Zardari Tells Democracy to Shut up

A short video clip of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari telling a heckler to “shut up” is hilarious. One must admit that the timing of the comment is truly priceless, Zardari was in mid-stream delivering his speech “What has happened to this democracy ……. Shut up” – Only when you watch the short section will you then start to wonder on a tangential note if he too has delivered a striking blow to democracy in Pakistan which has hallmarks of rampant and ruthless corruption like never seen before. Gawd Help Pakistan



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  1. Akhtar Avatar

    come on teeth maestro! criticism for the sake of criticism is not good. im not a zardari fan by any means but this is a ridiculous post.

  2. Nazia Avatar

    after seeing the hilarious performance of Zardari on this serious seat all his fans has been turned into sharp blade.
    As web world is full of importers so I cant say who is paid or not but in real life and in even PPP voters I couldnt find any person who feels proud to be found of Zardari.
    Mughal looks me quite decent personality but how you people are linking him with zardari and corrupt PPP people is very interesting.
    He is continuously disowning your claims but you people are on your mission.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Dear Ms. Nazia,

      Thanks for the support.

      And for those who link me with "Corrupt PPP" or "Zardari". Yes I support both the corrupt. Go and distribute sweets.:)

  3. Khuram Avatar

    The only comment is realy amazing.This short post amply displays the intolerance of the man wearing some PPP cap perhaps,posing to be a democrat, for another person in the small gathering.He should try and say this to another person,in another gathering,he will be surprised by the response;something like George Bush got in Iraq.

  4. Observer Avatar


    Maybe you are right, but I primarily see Aamir diverting the issues instead of disowning Zardari and gang members on particular issue!

    And mind you it is not only Zardari who is criminal. So are all his supporters in the PPP government. They are all corrupt to the core!

  5. hafeez Avatar

    Truly Hilarious. Haha. Nice dude. You tube is full of Pakistani politicians talking b***s***. Take an example of Qayum Jataoie. Hilarious.

  6. Nazia Avatar

    A drunkard person has no control on his words and action and our President has been many times qualified this merit of self control in front of people.

    Actually he is in mood of taking revenge to people of Pakistan who showed no interest on him while he was in jail or exiled by his beloved wife to NY small apartment.

    He is still firm on his revenge since he got the presidential seat.

  7. Observer Avatar


    I am no fan of Zardari, but he didn't say shut up to democracy. He used indecent language?.YES! What we do expect from such crooks?

    What does Amir Mughal say about his dear and beloved leader Zardari?

  8. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    this is the most hilarious clip ever……whenever I get upset on anything I watch this and laugh out loud!!!

    kiya style hai Shut up kehnai ka….WAH WAH WAH


    I do not associate with PPP but I do associate it with Democrazy politicians of Pakistan so apt of them …

  9. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    i had never witnessed the democracy in third world countries it is quite an horrifying experience.

  10. Nazia Avatar


    Mughal has its own plat form to clarify his stance but if he would be on any state portfolio then one can think like that.

    These days only two groups are found favoring zardari on official websites.They are either ghost of establishments or all time opportunist who are directly getting state benefits, business ventures and foreign deputation through zardaris' orders.

    You know at the time of Zardari's president elections who were the most stimulant character in our political circles.

    These were our colonials of ISIs who were contacting with all shaky political characters along with hidden charge sheets of these elected black sheeps to give vote in his favor.

    So now you are still on your words that all his supporters are also crimnal.

    He is our president because our army was first to accept his presence and fully supported him even in long march time .

  11. Observer Avatar


    "He is our president because our army was first to accept his presence and fully supported him even in long march time ."

    Where did I deny the army role? We have everything to thank the army for. They directly ensured that Zardari became our President…..unfortunately 🙁

  12. Nazia Avatar


    So if you are obliged to our army for her blessings in the form of zardari and his NRO team,then what is purpose of attacking on personalities who have no influence in calling this monster of greed back to town again…..

