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Shumaila Rana Resigns but what about the Bigger Crooks

Shumaila Rana has resigned from her Parliamentary seat amidst a short bit of drama after she was caught using a stolen Credit Card for approximately Rs. 60,000. To be honest its great to see her cough up her seat, but one wonders that in comparison to her colleagues which are bigger looters and plunders she is in comparison a petty thief. I wonder when the real crooks start coming out of the closet



  • Housewife |

    She stands out among so many corrupt "male" politicians!!! To admit a mistake is the first step towards rectifying it…

  • sikander |

    well i think Shumaila Rana set an example for all the corrupt people although she was also involved but at least she took a brave step and left her seat.. recently People's party MPA (Ishaaq) also caught red handed fighting with policemen and shot fires.. he also should accept his mistake with big heart..

  • Give me a break |


    Wow, so your feminism kicked in.

    If she was so honest and had dignity, she wouldn't have committed this crime.

    She didn't resign, the grand-daddy Ganja (NS) had her resign.

  • sabir |

    Its a good start to bring all the black sheeps of politics out of their disguise!

    I think media should be given credit and should continue bringing true faces of politicians to light!

  • sikander |

    @Give me a break what ever force her to resign.. at least she did it.. but hajji ishaq PPP MPA of Punjab Assembly are not even confessing his crime.. and proudly saying that it is allow to shot fire in happiness… what the hell is this.. then why did the Govt impose a ban on firing specially on wedding ceremonies…

  • Asim |


    Thanks for posting this.

    Well, I'm sure most of the Pakistanis are Not Zani(s) then why do we get *leaders* like this? if the leaders are like the nation.

    I think the only reason is that we forigve the powerful ones and punish the weaker ones and so we are forced to have these mother f@ckers as our leaders.

    99 % or our honest people are '9 to 5' people who can not fight these thugs and feel that the safer way is to let them do what ever they can, and as long as my own family is safe, I would turn a blind eye to what is going on……

  • sikander |

    @Asim @Saim well brothers as far as adultery is concerns.. every 2nd young person is involved in it.. why do guys have girlfriends.. im not very much satisfied with rana sana ullah's comments.. but let's see ourselves first.. why do every second young person have a girlfriend or boyfriend…

  • dr jawwad khan |

    "every 2nd young person is involved in it.."

    don't you think that this is an exaggeration?

    and i never had a girl friend.i am sure there are many who never had a girl friends.and most of the young fellows do not have sex with their girl friends.

  • sikander |

    @dr jawwad khan hey doc.. it's good to know that you don't have any girl friend but to tell u the truth i never had any either.. but let's take a look around you will find every 2nd person obsessed of it.. and by the way how do you know young couples never have sex.? it's ridiculous.. if they don't want to have sex then why don't they make relations with each? if they can control their desires then they can live without a girl friend or boyfriend.. just like you and me.!! 🙂