Rehman Malik [Dakait] had a head bounty Rs. 50 Lakh – Jang News fumbles another news item

It seems that the Jang Group [the leading Urdu news paper in Pakistan] is getting a little rustic around the edges of news reporting, a few days back it had inadvertently made Twitter as a Microsoft blog and more recently it has fumbled another hilarious blunder on the local front.

rehman malik or rehman dakait

The blunder comes when a news item was published early Monday morning on the Jang website where it reported that a gangster leader Rehman Dakait [Dakait means robber in urdu] was killed in a police encounter along with his three accomplices. The overall report was generally spot on until the very last sentence where the editor accidentally spoke his heart out to say…

It must be mentioned that Rehman Malik‘s head bounty was at fifty lakh and he had over 80 cases registered against him.

It must be mentioned that Rehman Malik is actually the Minister of Interior who is regrettably alive an well and still busy scheming more ways to loot and plunder this country with some unimaginable levels of corruption reaching into the billions if not more. At the moment that news item has been updated to eliminate the gaff, but its heartening to see that we are not the only ones who refer to Rehman Malik as Rehman DakaitGaad save us

Credit: Samad Khurram & Muneeb



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21 responses to “Rehman Malik [Dakait] had a head bounty Rs. 50 Lakh – Jang News fumbles another news item”

  1. Hina Safdar Avatar

    Hahahaha Good one

  2. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    How naive are you Awab to think it was an accident. Jang group is resorting to yellow journalism…filthy examples are creatures like Irfan Siddiqui and Ansar Abbasi to name a few only.

  3. Unknown Avatar

    Acha howa Mar gaya Ek burai to kam howi Pak se

  4. Abrar Avatar

    Unaiza Aunty,

    How convenient for you to drag Ansar Abbasi in yellow journalism because??? he writes anti-secular-lunatics?

    I'm sure you would defend the yellow journalism of Kamran khan and Amir Ayyaz and that old prick Nazir Naji?and that you would call journalism.

  5. guY-sir Avatar

    Thats why I only have a glimpse on our newspapers whether be it english or urdu. They seem politically motivated.

    There are plenty of other sound sources to get imbibe for world's info.

    The entire PPPs are bunch of Dakaits who plundered this country thats y Jemima Khan wrote BB was a Kleptocrat=Dakait in a hermes scarf. JK article was true reflection of UK Dakaiti worldwide. Don't forget to read my upcoming Independence day article

    In which i will show you that True Dakait is UK.

    It'll be published on 12:01 AM of 13th august means 14th august will be started. I've almost completed it except conclusion.

    I will invite all to read it once i do publish. Which will reveal who was/is a real Dakait.

    1. MoIZ Siddiqi Avatar
      MoIZ Siddiqi

      What about Nawaz Sahareef and his gang, had they earned their fortunes colecting zakat and sadqa outside the mosques?

      And what about the dacoit ch iftikhar? do you think that after 900 chohay he has suddenly developed faith in the constitution. as far as the whole world remembers so far just to put the records straight how many times in the whole carrer did ch iftikhar actullay helped the dictators against the constitution and how many times did PPP worked for the constitution. the result will ch iftikhar always (100%) helped the dictators thus proved himself against the constitution and PPP was the only part who was solely responsibly always (100%) to fight for the constitution by laying not only the lives of its ordinary workers but also of their whole family members. Now why the question who is supereme? can a dacoit who had always plundered the constitution or the party who had created and had at least morethen 4 times got it restorated is supereme

  6. Adam Insaan Avatar
    Adam Insaan


    -I am looking forward to be able to read Your article.

  7. guY-sir Avatar

    @ Adam Insaan

    Most welcome. All I want you to be rich in history plus have a good understanding of English language.

    One more request plz as it is special article on our special day so I want all my Pakistani readers whether be abroad or local to comment and write openly whatever is in your hearts without any hesitation.. looking forward your feedback

  8. Salman Pindiwala Avatar
    Salman Pindiwala

    …..he he he…Wishful thinking !!!!

  9. awahid Avatar

    so Rehman Malik is not Rehman Dakait. you sure?

  10. Hamza Avatar

    Dr Awab: You've noted that Rehman Malik is "regrettably alive and well" before going on to state his alleged corruption. Now, regardless of whether Rehman Malik is corrupt or not, is there really any need to encourage further bloodshed? I know that you weren't inciting people to violence, and can tell the difference between the usage of rhetoric and actual calls for violence, but still, I have to ask: is this necessary? In a society where violence over alleged blasphemy can tear apart communities, in a city like Karachi where street violence erupts at the slightest of provocation, and country which is being torn apart by multiple insurgencies and drone attacks, this sort of statement does nothing to promote civil discourse and debate.

