan is flawed precisely for its inclusion of religion (and, of course, from problematic division of lists between the provinces and the federation, but that is another debate).

    As Imran Zaidi has pointed out, Sunnis are not a completely dominant group in Pakistan. If this was an utterly homogenous polity, I could accept your argument. Except it's not.

    And it is because of this heterogeneity that we need a secular constitution that gives equal rights to everyone. The state has no god. And when the state is given a god, you get fucked up situations like Pakistan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran (and many others).

    Therefore, it's not the simple matter of implementing the '73 constitution. The constitution needs a major revision to be viable in a multi-religious, multi-ethnic and indeed multi-national country like Pakistan.

  34. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    ha ha ha ha!

    when did hazrat abu bakr(ra) cursed hazrat ali(ra)?

    when did hazrat umar farooq(ra) cursed hazrat ali(ra)?

    when did hazrat usman(ra) cursed hazrat ali(ra)?


    its not them it is some body else.

    then why cursed them?

    imran zaidi sahib!

    men koee sawa panch rupay ki niaz wala qabar parast halwaee naheen hoon jinhen aap yeh ram kahaniyan suna kar wajad tari kar saken.

    i am one of those who know exactly why shias hate sahaba e kiram(ra).

    Iranian shias makeup more than 90 percent of the population. In Pakistan; its more like a 65/35 ratio.

    correct that in iran shia are 90% or little more but dear do not exaggerate in pakistan.there are only 20% shia in pakistan according to independent surveys

  35. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Sneaky, sneaky, Dr Jawwad!

    The Shia are 20 percent of the declared MUSLIM population of Pakistan, which is 95 percent of the total population. About 5 percent comprise various other denominations, such as the Ismailis etc, and 75 percent of the declared Muslim population are Sunnis.

    Thus, Sunni Muslims comprise 67.5 percent of the TOTAL population of Pakistan. Then also consider that WITHIN the Sunni Muslims of Pakistan, there are several denominations; many of which do not agree on a number of social, legal, political, historical and ecumenical issues.

    So are you really telling us, Dr Jawwad, that the constitution of a country with 170 million people (at least) should be governed by the supposedly unanimous whims of a highly fractured 67.5 percent of the population?

  36. SM Imran H Zaidi Avatar
    SM Imran H Zaidi

    Jawad sahab emotional nahi hote ๐Ÿ˜‰ would you like to explain why we hate the sahaba? And dont get me wrong; I or shias in general dont hate sunnis or issue takfirs just at the mere sight of one; like your friends the taliban or some people visiting this blog do. I personally have a lot of sunni friends and even have sunnis intermarried in my family.

    Alright the figure was exaggerated a bit; but it doesn't take away from the fact that your 75 percent of sunnis are further divided into sects; how will they accept your hanafi version of the sharia?

    The sharia is working in saudi arabia or iran because the majority population is above 90 percent; which is a sizeable majority. It is just not feasible to apply sharia to Pakistan.

  37. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    you guys are just great!

    even if i agree that they are 65% aehle sunnat.then they are in majority.

    what the hell is "sizeable majority"?

    and how many sects are there?

    do we have maliki?


    do we have hanbali?


    do we have shafaee?

    may be but never heard of them.

    aehl e hadith?

    yes but they never opposed the shariyah law.

    deo bandi and barelvi are the majority and they are AEHL E SUNNAT.

    how many sects we have beside above mentioned sects?

    hell! men! from where did you learn such dodging?

  38. SM Imran H Zaidi Avatar
    SM Imran H Zaidi


    Doesn't matter if some sects arent there; you are the one dodging the question. Will the deobandis, barelvis and the shias support a hanafi sharia?

    TIP: Just answer as YES or NO

  39. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    "I or shias in general dont hate sunnis or issue takfirs just at the mere sight of one; like your friends the taliban or some people visiting this blog do"

    jab tum log khulfa e rashideen (hazrat abu bakr,umar farooq,usman razi allah he taala ajmaeen) umhat ul momineen

    aur deegar sahaba e kiram(ra) ke liye salman rushdee wali zuban istemal karo gay to nafrat aur takfir naheen milay gee to kia medal of honor milay ga?

