Jahil Online Spreading Superstitions

Guest blog by Naeem Sadiq

Aamer Liaquat Hussain, an ex-MNA and a fake degree holder during his ‘Aalim on line’ show [customarily referred to as Jahil Online on this blog] on Geo TV (January 29, 2010) explained the reason for the poor performance of Pakistan’s cricket team. [Particularly Watch the section between times 3:30-4:15]


He said that the Pakistan team had started to perform poorly since its players were now wearing cricket shoes with green coloured soles. Green is the colour of Pakistan and of Islam and its being forcibly rubbed on the ground is a derogatory act. Hence the divine retribution.

It is difficult to believe that some one who professes to be a modern religious scholar, in this time and age would be allowed to deliver such superstitious sermons on a leading TV channel [he was also attributed to spreading hatred against Ahmedis a year or so back]. What makes Geo TV to have “aalims” of questionable credentials further distract and confuse an already uneducated nation with yet more ignorance. Should the TV channels not be concerned that such incorrect, misleading and damaging information is not propagated by them.



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  1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Jahil Online Strikes again and this time [around 1400 hours dated 13-03-2010] in a repeat program talking about Veil and Chadar and Baypardah Women on TV Channels whereas completely forgetting about the Role GEO TV is playing while Promoting "Indecency" . Who can forget GEO TV Role during Hudood Law Debate in General Musharraf's Tenure. GEO TV's Double Standard is beyond the comprehension of Pakistanis who are already confused courtesy Non-Stop Bombardment of Hypocrisy of GEO TV: Ansar Abbasi, Unveiled GEO TV Female Announcers/Newscasters/Hostess/Anchors & The News International. http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2009/04/ansar-ab

  2. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    4 Man show Junaid Jamshed and Aamir Liaqat Part 1

  3. gorgeous Avatar

    abbay mera lun tau khara hooo gaya iss ko dekh k abb bethay gaa kaysay may yeh sooch raha hoo