Brigadier thrashes Professor over Musharraf-NRO brawl

Umar Cheema reports in The News of an incident in Islamabad where a retired brigadier, the registrar of the Army-run National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Brig (retd) Obaidullah Ranjh assaulted his respected professor colleague, Prof Tahir Malik, when the latter questioned the role of General Musharraf in brokering a deal with the PPP through the NRO. The assault was so ravish the the brigadier started hitting the professor like a punching bag, leaving the latter virtually unconscious. After the incident, instead of regretting his act, said he wouldn’t care in case an FIR was lodged and defended the use of muscle power, saying: “If somebody disgraces the Army and its institution, what should I have done?” and asked the media to write whatever they wanted, adding: “I’m not answerable to you.HIS ACTIONS ARE UTTERLY OUTRAGEOUS AND MUST BE CONDEMNED | UPDATE: The News Update on Feb 06 > Presidency orders probe as brigadier blocks FIR



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  1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Chose Army for Ghazawa-e-Hind [Ziad Hamid]

    Nawaz concerned over Army occupation of Cholistan land

    Saturday, February 06, 2010 News Desk

    Presidency orders probe as brigadier blocks FIR

    Saturday, February 06, 2010 By Umar Cheema

  2. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Thank you for the update published in The News today – I have edited the post to share the link with everyone

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Dr Sahab,

      I am always at your disposal and now lets wait for a decree that PPP has taken Awab Alvi on payroll through a Rampant Peepla:)

  3. jin_baba Avatar

    Yeah and how about the president open the fir of the murder of Nabi Sher Junejo too?

    President gandoo konsey parsaa hain…sarey haram khour milkey Pakistan kee bajaa rahey hain, koee brigadier bankey aur koee president bankey

  4. Nazia Avatar

    I request the Numl student to kindly send us email address of that illiterate brigadier and his reactor boss so that he would face the wrath of another bloody civilians.
    They can slap a teacher who is working under their domain but the day they come out from their den, we are ready to handle them in our civilized way.
    If students of NUML want to insult him or our army kindly take the print of Hamood rehman commission report or real events of Kargil war form some neutral observer.
    If he would have some vision or conscious which I am sure he doesn’t possess ,HE SHOULD SLAP ON HIS FACE TOO.
    He doesn’t know that His Boss Musharraf was so coward and cheap that after this humiliating defeat in KARGIL, he never bothered to take back the dead bodies of our poor soldiers belong to gligit and tibit areas which are still lying under the heavy snow.
    Army officers know it very well that special attack is designed to take back the corpses of our martyrs at all costs and then should buried with all military honors.But I think Musharraf a coward general had erased all such dignified training from course of military as waste of time and effort for poor soldiers
    We are all time ready to stand against their bullish culture which they always developed in dictatorial rules.
    This is the unique country where guard of nation is deputed on professors of nation.

  5. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    i wonder how these goons get higher ranks in "world 3rd best army".

  6. Observer Avatar


    I think you are being "harsh". In "fact" PAK Army is very "effective". Until now they have conquered very little from our enemies, the Indians, but on the other hand they have "conquered" Pakistan several times…….so they are maybe amongst the three most "successful" armies of the world.

    1. wiseking Avatar

      this has nothing to do with the pakistan army. first of all, this brigadier is retired, and thus is not officially a member of the army anymore. the act of hooliganism is more of a personal moral issue rather than something that anyone can link to him being a former brigadier. i am a little surprised at the lack of intuition and original thought, esp from the blog author, who prides himself on 'army hatred.'

  7. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    @ observer !!!

    yeh i think "successful" is better than the "best"

    or we can say that our army is the most "successful" army in the world.

  8. Nazia Avatar


    D you think that our presidency would do any thing in this regard so that a professor's honor can be secured from the wrath of corrupt khakis.

    Our president is known corrupt, attested illiterate and popular for securing goon under presidency orders so to whom he would actually defend is the real issue.

    That stage of humiliation of professor never cam if he would taken notice of embezzlement in NUML university in last days by these prides of army in educational institute.

    This way these corrupt officers purged their anger on whom , who actually gave such information to press.They thought by create scenes of horror and terror,they can terrorize others so that no other would dare again to meddle in their business deals while working in government places.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Dear Ms. Nazia,

      Very simple answer!

