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Returning Home – An Interview with an IDP

Married with 2 kids, Burhan Din is 28 years old and belongs to Amankot in Mingora, Swat. He is pursuing an M. Phil. in Anthropology from Peshawar University. He had been working for a trust called Muslim Aid in Mingora as a hygiene promotion officer for one year before he was forced to leave his home on the 2nd May, 2009. I was given the contact of Burhan, who had tried to go back to his home in Mingora and was keen to share his experience.

Burhan mentioned that the problem of Taliban had begun two years ago and although they were not targeting civilians they were considered a threat by the people of Mingora. Security personnel, government servants and especially the military were their main targets as well as anyone they deemed worthy of punishment such as criminals, drug dealers and political party workers.

The arrival of the army in late April was a severe threat to his life and with the fighting intensifying, he like everyone else in Mingora city, decided to leave. Burhan took his family and reached Takht-Bhai on May 4th and was registered at the Jalala Camp. However, there was no room for people then in the camp. Along with five other families, Burhan, his wife, two children and parents settled at Government Boys Primary Schools Sher Hasan Kilay at Pir Saado in Takht-Bhai.
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What is happening in Buner

This email was submitted by Zia ur Rehman on the Peoples Resistance mailing list

pakistan_bunerI noticed some news from the inhabitants of the Buner who are regularly in touch with their families via phones.

The military is targeting the civilian population instead of hideout of the militants which resulted the casualties more than 100. The military are targeting those families who are migrating to safe areas. A person told from Kalpani village that there is huge exchange of firing and shelling between the both and we can’t take the corpses of the people who have died due to caught between it despite after passing two days, the dogs are eating the bodies of the corpses placed in the fields but no body can’t dare to go outside the home as there is a danger of firing of both sides. A Talib fired only single fire on a military vehicle but in return, the military gunship helicopters destroyed whole village of Kalpani.
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