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The Writ of Government

It’s the most popular mantra of the Ruling Elite & its intelligentsia to justify military operation to counter the existing wave of terrorism. Here are some of the examples from Pakistani Ruling Elite that fall under the writ of Government according to them.

If a minister marries her sisters to The Quran by taking Ruling Elite into confidence, then it’s within the writ of Government.

If a senator buries women while they are alive by taking Ruling Elite into confidence, then it’s within the writ of Government.

If the terror wing of a party, who is a part of Government, burn & kill people (voicing for justice) by taking Ruling Elite into confidence, then it’s within the writ of Government.

If a General abandons the original constitution & issues a Provisional Constitutional Order by taking Ruling Elite into confidence, then it’s within the writ of Government.

But if someone demands for rule of law (justice, peace & security) without taking Ruling Elite into confidence, then it’s outside the writ of Government. And he/she is eligible to be killed at first sight through military operation or through one of the terror wings of Ruling Elite.

By displacing at least one million people, according to UN, killing hundreds & wounding thousands through heavy bombardment, At last Ruling Elite has successfully established the writ of Government on the houses vacated by these millions of people. Bravo! Ruling Elite.

Writ of Government means Rule of law around the globe with the exception of Pakistani Ruling Elite.

God bless writ of …oops! God bless Pakistan


  • Muhammad Asif |

    Yes, you are right.

    Democracy itself doesn't tells us to whom we should elect & thats where the role of politicians, media & intelligetsia comes into picture to fill this gap & educate the awam to whom they should elect & why?

    And instead from my childhood days I know that media only tells awam countlessly "vote dalney ka tareeka" which is important but ignores the most important factor "whom & why" giving way to influential people to exploit the vote.

    Educating awam & creating an awareness abt the importance of the vote is the key to success of democarcy otherwise no one can stop dictatorship, jirga, nizam-e-adal…

    And responsibility lies with media. politicians & intellegentsia.

  • junaid |

    @Syed M Imran H Zaidi

    You said:i am not against islam as a ruling power; as you can see i am quite content with iran as a theocracy. the problem is that the demographics of pakistan do not allow it to be controlled by a particular sect; which will result in bloodshed; which is why i am against theocracy in pakistan.

    You support theocracy in Iran, because its based on Shia-ism. You are against it in Pakistan, because it will be based on Sunnism..

    You hypocrite sons of Abdullah bin Sabah….

  • Syed M Imran H Zaidi |


    oh; you sound pissed. wahabism and sunnism are two different things. we will never vouch for a yazeedi style implementation of islam; which suppresses the rights of the people.

    i can merely laugh at your knowledge about the basics of shi-ism; at least syeds are from the family tree of the prophet. maybe you should look at your family tree; wont be difficult to find muawiya or yazeed or abu sufyan at the top of it…

  • readinglord |

    Quran says,"La hukmo illalillah" (There is no writ but the writ of Allah), Inshallah, Mashallah. Raahe nam Allah kaa, baaqi sab maya he. Kahaan gaey woh 'Mazboot kursi' waale? This Loud-speekeri Mullah ridden 'zarraari' (sectarian) Islam will bring the doom of this nation.