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PTA blocks website : Make Pakistan Better

In an email sent just now by the webmaster of Make Pakistan Better, I was shocked to read that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Director General (Enforcement) Yawer Yasin has instructed all its Zonal Directors on 18th January 2010 to block the website http://makepakistanbetter.com on an IP level.

Since its blocked from Pakistan one can still view the website from Google cache and it shows some interesting anti-government articles which may have been the thorn that lead to the blockage. I believe this is a serious invasion of freedom of speech and sadly the PTA has not defined or responded to the reason why this website has been deemed objectionable for users in Pakistan

Upon contacting the website owner he explained

“This website’s main goal is to bring news to common public which our biased media has deliberately tried to blackout. We have many authors on our website who openly criticize the Pakistan Army, the PPP government & others individuals their write-ups, so I think our site is blocked because of these same hard hitting articles. You simply cannot block a website on the basis of having a strong and opposing opinion, because in a country where anti-Islamic or Anti-Pakistan site’s are not blocked and even in an Islamic state where practically millions of pornographic sites are wide open so the whim of blocking a particular site based upon strong criticism against a certain group of individuals in power should not justifiable or even accepted by society.

As a civil society activist for unrestricted free speech in Pakistan, I vehemently condemn this incident and immediately urge the government of Pakistan to remove this censorship with immediate effect.

Press Statment issued by Dont Block the Blog can be downloaded here


  • farrah shah |

    Visited the blog from UK was able to read headlines and intro but not able to download the articles to read them.

    In the headlines and the intro to all articles did not see why this blog should be blocked it is a pro Pakistani blog.

    Something which many Pakistani bloggers are writing about and The Nation and THE NEWS has its editorials and openion sections filled with it…. about foreign involvement in Baluchistan.

    I think by all means it exposes and brings truth to the people what is happening in Baluchistan.Cannot call it a propaganda blog as the articles are contributed by many different people.

    So by all means it serves the purpose of Pakistan.


    Maybe it was blocked for this headline:

    As if people are not aware of Khappe and nakhappe ki siyasat.


    ew Threat of PPP's another Sindhi minister to break Pakistan – SASSI without PUNNU declares war( na-khappay)

    Created by(chaudry) Created on (10-2-2010) Replies(1) Views(190)""

  • Shiraz Malik |

    I believe as per the process, ISP are to entertain requests only from the court for blocking the websites etc. It wasn't supposed to be done on any email from PTA directly. ISPAK has already taken up this issue (for some other website) however don't have any update on it.

  • Shahid |

    Somehow everybody who runs a blog or a dumb news website, knows that the two guys behind Saima Mohsin were from Blackwater as everybody in the US Embassy works for Blackwater including people in the Fulbright Scholarship Program and USAID

    If our media is irresponsible, the social media has achieved highest levels of irresponsibility.

    Yellow journalism by Ahmed Quraishi, PKKH, PakAlerts, Make Pakistan Better and numerous others is responsible for people thinking that somehow it is Blackwater who is responsible for bombing in Karachi or Lhaore or Bannu for that matter.

    After thousands of deaths, when the masses had finally accepted that these bombers, terrorists our from among us, here this "ghairat" brigade has come and somehow they know everything. It must be Blackwater because an unstable Pakistan is somehow more suitable for the US, India or anybody.

    The "Not us" syndrome has hurt us for 60 years and will continue to haunt us,

  • Aamir Mughal |

    PTA blocks website : Make Pakistan Better Posted by Teeth Maestro February 12, 2010


    They never learn from History: The Press and Publications Ordinance, 1960, was promulgated when Qudratullah Shahab, a super-bureaucrat, was Ayub’s Information Secretary. During his tenure as the Secretary, Ministry of Information, the Progressive Papers Limited had been taken over. The day these papers “turned a new leaf”, the editorial was written by himself claiming that “distant orbits and alien horizons- far from territorial and ideological boundaries of Pakistan- exercised a progressively increasing charm on the tone and policies of this newspaper (Pakistan Times). Which gradually began to look like a stranger in the house….”.Gauhars and Subversion of Free Press in Pakistan. http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2008/10/gauhars-

  • Nazia |

    Actually PTA is not interested in making better Pakistan without army interference.

    so see and hear the official news, newspapers and see they only speak in favor of ruling politicians and as soon as they stripped, start speaking against them but never ever speak against army mafia that is dominating our all institutions for last many years.it clearly shows that who actually is moving the threads behind such national mode of communications

  • Khuram |

    You have an obsession for something negative.Try and look for some good Mr.Teethmaestro.For example the performance of Naseem Hameed in SAF games.

