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Protest Demo Against the Feudalism in Khaskheli

Today 28 April a protest demonstration was held against Sanghars influential feudal lord Waryam Faqeer by the Joint Action Committee (JAC) Karachi. JAC is a compilations of many civil society organizations, LPP, AP, PILER, HRCP. Shirkat Gah, Aurat Foundation, Takleeq Foundation, etc. The protesters demonstrated for arrest of feudal Waryam Faqeer and appealed to the government to return the land to the native villagers of Goth Mohammed Essa Khaskheli.


The Case Facts as of today

  • A Sanghar influential feudal Waryam Faqeer was granted bail by a court in murder case of a hunger striker died (Wali Daad Khan) outside Karachi Press Club during a protest camp.
  • Waryam Faqeer has been nominated in murder case of Walidad Khan who was died outside the press club during hunger strike.
  • The villagers who had observed protest for 20 days had blamed that Waryam Faqeer wanted to expel them from the village.
  • Waryam Faqeer, however denied the allegation leveled by the villagers.
  • The Frere police have registered a case of Qatl-e-Shibh-e-Amd against a former provincial assembly member (MPA) over an incident reported at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) in which a protester died.
  • Madad Ali, a resident of Goth Mohammed Essa Khaskheli, said that on July 2007, accused Waryam Faqeer along with Noor Hassan, Dr Hashim, Manzoor Brohi, Noor Mohammed Abro and others, attacked his village.
  • Ali, along with 70 other residents of his village, then came to Karachi, and protested in front of the KPC. They demanded the release of their village from the above-named land-grabbers.
  • On April 11, 2009, the accused people came to the main gate of the KPC and started threatening the protesters with dire consequences and death threats. One of the protesters, Wali Daad, fainted and was shifted to the hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead due to a heart attack.

Credit for the update and Pictures S B Khan, Labour Party Pakistan (LPP)


  • junaid |

    What about filing a criminal case of neglect against the Governor and the Chief Minister of Sindh? and why not against the president and prime Minister….

    I second these protests, but without Media's support they wouldn't do any good.

    I want to see media protesting, as they protested against the alleged flogging, but now, this wouldn't happen. Where would the sponsorship come from?