      Khakis in Pakistan were never questioned e.g. Fall of Dhaka, 1965 War [Operation Gibraltar/Operation Grand Slam], Permission were given to US U2 Spy Plane of US from Badabir, Peshawar to spy on USSR using Pakistani soil [putting Pakistan at the mercy of Cold War Barbarians], General Zia [then Brigadier]'s butchery against Palestinians in Jordan, Zia's crimes of dividing Pakistan on ethnic, sectarian, linguistic lines, Musharraf's Kargil, and what not and you are lamenting over a Professor being roughed up by a Brigadier. The only hope is ever growing civil society in Pakistan which can put Pakistan on straight path [peaceful].

  9. yaseen ch Avatar

    Being a student of NUML for two years i never saw the face of this bloody brigadier on campus but i heard about him after the oct 20 blast at IIU but i think if President Zardari could sack this bloody ranjha and his chief Rector Aziz Ahmed khan he could very well restore his image to some extent in civilians.

  10. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    it is wrong but why we cannot condemn it simply because it is aggressive behavior why we have to state it is an army anyway I guess if people and its army cannot live together what can we do?

  11. Nazia Avatar


    I made such way of condemnation to the last extent of my range.

    I two times faced such kind of scene of army officers and all time I reacted to them with my full logic.I don't say that I succeeded fully but partially I got an edge on wrong attitude of military people on ordinary civilians.

    In one case it was happened as Mughal said that army management had taken immediate steps to save their bull headed officers and let other civilians to face the riot like situation created as after effects of such bully culture.

    Any how I am still chasing these officers and where in public forum I get them, at least I have full courage to show them their real face.

  12. jimmy Avatar

    farrah shah,

    Its the attitude of every army men, its not only this brigadier. When ever they get a chance they behave like this.

    Not that I am a fan of any political thug, but I think they all belong to the same clan and I think they are all raping Pakistan.

    I bet they would have already put Zardari don on side, had he (Asif Ali Zardari) not acquired the blessings of the bigger DONS.

    So picture this: all the dons in ARMY hate to take orders from a dhakkan and corrupt politician (Asif Ali Zardari), but their SARTAJ DON now has two bimbos, not only one. So if the first Bimbo does not serve well, SARTAJ has another Bimbo to get the service.

    Can you guess who are the two Bimbos? Kiyani Clan and the Zardari Clan.

    Rest of the chamchaz like Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Qureshi or Zulfiqar Mirza or Altaf Hussain are just A$$ wipes. They have no other purpose but to clean up after the Sartaj……

  13. Observer Avatar


    "this has nothing to do with the pakistan army. first of all, this brigadier is retired, and thus is not officially a member of the army anymore."

    It has everything to do with the army. These army leeches are brought up to think they are the rulers of Pakistan. While on duty they have NO respect for civil authorities and this criminal mindset is not to vanish just because an officer retires. It becomes a lifetime disease.

    Btw: Are you also connected to the army? ……wiseKING?

  14. Leo Avatar

    Salams to all on his blog spot.

    I am here just to say that u all have listened to one side of the story if u wanna really justify the wrong being done in pakistan let alone be it NUML university i think u all need to see the other side of the picture.

    As i being in direct contact with the Brigadier under discussion will say that no one is foolish enough to use man handling as a way out it always the last resort. why dont any one ask the so called respected prof that what he did that provoked an elderly man to raise his hand on him. and if he is such a sincere prof and truthful to his profession why is he using the students to resolve his personal issue.

    So ladies and gentlemen, be careful for what u say might be held against u in the court of Allah.

  15. Khuram Avatar

    Well said LEO.The professor needs to watch his mouth next time.I admire the total loyalty of the Army man to his institution which seems to be alien to both the professor and Omer Cheema the scandelous reporter.There is a lesson here for those who pass judgements without checking facts.

  16. Nazia Avatar


    So you are justifying the poor patience level of old brigadier that was overflown by professor through some word power and he was naturally intent to beat him, other wise he doesn't show such behaviour .

    Is it correct which I perceive through your words.

    In which book of law or justice such reactions of beating on verbal words are allowed in any institution.

    I think brigadier thought he was standing in his unit or in market places where illiterate and uncivilized people usually behave like that.

    And one thing you should remember students only favour/support good teachers and that is what they are doing there to protect the honour of a professor .

