Khatim an-Nabuwwah Fanatics threaten Gojra Activists

In an email from Farooq Tariq a spokesperson of the Labor Party of Pakistan has explained how Islamic Religious group fanatics Khatim an-Nabuwwah have threatened their workers of dire circumstances for having sided with the Christian community during the Gojra riots which left approximately 9 people dead due to intensive burns.

Khatim an-Nabuwwah [Wikipedia] or finality of Prophethood, is an Islamic belief that prophethood came to an end after Muhammad. Many Muslims believe that the line of prophets sent by God ended with the advent of Muhammad, who they believe received the final revelation in the form of the Qur’an.

The concept of the finality of prophethood of Muhammad has caused controversy. The Ahmadiyya Community, hold Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be a prophet subordinate to Muhammad. Ahmed claimed to be the Promised Messiah and Mahdi in 1889 and founded a movement in Qadian, India. His claims resulted in a violent reaction among many Muslims of the India subcontinent. The Salafi and Sunni scholars vehemently opposed him and in subsequent years a movement for the “protection of Khatme Nabuwwat” was founded. This movement, at times violent, is still very active in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries where Ahmadiyya adherents are present.

This Islamic fundamentalist group quote extreme about forcibly reinforcing the Blasphemy law in Pakistan, a law created more or less to outlaw the Ahmedi community in Pakistan. These Gojra riots need to be vehemently condemned and strict criminal action must be taken against these aggressors, it ironic that this organization has the audacity to hold a press conference and in turn is threatening other and also the Government to release their ‘muslim’ friends who were arrested by the police during the Gojra riots, its amazing how they have the balls to threaten after they themselves burnt alive 9 innocent people

— Email from Farooq Tariq, spokesperson for Labor Party Pakistan —

Today on 5th August, the religious fundamentalist youth group of Khatm Nabuwat, addressed a press conference in Toba Tek Singh with reference to Gojra incident. They gave a dead line of 10 August to government for the release of all “Muslims” arrested on the accusation of carnage in Gojra.

9 were killed when Muslim fundamentalist groups attacked a Christian locality in Gojra in reaction to an alleged blasphemy incident few days earlier in a nearby village.

The youth fundamentalist group targeted Labour Party Pakistan in the press conference and said that LPP has flared up the situation and has made very negative propaganda in favor of Christians. They alleged that LPP brought all the journalists from outside and helped them to visit the burnt areas. They have threatened Tariq Mehmood, district general secretary LPP Toba Tek Singh of dire consequences.

In response to this, LPP activists are planning to organize protest meetings in the area.

Earlier, one of the main leader of Christian community in the district Atif Jamil Pegan announced to join Labour Party Pakistan. All those who died in the incident were close relatives of Atif Jamil Pegan. He is head of social organization called Harmony Foundation and has written a lot of radical poetry.

While the church leaders and members of parliament from Christian community were making all sort of compromises with the administration on 1st and 2nd August, the days when the incident took place, Atif Jamil along with local Christian youth and LPP activists led the militant struggle to demand a police case registered against the 800 Muslim fanatics and district top police officer and administration (DPO & DCO). The group brought the bodies on the main railway lines and stopped all rail transport for five hours. They told the local administration that until a case is registered against DCO and DPO who failed to protect the Christian community when the threat of an attack was very imminent.

This militant action forced the government to accept the demand and it made headlines all over Pakistan. The DCO and DPO have been removed already from their posts.

Atif Jamil is a long time friend of mine and has been speaking in several LPP and Labour Qaumi Movement meetings during the past years. When I phoned him the other day to express our solidarity and asked him to make up his mind to join LPP, he agreed.

Now, a new threat of the religious fundamentalists is coming forward. We can not let it go lightly. There has been more incident of using blasphemy laws as an excuse to settle scores. Three persons were killed near Lahore yesterday where the laborers of a leather factory accused the factory owner of blasphemy and killed him and two more on the spot. The allegations were baseless according to reports. Anyhow, killing, burnings and torturing of opponents have been seen in such incidents.

We must demand an end of blasphemy laws. State must be separated from religion. It is a wake up call for all progressive forces to unite against the religious fundamentalists. We must demand from the government to stop all state subsidies to religious madrasses.

LPP will not bow its head against the threats of the religious fanatics, on the contrary, we will fight back in Toba Tek Singh, Gojra and other areas by establishing and developing working class organizations. We will build the trade unions and peasant movements. We will urge the Muslim a5 Christians to unite against fanatics.

Farooq Tariq
Labour Party Pakistan



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14 responses to “Khatim an-Nabuwwah Fanatics threaten Gojra Activists”

  1. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    What a pathetic, shameless group of murderous bullies. They should've been arrested for this incendiary press conference given that they've associated with the killers and have threatened the lives of others, including the Labour Party spokesperson. I wonder why they were pissed that journalists found out about the burnings!

    I wonder if this schizophrenic nation can now see what a fucking royal mess we've created by involving religion in the business of the state. Jinnah would die of shame if he saw what this country has become. We've done such a great job of forgetting the lessons of the Munir Report.

    Shame on these murderers and those who sympathise with them.

  2. guY-sir Avatar

    This all due to debauchery-democracy which will lead all of us towards a civil-war – expected in 2012

    Democracy is a ruse for those who are rubes

  3. Muhammad Asif Avatar
    Muhammad Asif

    Without education no system will work.

