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Brigadier thrashes Professor over Musharraf-NRO brawl

Umar Cheema reports in The News of an incident in Islamabad where a retired brigadier, the registrar of the Army-run National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Brig (retd) Obaidullah Ranjh assaulted his respected professor colleague, Prof Tahir Malik, when the latter questioned the role of General Musharraf in brokering a deal with the PPP through the NRO. The assault was so ravish the the brigadier started hitting the professor like a punching bag, leaving the latter virtually unconscious. After the incident, instead of regretting his act, said he wouldn’t care in case an FIR was lodged and defended the use of muscle power, saying: “If somebody disgraces the Army and its institution, what should I have done?” and asked the media to write whatever they wanted, adding: “I’m not answerable to you.HIS ACTIONS ARE UTTERLY OUTRAGEOUS AND MUST BE CONDEMNED | UPDATE: The News Update on Feb 06 > Presidency orders probe as brigadier blocks FIR