Video on Human Rights Abuses by Pakistan Army leads to Censorship

Pakistan Army Human Rights AbusesFor the past few days a specific gut wrenching video has been making its way around the Pakistani web-sphere which shows a Pakistani Army Major conducting an interrogation of two people suspected of harboring Talibans. During the Question and Answer session the Major steps back and orders his crew to ruthlessly beat the person punching, kicking and whipping the suspects, who scream in pain and writhe on the ground. The 10-minute video is at best deliberately being shot (but is seemingly concealed away from the spectators) to record the entire interrogation, that goes to suggest that such treatment is a norm within the Army and should not be treated as a one off random affair. [BBC Link]

Sadly this inhumane treatment dealt out by this officer of the Pakistan Army makes me also want to fight back against these ruthless uniformed personnel. Such actions I consider as blatant human rights violation and the Army must be held accountable for such treatment, and not treat this as a one-off incident reports that the Army spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas said ‘the army was investigating the alleged abuse’, but declined further comment Friday. Pakistan’s poorly trained and underfunded security forces have long been accused of human rights abuses.

Click through this link to verify if the URL is blocked from Pakistan, if it is please submit a report on Herdictweb which helps aggregate information on why such website

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A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.



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136 responses to “Video on Human Rights Abuses by Pakistan Army leads to Censorship”

  1. Salman Asghar Avatar

    shame on u all….. i will ask u that day when u will be in hands of those talibans…..te u will be begging for Army….

    Pak Army Zindabad

    Pakistan Paindabad

  2. suhaib Avatar

    @salman: precisely the kind of illogical response one would expect from an army worshipper…u ppl can't get out of your army vs taliban mentality…endless comparisons of a supposedly disciplined institution with a bunch of ragtag fighters…pathetic to say the least. what next should i expect…a comparison between a general and a property dealer and the virtues of the former over the latter? sorry to say, u guys have stooped pretty low.

  3. Yosuf Pathan Avatar
    Yosuf Pathan

    Simply disgusting. At least surrender your anger and aggression to the name of Allah. The day is near where all shall be tried and judged for what they have done. Aggression begets aggression. It wont make anything better for us.

  4. Salman Asghar Avatar

    Pakistan Army is the only institution in country which is a sign of integrity and unity among the fellow men…

    Its the only institution which is the representative of every part of country!

    Pakistan Army Good job and keep killing the bastards!

    The people of Pakistan dont deserve a seperate country with a strong gov nd army! its due to Pakistan Army that u njoy sleep and the army protects ur borders when india try to threatens….

    but there are some shamless Pakistanis who dont deserve it!

    as far as the video is concerned….. here it goes….

  5. Nasir Jafri Avatar
    Nasir Jafri

    Please don't involve Pakistani Army in this concern this the fault of these two people which belongs to Pakistani Army. Why these little issues make propagandize the people?

    Proud to be a part of Pakistani Army!

  6. muslim Avatar

    stupid crazy dogs don't even have shame treating another human being like this …

  7. Ahmad Avatar

    To all the people who are abusing Pakistan Army,

    When one of your family member will die in a bomb blast, then i will ask you whether Pak Army is doing right or wrong.

    You guys are sitting in your homes watching indian movies and enjoying your life in clubs and gatherings. How? Because of these soldiers who are fighting to save your ass. Daily so many Pakistani soldiers die in war against Taliban/Zaliman. These soldiers have little kids, mother, daughters, and have family. No one takes pity on these soldiers who give their life to save you people. And you are sitting in your homes watching this video and condemning Pakistan Army.

    You deserve to be treated by American army. who first of all makes the victim nude and then do with him/her whatever they want.