  17. abrar Avatar


    yeah we should questino the professor, why is he not worshipping Pakistan Army? I guess the proff didn't get marlas of land because he did not join the pious Pakistan Army…

    BTW, Leo are you Asif Shiraz of Zaid Hamid Kezzab clan, posting with anonymous nicks? justifying every action of Pakistan Army.

  18. MB Avatar

    Here is the MAP of the feudal military empire of PAKISTAN

    Pakistan Army – A picture worth thousand words :

  19. Khuram Avatar

    Boy! what won't we do to prove our point!!! This is a picture of Bangladeshi mutiny and both of them are from their civil armed forces.Don't even dream of such stupidity here.Our people have always backed their Army.Exceptions are always there.Did you read all comments in your link?You have a right to be angry but do not justify by giving false arguments.

  20. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan


    thanks for the update. but this picture reflects the profound desire of many pakistanis…..i wish i could kick some general's butt on the middle of the street….

    i wish army officer can be treated like this picture. when that day will come….i shall celebrate that day of the day.

  21. MB Avatar

    @khurram thanks for your views, and FYI i really respect the PAK ARMY, "as much as it respects my country's constitution" (in KHAWAJ ASIF's language)

    I think you did not read the two lines above the pic , let me paste here :

    " Something to ponder for the Pakistan ARMY "

    This is a warning that if PAK ARMY does not change its behavior , it might well face growing criticism and on a day in future an officer might be kicked on a street like the on shown here, in BANGLADESH. I think i need not to remind you of 1971.

    The post is a WARNING, not a wish. My aim is present FACTs as they are, irrespective of whether it glorifies our ARMY/POLITICIANS/BUREAUCRACY etc. or exposes their weakness.

    The first step for the patient for cure is TO ACCEPT that he has an ILLNESS.


  22. Khuram Avatar

    MB, Would you tell us what prompted such reaction.Please do elucidate on Army's behaviour as you say.Do not mention Khawaja Asif.You would be surprised what he says off the record. Please do explain the "illness".Thanks.

  23. MB Avatar

    everything given on my blog

  24. Khuram Avatar

    I read your blog as you call it.Brother you need help.

  25. omar Avatar

    Pakistan's military is primarily responsible for the current mess in Pakistan (including the terrible state of its political leadership) and they will learn nothing from the past. Still, some of their aims they will achieve, and some they will not. A quick list:

    1. Remain unaccountable to civil society within Pakistan. Yes, yes, yes, yes YES. This aim is the number one aim and on this account, the US has no serious objection, China has no objection, saudi arabia has no objection, even India will go along, so the answer seems like yes, this one they will achieve for now.

    2. Maintain control of all levers of real power in Pakistan. This is slightly different from aim one and on this one, they will have to compromise. They may wish to pretend that they, in their infinite wisdom, allow MQM to run Karachi and X to run Y, but the fact is, they dont have total control and they will have even less in the future. Occasionally, this fact will prove so irritating to some retired brigadier that he will thrash a bloody civilian to vent his frustration…

    3. Stategic depth in Afghanistan. Bullshit. They will be paid for services rendered. If they manage to re-establish order in NWFP and Balochistan, they will get some benefits too, but otherwise Pakistani traders, smugglers and kidnappers will have strategic depth in Afghanistan, but "pakistan" as a state will have rather less.

    4. Bleeding Indian via Jihadi terrorism. They have already signed off on this one. Its over. Why is Sheikh Rashid getting attacked? My guess (its only a guess) is because he was a senior facilitator of jihadi terrorists and now they are unhappy at the new policy. Pakistan will continue to bleed due to the leftovers of jihadi terrorism, India will continue to have its own indigenous terrorist movements, but Pak army "moral and diplomatic support" days are over.

    5. Pakistan to maintain its identity and independence vis a vis India. This was never really in doubt. India can do nothing to Pakistan without dragging itself down as well. The army will no doubt try to take credit for having "saved" Pakistan in spite of all conspiracies and will claim that all their stupidities were actually brilliant rearguard actions without which we would have become domestic servants in the houses of our Brahmin overlords..and I am sure some people (especially those educated in military run institutions) will buy this BS, but in my mind, this was never in doubt….