  13. Observer Avatar


    Many of us have NO influence on what is going on in Pakistan. At least we should be honest and call a spade a spade! That is where AM fails miserably. Whenever corrupt PPP is exposed he start sending links and stories about others being corrupt too. That's a habit of AM just like many other PPP, MQM and PML-N politicians you see on TV shows. In other words, since they are corrupt (all of them) they can only think blaming and get blamed in the same manner. They mostly never concede that they are wrong. That is also the case with AM. He also divert the issues and talk about others being wrong where as he should keep on track and address the issue, but how can that be different since Aamir is a hardcore PPP supporter.

    What have PPP achieved since the past two years? Nothing significant. Would it have been different with PML-N or MQM..I hardly can think of that. They are in the same (low) class.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Observer says: January 31, 2010 at 11:52 pm @Nazia Many of us have NO influence on what is going on in Pakistan. At least we should be honest and call a spade a spade! That is where AM fails miserably. They mostly never concede that they are wrong. That is also the case with AM. They are in the same (low) class.


      Dear Ms. Nazia,

      Observer is correct to the hilt and let me do it again.

      Imran Khan's Support: Then Musharraf Now Taliban!

  14. Observer Avatar


    You prove my point. This thread is about "Zardari Tells Democracy to Shut up" and your are again linking to your own site with another issue… you need traffic on your site?

    What is the relevance of the posted issue with the issue on this thread?

  15. Nazia Avatar


    When the country remains in state of war and each year bring increase in defense budget, then even developed countries loose their control on political stability in state matters.

    So our country is never in position due to last prolonged dictatorial rule to raise its status as political bud in this military nursery.

    If AM like people are living with their obsession with PPP or any party then it comes in the circle of personal interest and one has to give him space .If you think he is wrong in his perception and obsession about his political affiliation then prove through material.

    At least I give him little favor that he is not behaving like impostors of web who come here with multiple fake identity for proving their point of views.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Dear Ms. Nazia,

      Thanks again for the support and now lets wait for Fatwa against you. Observer says that this thread is about Zardari, I agree but I also wonder if this thread is about Zardari then why a Low Class [as per by Mr Observer] and PPP Supporter [as per Mr Observer, me] was being discussed above. Why don't he discuss Zardari??? Thread's subject is Zardari not me.

  16. Observer Avatar


    AM just proved my point brining the link to his own blog.

    And yes, I stand by my words that AM is a supporter of a corrupt PPP.


    You know the reason and you proved me right by this "masterpiece":

    Imran Khan’s Support: Then Musharraf Now Taliban!

    At best AM is dishinest!

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Yes your are right and let me indulged in that "Dishonesty" again and again:

      Calamity of Imran Khan and Pakistan Justice Party

  17. Observer Avatar



    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      You are right I am dishonest to the bone and core. Let me drown in it. Imran Khan hailed PCOed Judiciary!

      Vandalism and Vandals of Jamat-e-Islami and IJT.

  18. Nazia Avatar


    I think through this link he is trying to convince you that people change their point of view with passage of time.

    It might be due to their direct experience with real characters or performance of their ideals is so WORST that they give up their support for them.

    I can give you example that since 1970s my family was big supporter of Bhutto ideology.In my large family circle it is almost 90:10 who support and against Bhutto respectively.

    I even heard that few of my uncles and cousins risked their lives for Bhutto cause.but now in present scenario of 2010 this ratio has been reversed into 90:10 where only 10%is left among the 90% admirers of Bhutto who is favoring this zardari party any more.

    So changing your ideology with your practical experience is not a sin.You see on this point, public give full support to chaudry Iftikhar that even he realized his blunder while he was no his seat .he was aware that he could have been back fired but he resisted against all odds under his powers.

    So we must give benefit of doubt/guilt to people for changing their opinion and then proving it through real acts.

    1. Observer Avatar


      I agree that a person can change his/her view(s) with passage of time. After all we expect people to become wiser with growing age, but not all. Zardari obviously refuses and so does most other piplyas.

      You are not understanding what I am pinpointing about AM. He is NOT changing his views just like many of his fellow piplyas. Why doesn't he address the issue on this thread? Instead he does what he often does i.e. linking to his own site with irrelevant links telling us that everybody else is also at fault.

  19. Nazia Avatar


    I am not giving you any undue favor.

    If I feel anything is going wrong I have full courage to support it or stand for it.

