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Foreign Policy ranks Pakistan as the 10th Most Failed State

FPmagazineNothing to be proud off but in a survey conducted by Foreign Policy Magazine where they evaluated 177 countries across the world Pakistan was ranked as the 10th most failed state where Somalia was ranked as the most failed state followed by Zimbabwe, Sudan, Chad, Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Guniea and then Pakistan

The used 12 indicators ranking countries on a scale of 1-10 [10 being the most affected] Pakistan’s total aggregated score is 104.1 [Data Sheet available in PDF]

  1. Demographic Pressures – 8.3
  2. Refugees/IDPs – 8.6
  3. Group Grievance 9.6
  4. Human Flight 8.3
  5. Uneven Development – 8.8
  6. Economic Decline – 6.4
  7. Delegitimization of the State – 9.1
  8. Public Services – 7.5
  9. Human Rights – 8.9
  10. Security Apparatus – 9.5
  11. Factionalized Elites – 9.6
  12. External Intervention – 9.5

These numbers may not signify much but its based on a methodology to provide a snapshots of state vulnerability or risk of violence for one time period each year

The more important issue is to understand the term State Failure as defined by the study undertakers

A state that is failing has several attributes. One of the most common is the loss of physical control of its territory or a monopoly on the legitimate use of force. Other attributes of state failure include the erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions, an inability to provide reasonable public services, and the inability to interact with other states as a full member of the international community. The 12 indicators cover a wide range of elements of the risk of state failure, such as extensive corruption and criminal behavior, inability to collect taxes or otherwise draw on citizen support, large-scale involuntary dislocation of the population, sharp economic decline, group-based inequality, institutionalized persecution or discrimination, severe demographic pressures, brain drain, and environmental decay. States can fail at varying rates through explosion, implosion, erosion, or invasion over different time periods

As far as Pakistan goes in 2008 was ranked at 9 with a total of 103 points, so if there is any solace we inched a little more away from being an outright contender for the title of a failed state, but it does seem that we have the hallmarks of going into some severe crisis as the political ramblings combined with the worsening terrorism situation coupled with a deteriorating IDP crisis, we are in some severe issues. I can only hope and pray that this study can help jolt our irresponsible leaders into pulling our country out of this spiraling disaster, but I dread, that hope alone wont cut it …….


  • guY-sir |

    In this recession and depression times, Our lucifer-leaders like Zardari who is seeking FDI for IDPs which will hard to come by.

    Pakistan is ostensibly running on IMF aids and their pols lost their control of its territory like in FATA and waging gratuitous war towards their own people.

    But the criteria which give status of failed state is false. it should be that How corrupt ones country rulers are. How they gonna export more than imports.? their policies which define its future, feudal-fascism which is cancer and real responsible of ones failed state.

    ostensibly, our ruling class belongs to feudal elite and they are corrupt rather absolutely corrupts and real responsible for our failed status.

    We shouldn't worry about these facts, its all due to west which interference make us to see pak as failed state.

    1% of US population holds 70% of its wealth and in this recession, US majore firms like AIG, GM and giant-banks are collapsed. so we can say US is also a failed state.

  • noman |

    yup and who else would make it a headline news ?????? jew tv…geo tv…

  • guY-sir |

    MJ was Smooth Criminal; Rather

    Whole West is Smooth Criminal.

    They are Kleptocrats under the guise of Democrats. They are luciferians and they are 100% False…i did prove in previous post rest proves can be given on request, if ye are adepts instead of an a$$holes then ye can get the prove of westerners falseness and their failure.

    Their Banks and giant firms like GM and AIG are collapsed. I can surely say that US/UK/EU/AUS are Top 5 most failed states in the world then after our # comes

    Smooth Criminals or Sole Criminals

    Free-Will or False-Will

    Fascists or Feudals

    Fanatics or Flagitious

    These are few facts and free-names of west. Kill them b4 they kill you… go and fight these bastards who are waging needless war and gaining profit from carnage.

    Note: West Power based on feudalism which spawned fascism and which give birth to communism, socialism, feminism, materialism, democracy

    you name it.

  • guY-sir |

    Prove of west failure and falseness can be found below

    don't forget to watch Leo Zagami vdo in the middle of page. which will give ye real and greater rather top-secret pic he revealed after defection from illuminati circle of 33rd degree of freemasonry none but Mankind/Muslims Death Wish.

  • Sameer |

    It is scary but true that Pakistan is one of the top failed state. We have population of around 160 million, can't we find energetic, young and not corrupt guys in the Politics.

    The power used to toggle between Nawaz Sharif and BB, can't we get new people.

    We are sick of old politicians, it would be difficult to find a clean person from the existing lot.

    Teeth Maestro I would request you start awareness through the net, so people stop supporting these corrupt politician and look for young, educated, energetic and capable people.

  • Muhammad |


    "jew tv…geo tv…". They should also make another category for failed states as having people with problem of labeling others.