  26. Shah jee Avatar
    Shah jee

    Hurrah! Finally we got a week off from university. I am sorry but this is what majority of us (students) take this incident as. We all whole heartedly participated in the movement against Doctor Brigadier (retired) Obaid ullah Ranjha and deepest sympathies are with the poor lecturer of our university Tahir Malik. During the campaign I asked myself several times to go home and relax in front of television but then I was reminded of Quaid-e-azam saying:

    “I particularly appeal to our intelligentsia and Muslim students to come forward and rise to the occasion. You have performed wonders in the past. You are still capable of repeating the history. You are not lacking in the great qualities and virtues in comparison with the other nations. Only you have to be fully conscious of that fact and to act with courage, faith and unity.”

    March 23, 1943

    Though I stayed in university till the movement was called off but at the end of lackadaisical day i was taking an array of questions to home. Indeed, it was a wasted day in the sense that there were no classes and we all preferred to enjoy in the rain and be a good part of students of other universities who came to rescue our lecturer’s dignity. What bothers me now is, are we fully conscious of facts? We don’t know what made Doctor Sahib take such an immature action. Why our dear lecturer is taking support of media, is it because he has relation in media? Why this matter is not solved in university premises. Certainly, I don’t want a bad name to my university in newspapers or in any news bulletin. Why in the world we are shaping this as an Army issue? It’s our university matter and I think rather I fully trust faculty and administration of NUML to handle this issue appropriately and in dignified manner.

    I remember few months’ back MPA Shumaila Rana was caught red handed using a stolen credit card and an MNA who was also caught cheating in examination. After a plethora of such event will I be wrong to claim that all politicians are corrupt, if so then why do we again select their respective parties again and again ….? Today, no one can deny from the sacrifice of Pakistan Army at our western borders then why do we have to remember its failures only as eloquently by Sir Aamir Malik “Khakis in Pakistan were never questioned e.g. Fall of Dhaka, 1965 War [Operation Gibraltar/Operation Grand Slam…..”. In same fashion throughout the campaign we stressed on the resignation of Doctor Brigadier (retired) Ranjha not realizing what he must have done for this university. I don’t support Doctor Ranjha but I want to highlight that as a nation how foolhardily and blindly we follow each other. Knowing well that the inquiry is still under process and we yet have to know who is at fault we (students) are ready to fire Doctor Ranjha. And probably by tomorrow we will be asking our DG and president of this inquiry Doctor Kamran Jhangir to step down from his office and appointment.

  27. jahangir Avatar

    Wait a minute, how will Zaid Haimd Kezzab explain this?

    I'm sure according to him(Zaid Hamid Kezzab) this Professor is a Kafir or worse than that, he is a CIA agent or RAW agent.

    And to support his accusation he would say "Another proof that this professor is a CIA agent is because the drones have not targetted him…"

  28. MB Avatar


    help me 🙂

  29. Khuram Avatar

    The problem with us is that we associate individual decisions or acts with the institutions.No wonder Mr.Zardari thinks likewise and is sitting pretty.Good luck to him.Please do not indulge in such practices, as being emotional has let us down in the past.Condemn the individual but not our institutions.Remember this is what our enemies want.On the fall of Dacca "khakis" were questioned but the person responsible did not make it public.This person could never have come into power if East and West Pakistan were together.Move forward but with dignity and method.You will be surprised with the results.

  30. Ammar Avatar

    So now the universities will have free style wrestling? This is a shameful act and as violence cannot be tolerated in any manifestation what is more deplorable that this incident happened in place which is meant to be a center of enlightenment and tolerance. Debates are an essential component of academics but they must be kept civil

  31. Nazia Avatar


    It is not an individual's act .Have you heard in our country that any professor has ever beaten a captain or any senior level.

    On Nov 2007 a captain equal to 17th grade officer was sent to held 11 judges of supreme court along with Chief justice of Paksitan that had same authoritative level in system of Governance of Pakistan as COAS.

    So which force was behind the captain? a gun that was given to him by govt of Pakistan for stoping enemies not other executives of this country for obeying unlawful orders of his boss.

    So this superior complex is inducted to officers by seniors and as per rule of obedience they have to follow it by considering others as their enemies.

    Now closely watch the reality.

    Army is still trying to protect his officer after daylight thrash in official premises of a university and least bothered about students rebellious attitude or honor of any teacher.

    That is why they have closed down this university for a week so either student attention can be diverted or rehman malik might be successful in his cunning deals.