    Dont worry nobody will give fatwa against me nor I am afraid of such kind of silly acts.

    We are responsible of credibility of our words which are our mode of communication with each other.

    I fully hope that people wouldn't judge my attitude through mirror of guilt but would see me through glass of conscience where I stand on my point of views with clarity .

  20. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    "So changing your ideology with your practical experience is not a sin"


    this is the first time i have ever heard that practical experience can change your ideology.sure you can give up active support, you can change your political affiliation but ideology???

    "Kunad hamjins ba hamjins parwaz

    kabutar ba kabutar, baz ba baz"

  21. mak009x Avatar

    What do you expect when an idiot runs a country… ?

    Aik Zardari Sab pe Bhari! as they say.

  22. Nazia Avatar


    Oh sure versatility of human minds is never stick to one ideology,if new concepts of life is coming in his experience, intelligent mind surely deviate,change or modify what it develops in past.

    The capability of human minds not only makes the need of the existence of an ideology clear, but also shows the necessity of an individual's adhesion to a particular concept for organizing his life in any pattern,either by choice or acquire from surroundings.

    The true adherence to an ideology means to have faith in it, and evidently a true faith cannot be imposed by force nor it can be acquired as a matter of expediency. One can be made to submit to a thing by force, but ideology does not demand submission. It demands faith. It is to be accepted and assimilated for creating harmony in different classes of a society.

    Now here is a term a useful ideology which would be enhanced to accommodate large masses in symmetric ways.

    Religious ideology usually comes in this category

    A useful ideology, on the one hand, must be based on a sort of conception that may convince reason and feed thinking, to derive attractive goals from its conception .

    So all factors like aging, change of time, leaving initial setup and opting for new worlds affects the ideology of a person.

    Another concept of human or personal ideology also exists which is created by strong and powerful characters but it is short lived and usually ended when this particular person leave the area or world.

    So you see in all kind of ideology ,there is huge margin of changeability.if you are aware of any stubborn ideology then it can be revelation of static brain and one should try to refrain from it other wise we humans couldnt jump out of our stone age concepts.

  23. Nazia Avatar


    I am fully extracting what you are trying to convince me but as I don't know the real history of your inviolate relationship with mughal in this blog or real life so I cant evaluate the exact reason that why AM is on your nerves and you all time seeming me deviating from the topic by irrelevantly chasing mughal.

    I still don't understand that why you want that others here also follow your experience with AM.

    If I go to his site which is looking me quite close to reality and possessing good pieces of information then what is harm in visiting there.

    Do you think that we are so dependent and submitted creature who can be controlled by mughal and you.

    Let us to see the world through our experience of handling the people.

    Your all advices are welcome but give us some little space to our minor ideology too of perceiving different personalities in this web world too.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      This thread and discussion is the basic reason of Mr. Observer's Fury:

      The Latest Ahmed Mukhtar “Drone Can Land But Not Take Off” Award Published December 26, 2009

  24. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Observer says: February 1, 2010 at 11:25 pm @Nazia You are not understanding what I am pinpointing about AM. He is NOT changing his views just like many of his fellow piplyas. Why doesn’t he address the issue on this thread? Instead he does what he often does i.e. linking to his own site with irrelevant links telling us that everybody else is also at fault.


    And let me do that again:

    Cute Picture of Imran Khan and Mullahs with General Musharraf in Uniform and with their impressive CVs: The Taliban’s war on Pakistan and the role of our religio-political leaders

  25. Nazia Avatar

    Actually mughal I am not understanding that why people are extending rivalry attitude in this invisible web world.

    Every body has difference of opinion even living in same home so what is wrong with educated people here to behave like dirty politicians of east who are controlling the refined educated class in their manner.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Dear Ms. Nazia,

      I also fail to understand that why people behave like this because all I am doing is just giving my opinion and that is not a cardinal truth because I could be wrong, I could be right.

  26. Observer Avatar


    Being on a public forum requires readiness to be criticized. That includes both you, me and everybody else. If I believe you are dishonest or I do not agree with you, then I will reserve the right to air my views, and that is exactly what I am doing. It is for everybody to see how you use smoke screen to protect PPP criminal acts by pointing the guns against PPP opponents.


