What is happening in Buner

This email was submitted by Zia ur Rehman on the Peoples Resistance mailing list

pakistan_bunerI noticed some news from the inhabitants of the Buner who are regularly in touch with their families via phones.

The military is targeting the civilian population instead of hideout of the militants which resulted the casualties more than 100. The military are targeting those families who are migrating to safe areas. A person told from Kalpani village that there is huge exchange of firing and shelling between the both and we can’t take the corpses of the people who have died due to caught between it despite after passing two days, the dogs are eating the bodies of the corpses placed in the fields but no body can’t dare to go outside the home as there is a danger of firing of both sides. A Talib fired only single fire on a military vehicle but in return, the military gunship helicopters destroyed whole village of Kalpani.

ISPR’s reports are false. Their claim of killing 80 Taliban is totally baseless. All the killed people are commoners. Journalists are not allowed to enter the areas while local journalists are either in Peshawar or not writing or telling the truth due to the fear of both Taliban and Military. one journalist told me I have to not become a victim like Musa Khankhel or Hayyatullah Wazir.

Half of the population is being displaced due to the situation. The people who are not economically sound are still at home.

In Torwarsak, an area of Buner, Taliban openly came and looted bank and utility store and now stayed at Government school but the military is ignoring them intentionally, a local claim. Taliban are wandering on the roads and hills with heavily arms while the military helicopters are flying over them and nothing do .

In migration from Buner to safe areas, people esp women, children and elder people are facing so problems. The vehicles are demanding Rs 5000 only for 15 kilometres to these effected people. Many sick people died in the way migrating to the Mardan.

People are mostly migrating to Mardan, Swabi , Hazara and Peshawar where they are facing problems to finding out the houses on rent for living. The landowners are demanding Rs 50000 in advance and Rs 10000 for two bed room home in Peshawar.

Cellular phones and PTCL lines are not working properly which also made the situation very worst esp for those who are expats or living outside the Buner to know about the families.




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  1. Ehsan Avatar

    So now this blog is being used to publish the junk mail that you get in your inbox ! Just another attempt to tarnish the reputation of the army and make it look like the army is working against the people, do you have any proof of this info ? to do what they want to do first you must get rid of Pakistan Army and you sure are helping their cause by rumours like these !

  2. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    @Ehsan – this blog is about condemning the fascism by any tom-dick-n-harry for now I believe if the Talibans are running unscathed – while the innocents are being killed then I stand against this form of fascism – reports have been coming ever since 2-3 years of the bias attitude of teh Pakistan army in targetting the perpetrators of the crime.

    The most blatant crime was to allow the FM tranmission to continue – which allowed the hatred to flousih far and wide – had if this small means of communication was curtailed well over a few years back – maybe the taliban tabligh would be a different stroy -it does not take 3 years to obtain the technology to track and block an FM station. This accusation i level directly at the Pakistan Army – they are in cohoots to whosoever wants to disstablize Pakistan

    So to answer your question I will continue to stand up for the innocent pakistani, the unarmed and the righteous. Afterall these were the same loving people whom we called Pakistanis for well over 60 years – all of a sudden if a rouge of black sheep are making minced meat out of their region – does nto mean I throw the innocent and weak out on the street.

  3. Amna Avatar

    I second Teeth Maestro on the role of Army. what have they done so far in Swat??? its been more than 2 years and this sixth or 7th largest army of the world hasn't been able to wipe off these inhuman Talibans??? don't you ever sit and wonder why??? they have been trained only on one patriotic notion that INDIA is your enemy and thats the front they are always ready to fight with all their heart otherwise i am sorry but this army that i know today and the same after 9/11 is sold out to America..they are nothing but bunch of shit scared people who are just letting innocent people die by those barbarians and in result killing more civalians instead of targeting barbarians…why our so apt and great army delays its operations and then get their at last minute to clean up the mess that includes blood and gore of innocent lives???….why we have more suicide bombers, more talibans more insurgency in those areas and rest of the Pakistan….role of government and parties with mandate are not commendable either, they cant say no to AMERICA, this so called monstrous creation of CIA, ISI and Government is backfiring big time…and like always victims are poor civilians…and even those army officials are Jawan( Army soldiers) who are ordered to kill….your president Asif Zardari has once again left to kiss American's ass, and i wonder if Nawaz Sharif has balls to join the government now and face the trouble, bear the brunt and prove that he has changed, prove that he is in fact a sher…i doubt that he would…and i seriously wonder who would???