    We're a violent society and we need to find ways to deal with our issues in a peaceful manner. Dr Awab, I have no doubt that you don't condone the use of political violence, and I don't want to make any such accuse you of any such thing. It's just that as I read blogs and forums online (pkpolitics, for instance), I keep coming across statements like yours, where people make implicit and explicit threats against each other, minorities, politicians, basically anyone they disagree with or hold in contempt. Don't like the Punjab governor (after the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team), "oh, he needs to be hung" or don't like the interior minister, "oh, i wish somebody would kill him", or "oh yaar, i hate imran khan, i wish somebody would get rid of him". You may think that all these statements are absurd, and they are, but the fact is that they are common, and they are reflective of a wider problem in our community.

    A political disagreement and accusing someone of corruption is perfectly legitimate. But, expressing regret at someone being "alive and well" surely crosses the line. You have a widely followed blog and I would hope that you would be more subtle and careful with your usage of language.

    Apart from that, I like reading your updates and I think your doing a fine job!

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      Hamza – point well taken, I might have been too suggestive when using that particular statement, disagreements aside we must abide by the rules of land and plead for change within the realms of the law. Thank you

  11. Anas Avatar

    Teeth Maestro,

    I didn't read the 'regretably alive' part of the blog…Lol… your sentiments made it to the writing. Whats wrong with that. I liked it 🙂

  12. Aysh Avatar

    I used to work at this place trust me it was intentional…like they say in the news business no new is bad news…Geo exploits this at every chance it gets.

  13. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    SP Aslam Khan is the same officer against whom CJ Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry had taken action in 2006 for killing a common labour Rasool Bux Brohi in Extra Judicial Killing by showing that the dead labour was a Notorious Dacoit!!!

    NAWABSHAH: LTF members produced in court By Our Correspondent

    KARACHI: Former LTF chief, aides released on bail By Azfar-ul-Ashfaque

    December 25, 2007

    KARACHI, Dec 24: After spending over 16 months in prison, the former chief of the now defunct Lyari Task Force (LTF), SP Muhammad Aslam Khan, and two other officials were released on Monday evening after they succeeded in getting bail from the Sindh High Court.

    SP Khan, DSP Irfan Bahadur and Inspector Safdar Shah were granted bail by a bench of the Sindh High Court comprising Chief Justice Mohammad Afzal Soomro on Monday in the famous Rasool Bux Brohi murder case. Brohi was killed in a fake encounter in July 2006, although the police at that time claimed to have killed notorious dacoit Mashooq Brohi. Later, an inquiry was conducted and it came out that the police had killed an innocent man and described him as a most wanted criminal just to claim the reward money and get promotions.

    1. Muhammad Rafique Avatar
      Muhammad Rafique

      Mr. Amir Mughal! I 100% percent agree with you that there are some black sheeps in police department and not performing own duty honestly and only only interested in save black money we they don't know…


  14. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Dawood Ibrahim and Aslam Khan!

    Karachi’s Gang Wars By Ghulam Hasnain

    Cover Story Monthly Newsline 2001 [check the website of Newsline and click on September 2001 issue in archive to read the complete background] also read Portrait of a Don

    The story of Mumbai’s underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim, reads like a page from The Godfather. By Ghulam Hasnain


    Two controversial Karachi police officials, SHO Anwar Khan and Chaudhry Aslam, have also allegedly joined the Bholoo group, to help them get Shoaib. While in South Africa, Bholoo was a key informant for the Karachi police on the activities of MQM activists taking refuge in South Africa. He was constantly feeding information to SHO Anwar Khan and Chaudhry Aslam, who were in the forefront of the army crackdown against the MQM. "When Bholoo disappeared, we thought it was our moral and ethical responsibility to help out his family," said Anwar Khan. Bholoo's family had several meetings with Dawood Ibrahim to seek his help in convincing Shoaib to divulge Bholoo's whereabouts.


    Legitimizing the extra-judicial killings PAK TRIBUNE REPORT Tuesday November 01, 2005(1208 PST)

    The Sindh Interior Minister Rauf Siddiqui who belongs to MQM has "no words" to praise the performance of Aslam Chaudry and company. And it is understandable, as Aslam Chaudry had managed to arrest the former underworld don. Shoaib Khan a few months ago, who had allured hundreds of MQM workers. Shoaib Khan, once an untouchable, died in Central Jail Karachi in mysterious circumstances. This situation is embarrassing and antagonizing for the MQM activists who have to defend their party, which is patronizing the "killers" of their friends and partymen. They are unable to comprehend that why their party has legitimized the extra-judicial killings of its activists? Rauf Siddiqui and other MQM leaders have no idea that how pinching it is for their party workers when they (MQM leaders) praise and patronize the police officials who earlier had been declared "butchers" and "killers" of their friends and colleagues. But they should understand that this is politics wherein , the blood of ordinary political workers is not thicker than water. Their blood is meant for being exploited by their leaders.

  15. younas Avatar

    This is a conspiracy against jang group.Because i have checked this news on website of daily jang. And there the word "Malik" is not written.

    you can esily checked this on this attached url

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      Jang sb – check again the word 'malik' still is available within the text – note the picture above in the post – its exactly where it is – its right when they say ignorance is bliss – I would have thought that by now Jang would have fixed the mistake – [but then again was it a mistake is the first place] – we all know the modus-operandi of Jang-Group – its been the same since eons

  16. ali Avatar