Zardari throws out Quaid-e-Azam from the Presidency

I was alerted of this development earlier in the afternoon courtesy of blogger Farhan where he wrote a blog post The Terrible Blunder at Presidency. Caught up in work, I made a mental note to check it out in detail, but at 9pm Geo reportedly carried a news item along the same lines showing picture after picture where the Presidency had apparently removed all pictures of Quaid-e-Azam

Pakistan Cricket team at the Presidency without the Quaid-e-Azam portrait

Having a close look at the picture you see four portraits namely Asif Zardari, Bilawal Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto and followed by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, nowhere do we see the portraits of the Founder of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Mohd Ali Jinnah or for that matter Allama Iqbal.

I hope this is just an accidental mistake and there is no attempt by the idiot President to alter our history in anyway whatsoever.



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82 responses to “Zardari throws out Quaid-e-Azam from the Presidency”

  1. Sameer Avatar

    @ Teeth Maestro

    i feel as you are a political opponent of PPP you start such propaganda to defame PPP and its government and this is not just you many people specially from Punjab who wants to throw this government out and pave way for Nawaz doing such propaganda.

    Here is the real Photo of Presidency.

    The Picture of Quiad e Azam can be seen.

    I have taken this picture from Video of PTV which is available, anyone can easily find it on internet.

    This is the truth.

    Awab i hope you stop lying and if you don't it means you are telling all of us the 23 years old Munafiq relation of your father with Jamat e Islami make you lie so much.

    This is the real face of Mr Awab Alvi who is using his blog only to defame his Political Opponents and for wasted intrests.

    1. a pakistani Avatar
      a pakistani


      pls ye sochain k ham pakistani hain punjabi,sindhi, pathan nahi pls subai ta assub na phailain

  2. Struggling Pakistani Avatar
    Struggling Pakistani

    Quid's Photos NOT Removed… Propaganda Exposed…

    For those who are still Blind Or still intend to spread the Lie without any Enquiry/Tasdeeq, Explore this link also.

    For those who dont wan't to understand… I can only say:

    "O Lord….

    Gorgive them…

    For they Know Not.."

    This Video is of the same day Our Pak Cricket Team was welcomed by the


    This contains Our Quaid's Picture… Those having their Eyes open can see

    clearly what the intentions are….

    Just failing to fight in the proper Platform (Elections/Assembly) these

    people are just Spoiling the Show….

    I can just say "May Allah Bless you all with the Quality so that you dont Pull your brother's Leg for your so called success but bring yourself at a stage where your comments are justified".

    Like Iqbal sahab says:

    Khudi ko ker Buland Itna…

    Ke Khuda bande sey ye Pochey…

    Bataa Teri Razaa kya Hai..!!

    Sorry to say but our society has some pessimistic people who can't raise to tat Bulandi but want to Pull their fellow Leg….!!!

    This is no success.. Play according to rules Or Allmighty isnot going to appreciate this type of stuff..

    Take care…

    And Think about yourselves !!

  3. KarimG Avatar

    Was away for a while…..I see this "agent provocateur" Danny Boy is still here, seems like he is the resident shill here. Good Luck TEETH…this is no easy slime to hose…

    He is no supporter of Zardari, he is no Jiyala, he is not in love with CIA/MOSSAD etc. NO…HE JUST WANTS THE T R U T H

  4. Zainab Avatar

    @ Awab

    are you ashamed of your lies filled posts are you would continue to lie here ?

  5. abrar Avatar

    Struggling Pakistani,

    ok, Awab is liar, the picture is modified by adobe and what not…

    I guess this guy is a liar too….

    Besides, so you really think that Zardari has reached the bulandi that Khuda is asking him "teree raza kia hai"….

    Wow…you sound like a peeeplaaa

  6. abrar Avatar


    are you ashamed of your lies filled posts are you would continue to lie here

    mai GAAD he laiez so mchh, i hit awab alvi. i no he is agncy man, tring to distroi democratcy govrmet.

    I think is from Q leag.

  7. Paki Sher Avatar
    Paki Sher

    Let's name the pics from left to right:

    – ZAB

    – the Bandit Queen

    – a pimp

    = the source of Swine Flu in the world.

  8. Paki Sher Avatar
    Paki Sher

    Why has every landmark in Islamabad been named after the Bandit Queen of Pakistan?

  9. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    @paki sher!

    don't use that kind of words for BB.i believe that asif zardari is nothing but a chappal chor but BB had some qualities which most of paki politicians(including sher of pakistani politics) do not have.

  10. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Heh, when did you start to appreciate Benazir Bhutto, Dr Jawwad? Isn't it a "qiamat ki nishani" when a woman is heading a state? What about her liberal fascist interpretations of Islam and how she wanted to liberate (sorry, morally degrade) the women of Pakistan? What about her pro-America (ya'ni ke pro-Liberal Fascist CIA Mossad Raw Zionist Dajjali Freemasonic Luciferan) outlook?