  • adnan |

    I just scanned through the website, and although I disagree with any form of censorship on principle, I couldn't help but feel a tinge of satisfaction at having such shallow-minded, parochial content off the web in Pakistan. One of the articles I scanned through was weaving a conspiracy theory around Dr. Ghambi, one of the sole voices of reason in a country beset with ultra-hardline, saudi funded wahabi madness. Good to know that the crap is off the web, but of course, on principle, anyone should have the freedom to post whatever they want online, but it makes me cringe when some people use that freedom to spew hatred under the garb of making Pakistan better.

  • Observer |

    This will not help the piplyas. They are time and again showing that they are the civilian version of dictators. They have PROVEN that they CANNOT govern i.e. be the servants of the people of Pakistan and thus have become a target of heavy criticism. They have NOT performed well in nay field. They are old fashioned leaders with NO vision apart from the "vision" of collection PERSONAL wealth…..outside Pakistan (primarily) off course.

    Btw: I ams surprised that Aamir has still not linked to a story about someone else with the same dirty tactics. Maybe it will come. There is still plenty of time left;-)

  • faraz Khan |

    Whats the big deal? Just use a open proxy to bypass any such ban.

  • Observer |



    Not everyone knows these techniques, so it's a big deal for those people who are not so capable as you are!

    • Teeth Maestro |

      hey thanks – that is a good idea – I generally had resorted to SSH tunneling using a firefox plugin – FireProxy when needed

  • Amna Zaman |

    Lack of transparency and shaky justice system will never let Pakistan thrive. On one side Taliban keep killing people and on the other hand FODP give us $2.6 billion. Pakistan can only be made a better place if all these grants are utlised in a positive and correct manner. What you guys think about it?

  • Ammar |

    I agree if our mainstream media is immature, the social media is not lagging behind!

    Personalities such as Ahmed Quraishi, Zaid hamid,Shiren Mazari and the whole bandwagon of Apologists are responsible for making people think that somehow it is Blackwater or Zionists! As if the whole world has united in conspiracy against Pakistan.

    The havoc Pakistan faces is the result of indigenous home-grown militancy and these Apologists are trying to change this reality, a good perspective is offered by Gulmina Bilal Ahmad @ http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=201

  • webmaster |

    Asslam O Alaikum

    First of all, i wanted to say thanks to (Don't block the blog team )http://dbtb.org/ and teeth mastero, for taking care of our appeal and for supporting us, against illegal ban on our website.

    secondly, thanks to all those who supports us.

    In the end, to all those, who think MakePakistanBetter.com should be banned, because it supports islamist or jihdis, i want to say, they are wrong. We don't support any group, we only support Pakistan and Islamic values. If anyone is not agreed with any article published on the site, then he/she can reply to that and can make the difference.

    Because This is the main goal of our site, to remove mis-conceptions and to bring people closer.

    my simple query to those, who think, site should be banned, are they not acting as hard liner/dictator themselves?

  • Ya-sir |


    I think whatever has been done its totally wrong and it should allow to on air your site.

    Zardari a coward @$$'ole who's playin in da same hands as Mush was playin b4 him even in a greater scale.

    What he's yellin to America that give us our (coalition support money which has been achieved by killing your own folks) Shame on you bastards which is around 2 billion dollars and give us drone-technology he also claiming ever since he took presidency charge.

    You sordid-stinker, How cum amerika can help you 1st financially they are themselves bankrupt and unable to coup unemployment and other serious financial issues.

    How can amerika give u a drone-technology once your repu is to distribute these technology to others and earn kickbacks. Go and made it with china if you want and i dun think amerika will give u a drone-technology because they will have a fear that it will use against India and Israel

    So i guess our rulers are racists and rascals. They think from their butts and make policies out from their butts and make us accomplice to their butty system.

