Swat Relief Update [Day 2 @ 9:00]

Its early morning, Faris arrived early at 5 am from Lahore and literally crashed out without speaking a word. Were up at 8 and are ready to head off to Mardan. Truck scenario is that two trucks were dispatched last night and will arrive very soon. Items totalling the delivery of one more truck await at Makro and we hope to have that also shipped out today to arrive in Mardan tomorrow.

First thing that we need to do today is to visit one or two more NGO’s and see their requirments once we establish our base camp we will then offload all our food items and start preparing individual family hampers and tomorrow be ready for distribution. The most arganized group for distribution is technically Jamaat Islami who have listed all refugees and have issued them ration cards, Bagheecha Deri has a decent distribution network and if we are to distibute there we might have to tap into JI’s network to ensure proper delivery. As usual these doantiona that we are disbursing are not under any political party so we will try to avoid such labelling, but lets see how things go.

Faris has done a great job in Lahore spending the entire day pushing Makro’s pencil pushers to deliver – on time, yet the trucks moved out of their dock at 10pm at night.

Ill try to pen down more stories of yesterdays rendevous with the refugees during our drive to Mardan soon enough



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  1. Sikander Avatar

    I am glad to hear that Jamat E Islami is also taking part with a great fervor.. despite of this fact that Munawar Hassan (Jamat E Islami Ameer) always supports Taliban and Militants.. he hates US.. and love Talibans.. some people in Lahore are hesitating to take their help in contribution bcoz it is presumed that they are still supporting the Militants against Pak Army.. i know it's not true.. it's not the time to pointing fingers.. it's time to show the world that we still have Germs of a nation..