Feudal Lord Varyam Faqir goes Free on a Compromise

DailyTimes reports that Waryam Faqir was acquitted of the murder charge of Wali Dad by Additional District and Sessions Judge, Abdul Naeem Memon. It was reported that both the sides (the complainant and the accused) submitted a compromise deed before the court requesting to dispose off the matter in view of out of court settlement arrived at between the parties

It must be recalled that barely 3 months ago the court had ordered the arrest of Varyam Faqir on the muder charge of Wali Dad, an elder of Kashkheli Tribe in April, but during the court hearing, Varyam Faqir managed to run away. It is now that this feudal lord was able to present a compromise document to let him go free.

Wali Dad, was staging a fast unto death in April in a protest over being dispossessed of his anncestral land outside the press club. After his death a murder case was registered against the former MPA.

Its sad to note that the rich and the powerful in this country are able to wriggle themselves out of any tight spot, it is I believe a slap on the face of the judiciary, that it never had the opportunity to physically arrest this powerful politician and he now sits to pardoned merely based on a flimsy compromise document which could at best have been forced from the peasants whom he was bullying in the first place. Its probably well understood that in Pakistan change shall only happen when we finally get rid of the menace called Feudalism

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4 responses to “Feudal Lord Varyam Faqir goes Free on a Compromise”

  1. guY-sir Avatar

    Perverse-Punjab + Sordid-Sindh = Politics.pk aka Democracy

    Dictatorship derives from Democracy and Democracy derives from Dictatorship..wOw you’d say that what da hell i am sayin' and i am mad but u r yokels, have no guts to get to know the truth. U all are political-prisoners built by Jesuits financed by Zionist.

    Democracy and Dictatorship both are Zionist method to control the plebes/peoples in their own way in order to achieve their own perverse end.

    Zardari govt means Zionist govt and they are those who killed their own prophets like prophet Zechariah later they killed Jesus whom they called Bastard and his mother a Harlot mentioned in Talmud which took place Torah for so long.

    US Nato army are those who flushed down our holy book Koran into toilet..you are giving them support and eating their holly shit who? not me but our Politicians and Dictators and their sons.

    Both D’s stand for Despotism which motto is “the less is there of you, the more is there for us..”

    gotcha…? I can go on and on but understand this will be good for u i can’t write more for yokels. for further reading visit my blog.. Thanks

  2. temporal Avatar

    such dichotomies will persist as long as their is inequal distribution of wealth and "basic rights"

  3. faris Avatar

    What else would one expect?

    The biggest culprit of the crime are sitting in President House + Governor House, so whats the big deal if this low-life has been released.

    Is President of Pakistan not responsible to safeguard the poors? and the victim of this case was on hunger strike for days. But our president and our governor were busy pimping for money

    It has happened in the past and there are no signs that it would not happen in the future

    Today Pakistan is ruled by the thugs, PPP + MQM + ANP + GHQ. They all have nothing in common except $$$$$$$$.

    The current setup flourishes corrupts and banishes the fairness.

    ITs the last 10 days of Ramadan, lets pray that Allah give the rulers of Pakistan a sever punishment for them ignoring the rights of common people and plundering the resources of this country and this nation to their personal whims and benefits.