    یہاں کسی حضرت نے پاکستانی فوج پر لعنت کی ہے۔ وہ جو بھی ہے اسے چاہیے کہ اپنے گریبان میں جھانکے اور آئینہ کے سامنے کھڑا ہو کر اپنے کارنامے یاد کرے کرپشن سے پاک نیک پاکستانی تم نے اس ملک کے لوگوں کے ساتھ کیا کیا ہے

  8. Ahmad Avatar

    tumhara kia khayal hay k pakistani foj in mashkook logon ko mithai paish karay, pizza khilaey aur tea pila ker kahay k bhai jan kuch batana hay tau mehrbani warna aap apne ghar jaeyn? is it the way of investigation?

    tumhayn kuch pata hay k tumharay mohallay meyn, tumharay city meyn kitnay terrorist ghusay paray hayn, tumharay city meyn kis jagah pe blast honay wala hay? nai pata tau kaisay pata lagao gay?

    foj ko galian denay walay, din meyn kitni namazay perhtay ho? 3,2 ya 1 bhi nai? tumhayn tab pata chalay ga jab yeh taliban tumhayn ghar se utha ker masjid meyn phainkay ga aur bandooq tumharay ser pe rakh k tum se namaz perhwaey ga aur tumhari sisters/daughters pe fatway jari karay ga, phir tumhayn aqal aaey gi.

    koi tumhari maa behn pe whistle baja de tau tum usay jaan se marnay pe tayyar ho jatay ho. yeh kaminay hamari madar-e-watan ko barbad ker rahay hayn, kia hum in ko takht pe bithaeyn, in ki chummian layn, in beghairtoun ki khidmat karay?

    ab bhi kisi ko takleef hay tau zara waziristan ka ek chakar laga k aey, sirf ek hafta, balkay chhoro, ek din wahan guzarna aur phir wapis aa ker apnay comments yahan likhna (agar wapis aa sako)

  9. Ahmad Avatar

    you talked about that old man being tortured. do you know he is innocent? if you go to waziristan, you will find everyone with beard and topi on his head. you will see many old men who themselves killed many and helped taliban to killed many innocent people. yesterday a suicide blast killed a patrolling officer at M2 highway. who will be responsible for that officer's family?

    ابو جہل مسلمانوں کے بڑے دشمنوں میں سے ایک تھا۔ تمہارا کیا خیال ہے وہ جوان تھا جب مرا؟ تم تو اس پر بھی ترس کھاو گے کہ بیچارے معصوم بوڑھے کو کس بیدردی سے قتل کر کے بدر کے کنویں میں پھینک دیا۔ بیچارہ ابو جہل اتنا بوڑھا تھا بال بچوں والا تھا اس کے ساتھ ظالم مسلمانوں نے کیا سلوک کیا، ہائے ہائے۔

  10. kashif Avatar

    talibans are heroes of islam

    only shias,qadianis, brelvi grave worshippers and american and indian kufaars hate them.but ultimate victory is theres as promised by allah.whoever comes in their way will be destroyed by allah,be it pakistan army or grave worshippers

  11. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    talibans are heroes of islam – only shias,qadianis, brelvi grave worshippers and american and indian kufaars hate them.[Kashif]


    Jinnah was a Shia and Pakistan First Foreign Minister/Secretary i.e. Sir Zafarullah Chaudhry was Quadiyani and he was appointed by Jinnah.

    1. Ahmad Avatar

      Aamir Khotay,

      First think to call Kafir to any one. If taliban are heroes of islam then why they are attacking on Mosques, Bazaars on innocent people.

    2. dr jawwad khan Avatar



      you completely misunderstood Amir Mughal.He is not Taliban sympathiser.

    3. dr jawwad khan Avatar

      infact he was quoting some one else

  12. kashif Avatar

    jinah might be shia by birth but he later converted to islam it seems

    as his funeral prayers according to his own will were performed by a famous deobandi sunni imam

  13. kashif Avatar

    what shia will allow a sunni deobandi to lead his funeral prayer by his own will?

    anyway if we agree to your assumption that jinah was a shia than it does not mean that we start following shia doctrines and start abusing sahaba

    we follow our prophet (pbuh) first.he was our prophet!jinah is a man we respect as he helped in creation of pakistan.and we are thankful to him for seperating us from hindu cow worshippers.but tahts it

    as a muslim we follow prophets one else deserves to be followed like our prophet muhammad (pbuh

  14. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    jinah might be shia by birth but he later converted to islam it seems as his funeral prayers according to his own will were performed by a famous deobandi sunni imam – what shia will allow a sunni deobandi to lead his funeral prayer by his own will? anyway if we agree to your assumption that jinah was a shia [Kashif Sahab]


    Dear Kashif Sahab,

    For your kind perusal,

    You can go to the Sindh High Court and check the record as well.