    Unfortunately you are consistently inconsistent in paying attention to the real issue. It is up to your own conciousness to think further. I hope you will be able to see whay is obvious. Btw, it is also evident from the link AM provided. He got a little of spanking because of his dishonesty.

  27. Observer Avatar

    It is not only Zardari and his gang, who is indulged in criminal activities. PMl-N is also busy…..Have a look here:

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Observer says: – February 2, 2010 at 1:14 am – @AM Btw, it is also evident from the link AM provided. He got a little of spanking because of his dishonesty.


      By the way what "Snow White Clean Mr Imran Khan" was doing with Corrupt PML-N in National Conference????

      Besides Nawaz Sharif, the conference was attended by Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, Jamiat Ahle Hadith chief Allama Sajid Mir, Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan and other leaders of lawyers community, regional political parties, traders community and representatives of civil society. Zardari worse than Musharraf: Nawaz Thursday, March 05, 2009 By Muhammad Anis

  28. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Observer says: February 2, 2010 at 1:45 am – It is not only Zardari and his gang, who is indulged in criminal activities. PMl-N is also busy…..Have a look here: February 2, 2010 at 1:56 am Observer says: – February 2, 2010 at 1:14 am – @AM Btw, it is also evident from the link AM provided. He got a little of spanking because of his dishonesty.


    Before the advent of Musharraf Martial Law, read the statements [Historical Statements]

    National Conference, Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Jamat-e-Islami – 1

    National Conference, Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Jamat-e-Islami – 2

  29. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Why we forget this cruelty????

    How conveniently people forget that while doing such barbaric things. Rana Sanaullah himself was brutally tortured by that Grunt General Musharraf and his co. His head, mustaches were shaved when Rana had questioned the Role of Junta in East Pakistan. Rana Sanaullah tortured By Shamsul Islam Naz March 10, 2003 Monday Muharram 6, 1424

    1. Observer Avatar


      Are you seing General Musharraf on that particular video? If not then stop being utterly ridiculous. Whether Musharraf tortured Rana Sana Ullah or not. It does not give him the right to torture other people!

  30. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Dear Observer,

    I am following your "Commands" mentioned as under:

    Observer says: – February 2, 2010 at 1:14 am – @AM – Being on a public forum requires readiness to be criticized. That includes both you, me and everybody else. If I believe you are dishonest or I do not agree with you, then I will reserve the right to air my views, and that is exactly what I am doing.

  31. Nazia Avatar


    You are showing me that mughal is PPP jiyala or like that!ok

    lets go further from this concept.

    he might be a big dacoit of Sindh(I am very sorry mughal but just quoting as an example to convince our observer).

    He could be a wing leader of gangsters of PPP or any other political party.

    He could be part of propagandist team of PPP, any Intelligence unit or any private group.

    He might be a compulsive liar or professional cheater.

    Every thing is possible in this hidden and deceived world of web.You both could be a same personality too who is found of soliloquizing.

    What is my interest if he is like any of above in his personal life?

    I am just seeing him through his few lines and responding it in same way.

    Beyond this, every thing is out of my scope and interest.

    Look if I have any curiosity desire to probe him, I have lot of other options to follow to reach him.

    Even there are very practical ways to approach any body any where.

    But I again say that it is beyond my interest.

    that is why I am consistent on my point which you are looking more concerned than me.

    I even never tried to probe you who are coming and annoying me with hidden identity.

    So I tell you that I have no trust on any person belong to this cyber world.My these words are based on my experience and I am still stick to it unless I find some improvement in feared behavior of people who even cant speak truth while sitting in this safe net places.

    As I am still unable of estimating your concern toward my inconsistency ,therefore I am explicitly paying attention to this real issue.

    What is your actual problem???

  32. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    Oh sure versatility of human minds is never stick to one ideology, if new concepts of life is coming in his experience, intelligent mind surely deviate, change or modify what it develops in past.


    i don't think so. Changing oneself is not that easy as it sounds not for even highly educated, experienced and intelligent person….for OPPORTUNISTS… problem. but for a sincere person it is almost impossible to make a change in what he believes.

    if some one ask my layman classification of ideology then i will say that there are two types of ideologies rules the lives of the men believing in ideology.