    Kick their butts b4 they kick our butts and use your mind for analyzing whats goin on in our hallucinated wOrld. They're sordid-stinkers put em in a cesspool where they all belong forever and ever. i reject and hate em all.

    PPP = Pee Pee Pee who not only spoil national assembly but whole country.. Listen Zardari, your whole Bhutto clan and now you is a product of UK = U-Kleptocrats

  • webmaster |

    Make Pakistan Better is a think tank that welcome different point of views, general discussions and healthy interactions. We did not intend to edit articles and try to publish in good faith. However this site is running with the aims and determination to involve maximum number of Pakistani peoples to convey their thoughts and sentiments to shape Pakistani culture to meet with the modern challenges of the time. It covers all aspects of lives of peoples of Pakistan, we encourage writers to discuss religion, politics, history, philosphy, social aspects and science.

    We strongly believe on rule of law, independence of judiciary and free press, moreover writers are free to point out social injustice, and corruption in the society.

    We have no political ambitions and neither represent any political or religious group. It is natural that a large circle of Pakistani citizens who feel pain for Pakistan, keep strong feeligs toward Islamic identity of Pakistan and like our culture based on strong famiy values devotedly participate in discussions. It is not limited to our website, almost all independent Pakistani websites have same type of discussions.

    Porn materials is restricted and we edit abusive language and warn peoples if anyone try to use non parliamentary phrases. In current circumstances when peoples of Pakistan are passing through hardest phase in history of Pakistan, temprament of scholars and intellectual is in agressive mode, and a chance to convey their sentiments on our website causes release of anger and frustration.

    Peoples criticize government of Pakistan and representatives of Government time to time send their toughts, we always publish point of view of both parties.

    Dozens of peoples have been criticizing army rule and dictatorship previously but we appreciate that no one even harased or blocked our website. Sorry to say that current democratic setup has made many attemts to shut voice of peoples.

    American war of terror has deeply divided Pakistani society but our doors are opened for both point of views. Our majority of writers are patriot Pakistani citizens, law abiding citizens according to their previous point of views.

    It is a beauty of discussion that everyone is allowed to represent its point of view openly and without any fear to make Pakistan a better place to live.

    According to our policy we did not disclose name and adresses of any employee or any memeber of website for the safety and security of individuals.

    Blockade of website is an invitation for public to use other methods to reach our website and a large number of writers from Pakistan are not only using alternate methods but regularly participating in discussions. Such kind of tactics like blockade of websites is a free publicity and compell peoples to watch blocked material, it is human nature.

    Government of Pakistan should not made joke of itself and restrictions may be removed immediately

    • dr jawwad khan |

      @ webmaster!!

      don't you think that this happened because of some interesting but wild theories of Mr.Abid ullah jan (earthman/ international professor) ?

    • webmaster |

      We didnt receive any kind of infomration regarding ban from PTA, so whatever we will say will be useless and will be a blind guess only. But even if it is because of him/anyone, we are not concerned. We will not block anyone just because PTA, don't like him/her.

  • faisal |

    i dont think govt. will achieve anything good from banning sites or pressurizing journalists.

    it shows there lack of confidence on their performance.

  • Zahid Khan Khosa |

    Worst times have arrived therefore Mr. 10% (ten percent) have become leaders of our beloved country. I will not go into the details how corrupt our leaders are. Along with corruption they don't care if poor people live or die. Zardari and his government have sold our country for few dollars and now our national interests are also on sale by him. When I think about the situation in Pakistan my heart really goes, looking at the necessity which Pakistani nation does not have, such as Sugar, Wheat flour, Electricity, Gas, jobs, clean drinking water and there is huge list of other necessities which Pakistani nation does not enjoy. However leaders of Pakistan have turned a blind eye to the problems of poor people. I always wonder that why Pakistan does not utilizes 18 billion people and produce various items which can later be sold in international market such as Airplanes, Fast Trains, Weapon technology and various other items. Leaders of Pakistan have pledged to neglect this nation and they are extremely busy filling their own pockets with stolen poor people's money. I pray to God that the injustice vanishes soon and we see a real and authentic leader who can lead us through prosperity and happiness. I believe the leaders of Pakistan have failed to look after their country and they have failed to show care. We as a nation should unite together and raise against the ignorance we face today. Thank you