    On 24 September 1948, after the demise of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, his sister Fatimah Jinnah and the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan, submitted a jointly signed petition at the Karachi High Court, describing Jinnah as ‘Shia Khoja Mohamedan’ and praying that his will may be disposed of under Shia inheritance law. On 6 February, 1968 after Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah'’ demise the previous year, her sister Shirin Bai, moved an application at the High Court claiming Fatimah Jinnah’s property under the Shia inheritance law on grounds that the deceased was a Shia. As per Mr. I. H. Ispahani who was a family friend of Jinnah, revealed that Jinnah had himself told him in 1936 that he and his family had converted to Shiism after his return from England in 1894. He said that Jinnah had married Ruttie Bai according to the Shia ritual during which she was represented by a Shia scholar of Bombay, and Jinnah was represented by his Shia friend, Raja Sahib of Mehmoodabad. He however conceded that Jinnah was opposed in Bombay elections by a Shia Conference canditate. Ispahani was present when Miss Fatima Jinnah died in 1967. He himself arranged the Ghusl and Janaza {Funeral Bath and Funeral} for her at Mohatta Palace according to the Shia Ritual before handing over the body to the state. Her Sunni Namaz-e-Janaza was held later at Polo Ground, Karachi after which she was buried next to her brother at a spot chosen by Ispahani inside the mausoleum. Ritualistic Shia talqin (last advice to the deceased) was done after her dead body was lowered into the grave. (Jinnah had arranged for talqin for Ruttie Bai too when she died in 1929). Allama Syed Anisul Husnain, a Shia scholar, deposed that he had arranged the gusl of the Quaid on the instructions of Miss Fatimah Jinah. He led his Namaz-e-Janaza in a room of the Governor General’s House at which such luminaries as Yousuf Haroon, Hashim Raza, and Aftab Hatim Alvi were present, while Liaquat Ali Khan waited outside the room. After the Shia ritual, the body was handed over to the state and Maulana Shabbir Ahmed Usmani, an alim belonging to Deoband school of thought known for its anti-Shia belief, read his Janaza according the Sunni ritual at the ground where the mausoleum was later constructed. Other witnesses confirmed that after the demise of Miss Fatimah Jinnah, alam and panja (two Shia symbols) were discovered from her residence, Mohatta Palace. Despite all this Jinnah kept himself away from Shia politics. He was not a Shia; he was also not a Sunni; he was simply a Muslim. [Reference: The Murder of History: A critique of history textbooks used in Pakistan by K.K. Aziz, published by VANGUARD Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad].

  15. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    what shia will allow a sunni deobandi to lead his funeral prayer by his own will? [Kashif]


    Kashif Sahab,

    This may help in waking you up from deep slumber:

    This Fatwa Mongering against each other has created confusion amongst the Ordinary Muslim as to who and which interpretation of Islam is to be followed. Read the Fatwas of Deobandi against Barelvis, Barelvis against Mawdudi, Deobandis, Shias, and Wahabis, Deobandis against Shias, Barelvis, Mawdudi and Wahabis, and Wahabis against all of them.

    Read the Fatwas in the following blogs with References.

    Here lies the so-called Muslim Ummah! – 1

    Here lies the so-called Muslim Ummah! – 2

    Here lies the so-called Muslim Ummah! – 3

    “Fatwa of three hundred Ulama against Deobandis


  16. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    jinah was a shia than it does not mean that we start following shia doctrines and start abusing sahaba [Kashif]


    Kashif Sahab,

    This may also help:

    What about blasphemic comment of Mawdudi and his brother Khomeini against Prophets [PBUT] and Companions [May Allah be pleased with everyone of them] of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]

    Read book mentioned below as to what kind of Filthy Language Mawlana Mawdudi and his brother Khomeini used against Prophets [PBUT] and against the Companions [May Allah be pleased with everyone of them] of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]. The book has provided the original quotes from Mawdudi’s book with the editions and page number.

