Guftago – In Conversation

Another must watch podcast by a good group of friends Faisal Qureshi and his wife Reema Siddiqui along with Faisal Khan and his wife Anika Khan, sit casually in Faisal Qureshi’s den to have a 45 minute in-camera conversation. This is definitely a must watch podcast – Guftago – Pilot



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  1. readinglord Avatar

    I don't know what is the purpose of this 'podcast' but I would take it as an opportunity to discuss an event which is dominating our mainstream media but never discussed anywhere as though it would attract blasphemy law:

    "Pakistani smugglers of heroin to Saudi Arabia

    I refer to the 5 pm Urdu News bulletin of Geonews, dated 28.9.09, reporting anxiety of an accused's family about delay in freeing the Pakistani family allegedly involved in heroin smuggling case.

    This reminds me of a column of Attaulhaq Qasmi in Urdu Jang wherein he had commented on the arrest of a certain moulana in a bank robbery case involving a big amount of money. I reproduce it from my memory:

    An Urdu paper had reported that the moulana…(A well-known personality perhaps of whom I forgot the name) Bank robbery ke kes mein police ki tehwil mein hein’.

    Commenting on this report Qasmi had remarked:

    "Mahloom hota he kih mulzim begunaah he kionkih agar us ne bank loota hota to police uski tehwiil mein hoti woh police ki tehwiil mein nah hota."

    Mazkoorah heroin case mein mulzaman ka case iske kuchh baraks nazar aata he kionkih tamaam media (khaskar Urdu, both press and electronic) aur government unki tehwil mein nazar aate hein jese unka bas yahi kaam reh gaya he kih mulzaman ko rahaai dilwaaein aur unki jaggah Saudi government ko koi qurbaani ka bakra mohayya karein taa kih woh bhi, mubayyanah tour par, range haathon pakrhe jaane wale muzlaman ki qeid aur rahaai ko kisi tareh justify kar sakein. Doosari surat mein unko Pakistani family ko itna arsah begunah qeid rakhne ko bhi justify karna parhe ga.

    Btw, mujhe Geo ki us reporter aurat par hansi aa rahi thi jo kih ek mulzamah ki maan ke baare mein uski masroofiat live report kar rahi thi kih who bachon ko roti khila rahi hein magar haqiqat mein who muzloomah ki maan khud chabarh chabarh kha rahi thi aur bache bechaare uska moonh dekh rahe the.

    Kia justice he aur kia live reporting he!"

  2. Silver Avatar

    Can you please leave a summary of the whole thing?

    It is difficult to waste 45 minutes listening to purpose-less talk.

  3. MB Avatar

    Doc, looks like you stole my idea man. I had a similar idea long time back but job and studies never let me pick pace (even an inch).

    Coming back to the program, it was crap at the beginning but on its way it started to become objective and in the end it was 7/10 (test passed). At 2am (day before yesterday) my initial observation was WTF these 4 SENSIBLE people talking about. A directionless discussion but wo kehte hain na ki last 10 overs mai RUN RATE sambhaal lia , lol , so guys here is a fair assessment :

    – IF YOU HAVE TIME do watch it , some sensible points

    Hey, "one" lady's lingo during conversation was "HIGH-CALORIE " type so those who are into "shaista" discussions might ask for some toooooonnnn in between. Muje "apney" hisaab se NORMAL laga :):)

  4. MB Avatar

    you bolay toh : YOU PEOPLE (in first line)