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Telenor EasyPaisa Launch Event: Karachi

Telenor EasyPaisaToday a number of bloggers were invited to the launch ceremony of EasyPaisa at PC Hotel, Karachi. EasyPaisa is a new service launched by Telenor for its subscribers allowing them to pay utility bills across any retail outlet in Pakistan. EasyPaisa comes in partnership with Tameer Bank allowing general retailers to signup and serve their customers with the convenience of easy utility bill payment.

A telenor subscriber goes to an EasyPaisa agent outlet with his bill to make a payment, the shop owner in lieu of his bank account with Tameer Bank credits the Utility service with the proper payment. In return the Telenor subscriber receives an authenticated SMS payment receipt on his cell phone ensuring that the proper account has been credited with details.

telenor EasypaisaThis service may not be the first of its kind in Pakistan, but its definitely a step-up from the other competition, offering a service which expands the user base from merely being limited to telco’s customer service center to extend their reach to the road-side pan shop which has the ability to become an EasyPaisa agent and maybe earn a few bucks in the process. I believe this competitive energy is what will push innovation to drive our country towards a full mobile e-commerce solution practically everything available at our finger tips.

I must acknowledge the fact that it was a welcome sight to have bloggers in Pakistan be recognized, quite a number of friends showed up, the speeches were boring, the event a little bland, and the laptops promised for live blogging never got hooked up, but heck we had three tables set out specially for bloggers and we had a great time, literally joking and having fun being together. Heck we love to party, whens the next event !!!


  • pk |

    nice, bribe bloggers with food at PC and in return get free publicity blog posts

  • Teeth Maestro |

    @pk well, we enjoyed it anyway, it was probably the company amongst bloggers that made the day.

    On the flip side, at least telenor tried and took care of us, that did touch home in contrast to many others who simply do not.

  • Faheem Shahzad |

    @Teeth Maestro: A "telenor subscriber" goes to an EasyPaisa agent outlet with his bill to make a payment…

    This service is for EVERY ONE… not just Telenor subscriber. It's for general public even if one doesn't have a mobile connection.. he or she can see the confirmation message on easypaisa agent mobile handset (to which he or she has paid the bill)

  • Me |

    @pk: You call it bribing, people call it invitation. Its just like a regular news person reporting back on the days proceedings

    Plus bloggers for the first time are recognized as regular media and treated as such.

  • atiq |

    i used to stand in line 4 a long time! now my time is saved. thanx telenor! ;)