  • dr jawwad khan |

    let the decisions making remain in the hands of chappal chor and we will be the first.

    seriously we all have a share in making pakistan a failed state.

    we are in the same category with afghanistan,iraq and other african countries???….can any one believe that?

    a nuclear power with enormous potential and natural resources and talented citizens?

    what a god damn wastage!!!

  • Chishty |

    It is absolutely wrong that Pakistan is fail state it is just only propaganda and misguided report. What about USA and UK are not disintegrated?? How is economy of these countries?? They are also under debt of China IMF World Bank and other European countries. How much loses had suffered by the Financial crunch??

    Pakistan is only suffering by the political leaders corruption. UN, IMF or World Bank should investigate their assets which are beyond their income. Freeze all these illegal assets and their family members also. US had did with F.Marcos Philippine president flown to US with illegal money in suitcases.

    It is moral duty of the rich nation to discourage illegal transfer of money which have been invested in real estate or private sectors. UK have return the money which was brought by the Nigerian Education Minister in 2006. Madoff in USA is behind the bar for illegal collection. So they should take the case against Pakistani Leader who ever he/she is. All the cabinet members are jokers and criminal by face that have lot of cases against them. There should be no NRO they must get punishment. USA and UK ambassador are supporting them. They have own object which should be accomplished by them. Peoples are crying for electric city and water. By pay no attention every day ministers are saying new statement now the Prime Minister saying pray to GOD. It mean they are helpless. Zardari is saying i have instructed the concern authorities to overcome this problem but no result. All the key posted filled by the relatives or exile friends of the PPPPPPPP. All the time preaching for Banazir ideology. She had died finish but they are fooling the public on her name. Zaradari and Bawal has accepted who is responsible of her assassination why not they register FIR why they call UN to investigation.

    UN should investigate their corruption last 20 years. Even the paper tiger Mushraf.

  • guY-sir |

    dr jk

    what a god damn wastage?

    well our potential has been hijacked either go abroad or cannot find any constructive work in dis country so their potential goin' wastage.

    Our ruling class is unable to coup Energy crises, due to this, no new industries, no major high-tech industry in dis country, as compare to our neighbors like India having nokia factory and their cell-fones are cheaper than us.

    Tiny-Taiwan who got independence from China and wanna remain separate from China, got title of Asian Tigers.

    They are producing Semi-conductor and they have gone very smartly unlike pakistani.HTC is an example.

    Natural resources, which being plundered by pk feudal elite and they made a pact with worldwide chors.

    Talented citizens all are in abroad seeking cupidity and who are in pak, they are seeking rather dwelling in stupidity.

  • Skeptic |

    Essentially if you read the Quran, We are at War with God.

    Or rather God and his messenger have a declaration of war against us (Surah Bakarah). I dont think we will win that war.

    Good luck. Lets all Keep our eyes closed and our minds dead.

  • noman |

    if u want to destroy anything or anybody u just hv to demonise it.

    we pakistanis are fond of finding faults with pakistan. channels like geo are also gud for nothing mirch masala karo pakistan ko kala.

    if a 3rd class magazine from abroad tries to run pakistan down y would geo miss out to make it a headline.

    the editorial line followed by the channel has always been anti state .a true fifth columnist .

    the media shd first have a check on the filth being churned out by themselves.the most indian programmes are shown on geo tv.

    shoaib alkhtar k dance par bara aitraz hai and wat abt a nach gana prog hosted by waseem akram with semi naked girls around

    pakistan is a great country . we hv faults but nothing that we cannot ourselves correct. we do not need a media painting a dismal picture always . we are a nation to stand behind our brothers in need be it the idps from swat or the suffering people during the quake. we are the world champions in cricket , a nuclear power and home to 170 million proud citizens.

    pakistan zindabad!!

  • guY-sir |

    Few Famous Quotes for U from diff Personalities.[Enjoy]

    "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet it was planned that way." – Franklin D. Roosevelt

    "Enough is little more than one has." (Samuel Butler)

    Conspiracy is extra headed monster one cannot comprehend that it does exit (Hoover)

    And it does exit and we cannot cut hard reality and in my eyes the top most hard reality which would give ye disorder either of stomach or mind.

    US/UK/EU/UN/AUS are Top Most 5 Failed states in the world (guY-sir)

  • readinglord |

    In my view the worst failing factor for a state is 'institutionalized persecution and discrimination'. Thanks to ZAB and ZIA, Pakistan perhaps tops in this respect. And much higher on 'corruption' also. Inshaallah!

  • karachikhatmal |


    the reactions of the people here are brilliant. i would suggest that you go on the website first, take a look at the rankings and then lose your collective shit.

    also the EU and the UN are not states, so they can't fail

  • guY-sir |

    also the EU and the UN are not states, so they can’t fail

    Khatmals are definitely failed, so as their state Iraq.