  4. Mian Taimoor Avatar
    Mian Taimoor

    These Ahrari Mullahs did not support Quaid-e-Azam in his movement for Pakistan. Why would they support to strengthen this country? We cannot ignore it by just saying that it was a miunderstanding ( as I have heard on many news channels ). It is killing of innocent people. I would request government to punish those who carried out this brutality according to the Islamic laws. If the government won't punish those killers then it will be assumed that the government is supporting such acts to divert attention from current poillitical and economical scenario.

  5. Talkhaba Avatar

    where is the version of Khatam-e-Nabauat in this post?

  6. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    I have seen reports and video of the press conference they conducted in Toba Tek Singh, their version is very clear. Nice attempt at deflecting the issue.

    These thugs want to punish those who highlighted their barbarism and inhumanity. Typical jihadis.

  7. Ali Mohtasham Khan Avatar
    Ali Mohtasham Khan

    A detailed study, it is found that these blasphemy laws are politically driven. Mullahs forced these laws against a monority, Qadianis. It is an issue for last may be 40 or 50 years now. Why don't these mullahs just tell the whole country the real knowledge about Khatame Nabuwwat, instead of using force without any rationale? This Khatame Nabuwwat and these laws are becoming a menace and a hell for the whole society. Can you imagine that beause of this behavior, all non-Muslims hate Islam. They do not read Quran or other Islamic books. All they see is the behabior of the Muslims. These Mullahs deliver a sermon of their choice take the mob with them and torture whoever they want. They blame anybody of insulting any Islamic thing and torture or kill him.

  8. Asim Avatar

    Ali Mohtasham Khan,

    You said:…Can you imagine that beause of this

    behavior, all non-Muslims hate Islam…

    Now I know why:

    – Israel has occupied Jerusalem.

    – This is the reason Iraq was invaded.

    – This is the reason why those marines raped that 14 year old girl in Iraq and killed the whole family.

    – This is the reason why that Muslim lady was killed by a NON-Muslim in Germany recently and the media is saying as if the poor guy killed her because she was wearing Hijab.

    You know this list can go on, but these *fanatic* cum *extrmists* muslims will not understand.

  9. Talkhaba Avatar

    Khatm-e-Nabuat's role in the riots?

    I just contacted Maulana Saeed Jalapuri, Ameer Almi Khatam-e-Nabuat Karachi on phone and he repudiated the charges, saying it was conspiracy. “The moment Khatam-e-Nabuat came to know, the whole episodes had ended”, he told me. His version in form of article will be published in Jang and other newspapers in the next two or three days, inshaAllah. Maulana Saeed Jalalpuri condemned the incident.

    Note: Dr Sb, if you want to contact Jalalpuri sahib for any query, I will text you his mobile number. His complete interview on the issue will be posted at Talkhaba by tomorrow evening inshaAllah.

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      Thank you Talkhaba – we will be looking forward to reading that interview – should be enough

  10. Talkhaba Avatar

    If any body has any question that is to be asked from Khatm-e-Nabuat pls email me at , i will get the answer.

  11. محمداسد Avatar

    Thanks Talkhaba for given the views of Khatm-e-Nabuat about the incident.

  12. Kareem Avatar

    Mullahs now going after Ahmadis;

    Police sacrilege Ahmadiyya Mosque and houses in Lathianwala

    Faisalabad, Pakistan; Aug 10, 2009: Couple of days ago a case under anti-Ahmadiyya clauses (PPC 298) was registered by some activists of Sunni Tehreek against 32 Ahmadis accusing them of inscribing Holy scriptures at their houses and place of worship which allegedly hurt the feelings of complainants in village Lathianwala located some 25KM away from Faisalabad at Sheikhupura Road. Police at the behest of some bigots also added Blasphemy clause PPC 295-C (Use of derogatory remarks, etc; in respect of the Holy Prophet) to the FIR (First Information Report) which carries death penalty. At this outrageous act of Police a three member delegation of Ahmadis approached high ranking police officials to get the Blasphemy charges dropped and settle the matter peacefully without unjustifiably hurting innocent Ahmadis implicated in the case.

    In the morning of August 10, 2009 around 300 strong contingent of Police, gathered from whole district, stormed the Mosque and 28 houses belonging to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and removed Holy inscriptions, comprising Names of Allah and Kalima (Muslim creed) etc. According to reliable sources the terror and frightful operation continued for 8 hours. Police sacrilege was led by Deputy Superintendent of Police Rai Muhammad Hussain and Station House Officer Mian Muuneer Ahmed of Police Station Khururianwala while the matter was still pending decision with high ranking police official Senior Superintendent of Police Kamran Yousuf. At the time of operation Ahmadiyya delegation was waiting for a meeting with Deputy Inspector General of Police.

    Police used chisels, cement, paint etc to do this dreadful act of shameful sacrilege and removed every Arabic word they could find on Ahmadiyya Mosque and houses. It is worth noting that media was kept at distance thereby not allowing to cover this act. After what happened at Gojra and Mureedke last week; Police is still busy to appease the religious extremists and bigots. Religious minorities feel insecure and helpless in this hostile environment.

    32 innocent Ahmadis still face the charges of anti-Ahmadiyya laws and Blasphemy, arrests and prosecution which may lead to from three years imprisonment to death.

  13. Mr Green Avatar

    It seems like Pakistanis are their worst enemies. No need to wait for India or some other outside adversary to do anything, leave the Paks to themselves and they will eventually kill each other.

    Pakistanis :

    – get rid of the mullahs

    – give every Pakistani citizen the same rights

    – do not mix religion with politics

    – get rid of the blasphemy laws

    – start acting like Muslims