  11. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    i appericiated the good qualities of appericiate some one doesn't mean you are agree with him/her on every thing.similarly criticism doesn't mean that you are totally disagree.she was a politician of greater understanding of politics,the courage and bravery which is missing in nawaz shareef,altaf hussain, asfandiyar wali and others.

    she was a woman and she is dead.that is why i didn't like those comments.

    best regards

  12. sadia Avatar


    Zardari’s leadership, removed General (R) Pervez Musharraf, da unconstitutional President of Pakistan, from office in a historic move, through a series of complex negotiations and political diplomacy. Mr. Zardari united Pakistan’s major political parties and this unprecedented act was accomplished without any violence. Zardari is being targeted by anti-democratic forces for vilification and persecution and bore the hardship with fortitude. The fact is dis he spent eleven and a half years in prison in conditions often unacceptable by human rights standards, without any charge ever being proven against him. He won election as MNA and as senator while in prison. Despite many offers from the government of the time to leave PPP or to go abroad under a negotiated political exit, he remained committed to Party goals and continued his fight for justice and the return of a democratically elected civilian leadership. And wat is dis:

    Asif Ali Zardari secured 481 votes, Pakistan Muslim League-N candidate Justice (Retd.) Saeed-uz-Zaman Siddiqui secured 153 votes while Mushahid Hussain Sayed fielded by PML-Q bagged 44 votes.

  13. KarimG Avatar

    Okay…I give up…Zardari new Qaid-e-Azam!

  14. abrar Avatar


    What a great way to twist things. I mean you can fool the toddlers with your theories, but you really think Zardair united the political parties?

    And even before he could unite the political parties, MQM came forward and nominated him for the presidency…

    And even befor MQM would nominate him, the condition of graduation was removed in order to take part in elections.

    Just like Musharraf was the sole single-man show, Zardari is running the same single-man-show. Just like Junejo was nothing more than a rubber-stamp for Zia-ul-Haq, the same is the status of Gilani (except that Junejo was never cited boob-pressing, but we witnessed Gilani boob-pressing sherry rehman 🙂 ).

    The truth is, that our mighty Masters, who move the strings for these stooges (including Kiyani, Zardari, Altaf Hussain and Rehman-dakait, and Nawaz), wanted all of them to *unite*, otherwise Taliban may had a stronger support against any Govt.

    Just imagine that PPP had not included MQM in the Govt and had stopped feeding- Altaf Hussain and his gang, whole of Karachi would have been protesting against every single drone attack and at every single electricity-outtage

    Did you forget when Mush delayed one of the money-bag delivery to Altaf Hussain and Karachi was seen protesting against the bombing of a madrassah in Waziristan

    We and all our political parties are united under the umbrella of our Masters. The moment they decide that they don't need our unity, Pakistan will break into pieces (or atleast thats what seems-like)

    So please, stop posting these toddler-theories on forums meant for adults

  15. sadia Avatar

    @ Abrar

    Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. So please don’t portray such thing wich show ur mentality, unless you’re absolutely sure about things, I did not find out the truth from ur story, is it a joke???? look zardari has shown acumen and lots of sagacity in dealing with the redoubtable challenges faced by the country, he has also done at the most difficult juncture of the history. Leading Pakistan in these tough times is the world’s most unwanted job and that is what is done by Zardari. If u want to divert the attention of people then GOOD JOB!!!!!

  16. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    @sadia baji!

    if you give me 1 million rupees i can help you changing the general public perception about zardari.

    so what do you say?

  17. shobi Avatar

    zardari the biggest duffer of the world did not know the importance of the founder of the country, how he would know because neither he went to school nor he is an educated person, BULL SHIT ON ZARDARI

  18. chandoo Lal Avatar
    chandoo Lal

    Tum logon ko gand maraee or man chudaee k elawa kuch naheen aata

  19. KarimG Avatar


  20. Abrar Avatar


    You said that Pakistan's Presidency is " the world’s most unwanted job "….

    Is it really that bad a job? I bet you are ignorant or simply a PPP tard to twist the facts. Just post an announcement and let me know if it is really the world's most unwated job…

    If you still don't find any one else for this job, I promise I would do the job for half the salary and I would give up the president house-cum-shadi-hall too.

    I promise I am more educated than him.

    I promise I have not defauded my country with kick-backs and commissions.

    I promise I have never killed a single person, let alone my brother-in-law (Murtaza Bhutto), let alone a judge (Nabi Sher Junejo), let alone an industrialist (Dadabhoy).

    I promise I have never collected Ransom, buy tieing a remote control bomb to an investor.

    I promise I have never been declated as mentally unfit…

    Do you want more promises?

