Death of a student at LUMS

Today at LUMS, 3 students went out of the gates and were smashed into by a drunk driver in a Pajero. One student, Waheeb Alam, has been pronounced dead, another has suffered major injuries, while the third one is relatively OK [Muhammad Majid & Sohaib Tariq]. As usual, the hospital had to deny medical aid to the critically injured student initially as it was a “police case”. The teachers and students at LUMS have protested, and rightly so, and classes were canceled for the day at LUMS.

Almost half the student body of LUMS protested at the crime scene all day today. The protestors included members of the LUMS faculty and administration, including the VC. After calling to attention the police’s attempts to prevent the registration of the FIR, conceal evidence and withhold the blood reports of the accused, the protestors were visited by Saad Rafique, the PML-N MNA from the constituency, who assured them, on behalf of the CM Punjab, that the perpetrators would be brought to justice in a transparent investigation.

Afterwards, there was a meeting of the LUMS student body, attended by the VC, deans and senior faculty, as well as university lawyers. A committee was formed, consisting of students and faculty, which was given the charge of pursuing the case and monitoring its progress.

Also, the blood reports were finally made available to the students (after assurances from the Chief Medical Officer Punjab); for one of the accused, they are alcohol positive.

The student council and administration of LUMS are actively pursuing the case, with the help of a reputed criminal attorney. And yes, there are multiple eyewitness accounts and ample evidence for a possible manslaughter offence.

The only possible catch is, this time, the perpetrators are the offspring of the family that owns the luxurious Royal Palm country club.

Hardly worth mentioning that even the current verbatim response of the state authorities would not have been elicited had it not been for the immediate mobilization of the student body on the streets and the LUMS administration’s support.

Report prepared from a collection of emails from Moneeza and Ammar Rashid on the Peoples Resistance Network






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  1. Ehsan Avatar

    Thats pretty horrible, Where does the so honoured Chief Justice stand on this ?

  2. Faisal Ali Arain Avatar

    It is really horrible. So what action have taken by Mian Shahbaz Shareef (C.M.Punjab) who are famous for fast administrative actions?

    Now again his credibility are on test.

  3. samreen Avatar

    Well approaching the CM might turn out fruitful and this is a fight against all those drunk drivers who damage other peoples family and lives. Pakistan is suffering on every front and if this case doesnt find justice then i must say that Pakistan must be pronounced a dead country.

    I request all the people currently in LUMS and in Pakistan to stand up and make sure that this does not become just a story that people would remember for a day or two. Please people stand up. Do every possible thing to prove that a life of any person is worth alot.

    If u donot play ur due part then u have given in for what we call "real terrorism'.

  4. Imran Avatar

    Its time for the azad adhliah to take some action.

  5. blog Avatar

    This is horrible, reminds me of the incident when owners of a popular sweet shop ran over and killed an infant in Lahore

  6. Hali Avatar

    Please correct the name. its Waheeb Alam.

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      @hali – thank you for pointing out the error – correction made

  7. khan s.m Avatar
    khan s.m

    this is cold blooded murder,the culprits should be burnt alive + the person who paid them for the booz.

  8. Kurrachee Kid Avatar

    This is just sad and the fact is, with the new Prado/Pajero government, these victims will never get the justice they deserve. At all.

  9. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    As a LUMS alumnus, I am deeply shocked, saddened and angered by this episode. I wish Waheeb's family strength in this extremely testing time, and wish Majid and Sohaib a speedy recovery.

    Some shady people prevented the police from registering an FIR till SIX HOURS after the accident. The blog post mentions that one of the drunks was the son of a rich family; it should be mentioned that the other drunk passenger was the son of a serving army officer. The police were being intimidated and were trying their best to ensure that they don't have to mention the drunken state of the Land Cruiser passengers/driver in the FIR given the connections of those bastards. Thankfully, all evidence has been registered now. And I know who LUMS have on the case, and he is a great lawyer.

    This is a nailed-shut manslaughter case, and I hope these motherfuckers get the maximum punishment. Justice must prevail.

  10. Fouad Yaseen Avatar
    Fouad Yaseen

    We, the students of LUMS, are always there for another protest and to bring justice to these innocents. Whole of the LUMS student body is actively involved and is, directly or indirectly, in contact with the inspecting authorities. We will inshAllah win the case and the culprits will be rewarded with what they really deserve.

  11. Fouad Yaseen Avatar
    Fouad Yaseen

    We, the students of LUMS, are always there for another protest and to bring justice to these innocents. Whole of the LUMS student body is actively involved and is, directly or indirectly, in contact with the inspecting authorities. We will inshAllah win the case and the culprits will be rewarded with what they really deserve.

  12. Nauman Shahid Avatar
    Nauman Shahid

    This act of endangerment of the life of a fellow civilian, should be penalized by the fullest extent of the law, without leaving any loopholes.

  13. Talal Masood Avatar

    This is what we call "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" .. shame on the people …!! after seeing all this don't you think the Taliban rule is quite better? They punish you if you don't offer namaz, they punish you if you drink, or take drugs, they punish you for doing all the activities against Islamic laws.

    You people at LUMS are quite aware of the positive aspect of Islamic laws. And whatever you see on the media these days about Taliban is not what actual Talibans were. In my view, other external forces are making false presence of Taliban.

    Ok coming back to the topic, If our government (though its just a dream of mine) is so good – Ban and Arrest every Drug and Drinks seller. It would be the first loyal step towards the real identify of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

  14. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Talal Masood, we at LUMS also believe in the freedom of religion, and don't want to be flogged or beheaded by the Taliban for holding independent views and not saying our prayers. Please do not disrespect our deceased fellow by politicising this thread. Have some dignity.

  15. Faheem Yunus Avatar
    Faheem Yunus

    perhaps in the end, we fail to mention and realise the reason behind being forbidden to drink any alcohol. Is a freedom of one more important and valuable than another's life? The richie rich bastards grow thicker on their liqour while the family of the deceased is as good as dead. A lost of a young child, does it even out at the freedom of others to drink and drive. Sometimes to get rid of the cancer you have to chop off the bodypart. And that Alcohol in Pakistan is such a problem. Let's just punish the driver that it sets an example. What you do in your own home is your business but when you get out on streets drunk then it become's the nation's problem. So let's take care of it the old fashion way .

  16. badar Avatar

    sorry to say, system in which we are living never gave justice to anyone….!!! scroll in the past & u will find plenty examples, just few to mention was Sultan Rahi, Gulgee, Benazir……!!! they were the icons of our society but nothing was brought in front of public!!! Those bloody rascals will use resources in today's govt. if CM will try to take any action, he will be called from PM house or Presidency not to involve or vice versa…..!!! those bloody rascals parents & influential govt. share evening hours together either at golf, drinking or at bridge.So,how can they let their off springs go behind bars or put in a trial……they will be moved temporarily to dubai or somewhere for vacations….& that will close the chapter as time goes by. Can anyone tell me what happened to Nirala guy when he killed that infant & injured his parents !!!! Hopeless people & so called system !!!!

  17. mustafa Avatar

    Waheeb was a really really really nice and sweet guy