    In this month it was 2nd event like that in city where GHQ is located

    Other event was done in fauji fertilizer office where first time 90 employees strongly rebelled against army officers who placed all daily wages workers under control of private contractor.

    They have taken this case in the court and judge has called the management to present its verdict in the court.

    First officers of FFC tried to fire few who raised voice against this injustice and then threatened them in same way as we found in NUML.

    You know why actually this lower staff reacted as they clearly watched that how crookedly these officers are filling their pocket in the name of fringe benefits for nothing and take no time to cut the daily wages of these employees ,most of them are working here for last 10 years .

    So now weak class has developed hope through judiciary movement that is why strange things for army officers have been happening in this obedient city of Pakistan.

    1. Shah jee Avatar
      Shah jee

      Respected Mam Nazia

      Everybody gets angry, but out-of-control rage is not what is expected from a high caliber person. We naturally expect a decent person to control his nerves and act respectfully before things get out of hands and turns into a disaster as it happened in NUML. History proves that majority of time officers of Pakistan Army behave irrationally when it comes to a quarrel with a civilian. They act contrary to what is taught to them in their Academy; words like Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage — whether they’re on the job or off. But we don’t see the pride of Pakistani nation actually living up to these.

      Mam, I apologize from core of my heart but what if I call you a bitch, whore, prostitute and a hooker in response to what you wrote against Pakistan Army. Certainly, after such words I don’t expect roses from you. And if I am in front of you, probably you will bless me with a slap. Undoubtedly, this should be the course of action of any decent girl. Mam, I again humbly apologize for such harsh words but sometimes you need to show your power to save your dignity and pride. My father once told me, “treat others with dignity and respect while expecting others to do the same”. I presume that probably the same would have happened between the lecturer and registrar of our university. As far as I know, Doctor Brigadier Obaid ullah Ranjha has apologized for his shameful behavior in front of faculty and students of IR department. Now why my dear teacher Mr Tahir Malik is behaving so obnoxiously? Is this what he is giving us a lesson? Not to forgive! We have striking examples of forgiveness in Holy Quran and such an attitude is not according to our teachings.

      Me and my classmates are preparing for inter university competition. NUML has a record of picking up this trophy for the last five years but this time I don’t see any hope. With the university closed and our faculty behaving so immaturely we will stand nowhere. Please for the sake of students, stop this nonsense. Let us study, don’t waste our time. If you want to fight, fight at your homes. Please, don’t put a bad name to my university because tomorrow I don’t want to hear that I have studied in a third grade university.

      As far as incident in FFC and NUML is concerned, I smell political move of present government instead of Army involvement. I never read a single article about a gun fire in Quaid-e-Azam University or students of Punjab University using weapons on campus and targeting students from Gilgit-Baltistan and NWFP. Whereas, these days there is so much news about NUML that I would like our national paper The News be named as “NUML NAMA”.

  32. jahangir Avatar

    Shah jee,

    Yeah the poor prof was Pakistani, and Pakistan Army think they are the property of Pakistan Army so they can do what ever they want.

    Was this an American prof, the same brigadier would be happily listening to the profs and after the prof had finished cursing the Sacred Cow [Pakistan Army]*, the brigadier would have saluted.

  33. Nazia Avatar


    First thing you should remember that you cant make fool people all the time so be courageous to face the reality and try to develop your sense of observation about change in attitude of people coming to your domain for job or for some other cordial purposes.

    You are talking about the matter done in one of highly literate area of Pakistan, not the backward rural area where abusive feudalistic attitude is still very dominant under all time ruling families in Pakistan.

    Now come to case of brigadier. I don't think so that you are a real student of NUML because as per my personal information students unanimously have taken stand on this point as all are fed up of bullying and highly undisciplined behaviour of this brigadier.He had a very bad history of handling the civilians and wrongly diverting perks of universities toward his personal side.

    so this event of beating the teacher or in FFC has become Break even point(BEP) and no deep politics is found as you people feel after losing trust of locals due to your bad temperament.

    Brigadier is surely in his late 50s so he has developed trait of abusiveness showing his working experience gain in past years during unlawful military regimes and we have seen repeated events like that in public areas.

    Now come to your case if you want to abuse me like slut, whore, or prostitute, then surely you have serious hatred feelings against me through some working relation or you might develop an inferior complex due to some kind of conflict developed between two of us.

