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Laidback Show Episode 17 – Expedition Poldat

Faisal Kapadia and I headed off to Hingol National Park for three exciting days of offroading adventure along with OffroadPakistan for Expedition Poldat. During that trip we recorded our 17th Episode of the Laidback Show – Enjoy

Laidback Show Episode 8 – Imanae Malik

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Laidback Show – Take Back the Tech

Laidback Show in its 7th episode invites Jehan Ara, President P@SHA to discuss the Take back the Tech initiative, a campaign which is condemning violence against women. Other issues were also discussed, watch the episode and follow the show notes below

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Laidbackshow – Halloween Clips

Faisal Kapadia and I had a little fun on Halloween night, a few interesting interviews for the Laidbackshow – Enjoy

Laidback Show Episode 4 – @skdev

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The Laidback Show Episode 2

The second episode of our podcast / videocast with Faisal Kapadia and myself has been released. This comes as the second episode after our first attempt to podcasting when the unnamed NoNam show which was initially uploaded, we now have a name > The Laidback Show. Check out the Episode 2 (there is definitely room for improvement and we will sort them out with time)