Bishop Ijaz Inayat Questions the Gojra Killings

I share with you an email sent by Bishop Ijaz Inayat from the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Karachi where he talks about the killing of seven Christians in Gojram Please circulate widely so that people who matter must not pay only lip service every time but come down with a heavy hand on the culprits and prevent such incidents from happening. Compensations alone though cannot compensate for the fear and terror created in the hearts of our Christian and non-Muslim brothers and sisters.

gojra christians for peaceIn reference to the news, “Seven burnt alive in Gojra” printed in Dawn of 2nd July 2009.

According to Print, Electronic media and versions from the eyewitnesses there were veiled persons in the mob that attacked “Christian Town”, Gojra yesterday burning alive persons and creation tension both for public and the Government.

The Police, Administration and the people say they could not be handled. The vital question is, who were they and why they needed to hide their faces while they were protesting the desecration of the “Holy Quran”, thought to be noble cause by the Muslims.

Before coming to the answer of the question it is good to relate this incident with those happening previously which started with the burning of “Shanti Nagar” in February 2009 and later consumed the trust of the people living in Sangla Hill, Bhamniwala, Korian and latest victims were the poor innocent Christians of Gojra.

Situations were created, exploited and used by certain people yet to be identified by the Government Agencies who agitate the innocent Muslims by spreading rumors about the desecration of Quran. By closely observing the happenings this hidden element mingles with the protesters, hide themselves behind veils and uses every aggressive action to take the situation away from the hands of police, administration and the local elders.

The use of chemicals in Shanti Nagar, Sangla Hill, burning of vehicles in Karachi and trains at the death of Benazir Bhutto and now Gojra raises a serious question as to what is the link in all these activities of damaging the society and image of Pakistan.

The second vital question is as to why the police and the Agencies allow the situation to simmer in spite of a very large history of such incidents in Pakistan.

The Law Minister of Punjab and other High Officials have commented that no desecration of Quran took place in “Korian” which led to the burning in both the places.

When is the Nation, Islamic leadership and the Government going to take note of such form of terrorism? How long will it take the Government to establish its writ and would be satisfied by compensating the victims? Is compensation enough to uproot extremism in its present from in order to create a peaceful society that respects the basic human values and rights of its citizens?

I personally ask the Federal Minorities Minister Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti and the Punjab Minorities Minister Mr. Kamran Michael to resign in order to open the eyes of the Government to this bitter reality.

Bishop Ijaz Inayat

Bishop House, Holy Trinity Cathedral
Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi



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    dr jawwad khan

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    Iqbal Asaria

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    Iqbal Asaria

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    Mohammed Iqbal

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    dr jawwad khan

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    dr jawwad khan

    interesting article in todays daily ummat:

  10. C Sedlec manager Avatar
    C Sedlec manager

    Dear all, I am a manager of Information Center in Kutna Hora Sedlec and with the full authority given to me by the owner of the Bone church I have to confirm, that the bones have nothing to do with muslims. The bones come from 3500 sqm large cemetery, they were exhumed before the abolition of the cemetery and placed with piety inside the chapel. There is enough independent scientific evidence about that. Only the fact non Christians could never be buried on Christian cemetery neither inside any church in those times gives enough support. Trust this helps.