  21. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    @sadia baji!

    please i also want to be the president even in Quarter of the salary and benefits, zardari gets.

    but i will follow zardari's step? i shall do every thing, zardari did to pakistan.

    don't you think that i,ll be better president?

  22. junaid Avatar

    Sadia baji

    I thought illiteracy was the major problem with our people getting into choosing jack a$$es like zardari and Gilani. You proved me wrong. Education has nothing to do with it.

    If thats what education is about, then we don't need these damn schools where one is taught to worship these mortals amd justify their crimes.

    All the crimes of Zardari mean nothing to you!!! and you would still support him. Now don't give me the bullshit that since he is our president and we need to stand behind him blah, blah blah….

    For sure our nation has done worst of judgments and have been unjust in placing the crooks in the parliament and then justifying the crime is even worse.

  23. Imran Dubai Avatar
    Imran Dubai


    Life is very beautiful if there is some thing Good. Pakistan is Good if the President not like Zardari i dont know why pakistani public so emotional and not even think after the Death of Be-Nazir, And gave opportunity to Zardari or Gaddari for the presidentship.There must and must be the picture of Quied-e-Azam and also Allama iqbal. Because if the picture is not available then how can a small kid can know the history of Pakistan. I not feel good after i saw the picture of zardari on the wall in some official and juducial places. Very Bad …………..|

  24. Raza M.Qureshi Avatar

    Zardari has removed the pictures of our Quaid from the walls, Inshallah his picture will not even get place on any wall in the country.

  25. Mohammed Hafeez Shar Avatar
    Mohammed Hafeez Shar

    This made me very sad indeed looking at this picture believe me or not I had tears of sadness in my eyes,what Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah done to create our Great Pakistan,and how its been ruined by these corrupt mobsters governments,makes my heart bleed,as the brother wrote above it won't be long before we have this corrupted Zardari's picture on our currency,what the hell are doing in Pakistan,why don't they throw him out,what are they waiting for,ALLAH forbid are they waiting for until the United States army marches in the streets in Pakistan,like look what they done to Iraq,just remember what Quaid-e-Azam's last message was to its nation Pakistan:

    A man such as Jinnah, who had fought for the inherent rights of his people all through his life and who had taken up the somewhat unconventional and the largely misinterpreted cause of Pakistan, was bound to generate violent opposition and excite implacable hostility and was likely to be largely misunderstood. But what is most remarkable about Jinnah is that he was the recipient of some of the greatest tributes paid to any one in modern times, some of them even from those who held a diametrically opposed viewpoint.

    It was, therefore, with a sense of supreme satisfaction at the fulfilment of his mission that Jinnah told the nation in his last message on 14 August, 1948: "The foundations of your State have been laid and it is now for you to build and build as quickly and as well as you can". In accomplishing the task he had taken upon himself on the morrow of Pakistan's birth, Jinnah had worked himself to death, but he had, to quote Richard Symons, "contributed more than any other man to Pakistan's survival". He died on 11 September, 1948. How true was Lord Patrick Lawrence, the former Secretary of State for India, when he said, "Gandhi died by the hands of an assassin; Jinnah died by his devotion to Pakistan"

    Sir, I hope and pray to almighty Allah, that you will achieve this task very soon amen, not only for me but for the sake of our whole beloved nation Pakistan.


  26. Raza M.Qureshi Avatar

    Zardari is a monster. He killed his wife,brother in law Murtaza, and also Begum Nusrat Bhutto. After removing the portraits of our Quaid he also killed him too, His ministers & he himself involved in many corruption cases. In this Mubarik Ramadan month people are giving curse to him.To day in Karachi 17 innocent women and girls died just to get one packet of ATTA. Inshallah Zardari will also die in a very miserable condition, because he is just filling his pockets with wealth and giving damn to solve any problem of this nation.

  27. Sandra Malik Avatar
    Sandra Malik

    What else we can expect out of the bastard who changed the father-ship of his own children and kicked his wife out of the life, just for snatching more wealth.

    Aameen on what Raza M. Qureshi said.

  28. Edythe Kerkman Avatar

    Thank you for you post, i was thinking about you the other day. Can't wait to see what you write about. Go for it!

    Follow me on Twitter

  29. Raza M.Qureshi Canad Avatar

    Comment no.51

    Who so ever written this comments no.51, it's absolutely right. Zardari deserve these comments. Every Pakistani is using these remarkable remarks against this President.What Bhuttto did with Ayub, he got reward being hanged, what Zia did with Bhutto, he got his reward by accidental death.What Zardari did with Benazeer, and removed the portrait of our Quaid, he will definitely get remarkable reward and people will remember for centuries.

  30. UMAIR AHMED Avatar

    i want to ask to all my friend to committed on the photos which u are looking infront behind them on the wall the photos of our leaders but where the photo of Founders of Pakistan

    it is very imazing and surprising that we all forget them