“Corruption is our Right” – Peoples Party Minister on TV

Watch this Youtube video of a TV show where one Peoples Party Minsiter actually says in a discussion with full confidence that corruption is ‘our right’, if the elected parties dont do corruption then its their own loss. So much for the facade of denying that any party was ever involved in corruption, might this minister and his fellow corrupt party men, want to lobby for a bill in the parliament to legalize corruption?? The answer might be a resounding yes, when everyone does it, why not legalize it, hence the people who don’t, might be better of being labelled absconders of the law.  Watch this youtube video and weep, Gaad can only Bless Pakistan




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23 responses to ““Corruption is our Right” – Peoples Party Minister on TV”

  1. Observer Avatar

    At least this idiot Jatoi dares to speak the truth…Better to have a wise enemy than to have a foolish friend…..Piplyas will never learn.

  2. Observer Avatar

    Btw: The two other guys are no better…maybe worse. They dare not admit what Jatoi the fool admitted.

    1. Mohsin Avatar

      Dear this is not dare…. infact this is the height of besharmi…. Ek to sari awam ka paisa kha gae aour phir Dharallay say keh rahay hain k yeh hamara haq hai….

      Then where is the "Right" of rest of Pakistani people?

      These morons have no care about the people of pakistan.

  3. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Even worse is Mr Javed Chaudhry – Express News. [Sanctimonious Fascists]


    3- Five journalists who were in the waiting list are:

    1- Rauf Klasra, Cat-II, Seniority Number-29

    2- Amir Mateen, Cat-II, Seniority Number-14

    3- Kiani Khaleeq Ahmad Khan, Cat-II, Seniority Number-25

    4- Javed Chaudhry, Cat-II, Seniority Number-20

    Journalist Corruption Scandal – Rauf Klasra

    1. Observer Avatar


      Is hamam mein (takreeban) sab nangey hain…..It is only a matter of loyalties. The (two) only and most important loyalties, which are missing are those to Islam and Pakistan. Very few politicians can be accredited to these noble loyalties 🙁

    2. Observer Avatar

      Btw: Pkpolitics also has their loyalty well placed in The Butt Brethren Club (PML-N). How many people of Kashmiri origin are sitting on key posts? I do not mind if they are capable people, but I do mind if people are chosen ethnic lines to ensure loyalty in spite a corrupt nature and/or lack of abilities.

  4. aJunejo Avatar

    Both Peeplaas defending the PPP minister…

    Cmon guys, why can't you call spade a spade?

    Shame on this corrupt party and shame on the chumars of PPP.

    This is the height of corruption, even the corrupts and some shame to hide their sins, but these bastards are claiming that its their right…..

    Once a fundooo will always be a fundoooo

  5. aJunejo Avatar


    What a shame. Just because this bastard belongs to PPP, a Sindhi dominant political party, you are trying to ridicule Javed Chaudhry.

    Grow up man. Only flies eat off the shit, don't loose your dignity.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Dear Sir,

      This Jatoi is not a Sindhi but belongs to southern Punjab. I dont think or write on ethnic lines.

  6. skeptic Avatar

    Whats worse than corrupt people are those who condone it. That gives more reason for the corrupt to continue.

    Reelecting BB and Zardari with their record is the same as telling them to keep on the good work and continue as before.

    I see little for the Land of the Pure. We are asking for not one but may destructions. Whats happening to this country is devine retribution and I have a feeling we are learning nothing from it and are headed towards a much bigger disaster.

    1. asif abdi Avatar
      asif abdi


      What bothers me more is that our *educated* are as mindless as non-educated.

      When it comes to people of their *associations* they would defend even the wrong doings in one pretext or another.

      Instead of condemning the bastards, some people would rather try to ridicule the questioners in order to mitigate the *harm* caused to their *heroes*…

      Shame on you Amir Mughal. You are just one big mouth, who knows where to copy/paste from. You do not have any morals.

      Shame on you Amir Mughal. All you write-copy-paste is just to humiliate others so that the ones who you adore, the zaleels of the land, can be seen as the shining stars

    2. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Dear Asif Abdi,

      I didn't support the corrupt, I just made some correction, by the way Mr Javed Chaudhry should also mention this:

      11 – Sultan Ali Lakhani & family Pakistan [courtesy Teeth Maestro]

      Ranking: 9 (tied at 9) Worth: £400m ($800) Industry: Businessman

      The Lakhanis are currently having a hard time at the hands of NAB. Sultan Lakhani and his three brothers run this prestigious group and the chain of McDonald’s restaurants in Pakistan. NAB has alleged the Lakhanis of having created phoney companies through worthless directors and raised massive loans from various banks and financial institutions. Sultan is currently abroad after having served a jail term with younger sibling Amin, though the latter was released much earlier. NAB had reportedly demanded Rs 7 billion from Lakhanis, but later agreed they pay only Rs 1.5 billion over a 10-year period.

      Lakhani brothers in NAB hands [year 1999/2000]

      Legal notice to Sultan Lakhani for publishing concocted stories Wednesday, October 11, 2006 News Desk http://www.thenews.com.pk/top_story_detail.asp?Id

      NAB in tight corner as businessmen refuse to pay dues By Kamran Khan [2001/2002] http://www.fact.com.pk/archives/may/feng/nab.htm

      Cheating is also an art and you should also learn to expose corruption as I have above within the sanctimonious media! Would Javed Chaudhry dare to expose the link between the Owner of Express News and Zardari Co.

    3. readinglord Avatar


      Well-said dear. In fact the very name of this blighted country is unislamic. Quran says,"Affalaa tazakku (?)" {Don't call yourself the pure (pak)}.

    4. skeptic Avatar

      wow, I have never even thought about it that way. This is mind blowing what you just said. I think you should post it in the entry we are pakistan…

  7. Solomon2 Avatar

    "corruption is ‘our right"

    And Pakistanis think of themselves as the most moral people on Earth, yes?

    1. yaseen ch Avatar

      yes,but u cant generalize ,there are actually people.

  8. yaseen ch Avatar

    this is just another wasi zafar type bastard.

  9. Hibijibi Avatar

    Hail BB, Hail Democracy,

    Jeay Bhutto

  10. Hibijibi Avatar

    Jeay Bhutto,

  11. abrar Avatar

    Great, I bet he is representing Zardari's PPP not Bhutto's PPP.

  12. abrar Avatar

    Where is my comment? I just posted a comment

  13. abrar Avatar

    Dr. Awab, there is a bug in your site. I just posted few comments and they disappeared.

  14. abrar Avatar

    oh, instead of making it the last comment, my comment were posted as comments # 10, 11 etc.