    1) the ideologies derived and revolve around religion which carry a core value of submission and obedience without any doubt and without any question.

    2)the sets of ideologies evolved due to human thinking. the series of modifications and changes in a social and economic systems due to think process instigated by industrialization of human civilization. These kinds of ideology carry the different kinds of core values.

    for example communism carries a core value of redistribution of wealth and resources. Contrary to the capitalism which give you the idea of concentration of capital in a few hands.

    No matter what happens with communism in Soviet Union and Russia the communist of paksitan and any place in the world will remain communist….why??? because he hates the idea of concentration of wealth in few hands. the core value derives him to adopt a new strategy, new reasoning and redefinition but he will remain a communist.

    similarly the practicing muslims will remain a muslim even after the fall of islamic governament and annihilation and humiliation. even after spending many years in prison cells.they will regroup and fight back. this is the dynamics of islam.because islam gives you the core value of obedience regardless of circumstances and environment.

    People do not change because of experiences.

    a true socialist can not become a capitalist and vice versa . why? because these ideologies defines us. our nature,our life style, our think process and all aspects of our character is in complete harmony and in accordance with these ideologies.

    the corruption arises when you start using these ideologies for your personal gain. Zulifiqar Ali bhutto did the same not to accumulate wealth in swiss banks but to gain absolute power and unchallengeable leadership.

    you said you belived in bhutto ideology….what was that ideology? bhutto gave many slogans to attract the pakistani Diaspora…he gave many colors, tastes and shades to his struggle in order to attract masses. like "roti kaprha aur makan" and a semi and pseudo religionism wrapped in liberalism and moderation.

    This is the main problem with psyche of people of pakistan which made all of us a hypocrite and opportunist. a pakistani can kill you just because of throwing garbage in front of his house and remain silent and peaceful on robberies inflicted by govt on daily basis. people around the world laugh on us because of our frequent monkey style acrobatics for the money and personal vested interests.

    the guys who wanted to enter in pakistan on the tanks of red army, are now visting washington on Boeing jumbo to fight the case of pashtoons.

    this is not a change of ideology this is utter ridiculous opportunism.

  33. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    Atlast ….Amir mughal got a supporter. hhahahahahahaa

    1. Observer Avatar


      Mission accomplished for now. It is nice to know where people stand and also nice to know how they use circular "arguments" to stay in their lies. So, the only thing Nazia has proven is where she stands and that is on the right side of Aamir Mughal 😉 lol.

  34. Nazia Avatar

    When people start speaking like you ,observer and khan, I think I am successful of hitting the target.

    By the way I am standing on left side of Mughal, right side I leave for you or for his real admirers.

  35. Observer Avatar

    "By the way I am standing on left side of Mughal, right side I leave for you or for his real admirers."

    Me an "admirer" of Aamir? LOL.

  36. Nazia Avatar


    People are all time vulnerable to change their ideology.

    We find lot of level of religious beliefs, sincerity and devotion to our community, religion and our country.

    Some time a moment can change the life pattern of any intelligent person or he might pass different phases to gain different point of views of same ideology.

    Sincerity is human practice and it can be found in those persons who are unaware of any concept of ideology in their lives and only follow the signs of surrounding and nature to pass their lives

    Oh yes the low IQ people which usually represent the masses need a strong idea or joint concept to channelize their energy for mainstream national drives in building nation process.

    Crook or shrewed class whom you called an opportunist never followed any particular ideology and always prefer to live in spheres of present moments and out of it they cant live.

    Bhutto was never my personal ideal but at his time people followed his words and created an imaginary system of socialism under his theory.

    They never thought that he is a typical feudal who even declaring himself the follower of moa zay tung, lived like

    Royal of Saudia on poor class of Pakistan.

    I have already told that charismatic and rich personality in Pakistan has lot of tendency to grab the minds of masses owing to lot of weakness in our character building system as SLAVE nation.

    so this herd of men are declared as our leader of moments.

    They are used by foreign forces and then disposed it in garbage as and where basis.