  40. SM Imran H Zaidi Avatar
    SM Imran H Zaidi

    jo kaam tumhare sahaba ne kiye hain; kia hum unhe medal of honor dain?

  41. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    jab tum log khulfa e rashideen (hazrat abu bakr,umar farooq,usman razi allah he taala ajmaeen) umhat ul momineen

    aur deegar sahaba e kiram(ra) ke liye salman rushdee wali zuban istemal karo gay to nafrat aur takfir naheen milay gee to kia medal of honor milay ga? [Dr Jawwad Khan]


    Dear Jawwad Sahab,

    Why complain when the Shias quote Khilafat O Malookiyat for sending Tabbarra on Sahaba Kiram. No doubt Mawdudi was a great Scholar!!!

  42. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    @amir mughal sahib!

    kudal milee ya naheen?

  43. SM Imran H Zaidi Avatar
    SM Imran H Zaidi

    What an artful dodger you are Jawad sahab; havent replied yet. Whenever you dont want to reply or ignore a question; you just rant about anti shia statements. There are other places if you want to discuss that.

    For now; just simpy reply as YES or NO if the other sects will be ready to live under hanafi sharia?

  44. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    dodger? ….me?

    neyhhh! i believe in collision with full speed.

    will deo bandi and barelvi support the shariyah?

    why not.they are muslims and both are hanafi.

    why not?

    regarding shia i believe that if there is only one shia left in pakistan and remaining population became hanafi,even then that shia will make an organization name

    "tehreek e nifaz e fiqah jafriyah".

  45. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Dr Jawwad, if it was this simple to get Sunni Muslims to agree on shariat, wouldn't it have been forced on Pakistan by now?

    And the only reason the Barelvis chime in with the Deobandis in the open nowadays is because they are scared of being blown up. If you don't believe me, just check out the very recently released photos of Sunni Tehreek members burning effigies of Taliban leaders.

    I'd love to see how Barelvis and Deobandis debate on an even footing. In fact, I'd like to sit there with some popcorn and watch, given its entertainment value.

  46. SM Imran H Zaidi Avatar
    SM Imran H Zaidi

    Things are easier said than done. I'm interested to see how the dynamics work out. It wouldnt be far fetched that your implementation of sharia will lead to mass civil war.

  47. Mohammad Avatar

    Yaar Mr. Jawad, Imran Zaidi and all….App ko pata hai ke hum aaj is haal main kyun hain.?? apni khud ki waja se…Hum Shia Sunni karte karte aapas main larr mar jaye ge…who will have the benefit of this…??? Think abt it…Aur plz aapas main larna chorr do…jab ham ek ho jayen ge tab hi yeh mulk bach sake ga..warna is mulk ka balke pooray musalmanon ka kuch nahi ho sakta…trust me on this one..

  48. asim Avatar


    kitnee achee khahishain hain tumhareee….

    bhi, sanp ko dodho pilaney wai woh tumhara wafadar nahee hojataa.. yahee haal Shia-on kaa hai….

    Aaaj agar Pakistan aur Iran kee jang ho jaey to yai log Kafiron sai ziada Pakistan ko nuqsaan pohnchain…

    Aaaj to yai log khushee sai mast hain , inkey baaap jo Sunni muslmanon ko qatal karney main lage hain

    Asteeen kai sanp hain yai log.

  49. Mohammad Avatar

    @Asim: yaar insaan ko hamesha achi umeed rakhni chahye….bura soche ge to bura hi hoga..Kya hum aapis main larne ke ilawa koi aur kaam nahi kar sakte…plz yaar ek doosre per ilzaam tarashi se parhaiz karo…ek doosre ke saath mil ke agay barho…plzzz…Allah hame in shar pasand anasir se bachaye…Ameeen