    I guess its due to Ahmed Chalabi, Kala Khatmal

    go get some info about EU and UN. They also come in states, increase ur meager info by having Khatmals in dinner.

    I wanna lose my whole lot of p-op in the faces of Khatmals.

  • guY-sir |

    This is related to Climate Change, current failure of West.(Read Carefully)

    Scientists are secular and sole responsible of Global Climate Change, Pandemics as well.

    BOC(British Oxygen Company) which takes O2 and other gases from air and use them in ACs and Refrigerants which caused Climate Change. R-11, R-12, R-22, etc. All these gases are literally behind Climate Change and Ozone depletion. (Dupont in USA) "The miracle of science."

    University of Massachusetts Amherst ranked DuPont as the largest corporate producer of air pollution in the United States.(isn't their failure)

    Similarly, NASA which send its shuttles into space which creates whole lot of air pollution so are they either working for Humanity welfare or Humanity woes?

    If we are energy challenged, it is because the lucifer-loving cartel has been suppressing non-polluting free-energy technology for almost a century. At the same time, this cartel has been fomenting wasteful and tragic wars. Why not end war for the sake of the Earth?

    No way, Lucifer doesn’t care Mankind. He lives in Venus, He’s anti-Human and adversary of God. He feels Humans are Superfluous. His agents work in White and Black Houses, sit in Limousines, appears in TVs and make rules/policies for Humanity WOES.Just go and take a nap, mYasir comments are not for Yokels like Khatmals.

    I leave Daru, I didn’t drink this weekend. I’ll be steadfast in that decision 20/20 or 50/50.

    Indeed, I’ve a prb with current Parliamentary system, I’ve a prb with our Pols, I’ve a prb of Money which is in few super-rich hands and they wanna rule without accountability. They are eating USury and giving the same sh*t to Muslims.

    I’ve a prb with Yokels like U…

  • guY-sir |

    Two years ago (Jan. 2007) Illuminati aka Luciferian defector Leo Zagami issued this dire warning: His abovetopsecret link i gave above.

    "The cosmic alignment on the 21st of December 2012 gives you 6 years to prepare… So its about time you all wake up and fight for your right to stay free under one God before they take complete control and start persecuting the true believers in the one God. …Get your swords and get ready to fight to defend your faith or perish…This is a war against Satan/Lucifer so please wake up in the western countries or you might wake up in a nightmare one morning in December 2012."

    "From 2010 you will start feeling the big changes in the air more and more but in 2012 you will have the clear evidence of the end of this civilization in front of your eyes….the total NAZIFICATION of the western countries by 2010 before in 2007-8-9 the economic situation starts to badly crack for everyone. Then social tension will hit a peak never seen before and internal conflicts could eventually become in 2012: CIVIL WAR!"
    This link is must be lengthy but after reading this you'd be able to understand the Luciferians apocalyptic agenda they named it. "Harvest of Souls"

  • Chishty |

    We should put the attention to build up the nation on strong social and economic sector instead of discouraging the peoples of such countries by failed state. Authority should find out the reason that why such countries are failed state i.e financial economic social or political problem. Who is behind all these factors?? Try to solve these problems and warn the head of state for the consequences. In Uk there are PM cash expenses and amazing PM provide GBP 3 for bus tickets and she has resigned. There corruption should be accounted for. They should declare their and family assets as soon as they are in power.

    Instead of issuing such report please check the reason behind it. Neighboring and super powers are d establishing other countries are the main factors. AS YOU SOW SO SHALL YOU REAP.

  • guY-sir |

    We sow/saw evil and soon reap evilness as define above by LEO

  • wasiq |

    Teeth Maestro: You're doing a great job of shaking Pakistanis out of their long and mortifying slumber — I wish you luck and commend you on walking the walk and, only then, talking the talk.

  • Chishty |

    How many times you will send me this email. I am sick of to receive email. Is there no other burning issue?? Are you working against the Pakistan integrity??

    All International newspapers or mags send only one email. They have lot of other topic. Regret to say not like you. I have received this email about seven times. All the comments are same no change.

  • Teeth Maestro |

    @chishty – it appears that you may have inadvertently subscribed to the comments email – if that is so – I can help u unsubscribe if you find it difficult

  • dr jawwad khan |


    men to abhi tak yehi samjhta tha kay men hi sab say seedha aur bhola bhala aadmi hoon.


  • Haseeb |

    Teeth People Like you are Discouraging Pakistanis…..

    How do you see American Failure in Afghanistan and Iraq….

    Or Do you Even Consider it as a Failure?????

  • joanne1 |

    This is actually a good writeup. i didn't realise things were that bad, since I live in UK. The thing that disturbs me most is that countries like Iraq went to hell after war, and I mean literally to the end of the queue, worst place to live on earth. And Pakistan, a fairly decent state, without war problems or anything like that, it comes close. Bad bad.