  37. Nazia Avatar


    You are very poor in picking my point.

    Look for criticizing some body you have to live at the same level of your target.

    so you are unintentional more close to mughal then any body else so I place you on his right side so you keep more peculiar look on him.

    Now I think you will understand my point that extreme hate always keep you close to your enemy all the time.

  38. Observer Avatar


    Once again you are wrong.

    I don't hate Aamir Mughal!

    And nor do I hate you!

    Have you considered that you may have been delivering your "points" poorly and not precisely?

  39. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    @ Nazia,

    i agree with the observer completely. no one hate Amir Mughal. many confronted with Amir mughal just because people don't like the insult of human intelligence.people don't like the tricks.

  40. farrahshah Avatar


    your comment on 2/02/10 at 1.50 pm

    is excellent analysis of the nation.

  41. farrahshah Avatar

    @Dr Jawwad on idealogies:

    In my observation the clssic time of human affiliations and principals is over.

    We do not see many groups or ideologies any more .

    Instead USA has created new groups for affiliation like Global warming,like HRC ,like green Peace and NGOS which are sponsored by World Bank and IMF.

    Like consummer groups ,like anti war groups,green peace groups etc are there to keep the sincere people quite as well and their concious happy .

    So you see when my religion interferes it becoems the issue of human right or basic right and I have to give in my religious affiliation to Human affiliation.

    Fortunately for the world ,New World order of USA failed and at present the world and people are agian focusing on themselves.

    It is no co-incidence that suddenly India is not preaching Dalai Lama and USA is also not advocating freedom for Tibet.


    The bank ruptcy of the world has brought real questions before people……..Europe is not crying anymore feed the hungary of the world or sponsor a dog ….becasue they are hungry themselves now.

    It is a time when all else is falling apart but religious affiliation is at rise.

    No not because human beings have become religious but that is how International media portrays it.

    The news is not told to us ," like few boys were beaten to death by few rogues" it is instead ," few boys of this religion were beaten by the boys of that religion to death along with the Nationality"

    A uni polar world it must be though ,divide the world in Christians and Muslims and Jews will rule.

  42. Nazia Avatar



    sorry I used an extremist term for your unilateral relation with Mughal. You might not hate him but feel comfortable in teasing mode.

    Any how it is matter between you two love birds.

    Hope you would spare me in your confrontation which you think doing for protecting human intelligence .

    By the way just for sake of general knowledge you and khan are identical twins or dizygotic.

    Ok if you have problem no need to reply and excuse my poor caliber.

  43. Nazia Avatar


    you are right in this ideology process human attitude is tending toward religious extremism.

    Now we are mostly concerned about our faith and sanctity of religious norms and forgetting about social problems like hunger, corruption and population explosion in under developed areas.

    Extreme materialistic desire and too much dependability on electronic devices are also contributing in diverting the goals of a particular generation which is responsible of nation building under some specific ideology as per circumstances.

  44. Sjl Avatar


    Being concerend about religious faith might not be that bad if it is channeled to all modes of the faith. My faith Islam encompasses solutions to all social problems aswell, its a matter of following it as whole rather than just following some particular parts. As to ideoligies i agree with you one might follow a certain ideology on the basis of justifications and reasoning he or she gets but at any point of life that ideology can be proven wrong. Nothing is forever and ideologies can certainly change. Big difference between being an ideologist or an opportunist.

  45. Umar Avatar

    This video has been removed. In fact it has been removed everywhere. Go here to see it.

  46. Aamir Avatar

    criticism for the sake of criticism is not good. In fact this is a ridiculous post. I think we have become habitual to confuse the things and interpret them according to our desire.

    It is common trend in Pakistan to misconstrue the statements of our leaders. This is common practice in our country that we interpret statements of our leader according to our own mentality. In fact we have become habitual of making false interpretations of our leaders. It is shameful for us that here we commented about such a man who saved country when it was at the verge of disintegration and Benazir Bhutto Shaheed, who sacrificed her life for this country. The truth is that no one feels weight of others burden.

  47. Sjl Avatar

    pakistan is at the verge of a crisis never seen before and you call it saving??? Loyalty is good but blindness is another thing (rolling eyes)