Laidback Show Episode 17 – Expedition Poldat

Faisal Kapadia and I headed off to Hingol National Park for three exciting days of offroading adventure along with OffroadPakistan for Expedition Poldat. During that trip we recorded our 17th Episode of the Laidback Show – Enjoy


7 responses to “Laidback Show Episode 17 – Expedition Poldat”

  1. aflatoon Avatar

    Why do police cover the face of the criminal? Every time when I see a *criminal* being caught and photographed, his face is covered with a piece of cloth? then why bother photograph?

    Can the media atleast do this favor and ask the police to let people see the face of the criminal. Who knows, there might be other people who may come forward after looking at the picture…

    I guess this complain has no merit, because we don't mind appointing a murderer as our President or our Governor then this seems a very minor mistake


  2. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan


    you guys are so lucky…

    i always dream of discovering landscapes of baluchistan on my own hummer… who knows some day i would be able to do so.

    i don't know why but ruggy mountains with deserted valleys attract me more than any thing.

  3. Nazia Avatar

    dr khan

    There is nothing lovely in such adventures but only attraction is facing challenges of unseen dangers on each forward movement toward tough terrain.

    Ruggy mountains and deserted valleys look horrible if you don't have good company as it is unpredictable land where you can face professional kidnappers, criminals or reptiles any time without invitation.

    Your hummer is best demand of our frustrated kidnappers who are only afraid of attack of army missiles on them during raids so there is no harm in taking risk for checking the body strength, fuel consumption and horsepower of your hummer.

    I think you are living in Los angles or near California as its Governor Arnold who had only allowed this military vehicle to use for private purpose, might be due to its failed design of fuel consumption during 4by 4 drive.

  4. jahangir Avatar

    hummer is a icon of Firouns of this time, this doesn't give you anything more than arrogance….

    we are followers of *mighty* nations, since we can not be the mighty-ones, we tend to immitate them…

    MS-NAZIA (KNOW-IT-ALL), couldn't hold back and let Dr. Jawwad express his wishes and she had to butt-in…again…

    Dr. Jawwad, you are not alone, you are working to make money wishing that you will buy a *hummer* some time, where as job-less youth in our country know one way to get this kind of show-off, they are robbing peoples (middle class people who only accumulated wealth and no connections with the *dakooz*)…

    You can verily fullfill your desire in Saudi, because in Pakistan if you want to own such a vehicle you should know sons and nephews of these dakooz as some of your friends, othesewise you will not be an owner of such vehicle for long…..

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Horses were used by Pharaoh in the Past and Horses were also used by the Muslim Armies. How could a vehicle/ride become a Icon of Pharaoh. Elephants were used by Abraha to demolish Ka'aba but Elephants were also used by Muslim Armies. Dr Jawwad should buy not one but two Hummers and since when earning Lawful Money [even Billions] has become "Haram – Unlawful" rather it is good to earn money [earning Halal is worship of Allah – Ref: Bukhari]. If anyone can afford Hummer after paying alms and charity then why is so wrong???

      Dr Awab and friends should carry on such visits more frequently to make all of us aware about the back breaking poverty and miserable state of affairs of the people living in far flung area. As far as Dacoits are concerned, in my humble opinion nowadays Cities are more dangerous.

    2. Nazia Avatar


      What a complex statement you are bringing here.

      Such kind of land excursions are range of all people and only interest for this adventure and good company are required with proper planning.

      That doesn't matter we have hummer or not as these areas can be discovered in bikes and old kind of jeep with expert driver.

      So never think of earning money through wrong deals for such kind of thrills.

      Japanese and Europeans middle class are placed on top ranking tourists in the world and they plan all such adventures with their families, friends at least once in a year .

      They even took their small babies with them in such kind of harsh terrains.

      So your all longings are inactive.

      if dr jawad affords hummer through his legal income than one shouldn't curse him for shortages in life.

      You might have something better than him which he doesn't posses.

  5. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    @ Jahangir,

    Buying hummer is not an easy thing even in saudia. it cost more than 2 lac saudi riyal and it is a really big amount of money and maintenance is also not that easy.

    i was talking about my wishful desire i am sorry if it hurts the feeling. may be becuase i am not connected very well with the frustration of pakistani youth.