  4. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    "I believe if the Talibans are running unscathed – while the innocents are being killed"

    What you believe will not turn lie into truth. Over the internet you will find everything about everything. The only way to differentiate truth from lie is that truth is suported by reasons and facts. This article you have published is nothing based on nothing. It is just a desperate attempt to defame the excellent job our military is doing to root out these vermin which are doing their filthy business all in the name of our beloved prophet and our beloved religion. I didn't see any single credible reference in this entire hocus-pocus being propagated by someone called Zia ur Rehman.

  5. Zia Ur Rehman Avatar
    Zia Ur Rehman


    see New York Times

    It is a credible referece for you because may be you know Pakisani media can't go agaisnt "National Interests" designed by the state under the force of PEMRA.

    Also BBC Urdu

  6. raqib56 Avatar

    @ absolutely fabricated enimosity against Pak ARmy

    triggered by Indo/Israeli propaganda in the form of

    famous " flogging " videos, or news in media, both,

    National and International,




  7. Stupid Man Avatar
    Stupid Man

    People from Buner hold exectly same opinion about ARMY. They say army and Taliban are two sides of same coin. I am not sure that it is misconception or what, but surely it is a failure of govt and army to take people in confidence. It is common perception that bombs are directed towards civilian population rather then on Taliban.

    Although operation is only cure, but at the same time we have to make sure that it is not a mock effort once again. The strategic asset 'Taliban' remain untouched and people suffer.

  8. Chekitout Avatar


    This is what happens when armies attack. They can not precisely kill the targets. Civilians die…

    But don't try to wash your guilt. You were among the ones who called for this operation. Why escape the guilt?

    Any way, don't worry, the $$$$ PAK ARMY and PPP will get in return will be used to build Karachi through MQM.

  9. Shair Avatar

    maktab-e-ishq main dastoor nirala dekhaa,

    saza usey milee jisney sabaq yaad rakhaa

    Jo Pakistan ko torney kai khuley narey lagatey hain woh phal-phool rahey hain aur jinhon nai Salim Pakistan main Islam nafiz karney kee baat kee woh saza paa rahey hain…..


    yai Pakistan kee jang nahee, yai $$$ kee jang hai

    Jang Pakistan kai liey hotee to kaisey, MQM kai ghundey ghareeb rakshaa walon aur chaey walon ko golion kaa nishana banatey…

    aur kaisey BNP, quetta aur deegar ilaqon main Pakistan kee himayat karney walon ko chun chun kar qatal karteee.

  10. Aliarqam Avatar

    I absolutely agree Teeth Maestro for his opinion on P Army….They still Consider these MONSTERS their strategic assets…In the last two years No major leader from these Mosters has been killed….

    Create these Monsters,Terrify the Neighbours and Get Money for demolishing them….

    Displaced people are facing worst living conditions there….And they are not able to face the Monsters on battlefields…They use Morters and Shellings in the densely populated Areas and as a result the collateral damage is higher than the Culprits….


  11. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    what is happening buner is the great Pakistani army is getting the taste of their own medicine they supported taliban and now the elected beggars have got son alms from america ,so this beggars have decided they will fight against their so called taliban brothers.well done beggars

  12. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    what is happening buner is the great Pakistani army is getting the taste of their own medicine they supported taliban and now the elected beggars have got son alms from america ,so this begggars have decided they will fight against their so called taliban brothers.well done beggars

  13. hibi-jibi Avatar

    @i love bjp,

    hey, why don't you ask your Modi Mardood to send his men to help Pakistan Army kill some Muslims in swat area.