    When you don't convince others yours last attempt is start using abusive language to show your power and unlimited knowledge of daily usage in your routine life.

    So how should I react? (Below are given civilized way of handling problematic and sick minded personalities which might not be conceived by fauji damagh of Pakistan)

    As I don't believe in abusive return so I would try to snub you as per my range which should no way come to category of given up but showing you my decency and patience level.

    Another way of decent assault is to manage silence mode for such bad tempered person in public forums but in our dictatorial state silence is sometimes understand as weakness of rival to withstand against bullying personalities and that is what these incompetent officers these days are thinking like that.

    Or if I have to work in the same working domain with abusive person like you then after seeing your poor absorptivity of handling people I would try to help you to avoid such situation where further degradation of human minds can be prevented to secure the honor of working domain as a colleagues.

    Repetitive attempts should be done by giving many chances to that person to improve his/her rude behavior.

    In this case get the history and you would find lot of chances is given to that ill mannered officers and now situation have become out of control not because of any kind of deep rooted politics but purely from trespassed acts of officer himself.

    The last attempt of groomed civilian after continuation of abusive and offensive acts is to protest and register it under the law.Our section 420 or someother fully help a common citizen to restore his self respect under state law.

    Observe carefully this action is not limited to only verbal but physical assault has been publicly done.

    What you think if at that moments the professor retaliated or group of students thrashed that brigadier shahib publicly.In army language it should be like that but civilian has adopted their way of showing anger and you should now face it in public protest, boycott or lodge a complain in near police station.

    Dont worry about bringing normalcy in university as there is no big event in one's life than restoring his self respect and dignity and disrespectful person should pay the price of his repetitive assault to humble fellows.

    Why we would stick to ill mannered behaviors if we have other choices of decent option of working areas or why that experienced man should not be punished as per law of state or institution?

    This should be thinking or turning point for a person, who found guilty in inappropriate behavior.

  34. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Comparison with India on Across the Board Accountability

    لڑکے کی ہلاکت میں ملوث فوجی گرفتار

    ریاض مسرور

    بی بی سی اُردو ڈاٹ کام، سرینگر

    آخری وقت اشاعت: بدھ, 10 فروری, 2010, 09:55 GMT 14:55 PST

  35. Nazia Avatar

    Brigadier finally resigned.

    So army management again saved her out of control soul from grilling through civilians laws and their wrath too.

    This is the same way they protected Musharraf after people rebelled against his illegitimate behavior.

  36. jahangir Avatar


    Don't worry, he would be appointed to another better position and as for the prof. he will one day die a *natural* death just like Mir Mashaf of PAF.

  37. Nazia Avatar


    I totally agree with you that in Isl/Rwp,the history is full of such target killing of those who tried to speak or stand against military affairs but how long we could live like that?

    Our newly born judiciary has given lot of hopes to common people and that is why we are seeing different strange things in the offices of army offices.

    Yesterday a peon of Brigadier office working as senior executive of army organization publicly told him that we all know how you people got this seat of executive and it is by clinging the feet of a general.And you know all others who were listening big smile to that brigadier without any remorse.

    So I think down fall of paper lions have been started and lets see how much would be gunned down in the line of honor which should be placed on higher rank than Line of fire imposed on civilians by Musharraf like dictators.

  38. kashif Avatar

    pakistani army men live like gods in pakistan.they can beat or rape anyome without fear of any action against them

    once on motorway people saw an army major beating a respectable guy with his stick like mad.when ppl asked him why he was beating the civilian the major replied that this son of b## civilian dared to overtake my vehicle on road while i was in car with my family,so i gave him a lesson.

    so this is sdtate of affiars here

    but pakistani nation is a herd of sheep ,it can never reforem its god like army.only taliban like religious jihadis can reform this occupying army ,wish pakistanis have wisdom to support them

    because in islam no one is superior to anyone.a brigadier is equal to a civilian in allahs eyes.taliban impelemented this equality in their eta in afghanistan.if pakistanis leave their munafiqat and adopt true islam like taliban than automatically we will become free from injsutices of feudal politicians and our feudal army

  39. farhan Avatar


    Pakistan Army killing Kuffars in NWFP….

    ohh wait, if it were really kuffars then there would be a huge cry…..