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Cyber Crime Bill to be used against Anti-Govt emails & SMS

Pakistan Cyber Crime Bill 2007Minister of Interior Rehman Malik has taken action to prevent people from spreading malicious and concocted stories against the civilian leadership of the country through emails and text messages. He warned that offenders will be apprehended within 48 hours and be punishable upto 14 years in Jail. It was surprising to note that the Government of Pakistan has engaged the service of Interpol to identify those international offenders. The DG FIA has been tasked for the past two weeks to identify these offenders and put them in jail.

I personally believe this is the very reason that the IT community was up in arms in 2007 when the initial Cyber Crime Bill was drafted, it contained abundant loop holes which gave sweeping powers to the Cyber Crime Tribunal and the FIA to arrest and detain the offender without even presenting a proper evidence and proof. Now we must be watchful of the statements issued by Rehman Malik it does seem that all Anti-Govt emailers, SMS’ers and website are doomed. They choose to silence the offending voice rather then changing their own corrupt ways which are leading our country down towards doom and destruction – maybe now we could start labeling them as a democratically elected dictatorship.


  • Zardari is a Nut |

    Concocted and Malicious rumors like?

    Zardari is a muslim

    Pakistani army and generals are honourable, competent and brave.

    Zardari is very honest.

    Nawaz Sharif is very smart.

    Pakistan is an independent country.

    Musharraf was good for us.

    Pakistanis always accept their flaws and take responsibility.

    Load shedding will be finished soon

    Army officer are not interested in Real Estate.

    Pakistan is not a welfare state for the Army.

  • AlyB |

    This is just total gunda raj. Where is democracy and the rights of the people, free speech and all the other BS touted by Americans? Will we see a backlash by international media?? Will twitter hv #PakFreeSpeech or something like that as a trending topic? Will countless of people apply a colored layer on their twitter avatars? I doubt anything will happen for at the moment it serves the interest of the American imperialists to support a government waging war against the Taliban. And so free speech will die a horrible death at the expense of US foreign policy.

  • samina |

    when people made parodies of FARAZ <n insulted the great poet by circulating funny sms even after his death no one paid attention n POliticians cudnt tolerate real jokes ab themselves.

  • Nabeel M Sher |

    as long as we will passively submit to the whims of the agencies in here we will have to live with the tyranny .

    sad but true

  • Aamir Mughal |

    1984, George Orwell & Controlled Freedom of Expression in Pakistan



    Those who are 'considered' epitome of Freedom of Expression in Pakistan always make double deal with establishment. For example Daily Dawn and Dawn News Channel [Dawn News Channe's opening ceremony was Presided by Military Dictator General Musharraf], read and enjoy.

    Hypocrisy of Dawn Media Group, Hameed Haroon & Remembering Zamir Niazi


  • tipu |

    Malik should be hanged because he was the chief security officer of BB at that time and he was resting in his home at f/7.he is a criminal.

  • Gengiz |

    They will soon be emulating India where there is not freedom of expression. No idea other than the official one is entertained. Remember they did not allow Pervez Musharraf The Guest to have a Press Conference. The breakfast meeting was blocked. Pakistan is going to go beyond. Which is better Feudocracy, Democracy or Generalocracy? Choose for yourself. See performs best in difficult situations. They are not able to catch people looting people in brought day light. They are afraid to go close to them and now they want to harass the literate people. Checking emails. What can be more rubbish. This is very dangerous. Crime will increase on the roads and homes as the attention will be diverted from law and order to stiffling peoples thoughts and expression. Very foolish action indeed. All Pakistanis must resist this fasccism in action.

  • How to forward/Send |

    SMS can be traced y dont you use MMS

    in nokia cell phone open a picture edit the picture and add zardari text over it 😉 n create MMS and forward, forward, forward

    put these shits down


    A Patriot

  • Sami |

    I do agree with the fact that more has to be done by the Government (Though it sounds like a US comment on Pakistan). But its notion that can't be denied.

    On the other hand, as educated and civilized people of our community we should also act sensibly, and avoid spreading rumors and chain mails without having a solid proof of its integrity. All I see is that news channels are mainly interested in breaking the news first. Same is the case with these chain mails and SMS. Though some or most of them are also true.

    To conclude, lets keep a close eye on the so called civilian Government/Feudocracy, and play our part to bring a change.

    "If you want to make the world a better place

    Better look at your self and make that change"

    Regards // Sami.

  • Zain Ansari |

    Actually Pakistani elite class over here didn't see and nor wanted to see the freedom whether they are politician or Army take overs.

  • Salma Waheed |

    I did not find anything substantial in the above fabricated lines. You might be put behind the bars if you ever try to spread frustration amongst people by disseminating wrong information about highly placed individuals and institutions. It is an attempt to malign President of Pakistan for nothing. Government did not ban funny sms’z about Zardari……. SMS communication is being used by terrorist in planning and execution of terrorist activities, so it is very important to trace their activities and chase them through every mean. Another very important point is that government will take action only if someone lodges complaint against sender.