    May by Kiyani can get some help from Modi. Just tell modi to send the same people who killed Muslims in Ahmedabad to join Pakistan Army.

    In India he may get in trouble for killing some Muslims, in Pakistan Modi will be made Head of Pakistan Army and he can get some $$$$$ too..

  14. hibi-jibi Avatar

    and when he retires in Pakistan he will get a big villa in Chak Shahzaad.

  15. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    hibi-jibi try think logically,if we have to send our people they might die while fighting ,now the people of the most peaceful religion are killing each other,why disturb then and why kill our people when taliban are doing the same in the name of the most peaceful religion.

    India is not so desparate for money like your elected beggars are ,they are killing there own people for more alms from US.

    you people are killing each other why send our people.to do the same

  16. usman Avatar

    @i love bjp,

    You know you are right. When a puppet can do the job, why the real beneficiaries have to expose themselves.

    For Pakistanis Kiyani is just another verson of Modi.

    Modi and his gang killed Muslims out of their hate.

    Kiyani and Pakistan Army is killing Muslims out of their love for $$$$$$$$.

  17. SEO Pakistan Avatar

    Hey hey, Kiyani is a man of the moment.. you call them muslims, and what they do like muslims??

    beating girl in public?


    bombings mosques?

    bombing mazars?

    showing weapons?

    I don't understand, when everyone was agree to NIZAME ADAL. Then why can't they hide their weapon?

    They should think the world is not blind

  18. asim Avatar

    SEO Pakistan,

    Well, man of the moment or Dallal of the Moment? His boss weren't happy over the peace deal.

    Well what is Pakistani (rather dalleee) fauj doing now? showering flowers on innocent civilians?

    killing Muslims? or you think you can issue your own fatwa to declare them non-muslims?

    I guess Pakistani Army has smart bombs that don't destroy Masajid (leave alone the mujra-centers aka Mazars).

  19. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    the biggest beggar you have elected as told that taliban was created by ISI and CIA and you guys are busy blaming india of supporting taliban ,what a joke ,you guys first decide with in your or self weather India is involved or not .

    ha ha ha ha ah aha

  20. Scaliper Avatar


    1) Bloggers have to build a repute and they have to work twice as hard as other mediums to do so. What is your source of this information?

    2) Teeth have u been there to Buner? Could you support your claim by any eyewitness account, pictures or documents?

    3) My understanding is that the area is quite porous and journalists would be able to slip through ofcourse there is no guarantees their life because both the taliban and the army would be out to kill them both of them do not want them there do u agree?

    @i love bjp

    india has been answered again and again

    and we have yet to demand answers for kashmir and bangladesh

  21. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    india has been answered again and again? what as been answered first your elected beggars said that taliban is behind taliban then those elected beggars say that it was done by ISI ,those beggars can not find there own AS@ with there own hands ,first blame on india with out any investigation and after investigation (if its done) they say that india was not behind the attack.

    wht did they say after the srilank was attacked and what happened after that?

  22. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    there are some simple question can you answer me

    why do you hate america?

    if you hate them why are you letting them use your soil?

    why are the elected beggars asking aid from them like beggars how ask money in traffic signal?

    can any pakistani answer this?

  23. Scaliper Avatar

    @i love bjp

    congrats on your party not winning the second election in a row. I hope the humiliation isn't too much for you extremists whos whole party pitch is based on call for blood.