    Mudodi Khumeni do bhai, Moudoodi and Khumeni(shia) two Brothers

  17. bhulleyshah Avatar


    and don't forget to read fatwa of Allama Amir Mughal Shikar-pooree etc etc, against Mawdudi..

    You know you stepped on his foot when you included the grave worshippers, I bet.

  18. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Kashif,- and don’t forget to read fatwa of Allama Amir Mughal Shikar-pooree etc etc, against Mawdudi..[bhulleyshah]



    Why should I issue a Fatwa when the Mullahs of Deoband-Bareli and Salafi have already declared that Mawdudi/JI are POLLUTED with Deviant Ideology.

  19. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    Still some ‘pharaohs’ in judiciary: Kurd Wednesday, September 30, 2009 By Our Correspondent LAHORE

    ’عدلیہ کی آزادی کے باوجود کچھ نہیں بدلا‘

    شہزاد ملک

    بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، اسلام آباد

    آخری وقت اشاعت: Monday, 7 September, 2009, 12:58 GMT 17:58 PST

    (amir mughal)


    ABBOTTABAD: The district and sessions judge on Friday ordered authorities to declare former president Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf a proclaimed offender and attach his properties in a case of alleged abduction of a scientist of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission who ‘disappeared’ over five years ago.

    pak judiciary zinda bad.

  20. Muhammad Avatar

    When taliban behead soldiers, where the hell you shove your human rights concerns then???

    This beating is justified, if its for real. These RAW agents deserve more than this.

  21. Abbas Avatar

    Who is RAW agents? the Generals who are building their mansions on bharwat money (called aid money) and sacrificing low-cadre soldiers or these guys beaten up?

  22. jakhrani Avatar

    Pakistan Army is Pakistani Version of BlackWater.

    1. Observer Avatar

      Though there is a BIG difference sine Blackwater don't murder their own countrymen. Shame on "our" army.

  23. ash Avatar

    These people are worse then animal..

    They are corrupt bastards…

    pakistani army or police have no morals….

    Just scum…

  24. ash Avatar

    be it pakistani army or the police….They are fukin animals..

    They went into benagladesh 70s war and raped and slaughtered hundreds and thousands of people…Then fukin cowards surrundered to india (900000) of scums…

    Corrupt leaders,corrupt army,

    as soon u as land at the airport they start fukin begging for money,No wonder the whole country is in that state,

  25. Rahim Avatar

    Nations take great pride in their armed forces. Nations cherish them and protected by them. In contrast, people of Pakistan have only suffered hardships and traumas at the hands of its own armed forces.

    The dream of an independent Pakistan has gone sour because of all the military generals who are acting no less than like a mafia or gang at national level. Imagine a mafia “legally” consuming more than 80% of the national resources and armed to the teeth with all kinds of weapons.

    The country suffered a great loss in 1971 when its own Army surrendered in shame after committing one of the worst human right crimes in history and perpetrating the holocaust of three million people who were the citizens of Pakistan. That was just the beginning.

    In the last six decades Pakistan Army has transformed into an organized crime syndicate and a business mafia that occupies the country it proclaims to defend. This criminal organization is the biggest stake holder and stock holder in every big business of Pakistan by virtue of the power it has.

    Pakistan military has the biggest share in Pakistan's stock exchange. It operates commercial bank, airline, steel, cement, telecom, petroleum and energy, education, sports, health care and even chains of grocery shops and bakeries.

    In short, the military’s monopoly is present in every sector of Pakistan economy. To the contrary, its performance at the professional level is zero. Instead of defending Pakistan, it has undermined the very foundations of this country. Particularly, under General Musharraf, it has bankrupted Pakistan of its ideological grounds for existence. Instead of defending its physical borders, the army that is being ranked as the seventh biggest army in the world has only brought embarrassment to the nation in the battle fields of Kargil and Dhaka. On top of that, since 2001, it has started acting like occupation force in many parts of the country. Bombing homes, mosques and schools has become a routine.