  • kashif |

    make pakistan better was only website speaking the truth and its now blocked.thus giving pakistani cattle population a one sided version via munafiq pakistani govt media

    we pakistanis should stop reading govt puppet newspapers like jang dawn and nawaiwaqt in protest against blocking of free and truthful media like makepakistanbetter

    its big unjustice that indian sites showinh nude pakistani girls are not blocked by pakistani govt but a site which is pro pakistan and truthful is being blocked for speaking truth regarding pakistani army and governments treachery against bases of pakistan

  • Rally Pakistan |

    Greeat Article – it seems the Government is getting incredibly fearful if they are having to resort to such measures, we should take this as a victory!

    I have also written a full article on the story on http://www.rallypakistan.com – a social networking website focussed on fighting injustice in pakistan

  • ALi |

    I think they should going on and be more professional rather then implemeneting these kind of actions

  • webmaster |

    Asslam O Alaikum

    Dear All

    It has been come to our knowledge that restrictions on your site http://www.makePakistanBetter.com , imposed by Pakistani government on 18-Jan-2010 has been removed and now site is accessible in Pakistan after 40 days.

    This all has happened with the grace of Allah and with your prayers and efforts.

    Site was un-accessible in Pakistan for almost 40 days, from 18-01-2010 to 26-02-2010.

    On this special occasion we would like to thank to Allah and to all of you.

    Our special Thanks to

    Mr Syed Agha Ata Ullah,

    Mr International Professor,

    Mr Sami Ullah Malik,

    Mr Amjad Malik,

    Mr Asmat Hayat Alvi,

    Mr Iqbal Hadi Zaidi,

    Mr Awab Alvi

    and all of you.

    Please be with us like you were this time and always.

    Please check site's accessibility in your area and confirm to us.

    for Details


    Thank you once again

    Allah hafiz


  • Asif Shahzad |

    AoA All. There is nothing to worry about. Just be determined to equip yourself with true facts. Be planned, and play your role at max possible level. All world media is controlled by Zionists.

    By the way, you can use http://www.zend2.com/ to access all blocked sites in Pakistan.

  • Karen Avanesyan |

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  • Mansoor |

    Just wanted to share here that my site pro-pakistan.com has been blocked by PTA. We haven't received any kind of notification as received by makepakistanbetter but came to know after my ISP wateen put up the notice after i tried accessing my site. The notice put up by wateen precisely reads:


    Dear Valued Customer:

    Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (www.pta.gov.pk) has directed all service providers of the country to block access to some blasphemous web content/movies. This content would remain blocked till the further orders from PTA.

    Wateen Telecom Customer Services

    I would like to ask if makepakistanbetter is still blocked, or is there any way to get the ban lifted?? How to fight it out.

  • Haider Lodhi |

    excellent !! i am proud to be a muslim first and after that i am proud to be a pakistani and it should be the duty of every muslim country not just pakistan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (point to ponder)

  • Mohammad Sajid |


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  • Iftkar ahmad |

    plz unblock my handset imei no 35523035738384 mujh mera cell phone mile gya he plz

  • Arsalan |

    Plz block this website,, ye dhek kar apki halaat kharab hojaigy…. plzzzz do sumthing i request….i hve attached the link.

    http: //www.facebook.com/home.php? #!/pages/Muhammad-and-Ayesha-The-Eternal-Love-Saga/158668250836770

  • Sajid |

    One more suggestion i think we should promote our websites instead of international so local economy grow with it.

  • Irfan |

    plz block this website. my friends those are also Pakistani but they want to block this web.please help me…. my many friends messaging me that this web is very bad web….they told me that on this web about OUR PROPHET [S.A.W]

    • webmaster |

      Asslam O Alaikum

      If you are talking to working with us. then you are welcome. we are bunch of free-lancers and you can join us. but of course for no money…

      Site is still blocked in many parts of Pakistan and on different ISP's .

      But the funny thing is PTCL users are free to access because it is no more blocked by PTA.

      But ISP's are asking for official letter for lifting the ban


      Allah Hafiz