    Then let me congratulate India on falling flat on its face when the srilankans kicked the Indian sponsored Tamil tigers into the sea. We wish to do the same with Taliban and if you want we can even send them to you

    Mr BJP we dont hate america we hate the american totalitarian policies and btw we hate bjp for the same reason

    as for the so called begging you are talking about if india would just stop whining about how we spilt the mother india and NOT support the taliban through their consulates in Afghanistan. We wont need the money. If india stops deploying 2/3rds of its military next to the pakistan border we wont need to spend most of our gdp on the army.

    in conclusion shutup and take a long hard look at the hogwash called india

    70% of india earns less than 20Rs daily

    70% women suffer from sexual abuse

    india has the highest child labour in the world

    indian army suffers 100 sucides per year would you like to explain why are the fools killing themselves ?

    u can google any of the above facts and do respond to that

  24. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    I think it should not matter who one the election,we are just sure that our elected leaderd will not go begging and we Indians are very proud that over leaders are not beggars.

    how told you that India sponsored LTTE,we were neutral we had sent our able army to help srilanks and LTTE is a terrorist out fit In India.our PM was killed by them for helping srilanka.

    you have told that India is funding taliban(what a joke ha ha ha ha ha ha ha).

    who told you that?did that person with verbal diorea zaid hamid tell you that .which other country other than you and muslim countries are telling it?

    the greatest beggar of all time MR 10% as told that ISI and CIA was resposible for the growth of taliban how can you say that India is helping them ?what is the proof do you have any,when the whole world is saying that pak is the culprit you guys point towards India.

    afghan is a muslim country,right what have you fellow muslim done to rehabilitate them?

    what have you guys done to your muslim bros in palestin?

    whom have you guys helped other than muslim(if you have helped)?

    just for your information we indians have built a highway in afghan which is 218 or 281 km long and it as reduced the travel time from 12 hrs to 2-3 hr what have you done ?

    your elected beggars dont have time to beg for survival what will you do for others?

    what have you done to respect you? please tell me so I start respecting pakistan.

  25. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    man I think that 70% is a bad figure we will round off the figure and we will keep it as 75% or if you want you can increase it.how is going to believe pakistan?

    not even afghan is trusting you?

    the whole world knows what is the India and what is pak,so it really does not matter ,70 or 75.

    the us as told that pakistan is the migraine to this world.

    they have told that pakistan is the breeding ground for terrorist.

    I can understand your feelings you want to hold some one responsible for your faliure so u r blaming India go ahead and blame and no one will believe you ,not even you allies US,will tey believe you guys?

  26. IHSAN BUNERY Avatar


    Pakistan is an Islamic country, Aur hum apne aap ko ek "Azaad aur khud Mukhtar Mumlikat" ke name se kehte hai, Lekin aisa kuch bhi nahi hai, kaun kehta hai ke hum azaad hai, Nahi agar hum Azaad hote to aaj humare faisly America main nahi hote, Waise agar dekha jaaye to Asif Ali Zardari Sahab ke pas kis cheez ki kami hai Ya Nawaz sharif Sahab ke pas, Un ke pas har cheez hai lekin us ke bawajood un ka koshish hai ke apne public ko kis new museebat main daalon jis ki waja se woh America se $$$ hasil karay, Allah Ki Qasam hamara mulk day-by-day Tabahi ki taraf jaa rahe hai, Sharam aani chahye unko jo dollar ke lye apne Awaam ko mushkilat main daalte hai,

    Woh 1 Joke hai ke "1 AADMI tha woh jab bhi shadi karta hai to dosre din us ki BIVI marti hai theek aisi ek AURAT thi jiski har shadi ke baad uski Husband marta hai, Waha ke loogo ne yeh mashwara kya ke agar hun in doono ki shadi karay to kya hoga? Khair un dono ki shadi hui dosre din dekha to MULLA Margy tha"

    Edher hamare country main yeh hai ke 2 Gunahgaar ek dosre ko kuch nahi kehte teesre ko nishana banate hai,theek Esi tereh Buner Aur Swat Ke halat Hai,

    Mera Kehne ka Maqsad yeh hai ke nuqsaan har taraf se awaam ka horaha hai.


  27. IHSAN BUNERY Avatar

    I've made some mistakes in my comments im extremely sorry for that. Be Happy Khuda Hafiz