Pakistanis feel US is a bigger threat than Talibans: Al-Jazeera & Gallup Pakistan Poll

pakistan survey Al-JAn exclusive Al Jazeera survey of public opinion in Pakistan has revealed widespread disenchantment with the United States for interfering with what most people consider internal Pakistani affairs. This survey was done interviewing more than 2,500 men and women across the rural and urban areas in all four provinces of Pakistan on July 26 and 27. The margin of error is + 2-3 per cent at 95 per cent confidence level. Al-Jazeera wraps up the results in a detailed analysis but a quick look at the survey is as follows

  • On the Military Operation; 41% were in Favor, 24% in Opposition, 22% remained neutral and 13% were undecided
  • On US-Led Drone Attacks: 9% were in Favor, 67% were in Opposition and 24% chose to remain neutral
  • On Dialog vs Offensive: 41% felt the need for Military Action, 43% wanted a Dialogue while 16% did not have an opinion
  • On President Zardari: 11% felt he was Good, while a majority of 42% considered him Bad, 34% responded as Neither Good or Bad leaving the remaining 13% as undecided
  • On Pakistan Peoples Party: 20% felt it was Good, 38% responded that PPP was Bad, 30% said it was Neither good or Bad while the remaining 12% did not know.
  • On their choice of the Best Leader for Pakistan: President Zardari came at measly 9%, Prime Minister Gilani at 13%, Nawaz Sharif at 38%, 8% favored a Military Government, while 11% felt a joint PPP and PML-N govt was good, only 6% felt Religious Parties were beneficial for Pakistan, 6% of the respondents chose other leaders leaving the last 8% of undecided
  • On the threat from the Taliban vs the USA and India: 11% felt that Pakistani Taliban were a threat, India factored at 18%, while the US topped the threat radar at 59%, leaving the remaining 12% as undecided

This last point where Pakistanis feel more insecure with Americans is a genuine threat, Talibans may have been a more recent occurance but the bigger plague is the constant American involvement in our day-to-day affairs that people seriously detest.

Some Infidels may refute these claims as being an utterly biased survey merely because it was conducted by Al-Jazeera. But I am sure most Pakistanis will easily attest to these poll results as generally the pulse of the nation. Financial assistance by the American is more like blood money siphoned off by the corrupt with which the American continue to wheel and deal with. These ‘American funds’ have never reached the masses, not now and seemingly never will. It is a fact that the common man is infuriated at the Americans and their mismanaged ‘War on Terror’ which has taken this country into the hands of Talibans. Some serious re-evaluation needs to be done to take this country out of this mess and merely shoving dollars under the door will NOT CUT IT



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10 responses to “Pakistanis feel US is a bigger threat than Talibans: Al-Jazeera & Gallup Pakistan Poll”

  1. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    Nawaz Sharif at 38%…either it is a highly manipulated survey or it reflects the opinion of the illiterate majority. Nothing sane about it.

    Should I presume that uncontrolled media, political judiciary, uneducated parliament, NRO etc are lesser threats?

  2. Qaimkhani Avatar

    While the Survey covers both PPP and PML. What about MQM?

    I wish some neutral organization can conduct a survey about this grand Mafia too.

  3. guY-sir Avatar

    I want you to remind one quote of Henry….

    Henry Kissinger once cynically noted: "Being an American ally is more dangerous than being its enemy."

    All Parties whether be it PPP or PML-N or Q are sordid-stooges of the west. Whose aim is to serve their masters malignant agenda no matter it goes against their own public.

    Pakistan was created in the name of Islam. Where's that Islam?

    Why do we feel shame to talk about Koran and Koranic Laws? Does it restrict you to not commit adultery.? Does it restrict you to wake up in the morning and offer Fajr Prayer? Does it restrict you to not consume USury?

    Does it all bother you? If it does then Allah also don't accept prayers of those who doesn't listen and implement his words.

    We've been deceived and goin for our own self-suicide. If Allah doesn't come up to save then who will save us?

    Our salvation at stake..Plz repent and beg Allah. Defend your own soul ultimate battle is for the soul of humanity why don't you defend your own soul from US delusion which is making all of us "halluci-Nations."

    have you understood?

  4. Jawed Iqbal Avatar

    So finally, this nation is coming to it's senses and heeding the advice of Kissinger (strangely enough).

  5. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    As I have no problem with the accuracy of these numbers, I must say that it shows how the such a large portion of the nation refuses to use reason when it thinks America to be a greater threat than the Taliban.


  6. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Correction in the above: "…how such a large…" not "how the such…"

  7. Zia Avatar

    Nothing surprising.

  8. talha zubair Avatar
    talha zubair


    You forgot to mention MQM (or you simply don't think they belong to the same clan as PML, PPP etc)

  9. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    talha zubair

    Totally agreed, just as he forgot to mention JI, Imran Khan, mullahs, Geo, and His Majesty JIC.