    Although the military permanently remained very active behind the political scene, the criminal Generals of Pakistan betrayed the nation four times by breaking their oath and constitution and overthrowing civilian governments.

    They over threw elected government and captured the power to fulfill their evil desires and to protect the interests of their imperialist masters. The Pakistani Army has played an evil role in mainstream politics throughout the history with the objective to manipulate everything to their advantage.

    Even though Pakistan is a republic, the military Generals have ruled the country more than public representatives. It is because of these Generals that a people’s government could not take root in Pakistan.

    The Generals of Pakistan consider themselves above every law and they take pride in disobeying orders from civilian government. It has been their practice since 1947. General Douglas Gracey, the first commander-in-chief of Pakistan Army started this tradition by disobeying orders from founder and Governor General of Pakistan, Mr. Jinnah during the first Kashmir War. Instead, Gracey sought instructions by telephone from his superior, Field Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck, in New Delhi. Since then it has been a rule in Pakistan Army to break their oath and to take orders from outside. From Gracey to Musharraf, every last one of them used power to sabotage political process that could lead to self-rule and stability of the country. They have been serving their outsider masters instead of defending the physical and ideological borders of Pakistan.

    Pakistan came into being in August 1947 but partition plan of India had been announced in June 1947. British divided national resources between two newly formed states. British army had been divided and according to this division six armored, eight artillery and eight infantry regiments formed Pakistan's army. Division of armed forces was according to demographic division of states and 4000 officers and 15,000 soldiers, 2332 Air Force personnel and 74 air crafts were given to Pakistan that was approximately 36% of total resources. General Douglas Gracey was acting Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Army and Field Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck, was still Commander-in-Chief of the armies of both India and Pakistan.

    Soon after the independence, US started investing in Pakistan Army to prepare an agent in South Asia to thwart Soviet ambitions and use Pakistan like a South Asian Israel. US backed every criminal act of Army Generals to crush people’s rule in the country. Since the inception, this army has been serving as a tool in Washington’s strategic planning for the region. The US granted $400 million to establish and strengthen Pakistan’s armed forces initially. The US needed a terrorist arm in the region to play its strategic game against the Soviet Union. For this purpose, Washington backed successive dictatorships in Pakistan, and also throw them out of power when they outlived their utility.

  26. Ahsan Avatar


    shut up you whore!

    and those who are blaming pakistan army jab apke hatho mai apka jawan shaheed hokar marta hai na tu kaise lagta hai iska andaza nahi apko!

    ullu kay pathe!

  27. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Ahmad says: March 29, 2010 at 1:11 pm Aamir Khotay, First think to call Kafir to any one. If taliban are heroes of islam then why they are attacking on Mosques, Bazaars on innocent people.


    Dear Sir,

    What proof do you have that Taliban are doing this?

  28. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Ahmad says: March 29, 2010 at 1:11 pm Aamir Khotay, First think to call Kafir to any one.


    Where did I declare anybody a Kaafir? I have just repeated what i is already reported.

  29. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Ahmad says: March 29, 2010 at 1:11 pm If taliban are heroes of islam then why they are attacking on Mosques, Bazaars on innocent people.


    Because of this: Contractors Tied to Effort to Track and Kill Militants By DEXTER FILKINS and MARK MAZZETTI Published: March 14, 2010 A version of this article appeared in print on March 15, 2010, on page A1 of the New York edition.… ALSO READ : Outsourcing intelligence By David Ignatius Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Dear Kashif,

      Why did the Taliban visited Houston Texas, USA in 1996/1997.

  30. Ahmad Chauhan Avatar

    To whom Pakistan Army beating are the supporters of suicide attackers. So Pak Army doing their best to ask them for those cunning people.

  31. Baby Shower ideas Avatar

    Don't criticize the army…. They are your hero..Its may be a mistake.
    paaak sar zameen shaad baaad,

    pak fauj karegee mulk barbaad,

    Kishwar-e-hasīn shād bād

    kha-gaee mulk ko fauj kee aulad,